Can I fix this scary mansion in The Sims 4?

Publisert 5. mars. 2021
Renovating the giant house in Brindleton Bay!
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Coral Island!
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  • Kayla has just introduced the concept of an entire 'bonus floor', as opposed to just a bonus room, quite effectively. Well played, downloading now!

  • I think EA designs weirdly looking ( or basically unfinished) houses on purpose - they know we will renovate them anyway so 😅

  • It’s so crazy how Sims 4 alone has evolved. Like we lost our minds when it came out and they didn’t give us toddlers right away

  • one moment, we are watching the speed build and kayla talking normally and then suddenly, ROBOT VOICE

  • Simsie : I just dropped my chapstick. Me forgetting that she's not with me : on let me help you... Wait she's on my phone not here with me.

  • I've seen on twitter that a lot of people get blocked by the simgurus for having a different opinion lol

  • 21:00 I relate to that a lot xD Except it took me a whole year to start missing my friends xD Until then, I was completly fine not meeting anyone xD

  • I’m always surprised when people say they would like to live in a mansion cause CLEANING

  • You should build a upside down house

  • Can't believe you didn't use the bookcase door to the ladder that led to the attic with nothing in it except a cupcake machine!!

  • 20:01 what happened to her voice lmao I got scared

  • That moment when Kayla’s mic cut out made me jump lol cause I thought it was my mom 😂

  • what is it called on the gallery

  • I’m craving some lilcraftsy

  • Coral Island looks really fun, thx for teh url!!

  • Just downloaded this into my game so I could get a good detailed look as I play this video. This house is so well done. Like damn. So many little touches in side and the set up of rooms. Daamn

  • Coral Island seems like a direct rip off of Stardew Valley to me though :/ the music is like the cherry on top. Also seems fishy how this is the first game this indie company has ever made and it was fully funded on kickstarter so quickly. Idk man I have a lot of issues with it but I hope it proves me wrong.

  • "For a long time" lol girl I can remember when the first sims came out 😄

  • this video alone made me want to buy the pets expansion pack

  • ok so i haven’t played the sims in forever and when cats and dogs came out i had just gotten home from having a surgery (yes, i’m fine) and i was SO EXCITED so my dad brought my laptop up to the living room and i was literally so excited but then it stopped working. then it worked again and i went through a cc phase then it broke but so really it’s been a while

  • i think its really funny for me when she complains about furnishing bedrooms when there big, cus i tend to run out of space because of my addiction to clutter

  • "We all like the same type of games!" *stares in nioh 2*

  • wait how to make a step like that? Like the living area, how to give them different levels. What have I missed

  • I don't often interact with ppl in person either. Feel a bit better knowing its not just me. Thank you. Glad youre okay, I worry about you in this sense

  • Nice work!!!!! I’m probably the only one that doesn’t really care about bunk beds, I’d much prefer cars. But I hope it means we’ll have Generations!

  • Ideas for the 3rd floor : 🎥 movie theater 🎳 bowling alley 🏋🏻‍♀️ home gym 👵🏼 grandparent en-suite

  • I swear if she gets rid of the gazebo 🥲 Update i am sad

  • 20:00 *kayla turns into a demon*

  • Imagine if instead of bunk beds, it was a The Lego Movie stuff pack, with Double Decker couch.

  • Back when Seasons and Cats & Dogs is when I hadn't given up on them improving basegame. I was so happy and excited about them that I spent the little amount of money I had on them.

  • It wouldn’t be a Kayla renovation if she didn’t immediately make the house smaller 🙃🤣

  • Plot twist: Kayla becomes a real state agent

  • improved babies. please.

  • This was the first house I started with in my save file and lemme tell you I started it and I gave up and haven’t touched my save file sense 😂

  • If I could only pick one pack, I would pick those three. Ok Simsie.

  • my first pack was get famous :/ regret

  • Amazing work Simsie! Thank you for this build

  • The infamous “fields family farm” lot. That build is my favorite thing in the world I’ve updated and renovated it 1000 times and the outside is so beautiful and classic that it stays the same. This build somewhat reminds me of it:)

  • Aww u got rid of all the fun shapes, it's so square now

  • Tiny Del Gato Tiny Del Gato Tiny Del Gato

  • would love to learn more how to build,stairs and outsides,dont know how to use walls in difrent hight :)

  • That’s my FAVORITE house!! LOL it’s the one I have been playing, but I’m a newbie so what do I know lol!

  • that big third floor could be made into a creepy attic, i'd make one of the sims become a vampire, then have them live up there for generations hahaha

  • Is this in the gallery

  • “We all love simulation games here” Me: plays stardew for like 2 seconds then logs off to play left 4 dead

  • I've tried to take on this lot a few times and have gotten overwhelmed, I'm so glad you did this! It looks amazing

  • Kayla, believe me, Cats and Dogs is the most purchased pack. In the Xbox store it's ALWAYS SOLD OUT! Xd

  • They have ideas but can't execute them right but they tried 🙃

  • Wow that moment when you sounded like you started talking through a vacuum cleaner tube caught me off guard.

  • A game called Coral! I might be interested :P

  • I dream of that kitchen

  • I hope you and Dan see each other again in the year 3000 😂🙏🏻 maybe 3001 if we’re all lucky s


  • Things are getting better!! I hope you can see your loved ones soon

  • Simsie: ya know like when they announced they where adding bunk beds to the game Me: *nearly choking on my water* WHAT???!??!?!?!?!?!??!

  • see, i have the opposite problem, I find it hard to furnish small toddler rooms because I want them to have everything

  • I have used this as my 100 baby challenge house and added some more things to it..

  • What I want is a convertible crib. Just hear me out. It’s a thing that people think about in real life when they have a baby. The back of the crib becomes the headboard. So it’s a crib and then you take off the front and put on a small side rail for toddlers, then take off the sides and the back can attach to a frame for a queen or full sized bed. It can be a really good way to save money on beds for kids. Also, I just want cribs.

  • i also renovated this house on my channel but you did way better lol

  • imagine having a secret hideout upstairs because the homeowners are secretly aliens

  • i tried to renovate this back when i was terrible at this style of house

  • Omg the ONLY packs I have are seasons, cats and dogs and university hahaha

  • Simsies audio: 🤖

  • My family dog passed in i couldn't see him before he went, im also a cashier in a supermarket so i had to work right through.

  • and it was from like a year ago

  • I just watched a video of Claire Solobin and she was using bunk beds?

  • That's weird Evie was a kid at the beginning of the video but now she is a toddler on the porch.

  • I have 5 packs, they are all expansions. I do want others but I'm fine with city living, cats and dogs, seasons, get famous and university. I use them all quite a lot and would definitely recommend them.

  • Wow, did know Kayla was part robot

  • can you do a build only with the base game pls

  • Just imagine the third floor being a bowling alley lol

  • Now when are we getting better babies. It was teased a while ago and never happened.

  • Olso eco lifestyle

  • ❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️❤️❤️🥰


  • You should make a survey monkey or something where everyone can check off which packs we have so you can see what the most popular ones are in your community 🥰

  • MY sim jst got 800k!

  • Wait if they release bunk beds on the march 23 THEY WOULD RELEASE IT ON NY BIRTHDAY that would be the best birthday ever

  • If you bought the pack later they change the house and kt looks a lot better

  • I would also be very curious to see a simsie community survey tbh

  • i have 4 expansion packs but not seasons ... i even have get famous but not seasons lmao what even are my priorities 😭😭

    • same i don’t own seasons and cat/&dogs but have university get famous university eco lifestyle

  • 15:59 they *WHAT*

  • Wow while i was watching this my husband brought me apple juice and a peanut butter bar for breakfast without me asking and I think I'm gonna cry

  • i looked at the trailer video and just as i thought it really reminded me of harvest moon tale of two towns so I'm now I'm super excited for it to be made and released

  • only kayak could save us from this scary monstrosity the delgato house is

  • Please give the vampire pack some love💓💓 vlads house is massive and would be a good challenge

  • personally i would use the empty top floor for sleepovers

  • I miss Step0 too Kayla! I hope she post something soon!

  • The Sims four is giving me bunkbeds for my birthday???!!???? awesome!!!!!

  • “I miss Steph0sims” don’t we all 😐

  • when i first knew about evie in Clare's mainseries she was a teen

  • I dont have Seasons but i really want it.

  • day 51 of asking kayla for a main character house

  • 1. Coral Island looks beautiful, I backed it too! 2. Bunk beds, yes. I legitimately almost dropped my phone while I was watching that stream and the silhouette came up.

  • I find a lot of Sims builds are just too big and awkward. I jumped into a new one in Windenberg and doesn't make sense. 😂 So I needed to renovate the layout. I also think it weirdly used stuff I didnt own, because one of the floors in the hallway was just basic concrete. 🤔 I didnt realize they did that in their In-Game builds.

  • Ahaha Cats & Dogs is one of the few I don’t have yet, I’m waiting for the next sale! My first was actually Island Living, then City Living, then realized how much Seasons and Get Together added to the game. Cats & Dogs will definitely be next! Great remodeling build :)

  • why do I want a double deck hot tube now

  • Is it weird to have in your email profile photo this random grandma

  • I have only 3 dlcs seasons, cats and dogs and university. Hahahah exactly the ones Keyla said. Hahaha

  • I am manifesting hugs for you simsie 🥺