Publisert 6. okt.. 2020
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  • I sent this to my group chat and they all thought I was personally attacking them

  • All of these are my group chats.

  • I've been following adamantium since nearly the beginning, I swear to God it's like he progressively just gets funnier

  • It sounds like bad friends or young people problems. But yes I remember having this problem in my early twenties.

  • I always mute the group when i join one

  • Swoozie if you want that work in a nerf war you can get it lmk sometime 🕴🏾

  • 0:16 All might

  • This boy not be putting his phone on "do not disturb" mode when he sleep?

  • The allmight part got me tho 😂😂😂😂

  • i dont wanna get shot wit yo banana clipz

  • 1:35

  • 1:34

  • Swoozimight

  • You're not talking in the group chat and everyone's wilding out But the moment you come back and type it's dead quiet

  • yes swoozie = god!

  • CHIkky NUUgiE picS

  • Sadly im the person who never talks

  • this of must been uploaded 2 years ago if allmights that strong

  • Swooze is a MHA fan?......Word......LETS GOOO

  • All Swooze

  • Was that where you went that day????

  • All might???

  • Nobody ever acknowledges my texts

  • The group chat part was so relatable that’s how 12 year old in discord chat and think their funny

  • I'm commenting everywhere

  • Same

  • The person that never talks has probably seen dark crap

  • Jokes on you. I don't have that many friends. Hahahaha... hahaha.... ha... ha. *sigh* 😒

  • Love everything bout this bro!

  • I’m sorry but All Might 😭 in my head “that wasn’t very plus ultra of u”

  • can't wait for you to have your own show or short series!!!

  • Swoozie it’s called @everyone

  • So we not gonna talk about how literally everyone in the gc has the power to kick anyone else out, even for no reason.



  • I feel called out.

  • Text font identified: Wingdings

  • PlUs UlTrA

  • im the guy in the group who dant say shit

  • 69k likes?1

  • my group chat barely cared when i sent them this video : T

  • I love this sosososososososo much

  • Ya

  • I literally started laughing when he made that scene from the movie us.

  • No one got the US reference 😂

  • 1:00 aw na if that was anime the moon would have exploded

  • Group chat landed two kpop stars in jail

  • Ducking Christ all my pains being told I'm the rude one have been lifted... Been a huge victim to lost sauce and then being told that I'm making a scene was the worst like ok smash is cool and all but do we really need to talk about shulk without a shirt for 67th time today like skullgirls anyone, guilty gear anyone... ... nah mister alien over here travelin farther than mr.worldwide...

  • bruh let's play RoR2 and go hard in the paint

  • you'd be surpsrised how much this happens to me. like bruh why even have me here.....i yall gonna pretend i dont exist. and then i leave right? "nooono dont goo we need you" ..........excuse me?

  • Who does his animations? Is it him?

  • I was in a gaming group chat and some people were talking about how terrible were friends was at gaming, I stepped in and they said “oh sh*t” Yeah so my friend actually destroyed them in a 2v2, we all unfriended them...

  • “Just add s or makes one of the words uppercase” “sWooZie” “sWZ” Yea I think I know who they are

  • Oh don't forget about getting kick out for the must dumbess things ever or then being forgot about to never get added back over something so small that it really doesn't make any sense. If your friends say the group chat is dead and not active because of you then good chance your like me that kept people to start a conversation and make them laugh have good time.

  • Omg I relate so much like when I talk in a group chat which I'm in a group chat rn. Everyone ignores me and I feel left out so I leave but when I leave they all of a sudden feel personally attack like it hurts so bad...Like I feel like they have me here for no reason...

    • Even when I try to be interesting and show what I can do they still ignore you but your doing something bad they all of sudden wanna talk to you but after a while they forget that you even exist

  • It’s sad how this is very relatable

  • Lol dat dude swoozie crazy

  • Really missed an opportunity. Could have said “Conswoozed”. Also that person that never talks. Oh man. Irks me

  • Swoozie you are amazing

  • This is literally wut typing in discord be like

  • 1:19 bruh you copy from this one movie US have you watched it because I have. And maby you to bc of you saying IF YOU WAANA GET CRAZY WE CAN GET CRAZY with a BAT too.

  • the way im in that sub chat within a group chat 👁👄👁

  • luvv those vidsssss

  • I am the title master and my group better damn PREESH MY TITLE SKILLS.

  • soooooo...does this mean I can add you to my group chat?

  • Just sayin as that dude who's silent most the time, its either cuz A. They got something goin on or just don't have a lotta time or B. They hate themselves and don't consider anything they say in the chat to be relevant. Either way, its probably a good idea for them to leave the chat.

  • 1:19 Dont tell me yall didnt notice that "US" reference

  • :55 - 1:00 me in gorn and I knock somebody out


  • G just turn your phone on silent

  • thanks that's some good advise but i don't got friends to make a group chat with *laughs in lonely*

  • Bro just sayin, I’m up for some ror2 if no one else’s volunteering

  • 'And I run up on you, wearing my anime cosplay' -sWooZie 2020 -ps. love your vids :)

  • I’m the ghost


  • Me:Chicken nuggies is literally me and brothers word first like WHY TAKING THe WORD AND YEa WhYy AAaAaAAaAaAAa

  • I watch my hero academia

  • I'm that one person in the group chat that's ALWAYS quiet.. I say "hi" when I join and just.. don't say anything afterwards Reasons why: 1. Friends invited me to the gc that I usually talk to in DMs with, so there's no point in talking to them in the gc, so I stay in DMs. 2. I can't bring myself to leave the gc because an important friend of mine added me to it. 3. Too lazy to leave. 4. I only talk to people in DMs.

  • That all might I see

  • But he made chicken nuggies? What's wrong with the nuggies?

  • Lol yeah, that dude swoozie crazy

  • U a trini aren't you

  • I think I am adding

  • I think I am adding

  • I just realized that I got burned because I’m the one who don’t do nothing an’ I’m just sayin’ dat weewy huwt my feewings sWooZie

  • Love the “Us” reference

  • yep swoozie lowkey crazy

  • He really said All Might

  • The animations top tier

  • Same here I’m in this situation

  • This is so true :) I hate group chats

  • Lol yeah that dude swooZie crazy

  • Love the mha reference

  • Oh no he did it with the US movie

  • swoozie turn into ALL MIGHT from boku no hero

  • this deserves 1 million views

  • I’ve learned to not take this kind of stuff to heart. And if the chat has a problem with me, then so be it; no point getting worked about being ignored believ me I’ve been there swooz . Still love you ❤️❤️

  • the i know were u live part kill me

  • That so true

  • You drew the evil family from us except the mom wasn't evil she wanted revenge for being kidnapped 1:19