Amalie Haugen Øvstedal | My Mind (Yebba) | Knockout | The Voice Norway

Publisert 9. april. 2021
#TheVoice #Norway
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  • Mesmerizing

  • ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  • Both these ladies made my eyes flow with tears. So connected to their selected songs... But I keep coming back to listen to Amalies rendition of Yebba. It's become an addiction, like I need her voice to soothe my soul. Whatever happens throughout this competition, I hope you,ll share your voice, and never stop singing, Amalie!

  • Amazing!!!! So beautiful

  • Wow... no one usually does this song justice but this lady was amazing

  • [Verse 1] I heard you coming at a quarter to three You closed the door and laid down next to me But then I heard you say her name in your sleep Your dirty secret's too far gone to keep [Chorus] I, I, I I'm 'bout to lose my I, I am, I I'm 'bout to lose my My mind, my mind, my mind 'Bout to lose my My mind, my mind I think about you all the time, oh, hey [Verse 2] You can't even look me dead in the eyes Her love is strong, she got you hypnotised You say you love me, but I know it's a lie When I work so hard to keep you satisfied [Chorus 2] I, I, I I'm 'bout to lose my I, oh, I am, I I'm 'bout to lose my My mind, my mind, my mind 'Bout to lose my My mind, my mind, my mind 'Bout to lose my, woah

  • Omg this is so good, wooooow🤗😀

  • best performance this year for sure

  • just wow

  • I love demi ! She is the best in rhe world

  • Both 🤯

  • Another girl should have steal. I hope they apply while card for her, I love both of them they are really amazing.

  • You know, you are a great singer when you make people cry, Christiane:-)

  • Amalie har en helt rå kontroll på stemmen sin og Christiane har en vanvittig fin sårbarhet i stemmen. Så fint🤩

  • They are both fantastic and both deserved it. Too bad no steals. I feel great for Amalie, awful for Christiane. Two powerful, emotional performances.

  • OAH Amalie - Magisk - takk! Håper du aldri har opplevd dette, men ble usikker 😊. Finner du riktige låter videre, er du og Petra i finalen👍

  • Amalie er fantastisk!!!!

  • OAH Amalie - Magisk - takk! Håper du aldri har opplevd dette, men ble usikker 😊. Finner du riktige låter videre, er du og Petra i finalen👍

  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Christiane's voice reminds me of Christina Aguilera! She's able to belt and have the notes ring afterwards👏If she can come out with a catchy Single she'd do great here in the States! Amalie's voice sounded like a song from a movie because it was able to be supported by the band 👍 The more complex arrangement played in her favor so I hope she sticks down this road and spices up the wardrobe lol

  • and personality like her she can go as far as she wants!

  • Wowowow... better than the Voice America...

  • These two are just amazing 😍😍😍

  • Both were AMAZING! 😍🙏💥 Pure, raw talent and obviously maany hours of practice and perfecting The craft. ✨ Keep shining, The world needs it!! ✨

  • These are the 2 perfect songs to go against each other in a Knockout. If the singers connect emotionally with these songs, they are guaranteed smash hit performances. That's what we have from both contestants here. Though I will say that I felt Christiane connected a little bit more, I think they both had remarkable control and showed a mastery of their instruments.

  • Shockingly high level on the norwegian participants this year. Wow. Both amazing, both could be winners. And both will probably go on to do music for the rest of their lives. And we'd be richer for it.

  • I think they both have amazing voices but I only got chills from Christine n I feel she had more of an emotional connection with the song n preformed better

  • They were both incredible. I thought Amalie had a slightly better performance musically so I get why she went through but Christiane was the one that made me feel it so I'm torn.

  • Amalie du er helt enestående!

  • These two are just amazing 😍😍😍

  • Amalie my goodness

  • Neste sesong kan dere ha med blocks

  • I loved them both, but to do that song from Yebba is brave!!! and she killed it!!

  • can someone translate his comments. Seem really heartfelt, Tough choice for him.

    • Difficult but fair that the two people he chose was put against each other. But Amalie’s performance hit his heart and he said it felt like it was her "her song", and therefore chose her.

  • Now that’s how u connect to a song... wow!!! 👏👏 Amalie

    • These two are just amazing 😍😍😍

  • OMG... Hvorfor en må gå???The part of the game I don't want to see. I wanna keep them both. Now my heart is broken.

    • Both were AMAZING! 😍🙏💥 Pure, raw talent and obviously maany hours of practice and perfecting The craft. ✨ Keep shining, The world needs it!! ✨

  • Amazing, Christiane! 👌💖🌟

  • Both of them are FIRE 🥺 the dynamics, controls. WOW 🔥

  • we need the the full version of Amalie-my mind in Spotify. Mind blowing. This season voice of Norway looks like Grammy's awards. The quality is phenomenal.

    • its on there. there is a 2min18 version. I dont know if that's the full one

    • They should have both passed! Chills from both performances!

  • the best one was Amalie.

  • amalie made a heavenly interpretation. more, i went listening to the original. she surpassed it miles & miles. christiane did very well. unfortunately it is so "deja vu" version. otherwise both are great

    • @MrJasonroy yes better you should listen this cover

    • to thunderclap: do u really find it comparable to the voice mongolia????????????????

    • Check the cover of this song the voice Mongolia.

  • They both crushed it but personally, I’m more into Amalie’s voice

  • They are both fantastic and both deserved it. Too bad no steals. I feel great for Amalie, awful for Christiane. Two powerful, emotional performances.

    • They couldnt be stolen at this stage of the contest. :)

  • I loved the lady in the pink dress,she sang so beautiful I wished there was a steal Both were awesome from TEXAS

  • I genuinely can’t pick which I like more

  • He just made a wrong decision! Christiane has a bigger chance to go further but the guy just thrown it all. I choose Christiane not just because her voice but the way she sang the song is mindblowing and touching. She delivered the meaning of its song 100% succesfully.

    • @Landong Panahatan i said clown, wasn’t that deep Bro

    • @Aleksander Didriksen take it easy, pal. It is just my opinion. It is totally fine for me if you dont agree with that, but please just dont be rude. Cheers!

    • He didn’t take the wrong choice you clown. Bet all the coaches would take Amalie (the First girl)

  • Amalie var super flink, men det var Christiane som burde ha gått videre. Jeg har ikke ord. Com’on

  • Brave entrambe

  • Mamma Mia, two exquisite ladies, poor coach ; )))! How to decide?

  • Considering that the level of talent and skills is extremely high on The Voice Norway this season. Amalie singin with too complete control and without emotive expression “I’m about to loose my mind” - that just isn’t believable and simply does not resonate, even if she’s technically extremely good and has Espen all giddy. Whereas Christiane has the judges as well as the audience everywhere tearing up after singing only a few bars. As Yosef puts it: “A portal into Christiane’s feelings and display of her vulnerability”. Because she’s confident brave and mature enough to show her vulnerability, without needing to hide behind the complete vocal control that she has. Isn’t that what vocals in music are all about - delivering a genuine emotive soulful expression that resonates. Grid-produced quantized music on DAWs by multiple takes and snippets, has surgically removed the soul and groove out of music and then tries to artificially plant it back in. Christiane is of that extremely rare powerful breed of vocalists, who bravely and potently brings the soul back into music. I do hope she realises - (if anyone) it’s everybody else who (should) feel stupid when Christiane sings. Many of the greatest vocalist become the greatest, because they have that need to be heard and understood with the vocal tools to deliver (and humble ambitious persistence and drive to develop) - often saying things like “Seeing the faces in the crowd sing my songs back at me is the greatest reward”. Studio musicians are just a very different breed, from those born vocal performers who resonates and connects with the large crowds. Even though the level of talent and skills in The Voice Norway is very high this season, Christiane is one of the very few whom I actually want to hear more from and would pay to hear perform live - precisely because of her sharing through her soulful genuine powerful expression. I think this was a gigantic miss by Yosef (and the concept of The Voice). Ina’s comment to Christiane starts off displaying how Ina projects on Christiane instead of actually listening to Christiane… I think this exactly makes Christiane’s whole point with this song. Never judge anybody by how you view or see them from the outside, through your own biases lenses and filters. You need to get a view form the inside, that is what Christine so bravely and brilliantly shares of herself through her delivery.

    • @Håkon Wik Heltne I’m just telling it as I see and hear it - the essence is of course to listen mindfully and be open and receptive (not for anyone to “feel stupid” - just a brute rhetorical device in context to make a relevant point). I understand one fundamental function and purpose of contemporary popular and rock (etc) music to be, through authentic performers artists and singer-songwriters who are brave enough to share their own inner world and experience (and break some rules and invent in the process), for others to connect and resonate with as well as to contemplate and learn from - about others themselves and the contemporary zeitgeist. (I.e., repressing emotional delivery and [compensating it with] "overproduction" does not contribute to that, rather to quite the opposite.) Christiane’s delivery fills that tall order, as does a few other's this season.

    • Thank you for sharing this impressive analysis! I couldn’t agree more

  • Amalie is great and there’s so much power in her voice but Christiane is by far one of the best female singers I have heard on any talent show, can’t believe she didn’t get through

  • Wow

  • OAH Amalie - Magisk - takk! Håper du aldri har opplevd dette, men ble usikker 😊. Finner du riktige låter videre, er du og Petra i finalen👍

  • Two strong voices, but Christiane told a story that gave me goosbumps. Checking here first performance in The Voice on YT, where almost 200.000 have seen here, and trending as #8 of all the performers, says everything about how many people who likes here. Keep going Christiane - the world is waiting to hear more from you.

  • Beautiful

  • Increíble

  • Clearly two amazing artists with so much talent, but Christiane’s emotional connection with the song is so vivid! Cried when she sings “I feel stupid when I sing” - with a voice and personality like her she can go as far as she wants!

  • Jeg likte Christiane best. Sang rett til sjela mi. Synd at hun ikke gikk videre!

  • They both were amazing. so there are no steals in knockout.. If there were steals to use, someone definitely steal christiane.

    • Actually, both of these ladies were stolen in the duel round by Yosef (last round). Amalie was previously on Espen’s team while Christine was previously on Ina’s team.

  • 2 superbes performances... bravo les filles, impossible de choisir... 2 prestations différentes mais superbe ♥

  • At this point I'm convinced that all Norwegian has pretty singing voice

    • Ill send you a voice recording to swiftly change ur mind :p

    • @sweet butterfly please don't break my heart 🥲😂

    • Not me, lol 😂

    • Hold my beer 😂 But this is a really good year!

  • Omy! Ameli's voice is just sooo clear and beautiful while Christiane's voice is colorful and emotional. They are so talented! Goodness!

  • Amalie 😍🥰❤️ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • On a side note...WHY are they wearing athletic shoes with dressy outfits?? It looks terrible.

  • Wow @ Amalie! Her voice cuts right through to the heart of it. Wow @ Christian. How to choose... :(

  • Both of these women are incredible vocalists! I would have chosen Christiane just cuz I felt her stage presence was a little bit more connected to the song. But both did amazing!

  • 1:18 ❤❤❤

  • They should have both passed! Chills from both performances!

  • Why on earth did Yosef put these up against eachother...... :/

    • @mike d Amalie was stolen from Espen, and Christiane was stolen from Ina

    • @Teis Who let these two go?

    • He stole both of them from the other coaches, so he thought it'd be fair. He clearly regret his decision after the performances😂

  • Det blir feil å sammenligne artister i en slik konkurranse. De alle bærer forskjellige formidlingsevner, historier og stemmepreg. Blir feil å si «den er bedre enn den», rett og slett. Alle av dem er unike på sin måte, og enkelt og greit dødsflinke alle mann. Christiane sin fikk meg til tårene. Bare så det er sagt. Formidlingsevnen er noe vi sangere må ha. Det har hun.

  • Amalie’s performance was incredible. I rarely feel goosebumps, but her voice is magical, such great control.

    • Is my coustin🤪❤️

    • First girl was great but the second was phenomenal, shocked by the decision to let her go

  • Wow!! Phenomenal, so powerful ladies!!

  • He absolutely made the right decision to go with Amalie

  • 💕✨

  • Christiane wasn’t happy with her performance and she actually struggled a bit. Amalie totally surprised me. It was so delicately’s not even that much for me about her tone but rather about the way she sings...I didn’t care much for that song but it was captivating and that’s why she deserved to win...oh boy Norway, you have too many good do you wanna choose?🙈😂

  • if there is no stealing in the knockout rules, then this performance is an incentive why it must be changed

    • Whether or not they were stolen or not, the rest of the world can be stolen in either round. Thus making it possible to be stolen twice

    • they were already stolen by him tho

  • christiane, wow! klarer ikke stoppe tårene

  • Hard one to decide, in some points similar songs and singing is even. At the end I'd go with Amalie. Christiane did very well and it's hard to explain, but if I hear Demi sing, and I'm not a fan, I have to admit that you can hear her broken life in every verse. Guess you have to have a comparable horrible life or to be a really good actor. Both I can't feel in Christiane's performance.

    • @FEGYO If it were all about technique, we would have missed a lot of great artists.

    • @FEGYO Totally agree, I was shocked he sent Amalie.. Christiane sang with so much emotions and she also lived herself much more into the song than Amalie did. Both were pretty good tho! but Christiane touched me the most, and were less forgettable.

    • It has nothing to do with personal life. Everything is caused by great singing technique. Christiane uses all the elements in a decent way - a decent growls, a decent vibrato, a decent belting and finally everything together creates an amazing whole. After Amalie performed, I thought Christiane didn't stand a chance. I was wrong. She touched me more.

  • i loved both of these performances so much my favorite of todays episode! wonderful!

  • Wow I couldn't pick one of them, but the last one got me in tears 😭

    • Yes but Amalie opened the door for tears to happen when Christian sang. They were both amazing.

  • Extremely good - I love the Norwegian artists

  • my mind is a song which always speaks to my soul. Beautiful version, im moved...

    • @Amalie Øvstedal youre more than welcome! Thank you so much for answering❤️

    • Thank you so much!

  • Christiane: Dette var mindblowingly bra, du fortjente ikke å ryke.. Men nivået er helt insane i år, alle er jo gode..

    • Definitivt enig i at det er et tøft valg og nivået i år er overraskende høyt. Begge var enormt flinke, men støtter valget. Hun treffer noe enormt med låtvalg og fremføring.

    • Vel, jeg synes Christiane som burde ha gått videre.

    • ​@Aleksander Didriksen Siden du sier det så må det være sant for alle, lol

    • Amalie var bedre

  • My lord, this is the battle of Queens! Amalie's performance blows me away; Christiane's performance brings out my tears.

    • Mamma Mia, two exquisite ladies, poor coach ; )))! How to decide?


  • First girl was great but the second was phenomenal, shocked by the decision to let her go

  • As 2 foram excelentes

  • Wouahou elles sont excellentes toutes les deux !!!