The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

Publisert 27. april. 2021
If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:
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Our Video on Neutronstars:
Our Video on the Information Paradox:
Black holes are the most powerful and extreme things in the universe and they are wildly weird and complicated. What would happen if you fell inside one and what are they really?
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  • Ok, phew. So we are done explaining any properties of black holes forever. If we ever talk about black holes in future videos we'll always link to this video. If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:

  • In spanish please😢

  • There is circular porthole structures, they are just as likely to be gateways as they are light absorbing machines with infinite energy. We still believe there is a sun inside the earth basically. Imagine the energy it would take to melt the core for millions of years. Why does the schuman resonance spike during major world events. The only thing we have worked out how to do is measure certain invisible forces around energy. Imagine if we just havnt made the right instrument to measure new energies or even powers that aren't based on electrical energy

  • I loved the portal reference "there is no cake" reference ^-^

  • Mindblowing. I've just watched this video with a physicist friend and we have three questions. 1- How can the black holes generate their electric charge? If they are composed of "black hole matter" they shouldn't have it, or they should all have a charge proportional to their masses, and if it is due to charged particles they swallow, the electromagnetic field propagates as a wave at the speed of light, so it should not be able to go outside of the event horizon, should it? 2 - why the hawking radiation removes mass from the black hole? As I understand, it is in fact swallowing one particle, and gaining one particle of mass, not loosing it. 3 - this one is a thought experiment. If I had a very long rope, and I go near to a black hole and release the rope, so one extreme crosses the event horizon while I hold the other extreme (let's suppose I have an spaceship with enough power to keep me at a fixed distance of the black hole), what would happen? Would I be pulled into the black hole by the rope no matter what? Would the rope mechanically break due to the tension, with a piece falling inside and I keeping the other? Or once a particle of the rope crosses the event horizon it looses its bound to the rest of the rope and just falls on its own? Sorry for the long comment and the amount of questions and thank you for such amazing videos ❤

  • My grandma always used to tell me. Never... Ever.. Trust a black hole....

  • That hourglass example was probably the most extreme analogy i've ever heard

  • 3:18 red sus

  • "Something like a divide by zero error" It is quite literally a divide by zero error, density is mass divided by volume, and the volume equals zero.

  • Is the speed of light faster than the speed of a chemical reaction?

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  • Time travel ? Interesting

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  • Nice

  • 4:43 I don't get why you are supposed to see no light while falling in a black hole.. I'd rather think the opposite occurs, since a LOT of bended light entering the black hole would have no other path to take than the one towards the center, hence would possibly find our eye balls in the way(?)

  • 3:19 please no-

  • Your videos are just so incredible awesome, even though many don't really matter since it's just hypothetical. Still I much enjoy listening to your uplifting way of explaining.

  • I think it's pretty obvious the universe started off as a singularity, and it'll eventually end that way as well.

  • Wait if Black Holes are from dying stars and a supernova is from a massive dying star wouldn't they have similar effect? Like are they two sides of the same coin?

  • this video should be you have it guys we don’t know everything we’re just making theories based on other theories that are half true lmao

  • What if that's what made the big bang? All matter becoming a single singularity then boom it explodes and starts over again. This would fall in line with the "matter cannot be created or destroyed" saying.

  • If you think hitting a pothole is bad now, imagine running into a black hole.

  • There is a way to show people how long a black hole will live for, its very simple. Imagine trying to do a plank for a week straight, no breaks

  • Hi what about the spacetime contiuem in a nutshell? @kurzgesagt

  • amongus 3:19 super sus

  • Universe: Is unbelievably huge, far beyond what we will ever even begin to comprehend Humanity: wE'rE tRaPpEd iN hErE! Just joking of course, nice video, have a like.

  • as a whovian, i like the referance

  • This was an interesting---and for me, mind-boggling---video about black holes. Do you think there's any possibility that black holes may be gateways to other regions of time and space of which we have no knowledge?

  • Bruh I don't need this shit I'm just an ape

  • Idk if anyone will reply, but can @ Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell send a link to their sources, I’m doing a research paper for school and could use the their sources. Thank you.

  • I wonder, then, can light travel, relatively, faster than the speed of light inside a blackhole’s ergosphere if it is orbiting it?

  • 정말 거대한 수수께기가 블랙홀이었구나..그저 크기가 커서 거대한 수수께기가 아니라 문제 자체가 심오의 극단인 정도.. 현대 물리학의 틀이 비틀리기에 아마도 지금껏 생각해온 모습 마저도 틀린 모습일 블랙홀이란 존재 정말이지 경이로운 영상입니다

  • Props to the guy who went into a supermassive blackhole to get all this information

  • But if matter can’t be destroyed, then were does all that information that goes into the black hole go?

  • Oh boy more existential dread to enjoy yay! lol

  • 3:18 among us

  • 3:02 This is... Requiem.

  • 3:18 a m o g u s

  • 3:18 Now i know how Dio's time stop works,The World allows Dio to become so light that he thinks time has stopped,except in real time,Jotaro is seeing a dude holding a road roller flying towards Jotaro at light speed

  • So blackholes is the key for timetravel poggers

  • Thank You!

  • background music sounds like risk of rain 2 music lol

  • 10:28 a true wtf face

  • make some white hole videos when ever you hsave a chance

  • Doctor Who - How many seconds in eternity?

  • 0:43 pls tell me that optical illusion is intentional

  • You make the analogy between black hole singularity's and particles. Later in the video you illustrate that a spinning singularity starts to behave kindoff like a ring. Does this have a link with string theory, where particles are represented by little rings ?

  • I love how the visuals for this are possible because of Interstellar and the research Chris Nolan insisted on doing for it

  • I'm pretty sure at 3:00 they just explained how to do 2nd person irl

  • As your feet are closer to the black hole, they fell more gravity, enough to pull your body apart. As you descend it gets worse... what's worse than this?

  • The idea that the singularity is infinitely dense and thus infinitely distorts space-time could also suggest that the singularity, according to relativity only last for a moment, or never even at all really?

  • Aliens laughing at us from inside the blackhole 🙄

  • imagine you wanting to enter a black hole, but when you get closer to it, you start hearing brazillian music. you shit your pants and try to go away but then Ricardo Milos comes out of the black hole and pulls you inside

  • I wonder what he thinks about in the shower.

  • This is the first video from this amazing channel that made me think "What the hell is this about...." It was quite boring. I don't really care about black holes and things that are hardly understandable for anyone except a handful of physicists

    • I mean most people subscribed to them because the space videos


  • I really thank the entire team of Kurzgesagt for making such beautiful videos. I never know how time passes when I'm watching such amazing videos. It's the best thing I've seen on this platform. You literally make learning so enjoyable!

    • @zorbathegreek even if we don't live to see it, the idea that humans can achieve such a feat is still - according to me - quite possible.

    • @Sai Disha Indeed it is! Having said that, I doubt interstellar travel to such world---requiring warp speed---will be a reality before the 22nd Century, at the very earliest (meaning neither of us will live long enough to see it).

    • @zorbathegreek You know I'd like to believe in this. The possibility of other worlds existing is weirdly exciting and scary!

    • This was an interesting---and for me, mind-boggling---video about black holes. Do you think there's any possibility that black holes may be gateways to other regions of time and space of which we have no knowledge?

  • OK so what would happen if you threw a massive amount of antimatter into it.

  • I've always wondered what kind of people would dislike such videos....please comment bellow to tell me more

  • Maybe we could use a black holes spin for travelling space, if a ship could spin in the black hole until it got to the 90% of the speed of light and then somehow catapult out of the black holes orbit!

  • So, time travel is really possible if human somehow found a way to make a stable portable blackhole🤔

  • 0:54 *Portal reference?*


  • Time escapes from black holes, doesn't it ???

  • Turkish subtitle please!

  • Keep making socks please, I love them and still buy all of them. We need more designs!!!

  • 3:03 for the first and the last time I could ever see my back by myself with my bare eyes without using a mirror or a camera... 10:15 this wipe out my brain... time scale of the universe and black hole make me feel like everything is nothing but that means nothing can be everything at the same time...

  • Sometimes I can’t wait to die because you probably get to figure out what this shit really is, not in like an “I get it now” way, more in like a “becoming part of infinity” way

  • 1:19-“Aight, Imma head out.”

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  • Please put an arabic translation.. For your followers in the Middle East and north africa... Please guyz put like on my comment so that they can see my comment

  • 3:19 AMOGUS

  • I have a question. Do black holes disprove the big bang? If all matter in the universe was in one place, wouldn't that form an incredibly dense point where nothing could escape? Essentially, wouldn't it be an insanely big black hole? If so, how did it escape with such force. I think the universes expansion is everything being pulled back into a singularity, like a giant plug where water gets sucked in faster and faster until it has gone

  • Anyone else ever wonder why the initial singularity that was the proto-universe, didn't evaporate away from Hawking Radiation, and instead exploded (big bang)?

  • I'm getting the same vibe that ancient people must have felt about the sun. In today's world black holes are so unexplainable, uncomprehensible, and unfathombly perplexing that all we can say about them is that it exists and that's that. Maybe thousands of years from now we *will* get actual answers as to what goes on in them, but for now, we're just making very educated guesses.

  • Bruh I was strait tripping when I watched that black hole explode

  • How are there 1.8k dislikes in this video? This is such a pleasant and informative source of information, I don't know how anyone can still find something dislikable about it.

  • Black hole information paradox?

  • imagine imagining an imagination

  • So, you're not going to ever talk about black holes again? I see a hole in your plan... ;D

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  • thank all of you for making this useful video

  • I like to think “how do they know this, did they send a person into a black hole?” But facts exist and I feel stupid.

  • remember when black holes were theoretical?

  • I need a blackhole plushie in my life.

  • Time is relative, because its a madeup human scale... Making it part of natural equation will spew up bullshit theories like timetravel

  • 10:24 Obviously you haven't waited for Binance Support to get back to you.

  • what do you think would a black hole look like without the event horizon??

  • Ahh the power of zero... Too much zeroes.

  • 0:08 you become part of the black hole

  • Is it possible to find a way to contain a small black hole and use its rotation spin cycle as a way to make a warp drive engine? If the aliens can make a warp drive then we should be able to do the same maybe defying the limitations of light speed.

  • I don't call it an ergosphere. I call it a doughnut.

  • When we fall asleep and start dreaming, do we fall into a black hole?

  • 3:19 the bottom right corner kinda sus

  • I sometimes like to imagine Kurzgesagt as an ancient cosmic grandpa that knows everything and teaches me about stuff that makes my brain expand past my skull

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  • Among Us character at 3:19!

  • I saw something sus.