Publisert 9. nov.. 2020
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Thanks for watching THE VLOG SQUAD'S ROAST OF JASON NASH!! On today's vlog, my best friends roast me!!
Directed by:
Christian Guiton @christianguiton
Written by:
Frank Castillo @frankcastillo
Nicole Becannon @nicolebecannon
Brandon Calvillo @bjcalvillo
John Niemiec @johnniemiec
Jeff Wittek @jeff
Natalie Mariduena @natalienoel
Nick Antonyan @nickantonyan
Vardan Antonyan @vardanantonyan_
Suzy Antonyan @suzyantonyan
Todd Smith @todderic
Matt King @mattking

MUSIC BY @jigitz
INTRO GRAPHIC BY: @katie_mcdowell_photography
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  • Hey everyone!! Thank you for watching today's video!! We worked really hard on this and we hope you enjoy!! And thank you to SimpliSafe for sponsoring:

    • Who Wrote all the Joke's ??? I'm thinking Jason wrote all the jokes from his perspective on how he thinks the internet sees him and how the rest of the "vlog squad" is viewed. Or what they view of their fellow cast mates but obviously, this is not how they act 24/7. Its all about the bag, baby.

    • Wow it got more views than your subscriber!! Be honest Did you pay someone at youtube

    • yoo

    • after surgery, this shit had me laughing and it LITERALLY hurt lol

    • I’m crying we need a DD roast

  • Jona was funny af and Natalie 💪

  • the 40 year old instagram model comment is too real 😭😭

  • 2:16 y is hk there tho

  • Natalie Actually kilt it !!

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  • the jokes that natalie was making about corinna were SO AWKWARD


  • Anyone else realize that the reason Jason and Jeff get along so well is because they’re the oldest in the group? Fucking lightbulb

  • Where's bignik?😂😂

  • Wow Natalie😐😂

  • Jonah went off ngl 😭😭😭

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  • Natalie was the worst hands down... not even funny just bitchy

  • He’s not married he divorced

  • Where is alex ernst

  • I used to not like Jonah, but he got SOOOO much better

  • 7:13 37:42 32:02

  • The fact that this whole friend group has been Vardan’s number 1 cheerleader for YEARS makes me SO happy this was one of the BEST vids of the vlog squad 😂😂😂

  • Jonah got his revenge for all the fat jokes😂

  • zanes reactions really made this

  • Love everyone in the Vlog Squad but Suzy was horrible lmao sounded like she was reading something in front of the class

    • Jokes were good tho, she was probably nervous

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  • You better have all been tested before making this video and these roasts weren’t as good as I hoped

  • Very few people that were roasted knew how to take a joke.

  • Tood was awsome

  • Jeff went off lmao

  • I’m only watching this now, have they all fallen out?

    • huh? fallen out wdym

  • We want a part2

  • Jeff killed it

  • I think everyone there has leeched off Dobruja in some way it another

  • I would rather die than do this. I can’t even give a presentation without almost throwing up before

    • @Cassidie Taylor yeah but it’s being filmed and put on the Internet for millions of people to see. I could never do that lol

    • Same, but I feel like it would be easier because it's infront of your friends.

  • Jonah was great

  • We need a part 2 of this ft corinna,heath,scott,alex,zane

  • holy shit this video is soooo dissappointing .how can a roasting video be this boring?ive watched "the roast of sidemen" more than 10 times and still laughed every single time like its my first time watching it. vlog squad is really struggling without david . except jason of course. i respect that guy

    • They didn't even credit the sidemen for the video idea..

  • You have to do another one

  • Jeff fucking killed this roast! Damn was that good or what?!

  • When Vardan and Susie have better jokes that Jonah😜😂🤣

  • bro if alex wouldve come yall wouldve shat ur pants

  • Bro Jonah ruthless bro 😂😂😂

  • Ohmygod, why I just discovered then rn

  • Ahhh I love comedy. It’s just telling the truth but making it funny. Felt the tension at the end of this one😂😂

  • Bruh at least give credits to the sidemen for the idea

  • David is better

  • Why r y’all attacking Natalie?

  • So COVID isn’t a thing?

  • Bruh is David to good to roast hahahaha

  • Poor Jonah looks fucking huuuuge. I hope he gets in shape for his own health...

  • The best was: Jeff, Jonah, Vardon, Jason, and Susie, and Matt king too so actually everyone but Todd and Natalie 😭

  • Matt killed this...just wow


  • How does David’s comment that’s on even on his video/channel have more likes than Jason’s comment on his own video lmao

  • Jonahs was the best!

  • you can hear suzie's laugh from across the room lol

  • Yepezbaez

  • I simp for Taylor

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  • do another

  • Nick was actually really funny

  • Part 2?

  • Natalies rost where boring as fuck Jeff,Jonah,and Jason's where PROBALLY my favorite every one

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  • Nobody actually went too hard on the main man Jason.

  • The MOST scripted show I’ve ever seen!!!!

  • been watching this everyweek since it came out!

  • jonah tho lmao

  • When next?!?!?!!!!!

  • Jonah was definetly the best one

  • the only ones i found funny was jeff and vardan.

  • why did no one burn vardan


  • Jeff killed this!

  • Personally I think the roast lineup should’ve been David Natalie Todd Scott Zane Heath Alex Ernst Corrina Jeff Jonah Josh Peck Brandon and Ilya That would’ve been the funniest shit of all time

  • Even Jeff fucking knows that David is Gay, either that or David just likes ugly girls. Cause there is no way in hell that any straight person in the right mind would reject Natalie, Corinna, Maddison, and all the other people he’s said no to.

  • Jeff looks so weird ngl

  • Bruh, If David was up there. He woulda ripped Jason a new one bro, Goddamn. He would’ve had Jason crying

  • how tf did jonah get fatter

  • Who is everyone saying Natalie sucked like yea she could’ve avoided a couple of jokes about Corinna but the rest was great like if anyone sucked that was Todd

  • I really wanted to see some one make fun of Brandon or Brandon be a roaster

  • Everyone: Talking about the Roast Me: Is that David with his vlog camera?

  • The title should have been "The Vlog Squads roast of Mike Jeffer"

  • Jason, Jeff, and Jonah were the funniest ones

  • I’ve got one. Corona you’ve f*cked every gamer And we wonder why David became one.

  • There needs to be another round of this an switch out different people as the roasters. Part 2.. but Matt King is still the host.😂

  • Need Alex ernst and durteee dom please we need itt

  • Next Alex ernst pleaseeeee

  • We need Alex ernst next please

  • second time watching, its fkn great

  • Where is Alex, big nick, and dirty dom

    • And that one guy from the kid show, and the lesbian best friends

  • lmao still so funny, Gotta do another one jason lmao

  • Stole from the sidemen

  • When is part 2 but with david this time and his assistant for support

  • This is the best. Love ur content and it glad you finally found a video worth the time energy and people.

  • I love how you can hear susies laugh

  • My son's tv quit working. We've been watching utube for 5 months. If it wasn't for you I'd of lost my mind. When they threw you a night club party at home it made me cry. So cool

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  • we all hate natalie now

  • Jeff bloody wittek

  • Why’s Todd look like loy from dumb and dumber lmfao haha 😆