Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interview

Publisert 10. jan.. 2021
Days after her own office was ransacked by Trump supporters, the speaker of the House talks to Lesley Stahl about what she experienced that day and more.
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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.


  • Nazy Pelosi what a joke.

  • 2:56-3:03 is when Nancy P. held back tears.

  • Is that Leslie STALIN?

  • LS - Can we talk about the "a" word?.. NP - What's that? LS - Age, you are 80.. Watch NP's facial expressions and her body language, she was very uncomfortable being told YOU ARE TOO OLD!!! 😁😁

  • Pelois hate President Trump so bad because he doesn’t listen to her and she can’t control him so she wants to teach him a lesson!!!

  • China is coming n Russia. We are going to war on our home land. They will take our guns . N soon our free speech n we won't have an American flag anymore. It be there but it wouldn't stand for what it is. None voter . But mike pence is my favorite. I want him to run

  • Bad acting. Shameful. How can these two be taken seriously? Pelosi, you KNOW you were behind this theater. Geesh.

  • nancy polosi is good at raising money and that’s about it.

  • She made a mistake there were 4 dead on January sixth 2021 at the capitol

  • Marjorie Greene the Q congress woman should resign

  • WITH 400;000 citizens dead from covid-19 under trump ; he made money out of knowing it wasn’t really a hoax . In new Zealand they have kicked covid out & that’s a labour government...

  • Trump is a maniacal narcissistic liar, it’s tragic so many fall for his lies , he cared only about the superrich & even reversed Reagan on the progress he’d made on disarmament, trump started building & selling weapons .democrat or republican Simply look at the progress McCain would of made compared to trump , take responsibility for what he’s done with telling citizens that covid was a hoax & 400,000 dead ... TRUMP DOSENT CARE ABOUT THE AVERAGE PERSON JUST RESEACH HIS CHINA DEAL ...

  • The republican party and Trump legacy will be traitors and cop killers. They should all resign Graham was on Fox News demanding president Biden not to impeach Trump how dare that disgraceful no shame human being

  • Accusations but never any proof.

  • Nancy Pelosi looks Corrupt and Talks Corrupt!!!

  • Every body in the government need term limits or Its Corruption and the Results are Going to Be A Civil War!!!

  • Trump is undermining domestic and international efforts to foster peace and protect the planet.” By attacking both science and the fabric of international peace accords, some global leaders have created “a situation that will, if unaddressed, lead to catastrophe, sooner rather than later.”

  • Trump brought us closer to the Doomsday clock than ever in history

  • I love pelosy

  • You can't dance around the truth with words

  • Crazy lady

  • She's 80. Time to move on

  • Shame on the people that go to church and yet hold so much hatred towards a person. The Bible plainly says give no place to the devil.. A house divided can not stand. Unity is of God. Division is of the devil. God knows the truth about all..Be not deceived God is not mocked, what so ever that a man soweth that shall he also reap . (Bible). Kjv...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • 1:31 I thought I saw a little mustache...

  • Pelosi is guilty of inciting elections due to holding of covid relief

  • Presidents have limits so why doesn't she have any

  • Great Elders Home Documenary!

  • And this woman got the gavel again... Wake me up when it's 2024.

  • Es bonita la Nancy pelosi

  • "a beautiful sight." - Nancy Pelosi

  • Crazy woman nancy pelosi is lying with Leslie stahl

    • I think every politicians, they have the to limit their terms. NO RE ELECTION. say for example: 5 years for the representatives, 6 years for the President. I think this is fair. For state governors that depends on their state.

    • Trump lies to everyone he’s a maniacal narcissist; he was implored by his staff to stop tweeting about Pence , to go on tv and ask for the rioters to stop instead he said he loved them ,

  • Craxy woman nancy pelosi is trembling for an answer from Leslie stahl. I love you Leslie. Craxy woman nancy pelosi is woman of hatred.

  • America is going to shambles, crooked politicians and more and more rights being stripped. Nancy pelosi, Donald trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris. Don’t care about you just because you assign to a party that they’re in. You’re just another tally on the list.

  • Government is need it. But we don't need is false politicians who aren't for the nation. Unfortunately we keep voting for the same people who only care for power. Earth is under false leadership. The future will be from truth leaders will come from the bottom up but only a very distant future. Good luck planet earth all the warning has been giving to us by the 7th earth prophet BEAM Billy Meier.

  • I can not beleive anybody in thier right mind is swallowing this garbage

    • What garbage; the garage these rioters threw around or there human waste !!!

    • Trump’s Presidency Brings Us Closer to Midnight on the Doomsday Clock

  • Get the story right you want to lie, let's count the votes the right votes, I dont know about other Americans but watching election day how do one lost votes and the others gain, I'm tired of the lies and so is everyone else. Want about when you all said that the protesters wasn't breaking in to people's businesses, beating people down for standing up for there businesses, and what happened firers, looting, Killings, but they call it a peaceful devastation.

    • The vote counting was the most secure in history , trump’s lawyer is being fined $1.3 Billion yes billion for lies about the machines

  • Suck it Nancy

  • Lesley treated Speaker Pelosi very unfairly.

  • Great interview! Wow, those radicals were crazy. Cool that they showed inside the Capitol. Go Nancy!!

  • I boogied in the Congress I boogied in the hall I boogied on my finger I wiped it on the wall

  • Such a poor actor Nancy is

  • The Russians hacked us here in the UK with Brexit ; it’s made us weaker ; we were hugely economically better off with Europe “ Putin wants a lack of democracy; trump has fallen for Putin & other oligarchs .There was a poisonous attack on our soil by The Kremlin we expelled many Russian diplomats ...

  • Says Sinclair Lewis said, "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

  • ❤️❤️ T R U M P ❤️❤️

  • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the outgoing Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund ignored warnings that an attack by domestic terrorists was imminent days before insurrectionists imposed their will and overtook the hallowed government building on Jan. 6.

  • How many times must I tell Google/YT to stop recommending these liberal rags called news channels...?? Fine: Here's my thoughts "These boomers can't die off quick enough."

  • This out going administrations is terrifying but what's even more terrifying is the Democratic lack of direction and solid leadership. I have a really hard time understanding why Pelosi has not started grooming someone younger. It doesn't make any sense to me. Our entire goverement is sadly out of touch with the needs of the America one side being unreasonable and volatile the other side being to passive, there is no balance inbetween parties and therefore little to know reassurance. Such uncetain times in a once solid country i would never have thought the United States would ever be in this position.

  • Nancy liar

  • Turns out she knew all about upcoming attach on Capitol. She was informed by FBI that there were signs attack were being organized. She ignored them, she knew it. She has some balls saying how scary it was. Whatever!

  • How Crazy and Deranged is Trump? Im lost....

  • There’s just something off about her. It makes me not like her at all

  • Nancy is such an obvious fake! How can anybody believe her, it makes me sick.

  • Be careful Miss Nancy Pelosi, UN RECON-izable Citizen liar......what is going to happen to your Group when you further alienate Americans who are NOT Socialists and do Love the CONSTITUTION>

  • What is this old witch Pelosi ia talking about

  • Lenin would be proud of this pre-communist theatre. The election was rigged.

  • Propaganda

  • 81 year old she still want to have power.she still want to control peoples 👎🏻🦨

  • Nancy Pelosi She had Satan eyes

  • Nancy pelosi is lier

  • Nancy .. The Lying Queen ... Greetz to Michel Vos 👎

  • Not interested in anything this hypocrite has to say. She thinks fighting hate with hate is ok. It is not. Anytime you get a large emotionally charged group together there will always be a guy who tries to make it worse. Either by bringing a gun or causing people to get more angry and think less.

  • You suck

  • Atleast no small businesses were burned down.. DC was on FIRE back in June and the msm called it “mostly peaceful” Pelosi acts just like Trump. She gets defensive every time she’s asked a tough question

  • I don't know why she still there to run everyone crazy. Nancy she is China citizen. Vote her out

  • Nancy she just a big liar. She is good actress

  • Absolutely zero accountability and slandering nonstop

  • She is a big problem in this country

  • The storm is coming Nancy!

  • ALL leadership in government and all industries need 2 year caps for leadership so they do not have time to find loop holes and exploit the system and powers!

  • Eye for an eye 👁️ Nancy needs to pay

  • Bunch of domestics terrorist needs to be punish hard. It could have been a lot worse. Our heart. To goes people who die in this very deadly Assault.

  • What I’ve learned about the Democratic Party over the last year: They care more about power than they do people.

  • Clip at 1:42 ... If that extended for additional 5-10 seconds, the clip would include those with red hats helping the fallen police officer on the right into the arms of another officer to get him to safety, while the people in black strike another police officer on the left. Saying there was only one whole side to this, is quite the stretch.

  • We all need to call on Gov to set age cap 65 see ya ! 81 years old omg people

  • At 10:06, Nanzi’s explanation never covered all the money laundering of the BILLIONS of dollars going to other countries to be funneled back into their off shore accounts. Nanzi didn’t care to expose that part of their plan. America is hurting economically but they are able to give away billions to other countries, it is very clear we are over taxed. What other country collects taxes from it’s citizens and sends it to America?

  • Wish the media outlets would report the BLM riots and looting just how this was reported.

  • Pelosi, Schumer, Mitch are guilty of TREASON! These are all pure evil leftists that bow down to the pure evil elite! These fake leaders are destroying Americans lives!

  • What a worthless gash.....both of them.

  • Breaking: Pelosi who speaks fluent Mandarin is moving to China as speaker of the CCP.

  • Bravo to 60 Minutes for allowing public comments, as well as Leslie Stahl’s fair minded and non partisan like interview style. It is rare and refreshing. Sadly, many online news companies such as PBS Newshour, do not allow online commentary from viewers. Leslie’s resolve to ask the tough questions is commendable. She doesn’t back down. Her questioning of Pelosi is superb. It shows Pelosi’s weaknesses and errors in judgment. It was a worthy and excellent interview. Pelosi has lost her credibility and Stahl should be applauded.

  • To funny this hag is going down what a hypocrite

  • This is one of the worst interviews 60 minutes...

    • Leslie Stall needs to retire.

  • She needs a drink, hey gavin get your auntie a drink

  • Need to have term limits for senators and representatives, pelosi is the perfect example of this

  • These two women isike nancy pelosi interviewing herself

  • omg she such a fake ....

  • Yes, they need term limits. Why did they attack when votes were being counted humm doesn't make sence, no comments about Biden and China? Where was our trade and economy post Covid-19. So many questions no coverage, no answers.

  • There is no excuse for ransacking the US Capitol. None!

  • lies and fraud, not allowed in God's presence. Nanyc, could you please retire in....Guantanamo?

  • She is such a phoney

  • The left did it antifa

  • If I ever need to vomit..ill just watch this video again


  • You are all going to guantanamo both of you

  • Trump had his finger on the nuclear button..nothing ever happened. Quit clutching your pearls Nancy



  • What a bunch of propaganda. All lies

  • Oh so dramatic

  • One deep stater interviewing another deep stater