Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones | Cut

Publisert 3. april. 2021
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Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones | Cut


  • Guys these are Americans Put Latinos, Asians, African, Arabians, and Indians here. Its not an argument, "It's a slaughter"

  • 6:24 His Dad's a low key playa...

  • i think no

  • 2:08 perfect parent... I love him instantly 2:39 he OG

  • Did anyone else think Emilia talks like Long Island mediums daughter?

  • Tbh the first pair reminds me of the Kardashians 🤣🤣

  • I would love to do this, I have literally nothing on my phone

  • The kids going to Amazon and Cashapp are me af 💀

  • That Amelia girl seems super toxic.

  • anyone got that emilia’s socials?

  • Did anybody else have see a red flag go up when she said her sister blocked her??🧐

  • What is wrong with Emilias family?


  • Bruh if i go through my mom's phone all i would see is hundred million tabs

  • Dude emilia looks around 20 but acts like a 13 year old 💀

  • This is trust issues

  • Your telling me that’s not Katy perry 🤨

  • my mom once went through my gallery but im just glad she didnt go through my search history

  • emelia ig?

  • Love the series keep it up please

  • I'm kinda jealous. They were looks close each other 😣

  • The amount of times that women said AMELIA ROSE

  • My parents would laugh so much at my phone

  • Their parents are so chill my mom would’ve beat the color out of me

  • Can someone plz find Amelia’s IG

  • Kourtney get back to your kids 😂

  • I would rather jump off a cliff... I can never NEVER


  • This video was absolute gold yall chose the right people

  • Damn, Emilia a freak, what's her @?

  • Unbackable is a word?

  • Bro can someone tell me emilia insta shes cute

  • People watching this like: - in bed - not in a full screen - reading comments.....

  • Probably not Asians cuz we at least kno how to cover our tracks

  • LOL Kyle gives himself 50 bucks Girl gets stuff on amazon

  • Him:He doesn't have incognito mode Dad:what is that? Bro i died their

  • The dude editing this lowkey lucky

  • I would literally rather die

  • Did her crop top come

  • that man in the back is starting stuff

  • This was hilarious

  • That poor dad

  • Kyle's dad should have sent himself 100 bucks back first thing when he took the phone.

  • At least put her ig🙄😑😑

  • No body: Animal print lady: Emilia Rose!

  • so first its Hiho that cut

  • This is how many times that mother said “EmIliA RoSe”! ⬇️

  • The daughter and mother relation is very toxic !!

  • His father litterly tried to hook up his son with some girl 😂

  • What's Amelia roses @ ?????

  • that emelia rose girl lowkey a baddie

  • Idc how much you pay me I'm not going on

  • Wow, I went to school with Ashlyn. Small world.

  • My mom already checks my phone so if I do something sneaky I gotta delete it all love dem strict parents


  • 1:45 her laugh is so cute-

  • 5:04 , noo😭💀

  • “You have children , you’re a mother .” Literally everything wrong with our generation

  • .........😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • So did the editors saw their personal pictures too? That's fucked up.

  • Karen and her daughter

  • The "I think no" at the end was so funny

  • One of my worst fears

  • Honestly? Lol I would love to do this with someone I really like (who likes me back). It seems a lot of people aren't too comfortable communicating .... So why in the hell not?? ☺️💀 I'll update.

  • I would do this with my mom 😂 She’s my best friend. LMAOOO I wanna see what she got on her phone 💀

  • So... I'm gonna ask what we all want to know.... Emelia ig ir ticktock??!?!

  • 0:12 The guy behind the camera: *hi!* The guy: *wassup*

  • On the way home it si going to be awkward

  • This is how you get something free 101

  • "my dad has crabs" "WAIT WHAT?"

  • Emilia hella weird bro 😂

  • I’m so glad my family isn’t like Emilia Rose and her mother and sister, holy crap.

  • The Amazon girl is the definition of “ghetto”

    • @Devil's Ace my guy she has the travel size talkies in her pocket that she bought off Amazon using people for money is ghetto, does that answer your question, luv?

    • If you think that you haven’t even scratched the surface of what the ghetto is stop ✋

  • I would never ever ever do this even if I was paid all the money in world

  • If this was a Hispanic mom or dad... oh god-

  • 3,333 comment 😁

  • i wish my dad was like kyle's, not tech savvy and doesn't know how to access the search history. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I COULD'VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH¿¿


  • Gimme Emilia's @ right now

  • There all bad

  • Is it just me or does the mom give off Kris Jenner vibes? 😂

  • to have American parents...😫

  • I thought it was Katy Perry in thumbnail 😂

  • the father and daughter relationship is very 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • I would be dead if it were me and my indian parents

  • okay if that's asians parents and other countries they will get their weapons ( hanger, belt, stick)

  • Soo creepy the black guys dad looks like my dad and they dress the same too 😂😂😭😅😫

  • My moms Hispanic- she would beat my ass and ground me for a year No fucking joke

  • My parents: Lets go to his gallery! Me: *Evil laughter knowing im about to scar my parents with furrys*

  • Poor fuckin Kyle XD

  • me who shares a phone with my mom:

  • Everyone is just exposing their self 😂 Jesus is a real thing I’m sorry God 🙏

  • This video is great!

  • Bro having a father look through his daughters phone is abuse on both parts😂😂

  • that emilia girl so fine i need an @


  • This phone series is amazing

  • Of I ever go on one of my parents phone and see this imma throw up

  • Emelia if you make a channel I'm subbing to that shit, ily 😪😂❤

  • I'd do this with my mom if I was out and she wasn't homophobic💀✨