Bhutan - change comes to the Himalayan "Happy Kingdom" | DW Documentary

Publisert 10. sep.. 2020
Bhutan's other name is "The Happy Kingdom." The small Himalayan country has one foot in the distant past and the other in the digital age. It's quite a balancing act for Bhutan's citizens.
No other country has recently undergone more radical change than Bhutan. The millennium brought television, the internet and democratization to the last Himalayan kingdom almost overnight. The capital Thimphu has become one of South Asia's fastest growing cities. At the same time, just a few kilometers to the north, 20 thousand nomads still live from herding yak on the high plains of the Himalayas. This documentary tells of the challenges these people face.
We meet young Chewang , who often has to leave his family for months and trek to heights above five thousand meters in search of the caterpillar fungus, a fabled medicinal mushroom. We also follows the journey of five-year-old Doryi, who is separated from his poverty-stricken family when they send him to a monastery. Meanwhile, the committed organic farmer Choki is trying to bring the advantages of modern life to her village. And 73-year-old bowman Ap Chimi is finding the modern world quite a challenge, so he's decided to compete in his last archery tournament to show youngsters in the village that he can still hit the bull's eye as easily as they do.
This documentary takes viewers on a trip through a time that mirrors Western development in the last century. The loss of a communal life in harmony with nature is juxtaposed against the gains made through globalization. Director Irja von Bernstorff, who has made her home in the Happy Kingdom, gives us a unique peek behind the country's tourist façade to reveal what makes the wondrous world of Bhutan so special.
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  • its better to use subtitles rather than voice over.

  • Would love to trek the country.

  • Buttonase are the eco-friendly nation in the world

  • I wish I could live in this natural beauty

  • I spent 2 years there. .just memorizing everything after watching this video.

  • Whats so happy about strugling to raise your kids so you send them away? Seems backwards.

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  • An excellent documentary, featuring the real-life of Bhutan people. It's inspirational and emotional at the same time. Love your good work from Indonesia

    • Hi @Yuddy Cahya, thanks for watching and for the positive feedback!

  • Very nice

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  • LAWN DARTS...outlawed in every other country.

  • Citizens of Bhutan are so lucky 😍

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  • Loved the whole documentary.

    • Hi @Elishia Kershom, glad to hear it, thanks for watching! 🙂

  • I cried louder than his mom did.

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  • That's were I born iam in usa now

  • What a pure content!

  • Bhutan is a protecterate under india..they're future will remain secure untill they remain so.

  • yo Bhutan is not between china & india . Bhutan is located between Tibet & India. mind it.

  • Wait.. whaa? Is that girl helping the young man at 15:00 buy a warm sweater with a Supreme branded hoodie on? Shit just got real.

  • Muy buenos,DW,se caracteriza por Buenos reportajes

  • Please look at taxation on petrol-diesel in INDIA.

  • Butan is like man vs wild

  • Great video! Please also take your time to watch my amazing videos , originally recorded through the eyes of an independent traveller.

  • Queen Bhutan Jetsun Pema very beautiful

  • It's like nothing to do here

  • lovely documentary, I hope more people watch and enjoy it

  • "Maximize Happiness." Sounds like a plan. Beautiful.

  • Are people from bhutan called bhutanese?

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  • What a beautiful place. Would love to visit sometime. !

  • Beautiful Documentary DW. We need to know who our neighbors in the world are. This develops respect and appreciation of other peoples' life experiences and binds us together as a family. I hope this treasure in Bhutan and other places like it will be protected.

    • Hi @Stephi Varjan, thanks for your comment :)

  • Someone please make my suggestion reach the hard working lady. Neem is a natural repellent, we use it to protect our crops here in the other end of himalayas. My dream is to work for the fragile himalayan ecosystem be it in bhutan, nepal or india.

  • Let's gives thanks specially to the producer & Camera man & other members that involved in this Job , from northeast state of India (Tripura )😊❤💙👍

  • My mom told me a story about the tiger bite. I don’t know if it is a true story, but according to my mother it is. She said that my great grandfather was bit by a tiger and the wound never heel for a very long time and he tried every old age medicine back then. Until one day he used “cat poop”, and the wound suddenly heeled. This was way back in the old day in Cambodia when no modern medicine.

  • 6.38 so cute🥰

  • Sorry DW but i am going to say this since i really love every video of this channel.. So lovely and teachable for worlds.. But, can u shut the original voices from the peoples when they are talk because i feel like confused sometimes of this second voices since you translate it from theirs language to english.. Hahaa well i can only focus on 1 language as well..


  • Children and even adults should not be taken to monastries/ religious caves because they are assaulted there under the veil of love, prayer and happiness. That's why children cry there.

  • @30:45 I bet you 99% of ppl watching this video have never hiked for 4 hours lol

  • Why they look same like korean ?

  • Why is ANYONE on here, Angry?! Hate is an ugly and devastating thing. God Bless these beautiful countries, cultures and human beings, Ameen.🥰

  • this is so cool it's like avatar the last airbender in real life

  • My feelings were hurt, his dad is really trying to give him a better life

  • To be honest, it is romantic to watch the mountains and the rural life. But it is a tough and brutal to live out in the mountains. I wish they have better education and more opportunities with their life. I do not believe in the slogan, " National Happiness", without much modern opportunities for future generations. Just my view only.

  • They must stay there, they don’t know how good they have it. Their state cares about them


  • this is cruelty witth child very poor tradition,

  • “Can’t k*ll animals” but handle animals roughly like objects

  • The way they handle their yak and cows is soooo cruel

  • Preserving the environment and beautiful culture amidst all the chaos in the world -- what a beautiful gift to the future Bhutanese generation. Bhutan will always be one of my dream destination country.

  • 🦋🌎🌊🌊👆🎧👆🌊🌊🌍🦋

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  • What a tragedy these people are living in such a beautiful landscape, yet are so lost spiritually. Buddhism Is a cult and false teaching! Do your own research and compare it Gods Holy Word, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and you will find that THE only way to eternal life is in Christ Jesus ALONE. I pray for these lost souls in this documentary. Especially the young who seem to have no choice. Jesus The LORD of LORDS has the final say for these youngsters, for the parents who lead them astray, and most importantly, for the teachers who are preaching and teaching such filth from satin himself!

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  • Bhutan and nepal so so similar.culture,people and everything

  • Basket case

  • A beautiful country that hold on to their roots and happiness, last in the world

  • Most other nations don't ve or know happiness because someone with their on idea of happiness told them what happiness is...

  • The happiest country? This is just a propaganda slogan of the government. Let the people not receive modern education, no electricity, no TV, mobile phones, Internet, let the people live in the Middle Ages. Ignorance does make people happy.

  • Will soon be swallowed up by India, like Sikkim, which no one cares about.

  • China trying to occupy Buthan....

  • everyone have to pay tax to enter Buthan ???

  • "I have found inner peace in life and death"- that last part is so wholesome

  • I could not control tears at the father-son scene.

  • This is giving me a headache- The monk is me at any stressful situation.

  • Thank you for this Beautiful documentary, DW.

    • Hi @Borana Jaçaj, thanks for watching and commenting! 🙂

  • On the path to finding Budha... I love it

  • Bhutan still alive bcz of India

  • Grampa Archer Warms My Heart

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  • Bhutan is not in Southeast Asia but I enjoyed this video. My mom is from Southeast Asia (Thailand) and I love learning about different cultures and customers from around the world.

  • Great documentary but I think it would've been better to add subtitles instead of dubbing the locals

    • Hi @Beatriz Pires, thanks for watching and for the feedback.

  • This is one of the wholesome documentary on any country I have ever seen. The documentary reflected Bhutan & it's citizens as a whole - from sadness comes joy & happiness and I hope it will ever last for centuries to come. But for that the whole globe country must address the global warming issue cause Butanese people are facing it's adverse effect- their glaciers are melting, monsoon are coming late or dry and the mountains are feeling it's effects as well with all their good deeds. They are facing the adverse effect from the greeds of economic giants action.

    • Hi @Aj Uzumaki, thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts!

  • that cordeceps kid is handsome as heck. he dresses pretty sharp too

  • Such humble , beautiful souls

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  • This movie truly generated uncertainty in my soul. This documentary's narrative and what it shows in the story are contradictory. "The Happy Kingdom" of no poverty - in reality - a place filled with sadness, struggle with harsh nature, money problems and religious brainwash. The drama of people and small children are wrapped in positive music and an indifferent vioce of a narrator. The "Happy Kingdom of Buthan" as the country is advartising itself infront of the entire world is a lie. I can't see any difference between what is there, and what is everywhere else in the world.

  • 19:09 is these heaven.

  • Nice Voice over I love it 🙏🏻. To become mong and snayashi u have sacrifice everything.

  • 19:57 The cow is like "You two are arguing and you pulled me down to the ground" "What did I do to you?"

  • Nice work!

  • Heart breaking documentary, I can't imagine a 6 yr old kid separated from his family. But I felt happy for this kind of place its so amazing sorrounded by nature, so nice. Thank you DW.

    • Plus there s rampant paedophilia in Buddhist monasteries

  • 12:20 That video the guy played is not from Bollywood but a Nepali music video song. Haha😂

  • Blessings to this country and the wonderfull people

  • Beautiful people lovly video

  • Hope the 'developmental activities of the modern world' don't spoil the holistic and peaceful living of this happiest country in the world.

  • I hope the PCCh will not claim these beautiful people and land as theirs. .

  • Can someone by any chance tell me the name of that Lama which is mentoring that child ?