SABATON - Livgardet (Official Music Video)

Publisert 26. feb.. 2021
The Official Music Video for Livgardet by Sabaton.
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========= Livgardet LYRICS =========
Smitt av eld och dalablod
Frusen mark och hjältemod
I en tid av krig de stod
Anor från blott 16 man
Rikets äldsta stridsförband
En tid
Av Krig
Vart vägen än bär
Att beskydda, gardet svär
För konung och rike de viger sitt liv
Knä om knä livgardet går
Kämpat för landsfader vår
Hängiven tjänst i 500 år
Från tåget över Bält
Stred vid Lund, på Narvas fält
De följa uti hjältars spår
Oavsett vem kronan bär
Till sin konung trohet svär
I en tid, av fred, de består
Traditioner i från förr
Vaktar ännu maktens dörr
I frid
Och i strid
Vart vägen än går
Runt vår konung gardet står
För land och för rike de offrar sitt liv
För Sverige i tiden
Dit konungen går
De gör vad som synes omöjligt, vad än framtiden spår
Vart vägen än bär
Att beskydda, gardet svär
För konung och rike de viger sitt liv
Ärat livgardet står
Grundat av landsfader vår
Hängiven tjänst i 500 år
Från tåget över Bält
Stred vid Lund, på Narvas fält
De följa uti hjältars spår
Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angels -CA -USA
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


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    • Love the song and as Dane it also makes me send positive thoughts towards our own Livgarde

    • Я нихуя не понимаю, что вы там поёте, но очень интересно

    • Nationalsång för Sverige 3.0.

    • Ready to retake St. Petersburg and Pomerania

    • Es ist ein bisschen langweilig


  • Badassery. I want a jacket like those

  • I learn more from these songs then in class

  • Hellre död än vid liv 💪 😉 Pansar 10

  • Love it!

  • Teacher: no eating in class! Kids at the back:

  • Hope one day Sabaton will sing about independence War In American Continent. ( I do not refer USA. As people who love story, America is a big continent, never will be just a country)

  • This is now my number 1 favourite song thank you Sabaton.

  • This is a weird sequel to the Royal Guard.

  • You know a band is good when they make a song in their native language and it STILL gets popular in a country that doesn't speak it. Rock on, boys!

  • Swedens *calmy* eating

  • *putting a wooden dummy on the map* Everybody: *start to killing each other*

  • It kinda looks like they are playing risk

  • I´m brazilian and see you singing in your mother language is awesome, your history!

  • 1:36 Jokiam, “Whoa! Chill the fuck out!! We got a video to make!”

  • Who's here after english version is out?

  • 1:16

  • Захотелось съездить в Швецию . И попробовать классическую шведскую еду .

  • Nothing wrong in this video Just show joakim great great grandfather with his homies eating

  • Another two or three songs in your language and i will start study it :^)

  • people who disliked it tried to revolt against the king but failed bc of the livgardet

  • 1:37 the ring is actually a beer cap opener :))))))))

  • Lol i can understand this becouce i am finnish.

  • Великолепно

  • I was at the concert in Vienna Jannuary 2020 and it was basically the last awesome event BC (before Corona) - I still draw joy from this truly awesome concert experience and every new song refreshes the memory. Hope we all can see you guys again soon

  • I just got an ikea ad on this video lol

  • Me when I have to cook for the team in cooking lesson, after that I bring the stuff to wash The team while I am away: 3:20

  • I enjoy this song

  • This looks and sounds like an old-world Christmas song

  • javla when they sing in Swedish it becomes more... natural, I guess. I hope there will be more songs in Swedish.

  • 3:20 to 3:48 make me have a goosebump

  • now i wanna get the gang together in 18th century uniforms and just go to a resteraunt

  • Please tell me you got the food out of the beautiful uniforms

  • This kind of makes me want a music video for Poltava

  • En liten Historia lektion =) Uniformen är från Karolinerna ett Elit stridsförband "Där Centern forfarande bestod av långa spjut och flanker med musköter och svärd, taktiken i hastigt drag var att ta sig så nära fiender som möjligt och skjuta "PointBlank" för att få maximal effekt.--- som grundades 1682 - 1721 togs ur tjänst under frihetstiden efter 1721 då Sverige bedrevs av en förmyndarregering under en tid. I Sverige hade vi Kungahuset Adeln och vanligt folk eller jordbrukare, Dessa var i majoritet och bryde sig inte om vilken fana de befann sig under , om det var Norge Danmark eller Sverige, den som gav bäst förutsättningar för ett gott liv var den man stod vid , annars brydde sig jordbrukare faga om vem som styrde, DVS begreppet Nationalism eller Patriotism fanns inte, detta är något nytt som kom för drygt 100 år sedan.

  • Даже жаль, что вы упоролись в нейтралитет, махаться с вами было весело. From Russia.)))

  • Wow. What a prideful moment for Swedes.

  • I think the Russian version is better

  • 03:05 joakim looks so sad bc of spilled wine🤣

    • @faki 69 if u are just alf, u are italian too ;)

    • @Gabriele Stella germano mosconi😍😍 i dont speak italian good but i am half italian

    • con mosconi come profilo hai vinto tutto

  • It's the most epic song I've ever heard. This should be the anthem of Sweden.

  • Makes me want to blast this in America but hell look at us. Everything is racist. I still do so anyways. God bless Sabaton fuck yes we love you.

  • I admire how beautiful Sweden is and its history!!!! I love Sabaton!

  • This is a really interesting piece. The music is actually a Silesian folk song with origins from Franz Liszt's oratorio the Legend of Saint Elizabeth. The earliest record of it is from 1842 when August Heinrich Hoffman von Fallersleben put it to religious text calling it: Most Beautiful Lord Jesus. It is most often sung as a hymn in many Christian churches. This is the first time I've heard the tune used with such a fast, hard pace with heavy metal. It is very appealing.

  • is this supposed to be Swedish for "the royal guard"? I looked it up and Livgardet is "the life guards".

    • Livgardet is the name in Swedish. Life guard would be livvakt.

    • nvm it is the same score with a different lyric

  • 3:00 looks like he started thinking the blood is actually just spilled wine, because the guy likes to spill wine all the time.

  • Elsker at den danske invasion skabte så meget kaos

    • Vi lät våran reserv arme ta hand om Dansken vid Helsingborg. Easy victory!

  • Guys the english version of this,'The Royal Guard'. Is the prequel music video for this music video. As in the start of that MV, theyre shown to fight off the bad guys and proceed to defend the king from them. In this MV they look like they come out of said battle.

  • This version is much better than the one with english lyrics mixed in, i won't play that vetsion again. I generally like songs that have one chosen language better than songs that are multilingual. The melody is too christmasy for me right now, i'll probavly listen to it more in november. I don't dislike the song as much for the christmad feeling as i first did.

  • Winged Hussars + Livgvardet = unstoppable army

  • Girls: Oh boy, a tea party! Boys: 0:00

  • *eats in swedish*

  • Parley... (wer zur Hölle hat sich das ausgedacht 🤣🤣🤣)

  • I always have goosebumps when we sing this melody at church. Now Sabaton is also adding to the epicness.

  • Jag tror att Livgardet på svenska är bättre än på engelska.

  • NO BAD NOlong No subtitles I can understand it a bit ok Google

  • Started a Civ6 game as Sweden, so I'm going to play this and the English version on repeat to help me win.

  • Can @Sabaton make another Scottish song BUT in Swedish? 😉😎👍

  • I live in Lund :)

  • its swedish

  • The Royal Guards is same thing like Livgardet but still I can't stop listening that

  • Tommy johannson looks like a recruit on this video xD

  • Maa on niin kaunis, kirkas Luojan Taivas, ihana on sielujen toiviotie. Maailman kautta kuljemme laulain, Taivasta kohti matka vie; Kiitävi aika, vierähtävät vuodet, miespolvet vaipuvat unholaan. Kirkasna aina sielujen laulun taivainen sointu säilyy vaan. Enkelit ensin paimenille lauloi, sielusta sieluhun kaiku soi: Kunnia Herran, maassa nyt rauha, kun Jeesus meille armon toi.

  • There's something special about sabaton singing about Swedish history. It feels like they're so much more invested in telling the story and it really comes out in these songs.

  • Vårt rike skulle aldrig vara likadant utan dom, dom är nästan heliga! Grattis Livgardet!!

  • Awesome song. Greetings from Macedonia.

  • Lassen Sie uns das deutsche Reich neu erschaffen

  • I want real Livgardet to sing this song and make video of this. It would be amazing

  • didn't understand a word of it, loved it anyway

  • My favourite part is that from 03:06 to 03:20. It makes me willing to learn Swedish!

  • I was surprised at how much time Sabaton spent on learning English during this period after the French occupation of that era!

  • Me, an American who has no knowledge of the Swedish language: Hmm yes... makes perfect sense

  • When I see how much effort you guys put into this video, I'm interested to see some 13th-14th, even 15th century song. It would mean all of you would have to wear Sabatons ;)

    • And we would all love that

  • Although I don't understand a word without the subtitles, I still prefer this version to the English one.

  • Great now i'm hungry lol

  • A very odd experience, this one. I am extremely split in a myriad of things. I like the obvious anti-inclusive narrative, yet I feel it is just an act to gain views. I like the pompousity of the song, but is it mocking the past glory of Sweden or praising it? I do not like the halfhearted approach of theatrical realism, yet I would like to see a proper, costumetorn and worn setting for a serious video. I never understood Sabaton as a band, and the vocals bleat all over, like a goat stuck in a fence with its horns, but at the same time it may fill some void to make people interested in other things than what is usually presented to them, although I feel Sabaton are just attentionseekers, and not really serious musicians.. Difficult, and a wee bit weird, all in all. 👊🏻✨

  • Gott mit uns!

  • Var kan jag få tag på en uniform

  • Min tjänst för Moder Svea är skrivet i blod.

  • Sverige är för svenskar.

  • Svearna har altid varit veka :D

  • Ni får Västgötablod. Jag kommer vara i tjänst.

  • These guys only have 1 million subscribers, but I feel like they deserve way more

  • This video happens after the royal guard music video

  • those are nice early 18th century uniforms

  • Prequel of "The Royal Guard"

    • @Dušan Yeah, guess you're right.

    • You mean Sequel? You can see blood on their coats

  • Кое-кто украл идею у Кокшонова

  • прекрасно

  • this video feels as if the events in this video happen after The Royal guard. This means 5 Swedish soldiers took down an army of men with muskets and swords and they all survived


  • Varför nämns det ingenstans att melodin är direkt tagen ur "Härlig är jorden"?

  • Fyfan den blir bara mäktigare för varje gång man hör den. Gåshuden är ett faktum.

  • We need a "cooking with Sabaton" show :D

  • I came here after The Royal Guard's release

  • Me, an American who has no knowledge of the Swedish language: Hmm yes, makes perfect sense

  • Maa on niin kaunis, kirkas Luojan taivas, Ihana on sielujen toiviotie. Maailman kautta kuljemme laulain, Taivasta kohden matka vie.

  • I've heard the tune before. Where did it come from?

  • Stolt Svensk - gjorde själv den sk värnplikten 87-88 vid Svea livgarde, Kungsängen, ledningspluton, med konungen av Sverige Carl XVI som formulär kompanichef, men av praktiska skäl så var han då ersatt av en riktigt bra tf kompanichef, Thomas (kommer inte ihåg efternamnet). Saknar lumparkompisarna väldigt mycket.

  • Why does Hannes appear as an "extra" in the credits?

  • I think they made the Swedish version better

  • Sounds very German