We have had an FPL Triple Gameweek announced in Gameweek 35 for Manchester United, with a Liverpool double gameweek confirmed as well.

In this video I take you through my thoughts and answer some of your questions live.
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  • Starts at 0:10 - hopefully doing the video like this wasn't too bad, sometimes it's the easiest way to get a reaction and my thoughts out there. Give it a like and hit subscribe if you enjoy it!

    • Rashford Bruno Shaw x3 Jota, A-Arnold, Phillips, Iheanacho, Che Adams, McCarthy x2 Kane, Son, Raphinha, Cresswell, Coady, Patricio Bench Boost at the ready Wildcard for GW 36 How you doooiin 😍

    • What do you think about giving Zaha the armband?

    • Coady to Maguire or bissakka?

    • Great work at short notice, thanks. I have 3 Liverpool and 2 United already so might stick at that or I'll be short of players for gw36

  • Best defender to bring in? I have TAA and Shaw.

  • Thoughts on Cavani?

  • I have both my free hit and triple captain left, which would be best for this game week ? 💭💭

  • Pogba or Greenwood?

  • Ward prowse or zaha for gw35?

  • Rashford Bruno Shaw x3 Jota, A-Arnold, Phillips, Iheanacho, Che Adams, McCarthy x2 Kane, Son, Raphinha, Cresswell, Coady, Patricio Bench Boost at the ready Wildcard for GW 36 How you doooiin 😍

  • Should i bring in Zaha or Greenwood?

  • Under 5m defender options? Holgate or lindelof?

  • Guys Fernandes + Mitchell or greenwood + digne?

  • Hey guys. which player should I bench, Cavani, Jota or son? Either way this players that will probably wont get more than a game

  • Utd still blank next week alongside Chelsea and Leicester, need to remember to look ahead and not f**k up the team for GW36 too, could wind up with 6 players blanking etc

  • Is it worth benching Lingard this week for Digne?

  • So I have Greenwood, Fernandes, Jota, Trent, Son, Kane, Holding, Chilwell, Dallas, Cresswell, Lingard, Iheanacho and Bamford in my team. I'm thinking of tripling Fernandes. I also still have my second wildcard which I will probably use for the blank gameweek. I have two free transfers and am so conflicted on what to do, PLS HELP :')

  • The issue is having 7 players that blank in BGW36. Need to use 2FT to cover that rather than reinvest in Man U triple

  • Jota will not play both games either

  • Wan Bissaka or Shaw?

  • Triple captain on this triple game week 🎉🔥

  • Henderson 3 starts?

  • Comment 😁🖖

  • Can you imagine if UTD were challenging City this would be seen as punishment for the last couple of weeks:)

    • @Guinness Harvey soz. Mis-read it, thinking full stop after 'challenging'

    • @mickbanner that was implied:)

    • No this is punishment for Utd.

  • My team: Leno ; TAA-Maguire-Saiss ; Salah-Rashford(c)-Son-Jota ; Iheanacho-Kane-Benteke Bench: Forster, Lingard, Dallas, Johnson

  • Who do we think will start all 3 games. Maguire?

  • Start Saiss or Dallas?

  • Which Everton defender to get in cheap , Godfrey , Keane ,Holgate or Coleman ?

  • Is it good to use wildcard in this triple gameweek?

  • Triple captain Fernandes or Salah? 🤔

  • What do u think about this line-up: Guita-Ward-TAA-Shaw(or AWB)-Rudiger-Castagne-Greenwood-Rashford-Salah-Jota-Ihenacho... I know it is 5-4-1 which usually is not a good idea, but for this GW it seems dope. With only - 4 I can have the entire lineup with double or triple GW. Next GW would play with 9 or 10 players as well, so not very costly in that term either. Or I can give up on UTD defender and go for one extra attacker with dgw. What do u think I should do. Also do I bring Shaw or AWB in your oppinion?

  • Lindeloff is a good cheap option ? Iam thinking of cheap Man United Defender

  • Wan bissaka,Maguire, shaw and Bruno will play every game I feel

  • I like the QandA after the info flow of this video. 👍

  • Would u bring in Trent for Son for the Rest of the season?

  • Lingard for ward prowse/siggy/Zaha -4? Need a player that will play gm36 Also who to replace Saiss with? Planning either one transfer or these two for -4?

    • @mirza77 depends on wholw team bro,have you players playing gw36?

    • @john higgins Would U do Saiss Davis son for DCL ward prowse Maguire for -8 and use bench boost? Thanks

    • Zaha nice run of games

  • Have to BENCH ONE of these FOUR players this week . Help me 1. Jota (vs Sou,Mun) 2. El Ghazi (vs Eve,Mun) (and is on penalty) 3. Son (vs Leeds) 4. Kane (vs Leeds)

  • I think Salah will blank

  • im going azpi to maguier and im triple captaining maguier lol

  • who is best utd defender for this week?

  • I think Greenwood can come on as a sub for all 3 game weeks I’m making him captain

  • Will Smith Rowe start both dgw?

  • What if protests... 🤐

  • All your information is so helpful, don’t always follow your player picks. But with Ben Crellin as well I am top of 2 leagues.

  • 🙅🏽‍♂️😂 There's no way I'm captaining Bruno

  • Pulisic or lingard ?

    • @Ali Mafaz thanks mate

    • Pulisic have more rotation. And have two cup finals..soo.no.brainer

  • First time is FPL history there is triple game. But highly likely all Utd first team will be rested for the Leicester game

  • Hi. Who is better Jota or Greenwood for gw 35? Thanks.

  • actually a single GW , because their boss refused to apologize.

  • Beutiful triple captain incoming for me this week

  • Godfrey or Magguire? Godfrey plays Shu and Magguire blanks.

  • This is like a 'punishment' from PL (& broadcasters) for MU because of last week game cancelation lol

    • 3 games in 5 days, that is ridiculous

  • All your mates know every week what you’re going to do

  • One FT, would you take out lingard for ward prowse or Saiss for shaw/macguire/Coleman/Keane or both for -4? Already have 3 Liverpool players and Bruno as possible captain? Also planning to bench boost with Dallas Forster Davis and Saiss replacement!

  • Better bring in maguire or Shaw? Rival has Shaw. I have BB this week though and he doesn't.

    • @Davesh Boodhoo forster, Gundogan, ward & bednarek. all doubles bar gundogan

    • Who is on your bench?

  • Captain maguire? Thoughts?

  • Still got Bench boost and triple captain left. Was dead set on using my bench boost as I was going to have 22 fixtures and planned on using my TC on a Liv player whenever they had their double. But now United/Liv is this GW do I TC a United player, or do I still just bench boost and have 30 fixtures for this gw? I’m probably still siding with bench boost. But with no DGW’s for the rest of the season, I’ll have to use my TC on a singular gw. Any advice? Let me know if that didn’t make any sense 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    • @Rushabh Dedhia yeah that was my thinking. Bench would be Schmeichel (dgw), Dias, Dallas & Mount (dgw). Apart from Coufal, 10 of my starting 11 with have double or triple gw. 3 of them are United so it’d be 3 triple gw’s 🙏🏾 hoping for a big haul 🤞🏾

    • Bench boost any day if you have all 4 good players playing on the bench.. 1 vs 4 !! Maths is simple.. plus no captain candidates have 2 easy fixtures, so BB anyday

  • When you thought this FPL season couldn't get any more mental😂

  • Man, should i use BB or 3 captain... ?

    • @Aliff Zainal of course yes, how about DCL. Zaha is registered as uncertain so not sure. Thinking about other utd boys greenwood, rashford. Interesting round for sure.

    • @Jon petter of course bruno or a united defence. zaha would be a good idea too

    • @Aliff Zainal Salah or somebody else ? watkins, Kane, iheanacho :)

    • triple

  • Should I start Son (Vs Leeds) or Liverpool's Nathaniel Philips who has a double gameweek? (I have Kane starting if that alters opinion)

    • Gotta start the double gameweeker Leeds defence has improved plus if bale is playing son won't be getting too many shots

    • id start son

  • Mad triple gameweek for Man utd but I wont really bet on this. There is a big chance there will be another protest and Man Utd fans had been planning on another mass protest. So games might be canceled again

    • That would just push it to next week giving two doubles in closed locations

  • These players are well paid athletes at their peak. They will play as much as we want them to. Because FPL is important.

  • do i bring in keane or coleman, has to be a defender under 5 million. currently got a defence of Trent, coady, coufal, Ward and Dallas. the everton defender would come in for coady. any suggestions instead of an everton defender are welcome

    • @Jorge Franco ok then just wait and see mate😉

    • @Aliff Zainal i think he has recovery from an injury. Why you think he's not gonna play? 😳

    • @Jorge Franco he not even gonna play bruh😂

    • Personal Keane .. More attack.

    • go for coleman for sure

  • Would love to get a review on the team (already taken an 8pt hit) Martinez TAA Christensen Maguire Targett Salah Bruno (c) Sigurdsson Zaha Iheanacho Watkins Bench: Fabri, Kane (should I?), Lingard, Dallas

    • Kane over christensen. I have Kane and son over rudiger - Chelsea have too many games, rotation risk and a tough double for a clean sheet

    • Done well to get so many double gameweekers in. i’d say to start kane over targett maybe incase villa get no clean sheets so then both of martinez and targett don’t blank but i’d understand if u decided not to

  • Is transferring out Mendy for Henderson a good idea? Surely he starts all 3 right?

    • Henderson is United’s PL keeper now, GKs should be able to play as many games as they can but that being said given de Gea is the other keeper, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him start one of those games, mostly against Leicester as that’s the fixture causing the congestion, I’m expecting a good amount of rotation in that game generally

    • Not if there is anothe protest coming. And then games will be cancel

  • 2021 The season that keeps on F@@king with me !!!! Man U have 4 games in 8 days and none of them are push overs. Fernandez is enough for me Sooooooooo............. Triple clean sheets incoming and Cavani hatrick 😂😂

  • Beautiful free hit incoming

  • Andy did u just bet your whole house

  • Oh god my ML rival with his triple captain left to play 😬😬😬

  • Did not expect a triple gameweek!

  • The man just keeps giving

  • United fans is not done...

  • Telles should play 1 of the prem games but at the same Time he will 95% start the Roma game

    • @Rory Dunne he’s clearly stating this in regard to shaw...

    • It’s laughable your evening mentioning telles in a fantasy conversation.

  • Worth taking the -4 to move son to Salah?

  • Don’t be surprised if Bruno plays all 3

    • Why tho? They need him for Europa league final and 2nd place is pretty much wrapped up or top 4 at least there's no logic you're just hoping

  • Might try sign Dean Henderson for this gw. I think he'll play all 3

  • Thinking of a minus 20 to play bench boost and then wildcard for 36 what do you think?

    • @SHOCKING Ezekiel 23:20 i do not understand you

    • @SHOCKING Ezekiel 23:20 ?

    • @PJ 3 I have Dallas but i m thinking to take him out. With Leeds offensive form without Rafihna i don t think Dallas ill put a brace.....but yes i would cry if he does as well lol

    • @Nick Hiltermann i would just go greenwood but definitely worth considering

    • @PJ 3 I like it. More fun watching the games when you have 15 players on a DGW or TGW. I am bringing in Zaha, Greenwood, DCL as well. I am also thinking about Benteke & Eze to free up cash to go Rashford instead of Greenwood. Worth considering?

  • Anyone got a triple captain 😂

  • Ah man this has completely caught me off guard 😂😂

  • Thoughts on Free Hit Draft: Guaita TAA Robertson Maguire Salah Bruno Rashford Zaha Vardy Watkins Iheanacho (Holding, ESR, Mitchell)

    • Greenwood over rash and dcl over vardy

    • I think I'd go for Digne over Robbo, Mane instead of Zaha, Greenwood over Rashford and DCL in place of Vardy.

  • Greetings from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia🙏🏼🇲🇾🇬🇧❤️

  • I have keane lindeloff rudiger keane and ward Which 3

  • Is it a good idea to transfer in Cavani or Lindelof?

    • @Mr Brown then who should he tensfer

    • Not lindelof . He will only play 2 and you have to ask yourself would you transfer in a a United player to play Leicester and Liverpool then blank the week after?

    • lindelof for sure

  • can anyone help me.. should i transfer azpi out for wan bissaka for a -4?

    • United have a triple gw. Surely you would want AWB or Maguire for this gw. I'd say go for Maguire, hasn't missed a PL game all season plus there's goal threat.

    • Awb

    • @James Harte who?

    • You'll be stuck with him and not playing next week

    • @Aliff Zainal digne

  • Who to bring in Zaha or greenwood

  • Dont you think dean henderson will play all the 3gw as degea starts europa league games

    • Yeah you're right, I might be overthinking him.

  • Should I get zaha in for jota or just keep jota?

  • Hey @andy, why is nobody talking about Henderson? Hasn't he got the chance to play 3 this week?

  • Video for Wild Card holder's? 🙏

  • Who is a better choice to bring in for a hit for over the next 2 weeks. Robertson or maguire

    • @Aliff Zainal i would argue that liverpool defense is worse than united's at the moment

    • @Mr Brown oh wow ok then ub should het robertson.. dont you ever get a man utd defender bcs they are clown

    • @Aliff Zainal already have Trent

    • if u have more money u should go for trent

    • robertson

  • Salah or Greenwood captain?? Greenwood’s 3 fixtures is appealing but not sure if he will start all 3, while Salah is nailed on. Thoughts??

    • @James sold him for son last GW, knowing that i would do Gundogan to Greenwood this GW. But the triple GW announcement has surprised / brought a problem to me

    • @Wasim Ahmed I’m a liverpool fan, so it’s hard to back grenwood against us

    • i honestly think greenwood will blank in the first2 matches and scores a hattrick against liverpool

    • I’d say Greenwood is pretty unlikely to play all three tbh so I’d got for Bruno if you have him, very obvious pick

    • Depends on who you support more in this case i think or depending on your defence i think back salah

  • Should I keep Azpi and Mount or get rid of them for Greenwood and Digne as they might not play in double plus blank in 36

    • Depends how many players you got for gw36. If you dont have 11 players and 1 transfer you could take out azpi for digne and set your team up for gw36

    • omg of course u should keep them

  • Congrats on 150k!

  • -12 for me ahead of bench boost 🤣. Maguire dcl zaha rashford guitea in for pereira vardy raphinha son steer. Think each individual player will make up the 4 points so I’m happy.

  • Should I bench kane for konsa who has a double?

  • Hey Andy Greetings from Sierra Leone, West Africa

    • greetings from kuala lumpur malaysia to my friend in sierra leone🙏🏼🇲🇾🇸🇱❤️ i love freetown and i have been there twice.. great country with great people

  • Start holding or Kane?

    • @kristoffer aas mr hindsight. 9 times out of 10 arsenal concede to Chelsea and Kane scores agaisnt Leeds

    • @kristoffer aas forgot he had a double tbf 😂 good call sunshine

    • @poinked .

    • @Mr Brown .

    • @Javed Akhtar .