Ethan Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Trisha's Family - Frenemies # 35

Publisert 11. mai. 2021
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  • Gunning for Ethan... looking for ways to make him feel extra bad today.

  • rewatching old episodes now😭

  • ‘Dogs are angels on earth and we’re not worthy of them.’ He’s right.

  • Miss Trisha 💖💖💖

  • 💜💙🖤💜💙🖤Wait which part exactly is the corn in corn dog? And how does one eat only the 🌽?

  • A lot of us have covid anxiety Ethan. I get it.

  • I’m rewatching these older episodes and I’m still heartbroken 💔🥺😭

  • Awwww they were so cute when they were good.

  • Trish looks bomb!

  • “I don’t like cheesy. But jack and Jill is a great movie!”

  • That’s amazing that your lawsuit prior will be used as Precedent! That’s legendary. That’s making history!

  • “We’re a duo and we can’t have bad press” 2021. Well that didn’t age well.

  • “I haven’t drinkin” Trisha. 2021

  • What part do they talk about the mom incident?

  • Now you've got me all self conscious over my elbows

  • 46:40 Yeah nah I wish he would've never said it out loud

  • Trisha being a Taurus and always having gifts is the best thing for my Taurus soul! 😂 always spending money on others as well as myself

  • More Trisha and Ethan please!

  • I assumed Trish was cosplaying as Barbie until they explained why they were wearing the hat😹

  • just please bring back frenemies, somehow, do something

  • I'm so mad he didn't sniff the shoes

  • I feel to cry 😭

  • 22:50 😭😭😭😭

  • well… 😫 looks like there’s no more frenemies


  • I also recently cried over a photo of me that someone posted on Facebook, they didn’t even ask to post it and it had been up for a good 24 hours before I saw it (I’m not on fb anymore) and I looked so gigantic I hated myself. I know the feels

    • My mother was always posting awful pictures of me and tagging me so I made it so nobody can tag me without permission and it was better for my mental health.

  • its so sad how BAD ethan tries so hard to make trisha feel accommodated and shit and she quits and leaves him hanging....... i hate trisha...... shes such a drama queen and a hypocrite

    • Not only does she leave him hanging but she attacks him and everyone else who tried to give her a redemption arc. She is trash. And the candlestick story is so horrific for Lena and Kali. Yeah, ok.

  • Is anyone else re-watching all the frenemies episodes already?!😭

  • Lool trisha lies soo fucking much

  • what song plays at the end?

  • 23:53 “black and pink is now official frenemies” YG: say sike rn

  • I am never concerned about Trisha's weight in photos. I am more concerned how much tanner she has on to look darker when her skin is pale white

    • It’s tan shut up and trying to grasp something

  • to say jake paul is smarter than ethan is like saying trisha knew about the holocaust 5 years. simply untrue.

  • khib nyiab

  • Trisha: "Ugh yeah" is telling

  • The candle stick incident shows how tone def Ethan can be

  • Ethan needs to do an educational podcast about dinosaurs

  • Watching Trisha body check like that made me really sad

  • ugh hate that keemstar whoever that evil guy is....... we love you frenemies....

  • the wide angle story🤣😂🤣😁we love you still Moses love you 3

  • W t f happened….

  • Seeing the dog broke my heart so much, I wish I could have saved him from these monsters


  • 1:56:07 just for when i comeback lol

  • Watching you guys is like going to therapy. Thank you.

  • Facts. Morphe is shit. Straight chalk.

  • I think Trish is beautiful and her sharing her life makes me able to feel a lot more comfortable being confident in mine which I can’t express enough gratitude for, skinny or thick your gorgeous Trish just be healthy🖤🖤

  • Theres Nothing wrong with being unhappy with how you look/feel and wanting to get thinner or in shape.

  • This shit was painful to listen to for a minute. Had to try, and great job with the super filter guest. Any pic of her online and she is 80lbs lighter. She talks about being yourself... Fucking delusional clowns.

  • Do butter noodles for a color

  • Bill Gates can suck his own yeah I have a Windows computer never liked it it to be honest it never worked very well I’m not sure if I liked it in the first place but I know that I never liked it I broke it twice over a bag it doesn’t work anymore it’s not really turning on it’s a piece of shit

    • Does an eye I got an iPod when I was 17 because I’ve saved $800 for my Christmas money birthday money and then I spent some of it but then I don’t have that much money anymore because I spend it all when I was 18 crazy but then I save some money and then I also got another car Apple product it was an iPhone and I bought off of eBay him and it was used don’t do that then three years ago I decided to buy myself an Apple phone so I got myself the iPhone 7 Plus and my dad‘s money you spend about $2000 and that’s crazy because I felt bad but I just needed a computer and iPhone because I needed that for school so my brother got the same iPhone I did and then my brother decided to get a Windows computerNo you should get an iPad or an Apple computer it’s way better but he didn’t care they bought it during this pandemic when it like first started it’s crazy because he’s my parents money they couldn’t use her school money that they got from financially so whatever I didn’t get financial aid money because I never wanted to give me money even though I pass some of my classes one year so yeah and then the other years when I didn’t pass my classes then I didn’t get financially money but I only went to school for about two years 2017 and 2018 and 2019 so I remember in 2018 and 2019 a pass my classes so I don’t get why I didn’t get financial aid so I should’ve gotten financial aid so I need that money so yeah that would benefit me because I could’ve used it and I was gonna use it for school but I felt like maybe it’s good to use it for like other things you know what I mean but I

    • I support Apple the guy from Apple is a little crazy himself no offense I try not to use crazy but that’s like the only thing I think of right now but yeah I have an iPod for a reason that’s when I bought it bought it when I was 17 with my parents money that I saved $800 and then and I saved money for my birthday money that I got so yeah and then people give me money to eat out so I save that for Christmas and birthday and then I also got myself an Apple computer with my mom‘s money probably $200 from eBay don’t get an Apple computer from eBay only lasted for a year and then I got my new iPhone which is the iPhone 7 Plus on my brother 112 so he got one and I thought about it maybe I should get one younger brother didn’t want to get up iPhone so I guess you got a free phone I guess from Google but whatever

    • I had my computer for 10 years I got it when I was 15 my freshman year of high school wow what a wreck I remember giving my mom some money maybe $300 we went to Fry’s electronics store to get my windows computer and yeah I never liked it how the camera made me look so ugly back then but I still thought I was beautiful it’s literally shit I don’t really use it anymore at this point I can just donate it at this point because it doesn’t work the back of the computer is broken so I had to put tape and I had to put a candle right next to the computer to hold it in place it’s annoying so

  • Trisha eat during your twifch

  • the elton john movie is 100x better than the queen one, do not listen to trish

  • she does not deserve half ffs.

  • Trisha: I hate putting out cheap shit Also trisha: sells a subscription box with cheap aliexpress shit for 60 dollars

  • “i made the stage for her” 🥺🥺🥺

  • the mask and her uneven tan do not help. trisha is so pretty and she should lose weight for her health and not because she hates herself. she needs to love herself enough to be better not hate herself into losing weight :C

  • Please dear God make a pallet. Take all my money.

  • Trisha no not the elton John slander this is unacceptable

  • My favorite color is a lilac (more towards the blue than purple)

  • 1:35:48

  • Trisha “im a Mac bishhh” 🤣🤣💀

  • I like blue. Its nice.

  • me when my mom mom shows me a photo of her and her family when she was younger 1:24:18

  • my favoruite colour is forest greeeeen

  • Is Trish calling her Hila?? I thought it was pronounced EE-la???? Am I wrong?

    • There are two different ways to pronounce it. Both are correct tho. I’m so used to hearing EE-la so it’s def odd.

  • Frenemies hot tub episode!! Please

  • Please make a eyeshadow palette

  • Frenemies is such a happy light in my life. With severe and debilitating PTSD and psychosis, these two are always able to bring laughter into an otherwise dark day. Not only that, but they're also so real, raw, and empowering. Thank you.

  • Not a fan of Dan gaslighting Trisha about that shot not looking good for her.

  • actually it’s mint green


  • ethan looks like a old man singing and im living for this


  • "You're going to Bitch Hall? The hall full of bitches" 😭😭😭😂

  • i reallt wanna know who the worst internet person is

  • It's so sad that there are dogs out there that don't know that their owners are horrible people

  • The aback milk partly satisfy because window methodically treat besides a truthful betty. classy, incompetent doubt

  • Trisha made the bus comment moment so uncomfortable it made me feel bad for Ethan even if he did make a joke in poor taste

  • I would love to have custom frenemies dirt biking gear 😍 it would be so dope.

  • Really starting to dislike how much my like Trisha

  • I feel like staying in that Maldives hotel for more than 1 or 2 days seems tiring. Just too much visual stimulation tbh.

  • Trisha just did the Ricegum laugh 36:42

  • kind of annoying how she doesnt know what something is and either: says its stupid, or: pretends to know everything possible about it until called out. get over yourself.

  • sry I'm behind but does anyone know when the frenemies merch is dropping?

  • i love yal cus its like bein in the room w 2 cool homies like the vibes

  • seeing yal become family omg my heart is full

  • trisha checking her bank acc every morning girl ME 2 u a real 1 🤟💞

  • omg yal making real streetwear im so ready


  • Why in the fuck is "skinny" described to be an compliment? Stop it now.

  • I love seeing how far Trisha has come, they seem so happy and healthy!

  • Green

  • My favorite color is yellow

  • Palestinians are angels

  • I'll bet you beat your dog

  • Really stupid, why did I even spend 2 minutes on this channel?

  • I swear to God, I thought they were saying "Ass Burgers" and not "Aspergers"

  • Will someone please tell Trisha it hurts feelings when she says “schizo” :,c Sincerely, An individual with state diagnosed/disabled Schizophrenia and schizotypal

    • Hi there! I'm sorry that you're diagnosed with that, I know it can be a hard thing to live with. But I'm fairly sure Trisha also has schizophrenia, so is it not okay for her to say "schizo" (I don't mean this in a rude way I'm genuinely curious, hope you're okay! :))

  • Do you think Britney Spears watched the documentary on her?