Full Debate: Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris | WSJ

Publisert 7. okt.. 2020
Watch live coverage of the vice-presidential debate, with Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris.
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  • Vote Green Party! ✌️🌎

  • @1:25:55 Sooo good, what a fantastic closing speech and response. Professional, cool, and motivating.

  • Kamala is promoted as Black and for being a woman , Her Indian Mother has been demoted for the Democrats agenda, sad.

  • when you only came to see Mike Pence's fly

  • It's really irritating when 2 minutes up, should have more time

  • Why is it that I get docked when I provide an answer for a homework question that doesn't answer the question asked, but vice presidential candidates aren't held to the same standards? I will appreciate you more if you answer the freaking question.

  • I like how she says that 200k+ people died in our country like trump is supposed to use some superpower to stop the virus. I thought “this debate is about truth and facts” Kamala 😤

  • For breakfast I will have 2 slices of wonder bread with a thin slather of miracle whip 2 egg whites with a pinch of flour for some spice And since the holidays are coming up A glass of skim milk with a sprinkle of baking soda You have 5 minutes or you can forget about the 1.25 tip I plan on leaving

    • Can’t you both answer the question asked -.- Unbelievable

  • 1:13:33 did anybody else see this fly just landing on top of his head or is my add acting up?

  • Do whatever you want, but Kamla you are not gonna get Indian-American votes at all.

  • Joe Biden is equal to: the Republic of Iran Terrorism and the spread of terrorism in the world !! Be very careful that this mercenary creature does not win the battlefield on behalf of Iran and ISIS !! From: Eighty million Iranians captured by the government of the Republic of Iran Clerical Terrorism Begging the American people, please do not vote for Joe Biden. Thankful💐🙏🙏🏿❤️❤️

  • When a sister starts laughing or smiling out of nowhere its over Pence we all know this

  • This is very boring can you bring back Trump.

  • I don't want to watch this whole thing, at what time does the fly make her fabulous entry?

  • Kamala's fake smile reminds me of my math teacher when we forget to do our home work

  • The fly makes his appearance at 1:13:32

  • So Biden is trying to use Kamala as an Obama, she's literally just a statement that will be pleasant to many peoples ears and she made sure she had to remind everyone "Hey I'm a women and I'm black". I bet while she's saying it with that giant smile on her face she's thinking something like this (WINNING) lol

  • of course the skank had to play the RACE/VICTIM CARD

  • she's almost as repulsive as AOC

  • Trump got Corona! Yay he deserves a lime to go with it!!

  • “For profit institutions that took advantage of our veterans...” #Salute

  • “The media” like to construe things....you mean the “live and raw footage” that every American saw on tv Please Pence 😂😂 Let’s be real

  • Can’t you both answer the question asked -.- Unbelievable

  • Democrat party = hypocrite and layers

    • people sent things hes out of good faith...whatever help... NAME} RUBEN PALMER ADD] 366 Dover ST CITY} Bridgeport CT Zip] 06610

  • 21:33

  • John Stuart Mill, On Liberty (1859) « The liberty of the individual must be thus far limited; he must not make himself a nuisance to other people.»

  • She is a disaster for the American people

  • She was so evil treat

  • I agree with Kamala saying that Bide is always picking up people! Like woman's, young girl's and little kids!

  • I kinda now want her to be president instead

    • A condescending notorious fake-smiler and black-rights hypocrite that pulls the mansplaining-racist-card whenever her logic is driven into a corner. Yeah, I see that. ;D

  • I am so conflicted: I don’t want US become the next South Africa ( Dems) ...however I don’t want US to become xenophobia either...(Reps)

  • Vice President Pence is a "Class Act!"

  • I love Joe Biden 😍😍😍


  • Why are other people constantly using that statement it’s such an blane statement. Its stupid it doesn’t gain you’re vote if you just talk about the fatality rate we could’ve done a lot worse. Trust me

  • Abortions is criminal same the aztecas..do it

  • AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS 2020 The United States was established as a nation under God by its founders, who asserted the notion that the rights of men come from God as stated in the Declaration of Independence. In that same document, the founding fathers said they were “firmly relying on the protection of Divine Providence.” They put themselves in covenant relation with Him and were able to defeat the greatest military power of their time. The nation that acknowledged God in its charters of freedom, in its sessions of Congress, in its early schools, and on its currency became the greatest nation in the history of civilization. This circumstance was no coincidence, since “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Ps. 33:12). Americans today, however, find themselves living in a time of great assault, both spiritually and ideologically. Major institutions have been affected, including the family, education, and the legal system. God-defiant men who hold to the delusion of evolution, sexual freedom, and a humanistic world utopia are making no small effort to remove the knowledge of God from American society. This movement, known as liberalism, has sought to extend the personal freedom of individuals beyond divine constraints and limitations. Furthermore, it aims to marginalize Christianity in order to create a dominant secular society in which there is no room for God and, therefore, no more conviction of sin hanging over their heads. This diabolical plan is calculated to rewrite American history and take the nation away from its godly heritage. To ensure these results, liberal change agents have targeted education in order to control the minds of the next generation. Countervailing the encroachments of liberalism are conservative patri- ots who intend to protect the founding principles and keep America a nation under God. Liberalism of the last few decades influenced by anti-God, man-exalting secular humanism, has become extremely antagonistic toward the things of God. Like the despotic dictators of the twentieth century, liberals opposed to truth and righteousness have refused to accept the lesson from history that rejecting God and His counsel in the Sacred Volume of Biblical Scripture leads to a culture of death with endless victims and tragedies. An example of this is seen in the notorious liberal policy of public child killing through abortion, which has extinguished the lives of over 50 million unborn children since 1973. These heinous crimes against God and humanity are the work of radical liberals who not only rejected the lessons of history, but also the sanctity of human life and the right to life guaranteed to all posterity by the founding fathers in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, and the Preamble to the Constitution. America, the land of the Great Eagle, is now a cultural and spiritual battleground where the forces of the dragon have marshaled themselves together to separate God from the state, bury traditional America and persecute the Christian Church. These events are some of the perils foreseen to occur during the generation that sees the cup of wickedness come to its full. Americans with a sense of duty to God and country are contending with liberalism in order to save the conscience of the nation and prevent it from prematurely ending up on the ash heap of history.

  • Thank God Biden and Pelosi were not running the government when the Corona Virus arrived! Their open border policy coupled with a late or no China travel ban, ignorance, stupidity, and lust for power would have killed millions upon millions of Americans as continuing cases of Covid 19 increased exponentially. These two (clowns) without a vaccine for another 2+ years, would have Americans dropping dead like flies as the USA economy tanked, and then both get obliterated!

  • This is VERY disrespect full this is the 3rd time writing this thins comment an it disappeared and erased..Im a staunch supporter love Trump and Pence and because Im harted of that. Due to this Covid I lost my buisness next home and all Democrats is wanna play politics we are struggling out here and and my sone are making our makshift tent cuz thats next on the stop nothing can bring back you happyness in costumers and have people scarred next to stand next to each other never alone get my business pack up and going .An I dont qualify for the PPPS o r anything else....So ima gonna ask something new a try something new since i have no access to anything.My sister has agreed to let people sent things hes out of good faith...whatever help... NAME} RUBEN PALMER ADD] 366 Dover ST CITY} Bridgeport CT Zip] 06610

  • Moderator should give a ten seconds warning before end so they can finish their sentences 😳

  • Kamala can't even speak proper English..she is dumb..

  • Harris and Joe have a plan to kidnap your kids

  • Pence won that hands down


  • THE FLY MATERIALIZED FROM THIN AIR!!! go to 1:13:31 and slow video down to .25 play speed....the fly just materialzed... also, in the frames leading up to the fly appearance, the area where it appears is kind of wavy and somewhat distorted...can you say CGI in real time?!?! ENJOY THE SHOW! Trump 2Q2Q!!!

  • Notice how she says joe as if he was her lover ?


  • Clearly both people did not prepare about climate change

  • Tre cuoi cha me thay thuong chu nhieu co toi voi bay tre tho ong phat ac la ong phat khung bo

  • Thank you pence 50x before he shuts up

  • He had 3x the talking time

  • Why are they only letting pence respond

    • what on earth are you talking about, did you watch a different debate???????

    • ?????

  • 2020-2024 Donald Trump 🎉🙌🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    • Donald Trump is so bad at his job that Republicans have created the RVAT, Republican Voters Against Trump because of his failure as President. He is a racist and a misogynist. He also has the tendency to fascism that Hitler had. He has also given no assurance that there will be a peaceful transfer of power should Biden win the election.

  • Kamala is so fine 😍😍😍😍


    • Given that the President has lied to, or mislead, the American people 20,000 times since his inauguration, you might want to get your facts straight.

  • Vice-President Pence was calm cool & collected. And IMO handily one this debate. He's the kind of man the that I respect because of his steadfast loyalty to the President. At least that seems to be the case these past almost 4 years that he's been our Vice-President. And I think because of what I mentioned earlier , he might one day make a very fine President!...hooah!...TRUMP2020

    • And, he lied just like his boss does.

  • Came across this song another day about Mike Pence.. very interesting nolong.info/show/aLeWeJ2wncGLiJ8/video.html

  • He might have great confidence in the American people but they have no confidence in you mr pence


    • Not my experience. Biden/Harris would be a welcome change.

  • 24:46 Proof Harris knew the questions beforehand.

  • On Friday, the French Public Prosecutor’s Office charged former President Nicolas Sarkozy with “forming a gang” in a case related to the Libyan funding for his election campaign.

  • Even though I don't believe any politicians on a run to become leaders, no matter where in the world, look at history, how many promises they made and forgot after they won. But still I wonder what Biden claims he would do for the indigenous people? Will he stop the pipeline around Standing Rock? Will he ensure that ALL indigenous people have access to running water and electricity, will he improve their living situation?

    • With Trump there is no chance that will happen. I support you in getting the support that you need to make the changes that you would like to see.

  • I thought what propelled Joe to run for president was the fact that he lost the last two times.

  • Kamala youre mom must be proud of you doing sexual favors to move up

  • Anyone else here because you missed the debate but have to write an essay about it for extra credit?

  • I guess nobody is going to talk about veterans being deported. nolong.info/show/f8uCsaR7qtClpKc/video.html

  • At 1:13:30 a fly is on Pence's head.

  • I don't believe Karmela or what she claims for the demoflats

  • Only reason our economy is bad is because the coronavirus china is why. Obama left us in debt. We were doing better economy wise. I didn't like that trump cut 6 billion from hud affordable housing is going away for low income and for seniors too. That's why I can't stand trump anymore

  • Community college free fine but not university free university college is extremely expensive no to that community college is alot cheaper than university

  • No vaccine I'm not trusting something from bill Gates that's why

  • 2016 end of decency trump 4 years of did he really say that?! Not to mention his treatment of women. Nothing good about trump. He should have never gotten the republican nomination I would have rather had cruz or Rubio.

  • I wish pence president not vp trump is horrible.

  • Vice President Mike Pence, He talks about hopes and positive change while Sen. Kamala Harris talk about doom and gloom but she talk highly of her own self like she going for a job interview.

    • Actually, Pence talked about the status quo. In addition he didn't answer the questions he was asked, talked longer than he was allowed, talked over Harris and demonstrated his bullying.

  • "Senator, were you ever the demimondaine of a man who was 31 years older than you and who awarded you with two political positions worth $400,000 over five years? That's a yes or no question, please. I said that's a yes or no question. At the same time were you aware that you were committing adultery, Senator? You were not only the girlfriend of a man 31 years older than you but his MISTRESS. Do you know the difference between a girlfriend and a mistress? That's a yes/no question. Well, since you won't answer, a mistress is the girlfriend of a MARRIED man. And thus you committed adultery. And since you received 2 political appointments during that relationship worth $400,000 you also committed sexpotism. The meaning of sexpotism, a word that I coined, is a person who receives emoluments through political offices during a sexual relationship with the person who makes those appointments. No more questions, Senator."

  • I think it would be a better race if both Harris and pence was running for president not vise president myself both had good responses and answers

  • The Party is beginning to look more like a support system for the rising Black Malitia. Being a long standing dem and civil rights advocate since six years of age, I am now in fear that whites are going to have to run North again as we had to in Africa. I think, considering all the real estate people of color have all over the world, you could at least start focusing on viable incomes for the severely disabled.

    • @Teddy Bear I did a lengthy podcast and and comment supporting the fact that Native Americans should be leading us out of the path to self-destruction. anchor.fm/suzanne-bencho/episodes/Who-Should-Steer-Us-From-Armageddon-and-the-Onset-of-the-Rapture-el0hvk/a-a3hdl61 I'm not saying they should control everything but their culture takes us at least half-way to where we need to be.

    • @Skin Bear We turned white after we left. You should listen to my podcast where I support Native Americans leading our culture off the path of self-destruction. anchor.fm/suzanne-bencho/episodes/Who-Should-Steer-Us-From-Armageddon-and-the-Onset-of-the-Rapture-el0hvk/a-a3hdl61

    • @Teddy Bear I'd have the same solutions. I didn't have children because I am disabled but I could have adopted but I didn't because I was oppressed from succeeding by my demmunity, the same one and the same people, both black and white, that oppresses anybody they can. Hard ball is played by everyone that chose to devolve into a Neanderthal. That's just one point. There are as many things everybody can do as there are people. And why should blacks have control of Africa and the U.S. Are we controlling Africa? White people need viable real estate too without the threat of extinction or slavery and we are the only race to uphold the little bit of freedoms we do have. When people of color take over they'll use socialism to divest our wealthy and we will be back to African standards. You need to accept some basic facts here of who is going to fight for freedom. Freedom is not going to exist for any of us if we don't concentrate on fair wages for all, including unpaid conscripted disabled guinea pigs such as myself and only have enough children that can be supported by the environment and then fight the world to follow suit.

    • You are white. I wonder if you'd have the same view if you were born black, brown or yellow-skinned?

    • Well first off I doubt you gave any thoughts to anything this complex at 6 years of age, second white people didn't exist in Africa and then went north, africans went north and over time became white. Please actually read a book about human evolution before talking nonsense about it. You sound like a white person who is scared your way of life might change to better someone else's. Oh no! Not that! 🙄

  • The Spanish flu killed 500 million people. Unfortunately, during a pandemic that is what happens! It has nothing to do with the POTUS and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out either! It seems like people don't know how to react when an articulate Vice President Pence talks vs a nobody senator Harris of California. California is a dump because it is run by Newsom, go figure!, Its trickling down!

    • @Fatuma Abdi YOU JUST EMBARASSED YOURSELF BY MY REPLY GOOF BALL! Thats right 50O MILLION WORLDWIDE!! So why are you calling my figures wrong. Typical Democratic rubbish...

    • @Teddy Bear I dont need comments from the peanut gallery. You sound intelligent, agreeing without your own thoughts, sheep, bah, bah....

    • @Fatuma Abdi Thank you for your well thought out and truthful response.

    • This is not factual. The deaths of Spanish flu were 675,000 in the US, and the 500 million figure is total CASES worldwide. There are things that a president can do to help mitigate a then epidemic, but have you seen Trump? He said that coronavirus would just "disappear" when the warm weather comes. He also said that the "China virus/kungflu", and the other xenophobic names of the virus he made was something that China sent without any proof. It took Trump 2 MONTHS to take action, close schools and implement social distancing. The first time our President has worn a mask for COVID-19 was in July, SEVEN months after he was first briefed about the virus. We don't expect completely perfect mitigation, but we need active concern for a pandemic, something POTUS has not shown repeatedly. Before making a claim like this, I kindly ask you to research your sources and information given so you don't embarrass yourself like this again.

  • Wow that was blatantly biased. Will not watch this channel again

  • I have to say, this debate was a lot calmer than I expected. There was actually a sense of respect, even if it was fake. It was still a proper debate.

  • Last comment I made on here just had only arguements in the replies, so here I go again: this is cool but i just got a vice presidential debate ad while watching the vice presidential debate. NOlong is having a stroke.

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  • PENC3

  • It's Pathetic the Snowflakes can't see through her Lies

    • yes but its just as pathetic that the right buys into trump and pence's blatant pandering.

  • nolong.info/show/iMihsXt4gZhsoY0/video.html

  • Who founded the black lives matter lesbians

    • It was already explained near the end of the Netflix documentary The Great Hack.

  • We need raid sometimes 🇺🇲

  • Quality over Quantity 💙 ❤️ 🍒 🇺🇲

  • They be money laundering 🇺🇲

  • They be donating yams ! 😳

    • nolong.info/show/dd2KrpyfhsyYoH0/video.html “By the way, you know, I sit on the stand, and it get[s] hot,” Biden said, flanked by children from the local community. “I got a lot,

  • Fake tax write offs 💙❤️🇺🇲

  • Vp and candidate handled themselves much better than trump/biden... trump cant stop talking and biden says nothing worth while. These 2 while not answering questions as well as they could have, at least stayed fairly civil. Pence carries himself very well and wins my vote for President. (I know he is not running for that office lol)

  • Tupac wasn't born 🇺🇲

  • That dude gives me the willie's. He reminds me of a creepy old man on kids playground watching them swing.

    • I think THIS is criminal: nolong.info/show/aNp_aZaImtWHpKM/video.html nolong.info/show/h6iDeXikhqx7jWQ/video.html

  • She phony I dont trust her. She treated the people of California bad......period..... she almost had me believing her until I found out the truth. Being President is not just a come up....being president means loving your country ma........let me find out🤣🤣

  • Trump 2020

  • Kamala nods so much when she talks I'm glad she agrees with herself. What a clown. The lying and phony compassion is beyond disgusting.

  • Someone as stupid as Trump should thx God he has someone as smart as Pence running at his side, This guy has so much integrity you don't see that often in politic regardless if You believe in his ideas. As for Harris, what a clown, she lost the debate as soon as she complimented herself for being successful black woman.

    • nolong.info/show/iMihsXt4gZhsoY0/video.html

  • كيف ترجمة بي العربي

  • 30:35 "Mr. Vice President i'm speaking"

  • Lies Kamala lies. Trump never said that about the troops on strike on Camp Taji Iraq. You lie out your filthy sewer mouth.