Snoop Dogg RAPPED with Me and my BASS

Publisert 12. okt.. 2020
I played bass with Snoop Dogg and he rapped with me! it finally happened.
very emotional times
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  • M&M next??? Slap like if you're spittin fax too

  • Me gustó la trompeta del final

  • Cat guy and 1st 2 guys..and those other guys.. So much talent!

  • First guy is cringeworthy 😑

  • "His rap is really catchy" Me: casually forgets every word

  • you should get refund and go back to the rap guy on twitch that is miles beyond better, slap like if you think the same. :p

  • You look like cousin Balki.

    • Snoop dog: “bass guitar” Davie should have slapped him

  • 7:15 is when snoop dogg starts 😎 E P I C

  • Sei il perfetto esempio di come, qualsiasi cosa tu faccia, l'impegno e la costanza sono ciò che ti porta al risultato. Non so se ci sei mai stato ma secondo me dovresti essere Relatore al TedX

  • I read this so wrong.

  • I love snoop but every single one of those vocalists did a better job than he did. C'mon snoop, let's see your A game for reals :D

  • Like Hulk Hogan we the cream of the crop? That was Randy Savage!!!!

  • Davie why don't you watch jpollnd that he rap on your bass that's was apic I promise.... Go and watch out

  • I double 'snoop' dog dare you to challenge Martha Stewart to beat Snoop's Rap . That would be a truly Epic slap in the face. I wanna hear Martha slap some lines and beat her buddy Snoop Dog!

  • Oooh sheesh love for the drummer

  • snoop dogg

  • Raping vs rapping

  • Everyone is surprised in the chat that Snoop is ass. Why?

  • 2:35 EPICO

  • none of yall know real funk, snoop banged it and it was only a freestyle

  • Sn00p was dissapointing to this masterpiece... Bs in the chat for the boi

  • Snoop dog: “bass guitar” Davie should have slapped him

  • Snoog sounded shit. Other rappers sounded awesome.

  • 4:42 "like Hulk Hogan we the cream of the crop"?... that was Mach Man Randy Savage homie.

  • man slap this to dabie compress the drums piano and base

  • every single rapper on here who created for free was miles better than Snoop's paid for mess.

  • Last one best. Breathed inspiration to da Bass.

  • Snoop got straight up taken to school. He obviously wasn't taking any of it seriously, and it ended up making him get shown up by a bunch of unknowns. Step up your game, dawg.

  • *e p i c o*

  • is this Pewds and mayas secret kid

  • Btw, it actually was almost exactly 420 seconds, because the rap starts at a bit after 7 minutes, which is 420 seconds, and the intro ends just a bit after 10 seconds, so it... might actually be 420 seconds

  • One may think that Snoop didn't care enough, but after 2 weeks the only rap that continously plays in my head is Snoop's rap.

  • All of the submissions were amazing except Snoop's trash. Davie got hustled.

  • Very entertaining as usual.... my eyes are bloodshot after exposure to Snoop’s clip

  • 4:00 The best Obviously along with snoop, greetings from chili Epic!

  • 3:23 Chris Griffin raps

  • Ma te quando pensi, pensi in inglese o in italiano?

  • fun fact: he paid a little over $360, as this video is probably from cameo and snoop dogg costs $360 on cameo

  • 4:23 This guy did really good but like.. r slur :(

  • 7:17 para la raza que habla español aquí está lo que buscas

  • The cat one had me crying from joy. EPIC SLAPP

  • My nan could rap better than this it was beyond god awful wack! My 2yr old niece could do a better job!

  • Davie Is one of those guys where if he doesn’t smoke weed he should because he could totally get away with it

  • Great job everyone, that was fun!


    • I approve of you literally putting Snoop's rap part in 420 seconds after the intro like it says right before the introduction

  • I feel like snoop wants you.....

  • shits trash

  • Ow d pianow!

  • For the record... Macho Man Randy Savage was the cream of the crop. Not Hulk Hogan.

  • My favourite one was the cat guy

  • Yo snoop was definitely on crack there but that drug made him rap guud

  • Mike Choe had the funkiest rap.

  • Immediately liked the first one, great performance!

  • He payd Snoop dog like $700 I think

  • Y’all calling snoop out failing to know that he actually did a “FREESTYLE “ everyone else wrote a verse for this 😏

  • my favourite rap was this one ; 8:19 O N L Y B A S S ! ! !

  • actually the snoop was the weakest of all the submissions :D IMO

  • just about 100,000 likes to go. Im genuinely curious how much Snoop Charged for that. lol

  • And he made an advert for just eat

  • I approve of you literally putting Snoop's rap part in 420 seconds after the intro like it says right before the introduction

  • Snoops hittin different

  • F bomb🤣🤣🤣 I like it 👍

  • I came here for JP

  • i would like to see a vid of you and les Claypool together . it woul be crazy!!!

  • gotta love the cat man he killed it

  • 07:20 somebody mention the pocket? snoop dog being so deep in the pocket? somebody bass player say something about the pocket, the pocket ?? how deep snoop was in the pocket ?? eh??

  • Snoop Dogg is a soyboy fraud that made a fortune rapping about a life he never lived.

  • Snoop dog that was the laziest trash Ive ever heard.

    • He was free styling while high and the others wrote a verse

  • Huh... I think Snoop is getting a little old. Kinda reminded me of my pathetic elementary rapping attempts.

  • So cringe

  • The piano was amazing just amazing

  • Oemji

  • first guy actually had bars

  • Unpaid singers on youtube are much better than paid singers in fiver.

  • i only came here for snoop 7:15

  • Who else set their expectations for snoop a little two high and got disappointed. If so you can like this comment

  • Snoops freestyle, then Norman, Mike and Chris...But all of them were EPIC..

  • Is it racist that I got a pasta advertisement while watching this?😂

  • I got exactly what I wanted out of this.. Fun.

  • Snoop dog is a shit rapper he can suck me like he does his bongs

  • YOU did MIX the "Snoop Tracks" Davie504....... (got to keep it REAL!!!.....) EPIC "SLAPPING" my Brother!!! (I've been A FAN for years)

  • Cat song!!!!!!!

  • Now that's one funky beat.... Love it.

  • M&m davie that is not how you say his name his name is spelled Eminem he is a American rapper

  • He liked first one most because he said quit guitar. lol

  • 7:05

  • "I'll meet you in the car. Standing by the bar." - Snoop This dude is just saying shit. Lmfaoooo

  • Snoop was mediocre, and that's being generous.

  • The cat guy for me :D

  • the cat guy was definitely the best for my opinion, still can't believe this came to my recommendations just now, wish i got it earlier, this rap compilation was completely FIRE!

  • Norman David won

  • This entire video was beyond epic and entertaining! SOGOOD!

  • 8:10 Davie504 paid Snoop Dogg $420.69 to record that rap.

    • When davie hit that part in his NOlong career where he dyes his hair

  • I will just leave a comment here.

  • F, I didn't no this was a christian channel.

  • Love your content Davie but I don’t appreciate you making fun of guitar players I don’t only play guitar but I can slap bass like I slapped that like button OMG

  • Davie if u didn’t pay him $420 I’m unsubbing not even kidding I’ll do it and there’s nothing u can do to stop me

  • Anyone wanna join my band?

  • Mike choe.

  • Damn the kid on the bass was 100 times better than Dave you should just give up after that