How Canada, Australia, New Zealand, & The UK Are Secretly Forming One Global Superpower: CANZUK

Publisert 23. sep.. 2020
This is the country of Cambodia. It is a small to mid-sized country with a population of just over 15 million people, and is located in the southern portion of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.
During most of the 20th century, Cambodia was an extremely poor, and relatively weak country in regards to its economy, and military. In fact, in 1998, after 3 consecutives years of economic contraction, the country had a GDP per capita of just $269...making it one of the poorest countries on the planet.
You see, Cambodia was a poor and somewhat small country, which gave it no sway on the global stage in regards to trade, politics, military and economics.
So that was why, the country decided to try something different. In 1961, the association of southeast asian nations, or simply, ASEAN...was created by Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia.
Essentially this was a union created to help accelerate economic growth, social progress, and cultural development in the region, while also helping promote regional peace, and to also give these smaller nations a much larger say on the global stage.
Now it was also formed out of a fear of growing communist regimes in nearby countries such as China, but i will leave that for another video.
In a sense, this new southeast asian union allowed for small and poor countries, to gain political and economic independence from nearby superpowers. And over the next several decades, other southeast asian nations would join such as Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and vietnam.
And all along the way, this new union strengthened the economies of each one of these nations, while also proving to be a somewhat unified political entity, as they showed a unified response to many political threats and wars over the last 60 years.
So that is why in 1999, Cambodia decided to join this new political union. And since then, Cambodia has seen its economy move from a level of extreme poverty, to that of a developing nation, albeit still a relatively poor and small nation on its own.
However, the ASEAN union has seen its economic influence grow over the past decade. In fact, this union now has between the 5th and 7th largest amount of economic influence in the entire world...depending on what metric you use.
And if that is what a collection of somewhat poor southeast asian nations could do...imagine what would happen if 4 very wealthy nations were to form a new union of their own. A union that would act in a similar way... with unified global plans for their militaries, economies, politics, trade, and even citizenship.
Right now we could be seeing the creation of a global force right before our very eyes.

In the early 1800’s, New Zealand was a largely unpopulated island with the exception of the Maori Natives.
Australia had just a few thousand British settlers...40% of which were prisoners.
And Canada was filled with a few hundred thousand British and French loyalists that simply did not want to live in America after the revolutionary war.
But then, these 3 young nations would begin to go through a massive change. Within the following decades, they slowly began to become more populated, wealthy, and would eventually become part of the commonwealth of countries under the british empire.
Now, these 3 nations at the time were not viewed as the most valuable possessions of the british empire.
India for example, had over 200 million people within its borders, and was one of the largest economies in the world while it was being ruled by the british. This lead to india being named ‘the jewel of the crown’.
There were also some other nations that were in a more valuable geographical location for the british. Egypt, along with parts of China and indonesia, were viewed as more valuable colonies of the british empire at the time due to their proximity to trade routes, and trade partners.

But over the next 100 years, the british empire would begin to fall, as virtually every country that was previously under british rule, would soon declare their own independence, and move away from the enforced british culture.
Except for a few. You see, even after declaring independence from Britain, many of these nations kept their british traditions, and even made their own political association called the commonwealth of nations.
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  • If Trudeau is kicked out probably 😁👍

  • Have you ever heard this Chinese saying: 远亲不如近邻。 A neighbour close by is better than a brother far off.

  • it will not work. They are too far from echother.

  • As a Brit, I also feel Australian, Canadian and a New Zealander! If given a vote, I would vote yes, everyone I have asked here in the UK have said they would vote yes too! 🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿🇬🇧 #Yes #CANZAUK

  • Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians are our brothers. The feeling is already there. We already love them and wouldn't it be great to have those huge vistas opened up again? But crucially, we need to protect democracy across the world against a rising totalitarian China who are a great danger to democracy. The US doesn't seem interested in that, dominated as it is by corporates who are happy to deal with China all day long for the money. Unfortunately the UK has a similarly constituency represented by the Tory government so how we square the circle of their self interest and the re-enforcement of democracy is a problem.

  • Wonderful prospect

  • Just uk don’t test nukes in Australia please

  • Britain's population is more than Canada/N.Z/Australia combined....Sooooooooo , to keep it Short....3 feed the ONE!!! FUK BRITAIN.....Cutting the Cord has been OVERDUE for Ever.They produce NOTHING that Can/N.Z/AUS need @ ALL !!!!! Period ! Stop the BLEEDING !!!!

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  • I should probably move to the middle of nowhere, at least away from the city, watch the world burn from some scuffed hut in the mountains

  • Those shipping lanes between Australia to New Zealand and Canada and the Uk have been operating for many year’s so that is not a downturn it’s still all positive . Go CANZUK

  • The majority of the commonwealth has kept all of the tradition’s. I expect more commonwealth countries to join but on a different package eg movement of people.

  • Where the shit does people get this shit from china is the only country to dump ya crap.and set their business there then send their crap back to their countries with prices hiked up china fights back now everybody's crying karma's hit ya

  • As a proud Canzukian I can’t wait for this to become reality!

  • A brilliant move forward

  • As an American, I think this is great. America is getting tired of being the sole policeman of the world and the union of these countries would be exactly what America would be happy to see happen and the nice thing, you don’t need America at all.

  • Give me a couple boats and planes and 100 good men and I could take them all over.

  • I love the idea,so much in common.

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  • As a American we should support a Central American union as well because they need to unite there similar because they were all Spaniards or Aztecs or Mayans at one point and a economic integration would be amazing in my opinion

  • Britannia great again !! I'm proud to be of British heritage!

  • I think it would be tricky politically in NZ. I can see there being a huge issue of Te tiriti o waitangi (the treaty of waitangi) since part of the deal could be thought of as negotiating sovereignty away from Māori and NZ as a whole. Also, on that, should this go ahead, future treaty settlements that come up, when negotiating with the Crown, there’ll be an issue with who is doing the negotiating? Is it the Crown in Wellington? Sydney? London? These would need to be answered before it’s even considered a valid political and cultural decision for New Zealand.

  • Lovely to see my favourite Island, Drakes Island, Plymouth at 12:16. Love the idea of CANZUK, if on Rhodesia still existed

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    • @Josh Bentley because of my heritage

    • You’re Canadian? Why have you got the Israel flag as your profile picture?

  • I Bet Canada , Australia ,New Zealand and the UK have a lot of Dirt on Trump and his Family Via their Spy Agencies But cant tell Biden

  • Anglos are the best people in the world.

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  • The rise of an empire the like of which the world has never seen ..........................since the biggest empire ever sat down for a break allowing their rowdy and not very bright cousin to police the world (sorry my American friends.....not sorry lol) So in 20/30yrs time will we be called Canzukians

  • I would fully support it, makes a lot of sense. New Zealand Prime Minister is the best . She’s not all mouth like most of the other world leaders, she takes action very efficiently and is very down to earth.

  • the location of these nations is not really a dis advantage just think,winter in aus and nz,summer in uk,whats not growing in the southern hemisphere in winter,is growing in uk,andd vice versa,tourism ski all year round etc etc

  • I noted that no mention was made of the U.S., likely because of our recent unreliability under Whatshisname Trump. But we're back, reely... But there's always Five Eyes, which is the same four plus one, youknowho. Cheers.

  • great ,lets do it

  • So it is Flat.

  • To be honest we see people from these countries as part of us anyway so there is no difference just some great perks. It's sick that those down under have to jump through hoops to get visas anyway so I'm up for open borders with these friendly nations.

  • I'd be up for that.

  • Good topic, good video - but two issues. 1. Almost completely erases the indigenous populations of these countries - beyond a brief shout out to the Maori, and 2. Does not address the issues with the selectivity of CANZUK sufficiently. Criticisms have been levelled, like that the offered justification has been that it's supposedly a commonwealth agreement, yet leaves out all the non-white commonwealth members - to the detriment of the agreement. Several excluded commonwealth countries are some of the worlds most populous with the fastest growing economies (Nigeria, India), as well as much more proximate to each other.

  • I believe it's already happening

  • Im British and voted to come out of this EU Empire, Im 100% behind this new idea of joining up with all our brothers and sisters of these great nations working together to make this work for all.

    • Absolute hypocrite.

  • In terms of economic benefits of trade, what will they be supplying or buying from one another in the group?

    • So we’d have the most amount of natural resources, the biggest land mass, Centre of the world’s global trade (Canada), the finance centre of the world (U.K.), the most amount of fresh water, a massive claim to the Arctic (Canada) and Antarctica (Australia, U.K. and NZ), 2nd strongest navy, major nuclear power, some of the best education facility’s in the world, the biggest stock market apart from China and the US ECT

    • You’ve also got the fact that northern Canada is severely underdeveloped. And trade between Australia and the U.K. would use the northwest passage. So Canada’s infrastructure would begin to build up until there’s towns and security regulations up there. So other countries would begin to use the passage as well, making Canada the centre of the world’s global trade.

    • The main trade benefit would not be between us, but rather leverage for trade deals over other countries/Unions. For example the US, Japan, India, ASEAN, EU ECT We’ll have lots of leverage over China and the US especially. Which is fantastic since they are the strongest at the moment. However there are still trading opportunities. The U.K. has some of the worlds biggest mining companies, and obviously Australia and Canada have lots of resources. If we send our manufacturing to other commonwealth nations, they’ll become rapidly developing nations, who chug through natural resources, So we’ll get cheep manufacturing, lots of low skilled jobs and we’ll weaken China (just 1 example). 85% of CANZUK’s economy would also come from services, so the distance isn’t as bad as it looks at first.

  • As a Brit, I have always seen the Kiwi's and Ozzy's as brothers from another mother. As for the Canadian's they gave the world maple syrup and Jim Carrey so they are all good in my books!

  • Britain used to be part of a successful trading bloc. But Brexit

  • The queen rules over all those countries they’ve never gained full independence from the British empire

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  • I assume you meant "undeniable", this proposal by O'Toole is insidious because NZ is essentially under Chinese control now, and most of Australia except Queensland and Tasmania are fully bought-in to the communist takeover, so O'Toole is tipping their strategic hand by showing that he, and the Conservatives, wants Canada to come into line with Chinese control, the majority of Canadians are still totally asleep and do recognize that Canada is in the middle of a full-blown silent war of occupation being orchestrated by China who is using NGO proxies to shutdown, takeover, subdue and occupy our country. It's so obvious you have to question if there is a technological "magic" being used to suppress cognition, it's the only rational explanation.

  • As a Canadian, I fully support this. Just gotta wait for Quebec to finally place some road signs in English too, like the rest of us.

    • Why should they? Their language is French they don't need to.

  • The British empire is dead, long live the British empire but not like this The uk , the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Egypt, the United emigrated Ireland one currency the English dollar, one flag, a dual monarchy/republic ( the queen becomes a ceremonial head of state) the president head of government and presto we got the largest economy that have ever existed Dwarven China both in population and economic and military strength ( population = approximately 1.7 billion) with fast economic reforms the poor economy ( India, Pakistan, Egypt) would become stronger and later even more " old members of the empire could join ( south Africa, Kuwait, Dubai) having the benefit of the largest oil industry on earth) and yea this new British empire would be a beast that no one could ever pass 😉

  • ASEAN was primarily for communist deterrence - the heir to SEATO. Also, it’s pronounced AH-SAY-UN. Also, it’s pronounced as BREW-NIGH.

  • You have just tell this To America, since it is the single most important ally of each one of these nations. USA also benefits from this alliance , basically after 1945 they overtook the role of Britain, I don’t see Uncle Sam willingly diminishing his global outreach..

  • Im British and this sounds great, love the commonwealth brothers 🇦🇺🇨🇦🇬🇧🇳🇿

  • Yes, we all share common roots and ideals that we need to preserve. All these commonwealth countries are in good alignment with Canada. Trade benefits us all.

  • british empire mk2?

  • As an Australian I will say this we are still not free and only a true Australian would understand this


  • In your dreams. Britain leaves the largest free trade area in the world for this forgotten dream of glories past....

  • I really want this to happen!!!

  • As a brut I am 100 percent for this I really hope this goes ahead

  • As an Australian and a Canadian citizen hell yea!

  • The empire strikes back

  • But wait. Australia doesn’t exist remember, we’re all actors being paid by NASA.

    • Australia is actually recognised as an official LLC in US (no joke) So despite it being a joke,it's VERY realistic one. Lol

    • Got my paycheck last week

  • so this ws birtains plan all along ?

  • The conservative governments in these countries are completely out of touch with the people. Neither Australia nor New Zealand would vote in favour of it. In fact, Australians are increasingly seeking to become a republic. Interestingly, Australia's constitution accommodates the possibility of NZ joining our federation of states. Australia and NZ are sick and tired of being used for cannon fodder to fight British and USA wars. The majority of citizens simply would not support this. That having been said, Australians and Kiwis (NZ) love our British and Canadian cousins, It is the politics and abuse of power by governments, especially the conservative Australian government that we object to.

  • As a Kiwi... I dunno about this one. Big ol' shortage of houses and rentals as it is even with there being no new immigration this year. They are also hella expensive (the ones that do exist) and this would drive that issue to be even worse especially given how many people want to move to NZ after seeing our COVID-19 response. But at the same time I would love to be able to easily move somewhere that is quite a bit cheaper such as Canada. So I'd say I'm against it but also a teeny bit "Hmmm this could be sorta neat I guess"

  • I would welcome this configeration. Heritage, culture, language and monarchy already tie these nations together. India and Malaysia may wish to join too.

  • Come on, all those countries are part of the British Commonwealth. It's already a global force.

  • I'm a Brit but I have always felt closer to our Aus/Can/Kiwi brothers rather than our European neighbours. Not that I dislike the European's obviously haha.

    • I feel the opposite, Europeans are my family, I have many European friends never met anyone from the canzuk countries so why would I feel a family connection to them.

  • It will be joined by a united Ireland.

  • As an Australian, I love all 3 of the other countries touted in this deal. Both Canada and the UK are my 1st and 3rd top dream holiday destinations ever respectively. Everything like language, culture and love of sports are huge in all of the countries and quite similar in their own ways. Adding to that the possibility of a potentially easier transition for holidays and freedom of study or just an overall easier process to potentially move to or spend time in one of these countries (EG the EU freedom of movement type of situation) in the future would be a big tick from me personally :D.

  • I realy hope this happens

  • This would be Epic. Hopefully our politicians could see this as a great opportunity.

  • This is stupidity! Canada couldn't even beat Cuba! Australia and England and maybe however to include Canada who recently bought 6 or 8 F-18's used from Australia should give you a clue as to where Canada's military stands. I could say much, much more but it would take all night long.

  • As a Brit, I would support it 100%. The UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are tied together historically. We fought and won two world wars together. It makes sense to me to further strengthen those ties as we look to the future of a world with China possibly overtaking the U.S as the pre-eminent power. We must rely on ourselves.

    • I own myself. Have privacy... And life has never been better Welcome to 2030

  • hey new soon to be president biden! join canzuk so china can back down its global influence even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • also im gonna give india credit if it joins canzuk if that happens itll be operation screw china over

  • If Canada dump Trudeau yep, otherwise Meh.

  • They can always forge deeper aliance among themselves other than just their present trade relation. they all are a prudent government independently, and sure can become a one big prudent alliance that can also help to foster the world economy.

  • What an excellent idea..

  • Some of the leaders that want this to happen didn’t get voted in or aren’t doing well recently, unfortunately

  • 7:23 maybe the Commonwealth will be united again on the UK 🇬🇧 only maybe 🙂😎✌️

  • Queen back at it again

  • Not gunna lie if this can happen I'm all for it

  • I think this needs to be started as soon as possible advantages far outweigh negatives I think it would be stupid not to do it

  • Nahhh Britain's fucked. These countries won't prop us up

  • As a Canadian I think it is an excellent idea. I know who I will vote for and why.

  • USA is too right wing EU is too left wing CANZUK will be perfect

  • Actually they signed the deal this week ...

  • That would be a great deal. Canada and Australia have alot of minerals.oil etc

  • Let's start a world union of citizens. W A G O W B Against all our tyrannists govt's. Politicians have stole our mostly peace loving world. C'mon brothers/sisters. If we all do nothing our real lives are over. Please family stop this evilness from happening. Say NO. Keep listening to these rediculous tyrannical orders & evil will win. Have balls. Say No nicely if possible. If not so what say no to these evil satanists orders. Im not in you're evil satanic club. I'm with God 🙏. NO vaccine. That needle will sadly take you're soul. They will own you're body after vaccine. Wake up brothers/sisters it's 2020 not 1920. Nothing but technology for us to see now. How long have they been looking at the stuff we consider new. It's new to us but 20yrs old to them. Please God I beg of you to open the world's eyes to this plandemic, Amen. God Bless All ✌️🙏💪

  • Once again Canzuk would be on hold for a time being China is taking advantage of the us election they rushing everything before 2021

  • It would be good. Keep China out of any unions. They would brake agreements. God Bless All ✌️🙏✌️

  • Well this sounds a bit better than "the great reset" proposed by the world economic Forum. Or global communism as it should be named.

  • As a Brit, I want this, please adopt the Aussie way of thinking on immigration.

  • Issue is all these small nations all live in the sphere of influence of other greater powers. The UK has the EU Canada the USA and the other 2 have China. Add to that their on 4 opposite corners of the globe geopoliticaly it makes no sense.