Bears vs. Saints Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs

Publisert 10. jan.. 2021
The Chicago Bears take on the New Orleans Saints during Super Wild Card Weekend of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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  • Sad I like the bears because bears are cute

  • 2:06 funny how the narrative was that I ran out of bounds short of the first down. How about you watch the play. I was drilled out of bounds

  • 1:42 almost was physically ill watching this

  • The Bears are gonna be dangerous next year. I'm a die hard niner fan, but for some reason Chicago always been my 2nd favorite team. Nfc title game next year, Ninerz vs Bears!?!? 😬😬😬

  • as a Bears fan I would shocked by this and Nickelodeon was supporting this too.

  • First time since 1993 that CBS show an nfc playoff game

  • man, the bears got destroyed lmaoo 😂

  • The loss was both the offenses fault and the defenses. Defense didn't play as good as people are trying to say. Lol

  • 10:35 what a way to end the season

  • Was I the only one who watched it on CBS? 💀


  • So I tuned in to watch these highlights to see the Anthony Miller punch and ejection and it’s not even included? These highlights were horse bleep

  • Well folks the same old tired Brady and mahomes in the super rig come back in three weeks same story Brady gets another super ring with his pal Roger boy does the nfl have such bad scriptwriters.I thought they were going with the browns story this year but I guess that next year with baker and mahomes story. The Brady tired story why does he Brady tell cousin roger he is tired of this tinsel town fake quaterback.

  • Who's here to see the bears try the trick play again?

  • I’m here to see the play the saints stole from the bears against the Bucs.

  • 4:25 someone's got to make that into a meme hahaha

  • only if nick foles was here

  • Easiest playoff win forsure

  • Yinz Geaux, Drew to "AK-41" NFLFantasyFootball i Thanked My NFLFantasyFootballPartner, Lady Kathleen for takin' care of our senior's bubble. "hey, Kate here. You're welcome, Corporal. Good game, Breesy & Can't Guard Mike. Jimmy Graham is on my FF team. We are wearing our black masks and i'm wearing my nun's habit. BEAT Tampa 🎯 WHO DAT 🖤 ⚜ 🏈 🏆 🌶 💛 thx dearie for sharing my take and protecting me and our Kindra." 👱‍♀️ 💖 💄 Kathleen "Kate" PraiseSisterKate 👩‍🦳 🙏 🍀 🖤 😎 ✨ 🥂 💕 ⚜ 👩‍🦳 💛

  • The bears d actally kickass if thier offense could of scored or got them them a rest the deffensev c 'ould won that game i knew nola would win but congrats to tha ChiRaq defense

  • Packers will wipe the floor with the saints

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  • Bears got in on a technicality they were never meant to be there. #gopackgo

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  • Saints wild card game not against Vikings and win

  • Look on the bright side Trubisky You'll always be the NVP lmao.

  • Why was that an incomplete pass at 4:13? Wasn't that a fumble? I am kinda confused 😕. Anyone cares to explain?

  • "To build a program that has a shot at the Super Bowl each year" Everybody forgets when Payton & Brees when 7-9 three years in a row?

  • the saints are ok the bears are ok two

  • harris was balling

  • The Steelers Sold to The Browns,

  • go saints

  • Bear suck

  • Have anybody asked to Drew Brees what was the most embarrassing event the insurrection of Donald Trump or Kaepernick taking one knee these are some of the issues that Kaepernick was trying to bring out to the Forefront America have two sets of laws we are waiting on your answer Drew Brees you had so much to say then

  • Just came to read the comments on Nickelodeon.

  • That Jimmy Graham TD at the end! He needs to go back to NE.


  • who dat!

  • *Thumbnail* Deonte Harris: Hey guys, yea that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation

  • That drop is the definition of the Bears season: do really well just to fail in the end

  • So at 8:29. Highest def I've ever seen. Also looks like a video game ijs

  • Most boring game of wild card weekend, at least Seahawks vs Rams was more entertaining than this snorefest.💤💤

  • Who thinks Saints beat Bucks? Who got who

  • Only if jimmy graham was still with the saints they would be unstoppable

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  • Its demoralizing as defense/team when you know your offense cant score it makes you feel hopeless poor bears

  • Is this recorded in 2021?

  • Bears are retaining Nagy, us Bear fans are going to have to wait 1 more year then oh, he does suck PU

  • Wowwww wins dropped that lol

  • Y does everyone clowns of trubisky I’m not even a fan but he was thorowing some dimes

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  • trubisky è veramente imbarazzante come QB

  • I am so glad i didnt watch dis on nickelodeon (SO CRINGE)

  • 1:45 honestly hurts my heart

  • 1:43 holdup.... what????

  • Luckily for the saints the Vikings aren’t in it this year. Maybe they have an actual shot

    • Vikings wasn’t going to do nothing anyway

  • As a Bears fan, I think Khalil Mack should be traded to the Browns. His contract is almost up so will take their 2nd and 3rd rounders for him

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  • Wow. I am mortified by NFL officiating. That was a catch and a fumble for New Orleans. And the dropped catch in the end zone by Chicago was absolutely pass interference by The saints. He ripped his shirt for crying out loud!

  • 8:37 karma not human

  • Where’s the slime???

  • Can anyone explain why there was no extra point at the end? I realize it makes no difference in who advances, but come on. You play until the end of the game. Since there was an 11.5 point spread it meant a lot of people won money that they should have lost.

  • Mr.Will Lutz please titen up please come on baby we gonna need you its Playoff time so get right

  • Me on Wims dropping touch down pass Sub coach we need a sub.

  • Just posted my predictions for the games this weekend on my channel!!

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  • I swear there is nothing tougher than being a Bears fan.


  • Go Tampa bay!!!🐻 the bears need a quarterback that can score points

  • We definitely need D harris and michael thomas to show out and be some animals this 3rd buccaneers game 🎯 Saints and Kansas chief superbowl 2021

  • bodArmy Mike_^`~••☆-:;. COMMAND65 Full AcTiVe

  • T.B 31 at N.O 34 New Orleans in a very close high scoring exciting game👍

  • Graham one handed that for the td n said imma say less

  • Ref: ma ma mama said dat da bears are da devil

  • This game is so bad the bears plenty’s are dumb. the drop by sims that will be a catch but isdumb.Cole Kmet try throw the ball to the refee

  • As a saints fan whether we beat the Bucs next week I just hope for a good game because we finally get a Brady vs Brees matchup in the postseason. Especially after the Rams incident.

  • This was the most useless boring wild card competition to watch.

  • Bears were the sorriest playoff team I’ve seen in a while

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  • Bears games are always so depressing. Now I know why all my bears fans friends drink heavily.

  • 4:20 that was completion and possession. then fumble tho.

  • Saints must have paid those refs really well that day.

  • If New Orleans doesn't get knocked out by Tampa, then they will surely get knocked out by Green Bay. This game was pretty piss poor. I will be very surprised if they make it to the superbowl.

    • @Jahki Murray lol I'm positive. I had to watch Matt Moore and Alex Smith screw the chiefs up for years before Mahomes came along. These last few years have been a blessing. KC is the closest NFL city to me other than Dallas, but screw Dallas.

    • @Justin Klinck you sure you not a bandwagon?

    • @Jahki Murray Kansas City. I think they are screwed against Buffalo though. Especially if Mahomes is out.

    • @Justin Klinck and you act like they the only team to choke in the playoffs and they got robbed in 2018 who’s your team

    • Because the Saints don't usually make it. They generally choke in the playoffs or NFC Championship.

  • Tony Romo was high af. Dude was talking about " Just the Tip " all game.

  • Murray’s effort on that McGiver play where he had to Block Mack, get up and think quick enough to keep the play alive. Once he touched the ball he wanted to score and he did. Great job

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  • wow that was exciting. dropped pass in end zone. game over. zzzzzzzz

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  • Let’s go saints on top

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  • Check out my NFL picks for this weekend !!! Divisional Round Picks Video !!!

  • offense wasn't that good, we should of scored 50 points on them

  • The Saints offense may have looked only fair today, but I think it was by design. Once they were ahead, Sean Payton just played around with all of the weapons on the offense. But between the lines, if you looked close you would see that he pulled many of his best punches. He did the same thing last year and it snake bit them against the Vikings. I think he is saving the best for when it will count - the last two games of the year that is when you will see the real Saints.

  • Typical bears play- 3rd and 10 so let’s run a 5 yard play. Pathetic!

  • The bears should fire everyone who’s not a player! Their coaches and management and owners are a joke! Been running the same plays for 50 years!

  • The Bears, were too sloppy on offense, in this wildcard game, against the Saints, in this game, and lost 21-9. In defeat, former Saints tight end, Jimmy Graham, made a great one handed catch, for a touchdown, with the Bears.

  • At 3:02 ... OH TAYSOM NO!!!! You had a 70 yard touchdown pass and you hesitated.

  • 7:58 alvin kamara bounces off khalil mack try to make a cut block

  • Bears need to let Mick Triscuit throw!