The *NEW* Sykov Pistols Will BREAK Warzone! 😱 (SERIOUS)

Publisert 16. april. 2021
The *NEW* Sykov Pistols Will BREAK Warzone! 😱 (SERIOUS)
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  • OMG!.. I don’t believe that dude could be so true..I mean *MG_OFFICIA* on Instagram, he got my account unbanned in less than 20 minutes of chatting..Try him out guys. I love him no homo...

  • OMG!.. I don’t believe that dude could be so true..I mean *MG_OFFICIA* on Instagram, he got my account unbanned in less than 20 minutes of chatting..Try him out guys. I love him no homo...

  • OMG!.. I don’t believe that dude could be so true..I mean *MG_OFFICIA* on Instagram, he got my account unbanned in less than 20 minutes of chatting..Try him out guys. I love him no homo..

  • Nick have you gotten the sykov obsidian? It's sic with obsidian camo.

  • Can we get that m16 class

  • In the next vid can u show us your sense as well with your best load out

  • SAD!! Sounds to me like your having someone play your acct to unlock guns. Don't even know the ttk on guns you have in your hands.

  • POV: You are watching after the sykov got a nerf

  • can we get the thick beard pls

  • is it me or its been a while since nick did a vid like this as solo and not with clocky baby and timmy the fat man and also courage kung fu panda

  • there more like assault rifles than pistols

  • these sykov are cracked

  • Frogs are good for the ecosystem

  • Nick you're english accent is so bad 😂

  • put salt in the water they will leave or die but it is rock salt like the stuff you would use to salt your driveway

  • It took 2 days to nerf the sykov... but 2 months to nerf the DMR... nick should just buy activision fk it.....

  • Give it a rest Nick, where’s the fresh content we are getting tired of you making 200 videos on the same thing bro, fresh content please 😭

  • Sykov are for multiplayer not for warzone

  • Who can help me get modded

  • Best way to get rid of them damn toads is an air soft gun 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • I hate grinding pistols🤦🏾‍♂️ j in just finished with my renettis it was a little easier but still

  • Trust me the games been broke since Cold War weapons were added. So why not add some pistols to the meta 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I fw the chain Nick 🙌

  • I don’t use ghost as much I use high alert cause u can see when people are aiming at u

  • Salt bro salt kills em just pour a bunch of it on your fence line. Fellow Floridian love the content Nick!

  • bro he said sykov but i see the m16 the most

  • 1:03

  • Are you sure ?

  • You wipe my squad out with that gun in quarry tonight. I was on top the book shelf on top the stairs. XxEATorGET8xx send me the clip


  • To deal with the cane toad tadpoles buy some bleach and pour it into the water. 10/10 works

  • Use the tadpoles for 🎣 bait.

  • Nice

  • thanks brother, got me a shirt!

  • What does ghost off the rip mean

  • Jesus bro I fucking hate the pistols everytime I play plunder to level up my weapons someone has a sykov or diamatti or akimbos like damn bro everytime

  • Lime dust has done it in the past. Let me know if you ever need any landscape work done or designed! All of central florida my guy love the content keep it up!

  • Well it would be an easier for pistols only

  • Yo i live in lakeland had the same issue just get some salt and put it in whatever water source there in an on the ground around it, they hate it

  • Well we need to start pouring them back into the river asap or you'll be having frogs singing day n night.

  • Yo nick respond to me bro,yo are you from peru bro I have a friend that says he's your cuzin!!!

  • Jesus is coming soon, repent before it’s too late, he loves you :)

  • I think it's ridiculous all these streamers are calling the pistols the most broken guns when the DMR and AUG/M16 FFAR combos were way worse. At least the pistols are capped at close range only. Dmr and Aug made it unnecessary to use Snipers because of how broken they were. You couldn't even react to those guns if the user was half decent at 200 meters. The pistols can easily be outplayed. DMR/AUG was overly effective at all ranges.

  • Salt for the toads mate, toad steps on it, dead in 10 mins. Not really humane (google it), but it does the job. Sincerely, An Aussie

  • pour viniger on them they dont like the smell

  • It’s literally just pay to play now so fucking irritating this is the game now to keep us addicted lol . If you buy the weapon packs you get the new meta and if you don’t you’re just screwed I’d appreciate a switch up

  • Im still triping i heard Gary speak 🤣

  • This gun is so fun😭

  • He has to update his class because he is clearly running akimbo but it doesn’t say it in the intro

  • I never seen him play solos.

  • How didn’t he equip the akimbo perk but still had them akimbo

  • Wait, when he shows his attachments he doesn’t have akimbo on.. but when he plays he does???


  • Love the "camping" death coms every time we are flying through the map 🤣

  • He wasn’t playing weird with Nic in the plane that guy was just a challenge and he didn’t wanna die on this stream 😂

  • These things are insane. I won a 1v4 with them. My teammates all died with 1-5 kills while I had 19)

  • They need to remove all the Cold War guns in wz

  • You mean in a Couple days

  • I don’t know much on how to get rid of Cane toads but I do know you want to keep your dog away from them! they are Poisonous and can kill your dog!!

  • this is the only gun that i really hope gets nerfed as soon as possible

  • Ffar aug roze and sykovs run just run

  • Ive been watching this vid since u first posted it :( for a YT bid

  • Who else hates the nuke thing.

  • It’s double the ffar ttk the pistols are insane

  • Frog gigging man fry them up

  • just use the sykovs on the toads then they be running make sure you include a shotty

  • You look like Walker out of ghost recon breakpoint!

  • They were either untested. Or purposefully left broken for Bundle Sales. But my god, I cannot wait for Battlefield. To get away from a meta will be glorious.

    • @Juken The Bold im just gonna wait, i dont trust DICE anymore and i agree, raven dont seem to understand weapon balancing or have anyone who plays the new content/weapons etc for more than 10 mins before saying its solid and chucking them into the wild time and time again its like the wild west but with weapons touched by Korean baby Jesus' holy celestial mojo

    • @Cat Flankford I'll take bugs and issues over something like the shitfest CW integration in WZ. Vince Zampella is involved, that's worth gold mate.

    • bet you £1000 its a mess on release and riddled with issues thats if EA and DICE dont mess it up before it even releases 10 yrs of fck ups from dice bar casualfield 1, but that was just a mess in its own right

  • Nick I'm wondering if you like to let somebody else log into your account so they can upgrade the pistols for you 🤨

  • 16:23 Gary if u need any help send us an encrypted message XD

  • This will take time to upgrade and especially for the people who dont have the full game and we all know couple of weeks maybe months and it will be nerfed like the snakeshots

  • I just had them the day they came out. Was sweet

  • Also Nick for more accurate shots with the Skykov use it single

  • I’m a Floridian and I recommend just straight clorox

  • Game been Ruined since it launched lol

    • Multiplayer in general is infested with them. Yesterday i played for like 3 hours and have them max level and almost gold/platinum. All i need is 29 longshots and its done. For akimbo the challenge is to get 3 kills in 5 different matches with the Sykov equipped with the Mo' Money perk, not the renetti.

  • Video idea: before they get nerfed do a stream sniper event and you, Tim and clocky have the pistols and they all rush you guys with just fists

  • Nah man i cant help you with that im Trinidadian

  • So what’s the load out with the akimbo perk?

  • grab your shout gun and blast em

  • I’m here to confirm the title; these guns ARE BREAKING WARZONE!!! Warzone HQ Over here like....hmm...let’s see how far we can push people over the edge with this drop.

  • Warzone is continuing to die, Black Ops ruined it

  • It's a really cool pistol also it looks different from the first black ops

  • Took me a Hour and a half to rank it up and get Gold 🔥

  • Couple of MONTHSS... no way. I'm playing apex

  • you need to get a pool skimmer/net and just get them out of the water they are in and dump them in the trash for on the street. You also gotta find the momma and get rid of her too cause she's just going to keep doing it. Theres a bunch of videos on how to get rid of them on NOlong that will work. Whatever you do make sure you do it fast because if your dog eats one it can be fatal.

  • “Just camping” hope he watched the video! 😂

  • Too fix the tadpole problem is to to call a landscaper and they will take care of it

  • Do you have to keep on spamming it so that it's an automatic pistol?

  • Anyone else notice the attachments he showed and the Sykovs he used are different lol

  • I’m about to get akimbo in my next match

  • pistols aren’t broken, man 😒 they do what they’re supposed to do up close.

  • first time im disliking a mercy video cuz I HATE these OP pistols LOL

  • Floridian right here

  • You're going to need to put chicken wire around the bottom of the fence around the whole backyard

  • Yo nick just to let you know u gonna have to find a new place to land. Superstore is gonna be a radiation zone soon

  • Ayy nick try equal parts vinegar and water if you want em gone it acts as salt water and they cant take it

  • about the cane toad tadpoles. you need to try and dispose of the eggs and get rid of as many moisture areas as possible near where they are currently

  • Love the pistols they are awesome

  • Use lots of salt on them fuckers bro they will melt from aus I know they will stay away 😂

  • Hey nick I’m from Florida and all u need to do is get a net and a bucket and scoop all of them up and relocate them