BEEFING SoundCloud Rappers ft. No Jumper

Publisert 20. mai. 2019
NELK BOYS | nelkboys
KYLE | kyleforgeard
STEVE | stevewilldoit
SALIM | saliimthedream
JESSE | mtvjesse
TWITTER | nelkboys
AUSTIN | ausgod
Gold Hippy - Grand Slam
GloBoyz - Rewind


  • Drop a like for No Jumper & Auston Matthews boys!

    • Fellow 905 er here,love the videos love smoking one then sitting back having a laugh at the dumb shit you do lmao,be safe homes, EAST END HAMILTON ONTARIO!!!!

    • “feat. Coldplay”😭😭😭

    • @Whitten Green lol wtf

    • Name something your mom would throw at you for not doing the dishes 🧑

    • @Harsha Reddy i

  • 905 should do what e wants let him be him,just sayin

  • whos the girl with 9.0?

  • Who else seen the dude with the rat on his shoulder??

  • Steve's guitar high as giraffe nuts.

  • Why was Steve’s song fiya asf!

  • :wave:

  • Idc about limes but I'll fucking eat lemons all day

  • Mannnnn fuck 9-0

  • Bro 9-0 is so boring he shows no emotion straight face all the time wtf

  • i miss the old editing

  • where can i buy steves 9-0 song

  • Kyles face just stone face while Jessie battling lmfao

  • Why would you want to take a picture with someone you have no idea no it’s is that is hilarious

  • AYOO hella sketchy in the background, rip fr

  • Fuckin hella sketchy is in this

  • 23:50 Rip Hella Sketchy :(

  • 9-0!!!!!!!!!!

  • the tone with that lady, is her name karen?

  • Seeing Hella Sketchy in the background at 24:22 hit me in the feels.

  • hellasketchy in the background

  • Lol Katie left dan bilzerian for 905 shooter 😂😂😂

  • rip sketchy man 💕

  • 282K likes , where the fuck the 500k at bois.

  • Ist nur mir aufgefallen das ein 187 tattoo hat hahahah

  • Anyone else notice hella sketchy at the no jumper building

  • whos here in 2021

  • 3:40... Dave Portnoy hasn’t rated any pizza called Big Mamas & Papas Pizzeria in the LA nor Southern California area. Don’t know what Steve is talking about. He must not know how to use the app.

  • Quality vid

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  • He said you a bitch to lil zan I’m dead 😭

  • You a bitch 😂🤣🤣

  • Y'all need to holla at the dude in the end, he knew what's up.

  • Jesse could do this full time I swear

  • Full Send

  • hella sketchy 23:47 RIP

  • H-town free spmx

  • This is the funniest youtube video you can find

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  • Watching this nearly 2 years later and I can’t believe how boring 9-0 is glad he is gone

  • Yea it might you smelling like shit

  • 905 was so dull im so glad he is gone

  • "ayyyy you a bitch"

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  • 13:09 dammn he look good from side angle

  • 905 is Lame!

  • I wonder if Nelk will make videos in 20 years

  • Bro was the dude with the fur hat rarefabrics 😂

  • Does no one not notice the dude with a rat on his shoulder @23:30 lol

  • a feature with Coldplay... dude... LOL!!!!!! hilarious!

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  • Watching this now and knowing 9-0now

  • This is the best vid of Nelk by far

  • Yo did any see that mouse on that dudes shoulder😭😭😭

  • What’s up wit the purse nigga 🤣🤣🤣😂

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  • He said who is u ? Lil Licist ? Hahaha hell na

  • 90 had the energy of a toga mantleslug

  • can the guitar get any higher 😂😂

  • 1 real person at the end lol

  • 9 0 sucks

  • 23:45 why’s he got a rat on his shoulder 😂😂😂😂

  • What’s up with even

  • 20:56 whats this songg bru this shit fye

  • I have NEVER taken pictures with celebrities even if i fuck with them (once in a while - i live in LA) like one time i saw Lana Rhoades at starbucks (true story) but the clown taking pics with soundcloud rapper skit is an absolute joke

  • Fuck 90 man 😂

  • The way Kyle looks a couldn’t cope lol

  • That’s one nigga who thought they were real rappers did you listen to that mhmm 😭

  • Lmao i miss jesse being in vids

  • Lmao she said “ this the big dog park”

  • Jesse was the best I miss him

  • What happened to Jesse don't see him much anymore

  • 90s situation aged well

  • That’s actually so dope you guys were chillin with Matthews. Non hockey fans have no idea how sweet that is

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  • RIP Sketchy ;( 24:24

  • You cant go to prison for making a podcast and jokes involving a dog karen they shoulda kept fucking with that bitch

  • We need clout money doesn’t matter anymore 😂😂😂😂

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  • i sent the fav thing and everything on snap as i cant afford a phone and screenshot, thanks g, and my snap is jas gill, or mr.shelbyfan

  • yo they dead ass thought they was rappers lol

  • Adam is living this skit out

  • Karen

  • Another paranoid Asian girl thinking the white guy is trying to pick her up

  • That 9 0 dork was the worst decision you guys ever made... best decision ever to get rid of him

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  • Jesse w the $uicideboy$ ftp

  • kinda sad seeing hella sketchy in this. rip sketchy

  • 23:40 dude came in with a rat on his shoulder🤣🤣

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  • The funny thing is I acutely live in Wisconsin😂😂

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  • Well that 9-0 joke didnt age well!!

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  • I’m glad he isn’t on Nelk anymore he was really boring acted stuck up

  • uhhhh soon that vest goes hard Kyle I need one, y'all should make some full send ones

  • lil IS

  • Jesse killed it🤣