Rick and Morty All Season 4 After Credits Scenes UNCUT

Publisert 7. juni. 2020
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  • Mr. Poopybutthole is hands down, the best side character on any show…. Ever. Ooooo weeeee.

  • rick is going to fook the whole galaxy up lol

  • How about fifty bucks? You weary of fifty bucks?

  • How old is your dad?

  • The ‘oh really’ was the highlight of the whole thing

  • I like how sh*t wasn’t censored, but the first a** was, followed by an uncensored a**, then another censored one

  • Oooh wee!

  • whos ready for season 5!!!!!!!

  • I feel like buying a train now.

  • 5:18 is like :

  • Mike Mendel’s mom is friends with my mom. She gave me a few Rick and Morty shirts and sweaters. Sadly I never got to meet Mike. I’m sure he was a really cool guy.

  • Ugh... why are all Sun orbiting planets are such sluts?

  • "But it was an emergency riiiick"

  • First one: my life lol

  • 6:52 Is the inside of Rick’s lab coat the exact same colour as the couch?

  • Ooooooweeeee

  • "Planetttsss Onlyyy"

  • summer in season 1 "I wanna be popularrr like fo real" summer in s4 "I'm so over humans"

  • This shock is sweeeeeet

  • “ And goombie “

  • 0:37 🕊

  • Uncut followed by "what the *bleeep*"

  • I legit searched that story train website after that post credit

  • So that's how Rick met that Planet.

  • Bronanaz Whaaaaa

  • POV: you watched the whole show without noticing there were after credits scenes

  • Can we get a whole episode of MPB and Rick talking on a roof while Morty solves does a puzzle? Not other stories, no cut aways, just that

  • 6:14 Something has... awakened in me.

  • I still want that story train

  • How did mr. poopy butthole not have tenure?

  • Anyone realize that when they’re on the roof with Mr. Poopy Butthole Morty just flips the same side of a Rubik’s cube the whole time

  • 😎👍👍

  • Are there... real Story Train toys?

  • I still want to buy the train

  • Why did Rick hit morty as 3:28

    • because the morty that came to the past to give them the stuff had a black eye.

  • 1:19 I have never seen a single episode of this show but this one scene is brilliant to me

  • Them chilling on the roof with a thunder storm rumbling in the distance is all I want in life lol...

  • Rip Mick Mendel

  • too bad I lost my job for putting my students in the hospital. you gotta love Mr. Poopybutthole

  • I wish planets were living, I'd love to live on a planet who is also my lover, id have someone and a cool place to live.

  • ...I hate that the story train link takes you to adult swim

  • ...hmmm planet fetish?

  • I don't know if I should be upset at how they portray Jesus it happy😂 cuz it's not inaccurate

  • Anyone else like Jerry a lot more this season?

  • At 3:39 you can see past Rick and morty walking into the snake pentagon.

  • 0:47 hey, look at the milk, the missing guy is the bully that tried to kill Morty at the begining of the season.

  • This is why ending in a rick and morty series should be finished

  • New hobby. Bee keeping.

  • The train link sends you to season 4 on the website

  • This isn’t uncut...

  • Ahhhh I get it!!!!! Chow also sounds like Chou!!!! Hahhahahahahahaha holy shitttttt broooo fried rice wit da won ton soup my nigha

  • i made a train like that once

  • The roof scene always makes me crack up. “....hey Rick?”

  • I’m the 600th comment

  • “Enemies, lovers, and goomby” The best combination to make an amazing story

  • Ouuweee

  • Honestly, even now 5:40, the acid stuff, that just... They held on it so long as an ending gag it made me so uncomfortable. I dunno why they held on it so long. :|

  • me at 3am: wait did rick find unity on planets only?

  • lmao "Young, dumb and orbiting the sun"

  • Planets only fans

  • The first one was just perfect

  • Season 5 please come

  • So keeping bees gives you HONEYS

  • That rooftop scene seems like having a deeper meaning or some foreshadowing.

  • Is it me or did season 4 not make that much of a big splash on the inner webs like before.

  • Mr. PoopyButthole

  • Story train isnt real 😢

  • Lol the fact he was dating a planet


  • Say it with me now.. OooooWeeeee

  • 5:17 Enough said

  • jerry had a good arc unironically

    • @House Of Fleapit but he had a chance to get with that woman and he literally walked away lol. she totally wanted it. I’d be all for guys

    • @House Of Fleapit te3222

    • @House Of Fleapit very relatable

    • I love his dream world is just him having a full time job

  • No one's talking about how cute the goomby is? 4:03

  • Not buying it is an act of buying it

  • Florida cat

  • 2:05 Aqua wha?

  • The butter robot in the fridge 😍

  • Question is Trina actually real Oh yeah sarcastic probably I can’t believe I’m no BYE just bye bye-bye

  • 4:48 bees 🐝

  • Shadman humanized that planet ad.

  • 6:30 - Definitely the No Man's Sky Pornhub channel.

  • I wish I had the cupboard, from Indian in the Cupboard. Make a joke with this concept.

  • Did you get any of that?

  • Rick and Morty really fell off a cliff in season 4. Literally died when the ship was overrun. It sank. Rick and morty is done.


  • where else could you see late night acid death

  • Mr. Poopy butthole is the chilliest person ever!!!

  • Dang someone is actually sexually attracted to jerry never saw that coming

  • Anyone notice Rick and Morty's graves when Jerry is bee keeping in the back yard.

  • 5:51 me entering adulthood

  • 5:11 that shit went from 0 to 100 real quick

  • Young dumb and orbiting the sun

  • Just checking his warrior chops.

  • When summer and her friend are looking out the window, you can see two grass humps behind jerry.

  • The way morty says Jesus Christ is funny for some reason.

  • Can’t tell which is better “Young, dumb, and orbiting the sun” Or “I want you to spilt my Pangea into distinct continents”😂😂

  • who is Mike mendel

  • Y can I no buy train ???

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  • "ooohh wheeee" is the universal language