Living With A Honda E

Publisert 16. okt.. 2020
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This week, Alex puts the Honda E through its paces to answer the ultimate question: can you really live with an electric car?
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  • Don't you talk sh*t about how tall Thais are!!!

  • This car honestly looks like an old 70s/80s civic. Really hope they do incorporate real wood in this. Like reclaimed wood or such.

  • Let’s take a city car on a highway only trip. Next week - off roading in a Lamborghini Miura.

  • This will never be available in the USA, because the Federal government, in its infinite wisdom, has outlawed those camera-based side-mirrors. Thanks, Feds, for protecting us from this horribly dangerous vehicle. *eyeroll*

    • U know he’s in Leatherhead when he’s talon LG about road surface quality

  • Am I the only one who thinks the style is inspired by mk1 Honda city

    • What's to stop stupid sh1ts doing a prank and taking the e-charge lead out if u go "for a shop" or a "spot of lunch"? Just randomly wondering....

  • Can we see a quick burnout?

  • Ironic - while the British "road to hell" is the M25 to Essex, the E6 in Norway actually goes to Hell. See,10.7900309,11.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x466d16fb3ae6fd6d:0x1596b57897c52a6b!8m2!3d63.4451715!4d10.9052167

  • What a surprise! A t-shirt with short sleeves. No point, manlet

  • I'm fine with foe wood trim on a car that's supposed to be environmentally friendly

  • The back looks like the front. I keep thinking the car is being towed.

  • that mileage is poor

  • Can you turn all the fancy dash off to save power ?

    • The 12v accessories like that are only drawing a tiny amount of power and offer no significant boost to range. The bonus you get out of having them on vs off is probably about 5 meters of extra range.

  • Copayed by the EU? You brexited. Gimme back my E juice!

  • Software update for 2021 Added feature within the miles to empty menu, Gardens to empty, football pitch till empty, Washing machine cycles till empty More to follow in future updates

  • Living with a hondere

  • Can we put a small generator in the trunk and run the car while charging? Just like our phone?🤔

  • Where's my VTEC

  • Wikid review. Seen millons on this car already, but yours was really fun. Subbed!

  • What's to stop stupid sh1ts doing a prank and taking the e-charge lead out if u go "for a shop" or a "spot of lunch"? Just randomly wondering....

    • But the range.... Especially in winter, there is just too much variables involved...

  • U know he’s in Leatherhead when he’s talon LG about road surface quality

  • Everybody knows...Honda is the best make in home appliance!

  • this car just looks so sic

  • "OMG is a PT Cruiser..."

  • Is it any less of a crime to use a walky talky while driving than call out an knobhead using a mobile phone?

  • It's crap need a v8 in it

  • sell these in america already

  • 6:45 that means that in a few weeks you wonn't have it for free anymore

  • I wonder how long it will take for someone to K-swap one 🤣🤣 it’s actually a really good looking little car

  • “Oh my god it’s a PT Cruiser... Gip” 🤣🤣

  • Where can I find that shirt he is wearing? Anyone know?

  • Slates guy using mobile phone - continues to use walkie talkie all the way through 🤦

  • The Honda E is undeniably adorable

  • Imho first electric car that's been made into a proper car (sorry Tesla, Renault, and other manufacturers that tried)

  • ~35k $ car to do groceries in... Lets face it, without Tesla there issint any other electric car that wouldnt make you feel nervous when you are stuck in traffic accident on a freeway and outside temperature is -10c... with ICE I could stay there all night if I needed... I would love to own electric car, since driving one at the moment is as cheap as driving a bike... But the range.... Especially in winter, there is just too much variables involved...

  • 28k for a contemporary and lovely take on 70' golf 1gen. I am in.

  • Finally car manufacturer using cameras instead of mirrors, I have been saying this for f#cking years about camper vans, busses and HGV,s. They don't stick out miles and can use night vision. Also was the sound of the indicators simulated, cos I seriously doubt that it was a relay clicking.

  • You're on your phone driving like a prick 😆😆

  • Should've gotten that Hyundai Kona in the back there instead.

  • Real world test. Proceeds to drive at 55mph round the whole of the M25 and barely makes it before running out of juice.

  • That's an ugly car

  • Welcome to the Honda "Intrusive R" E

  • me: Scrolls through the comments looking for a Streetfighter reference. Also me: Disappointed no-one has referenced E Honda!

  • calls a mobile phone user a prick . then in next shot does the exact same thing with his radio................HYPOCRITE !

  • Looks as tall as an SUV to Alex

  • Brilliant 👍

  • Why does it look like it has flappy paddles?

  • "Cofinanced by the [blablabla] of the European Union" - "What does that even mean?" Well, certainly it isn't going to be free anymore in 2,5 months from now lol..

  • When are you starting another project car. Starting to get bored of these one off shows

  • Get well soon Alex. ILS affects so many people, hope you pull through.

  • Do SOMETHING with my first car (one I have now) Chevrolet Matiz 2007 🙃

    • Its looking like new gen Maruti zen

  • The "Round" M25 that isn't actually a full circle.

  • E

  • If this is the future of how cars look then im quitting driving.. Over £24k for a bubble car... No thanks

  • Want that ek9 t-shirt

  • H O N D A R E.

  • Aw man, the concept car was a lot cooler :-/

  • What's going on with the styling? It looks the same from the front and the back. On the road it looks like its reversing super quick!

  • I'm surprised Alex could get his huge frame inside that car

  • If my phone was a car

  • So what i take from that. Is it would be great for gardners.

  • European unio- uhh I'm confused?

  • @ 8:20 is that the tall guy?

  • deamn, you have been short but standing front of honda, you look lot shorter :)

  • Conclusion: Honda E will be perfect if you throw a k20 in it

  • Its looking like new gen Maruti zen

  • I could run all those electronics with my turbocharged V8 diesel land cruiser

  • Save battery by turning off all the mirrors.

  • Battery gone in 2 hours? Are you driving an iPhone?

  • The dash looks kind of like the first gen civic


  • what end is the front

  • Electric is my mortal enemy, literally top 5 worst things in the world

  • i WANT one of these but i live in the US

  • Maybe if the car did not run of off all battery

  • FP59ENK your on your mobile phone thats why your driving like a prick, classic

  • Hope to see a K-swap soon


  • "We want to figure out real world range. So lets hypermile this thing"

  • Where did he get that shirt?

  • "SP59 ENK, you're on your mobile phone, that's why you're driving like a prick." He then proceeds to use a walkie talkie whilst driving an electric car. Irony at its finest 🤙

    • Well walkie-talkies are legal. They do not distract you because they don't have a screen.

  • Can we put a small generator in the trunk and run the car while charging? Just like our phone?🤔

  • £26k + for a car suitable for a local shopping trip thats about it! what a rip off!

  • very friendly looking car.when looking at it. it make you smile little bit.i guess need more honda e on road.I really like it. if cheaper and more range.

  • I like the Honda-e alot with it's retro modern design and technology. The only issue I have is that range would give to much anxiety.

    • I love the part where they go over the severn bridge.

  • Is it just me or does the front look like the rear

  • First electric car I actually like. Just needs longer range

    • It doesn't. Honda did this to save money and give people what they need. The average car drives less than 30 miles per day. Plug in at home and charge overnight, wake up to a full battery again. More convenient than a petrol car as you don't even need to visit a fuel station anymore.

  • anyone else say hunday when they see Honda e

  • Why do you brits pronounce honda as Hondr?

  • It seems Honda themselves are pushing me away from ever getting a Honda e, as I got an ad mid video for the new goldwing 😂

  • oo say it again I love your accent Alex: Hondaree

  • imagine making a sandwich and milkshake banggg your battery's gone

  • the back looks like the front

  • I gotta say this episode was next level.

  • 10 Points to Honda for styling that car, it looks very cool 70's-80's Datsun/Honda/Golf vibes.

  • They should make a Type R version of this.

  • When its plugged in and it rains is it safe? seems like it would collect water like a bucket.

    • Perfectly safe. There are drain holes around the charge ports to let rain fall out the bottom, nowhere near the electrical connectors. Cars like the Nissan LEAF also have their flaps at the front like that where you think they may collect water, but they have planned well for that so it's not a problem.

  • Honda is on a winner here.

  • This car will be a great drift car. Honda E Mugen, Spoon or Type R.

  • I love the part where they go over the severn bridge.

  • Alt name for video: “We drive a Honda e around and then plug stuff in to it”