GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Man United 0-2 Man City | SEMI-FINAL

Publisert 6. jan.. 2021
Goldbridge’s best bits as Man United lose 2-0 to Man City
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  • This guy said he doesn't think City are that good and they call us bitter.

  • 12:40

  • I love how fans of our opponents always say their teams were lazy in the match. Did you ever consider that chasing the ball around from an elite ball possession team is tiring? Especially in final 20 mins.

  • The problem about Goldbridge is that he only relies on Bailly...

  • tom jones, i mean phil stones hahahaha

  • Dude. You're like Rory Jennings. It's LACKA-daisical. Not LAXA-daisical.

  • 5:51 i like how he barely can't process what just happened 😂

  • When you badly want to be alan partridge.......

  • John stones with his balls have that

  • Fodens delivery to good lols

  • Maguire should have just kicked the ball away. What a prat

  • I love the pg tips cup 🤣😂🤣😂

  • While Jose makes the final 🤣🤣🤣

  • United fan don't give a shit if Liverpool lose city lose everyone else loses but there fans always on Utd channels pages how sad they are

  • Great finish from Phil stones

  • Semi final trophy

  • Harry McGuire is a big bloke. Nothing more.

  • Man U Trophy Dodgers.

  • Fucking love watching this twat rage.

  • Ping and go. Its called pass and move you won't understand being a rag

  • 😂😂😂🤣😭😭😭

  • @The United Stand Clips Pls upload Goldbridge losing to Burnley again on FIFA career mode on Tuesday.

  • "We can't lose 4 semis in a row" Clips taken before disaster

  • All the gear and no idea.🤣🤣 I'm loving it.😃👍

  • Noitmare..

  • Ha Ha this is a must watch for all City and Liverpool fans! I watch all the ones they lose cos this guy is a typical utd fan, "that's a penalty".. "offside".. "foul".. Every time they lose I'm in stitches watching this moron cry!!! Ha Ha.......

  • "City haven't got a player that can get in behind the back"??????? Sterling?

  • How many semi’s has Ollie lost now???🤣...💩club🤡fans

  • Sad the amount of times martial dived did not award united a penalty to save our ass like usual.

  • VARchester thought they would nail another penalty when Martial went down with no contact. He wasn't even booked!

    • What an embarrassing dive from martial. Refs getting wise to it

  • Manchester is blue. Or Penandez who? Only scored again shit teams

  • "John Jones, I mean Phil Stones"

  • Gold bridge is a glory hunter

  • Giving van de Beek 4 minutes is an insult to the player. What is Ole doing?!?!?

  • Even if your a rival fan mark will always make you laugh. Great content


  • Should have stuck to Nottingham forest

  • Hate united love Goldbridge

  • Helloooo Jackie

  • I love watching this when the mancs lose. Cheers me right up 😂

  • I can't stand Man Utd but Mark has one of the best channel in the business....

  • Didn’t this guy tweet on Tuesday “we’re gonna beat spurs in the final then” 😂😂😂😂

  • It’s the redundant cup who cares, city reacting like they got to a proper cup final

    • Well at least they get to a final. Utd have lost 4 finals now. And in the Europa lge 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • 5:54

  • I know we all love Ole but let's be honest we ain't winning big titles under him, you can see the difference in styles what pep has ended in his players, what players have improved under ole if anything the likes of AWB, Maguire james, Greenwood were better at first than when ole had time to work with them, martial will never be good enough but Woodward bought him so ole will keep him as hes told, he constantly plays his fellow scandinavian linderof when it matters it thow hes consistently proven he isnt good enough or partnership with HM doesn't work, HM is a waste of 80m we wont win anything again yet he will still be here next season.

  • Sell Pogba

  • What a sore loser you are. Mouth almighty

  • Lindelof and Maguire make mistakes every game time to grow some balls ole and play right team pogba not good enough for me too we need to play wingers and 2 strikers up top we would be some force

  • I'm not going to say they bottled it. City are better. That's the reality. For all the complaints of the defence the strikers were awful. Martial is dire and Rashford is dire at least 50% of the time. I can't wait for Cavani to come back. At least he knows how to come short and open up channels for Bruno and Pogba. But, yes. Bringing on DVB with four minutes to go is taking the piss. He deserves better than that.

  • 9:05 someone actually needs to do this.... XD

  • "You've got to get tighter"

  • 4:49 um..

  • I thought something went drastically wrong when "Jone Stones " appeared on the score sheet. And I was right , you must of defended bad if you let him of all the people to score 😅😅

  • your honesty is commendable. the scummers are shiite

  • you have to love that goal off the ball bag 😀

  • The highlight of this is the rage about Van Der Beek 12:31

  • Harry was your best player yesterday 🤣🤣🤣

  • “I’m off to screw fix” 🤣

  • Cup of tea hahahahaha is only we get


  • PG Tips. Twats. 🤣

  • But we’re bottle jobs shushhhhhhhhhhh

  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 Thats it pep get out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dias has Rashford pogba and martial in his back pocket

  • H ha your gonna win fuck all lol

  • Im a city fan but i love wwatching goldbridge loll

  • How Utd are where they are in the table is a miracle 😂😂😂 cmon Ollie at the wheel

  • I Love this Guys he is my favorite on NOlong

  • 5:53 Me when i concede a goal in Football Manager

  • Didn't show utds offside goal

  • What's with the line up! Why's pogba playing on the wing

    • Where else should he play? 10 is bruno, u cant play with two 8s cause u got no 6 and he showed for years that he sucks in a pivot. Only legit spot for him that isnt occupied by another player.

  • Marks expert analysis - "Why didn't they kick that" XD

  • I’m a city fan and I watch his vids

  • "Screw it...i'm off to Screw Fix" loooool

  • Shame there was no VAR here to help Bruno n United YET AGAIN 🤔 ..

  • tom jones? phil stones? seems goldbridge doesn't know its john stones

  • love how he says we don't have a player who can get in through the back and we literally did it multiple times yesterday ahahahaha

  • 5:50 1-0 Man City 12:31 2-0 Welcome lads

  • Marks rage is the only thing that cheers me up after a loss

  • ole in!!!!!!!!!

  • Ole cant pass a semi his wife must be fuming

  • 3:20 when it goes in too easily

  • Need to say it This freekick for 1-0 was cause of stupid faul from Scott.

  • 100% on Maguire headers. Just lets it bounce off the slab....usually climbing all over someone as well and free out!

  • Your right thats that ynwa

  • Rip Collin Bell

  • This guy is too funny🤣

  • Rashford: *misses an open goal* Mark goldbridge: MaGuIrE YoU bLoOdY PrAt, HoW DiD YoU MiSs tHat

  • stones and Dias walk into ur side, Manchesters blue

  • "KDB a pound shop Bruno" once again this plant pot shows his complete lack of football knowledge. Also Foden and Sterling not capable of getting in behind? Fucking dumb shit this whopper. Fucking Partridge.

  • "The only cup we getting here is a cup of tea " 😂😂

  • 00.34 the gold bridge curse strikes again!! Lol

  • From yesterday's match we can conclude that all we need to play the "United-Way" is a fast CB. Really hope the club realises it soon and brings in a CB in this window.

  • i genuinely thought he wouldn't care but i was gladly proved wrong😂

  • Just close your eyes and imagine Rodney from OFAH

  • Stones literally scored with his dick!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 That's how easy it is to score again united. Looks like someone is gonna be eating stones poo tonight 👀👀 (coming from a L-Pool fan : )

  • PRATTS!!!!!!all of them. rashford most valuable ghost today

  • Phil stones 😂😂😔😔

  • Bruno stat pads against average teams. Always missing in the big games. Let’s see what he does against Liverpool.

  • What's mark on about city got in behind so many times