Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart | The Dodo Faith = Restored

Publisert 7. jan.. 2021
Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart 💕
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  • People who eat animals are awful

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  • I’m ugly crying... I hate how humans take everything away from animals & how humans decide their fate... we need more people like this woman 💕

  • Beautiful!

  • "I will always return"

  • This is the most beautiful story ever.😭😭🤩🤩😘😘😘😘

  • This is stupidity and she got all you bleeding hearts... Hahaha. Horses don't love each other

  • Awesome. Hope they'll never get separated again and having a good time together . 🤞🏼

  • If only I hadn’t watched “My Horse Prince” before this....... please don’t search it up *IT’S TRAUMATIZING*

  • Wheres Roach?

  • This video told me that i was poor really loudly

  • Beautiful.

  • Wow this is touching

  • He missed his booo

  • Just got rejected from a university I worked 4 years to get into this made my day you have no idea

  • so cuteeee 😍🥰❣️

  • Just thinking how if somebody else got Phoenix then Phoenix would still be looking for Ghost

  • He he’ll naw that horse ain’t even say thank you I’m taking ghost back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Love this. We have a Missouri Fox Trotter and a Palomino. They are best friends and inseparable.

  • "So far but our hearts are close" Quote by oofloofpoof

  • The horse trade is horrendous. Wild horses are captured and sold to the meat market or they are chased to death by helicopter. And domesticated horses are 9/10 sold to the meat market. Horses are fast reaction animals and are often not killed properly if at all before they are skinned and butchered alive. You will find horses being sent to Canada, Mexico, or over seas. Honestly, horses get much worse treatment than cows, dogs, etc. because of their reaction time and endure more. I have a friend who rescued a mother mini and her 2 month old baby from slaughter. And just recently she saw a 2 yr old black and white leopard appaloosa gelding put up for slaughter. She rescued him too, if the people who had him understood his value just by the rarity of his pattern they would've kept him and bread him.

  • T Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture!!’n God Bless You💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • My mom always use to sing a song "wild horses couldn't tare us apart" idkw just reminded me of that and it's fitting for the Story of the two horses lol

    • Wild Humans Couldn't Tare Us Apart

  • Wait- is Phoenix a stallion? If he is then that would make an adorable child XD

  • Is there a full video? this is like a real movie

  • Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you!

  • I loaned a horse to my friend to take on a camping trip. While he was gone his dad passed away. When he got back it didn't seem as if he noticed his dad was gone. I had many (18) other horses. About 2 years later I got a chance to get his granddaughter. She was the spitting image of her granddaddy. The day she arrived the horses were way out in the lower pasture. I put her in a pen up close to the house. The son saw her from really far away he started calling and running to her. He is normally a very quiet horse. He got about 30 ft from her and did a slide stop and turn away and dropped his head. He had realized it wasn't his dad but in disbelief he kept turning his head to look at her and then look away and drop his head. It was amazing and sad.

  • Ouch

  • Reality.

  • Is it bad this makes me cry 😭 I can’t stop send help I’m not even joking 😭😭😭

  • The thumbnail picture for this video is extremely disturbing. All I see is a panicked horse jumping over the fence that was only going to lead to a bad fall. The management of our wild-horse leaves a lot to be desired.

  • True ❤️😍😌

  • Heartwarming... but it only reminds me that humans suck bro

  • So glad that they are together again !!!!!🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

  • That’s so cute!!!🥰

  • I don;t understand how you could NOT like this video. Happy for Ghost and Phoenix. Horses are great.

  • Mare I wanna

  • All that rolling. Like a baby pig not been in much land, going into mud and being happy.

  • Awh this is so amazing 👏 💖

  • And they say animals don't have feelings...

  • Phoenix and Ghost.. both are lucky than atleast half of human race...

  • Ba wow ouin

  • wonderful story and i love your dedication in brining them back together

  • "It's like they've never been apart". Me; I'll bet they haven't either.🤔 Too much anthropomorphism spoils the wattpad sob story.

  • why does phoenix’s head look like a moose

  • 💕😘 love knows best💕😘

  • God is The Greatest

  • and you just never tried another mare? clever.

  • Even horses aren't single😥😥

  • or she was an independent woman ‘til y’all brought her back and changed her name?

    • Yeah, right. She looks like she's complaining to you? Or did she send you an email with her tale - or tail - of woe?

  • Spirit film

  • I would get lost everyday if I was on a property like that.

  • Vin Diesel watching the video: ”This is Family”

  • I. Don’t know why I even watched that.... 😢😭

  • this should have been on the halmart channel

  • These horses are so Gorgeous! Phoenix has the same roany-bay color that my mare had. Years ago I had a T-bred mare who was a quarter Appaloosa . One day there was a new boarder on the ranch and their horse and my mare were calling out to each other . They were so happy to see each other. We didn’t understand at first what the strong connection between our two mares was . We thought maybe they just knew each other from another horse ranch. It took a little bit of detective work to find out that they were Momma and baby.💕❤️🥰🐴🐎

  • i have so much appreciation towards this woman for being so dedicated to reunite them again.

    • Vin Diesel watching the video: ”This is Family”

  • Whoever is doing the voice over, im either in a bad mood or you really need to relax good god

  • Damn these videos.. Always make me cry

  • That is so awesome! What a heart warming story ❤ God bless you for your diligence in reuniting these 2 beautiful horses! May your rewards be counted and received in heaven! 🙏

  • And a special thank you to the BLM for trying to eradicate Wild Horses...Your Tax Dollars at Work.

    • Omg they are trying to keep them from starvation

  • guinea-pig

  • Oh lady .....

  • Cool fact: "Heartland" tv series has 2 horses named phoenix and ghost

  • You are such a beautiful person! Thank you!!

  • Your such a beautiful empath and understand the connection of family/bond in this moment you kept pursuing. I teared up just watching them reunited. I look forward to more soul rewarding moments. Thank you for sharing. HOPE.

  • horse has better relationship than my relationship with my girlfriend

  • This actually made me cry because it reminds me how strong and beautiful love is.

  • Maybe yall can help me. Im looking for my ex name Maggie. About 5'3. 120lbs. We got separated about 10 years ago when she changed her # and blocked me on social media

  • Beautifull people ,gave m hope💕

  • O my gosh...thank you so much for your diligence in bringing them back together❤ this was beautiful😭(happy tears🤭)

  • Wow - what a GREAT story !!! Thank you for sharing that! Good stuff !!!

  • That's a cool dog check the description if you don't know what I'm talking about

  • So cute

  • Thx now I feel better 😑

  • These two are gorgeous

  • Ha

  • Lol

  • Y’all think this is so sweet they lost eachother and she brought them back together but she brought them back together and they will lose eachother all over again eventually.

  • How very beautiful!

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  • That was wonderful thanks so much

  • thank you for doing this for this family

  • Beautiful Testement to our Loving Creator YHWH and his beautiful Love instilled within all of his creatures.

  • You are a wonderful human being!

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  • I'm cutting onions. Dont mind me T-T

  • That is sweet beyond the pale

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  • So sweet

  • You did an outstanding job 👏🌹

  • Well that builds up my depression Lol

  • "Horses are not monogamous animals, and pairs of horses do not establish lifelong relationships." :/

  • I think ive seen this movie before...

  • That's a happy Bo-Jack!

  • I want to know why anyone would click the dislike button? Why?

  • Omg I'm so happy for them!!!!!! Phoenix looks so happy & so does Gost!

  • Beautiful story, hard to believe that anyone would give this story a thumbs down!!

  • And then pheonix got down on one "neigh"

  • Knowing people like this exist and are making such amazing things happen is why I don't lose faith in humanity.