Food Theory: The TRUE Cost of Winning $1,000,000 at McDonald's (Monopoly)

Publisert 13. aug.. 2020
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Have you ever played McDonald's Monopoly competition hoping to win the big $1,000,000? So have I but like most people who play, it hasn't happened yet. So I wanted to see if I could figure out what it takes to WIN the jackpot prize. It turns out becoming a McDonald's Millionaire is not very pretty. Or cheap. Or healthy. Food Theorists, prepare yourself for a big serving of greasy truth!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • There's no way of winning McDonalds Monopoly? *Man, that's Double Baltic*

  • New theory: McDonalds wanted to hide the truth about the monopoly game being rigged, so they cause nine eleven

  • i got it once but ger rules

  • Solution, donate all the food to charity

  • My favourite mcdino is the quarter pwnder mc cheesosaur

  • 4:08 flat earther's map?

  • couldn't you write the letters on other time and just send them in during the window

  • Something tells me he was the one selling those toys on eBay and mentioned it in his previous Theory video to try to get people to bid on it. But hey that's just a theory

  • in the intro i heard "hi my name is Karen" but there was nothing

  • mdmdm

  • So you're saying McDonald's cause 9/11? 🤔

  • For our McDonald’s monopoly you have to scan a QR code on the card and you have a chance to win $50-$1000000

  • 2:25 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹: ANGRY NOISES

  • 4:08 And the version of the currently non-existent UK Man, that’s double Baltic.

  • Netflix is making a season two of the Winx live action reboot? Double Baltic!

  • Please! Talk about the guy that won the danimals cruise that was only 1 winner and it went to the ONLY country they said couldnt win in....

  • Yeah ask a couple of 4 year olds to recognize Jesus Christ aka the most recognized figure in religion ever or ronold mec donold the mascot of that one restaurant that they always ask for


  • #frieseratpos

  • Australia Macca's likes monopoly

  • I'm unconcerned that the kids didn't recognize jesus. That's totally fine. Indoctrination is wrong, they can decide when they're adults if they believe in a sky daddy

  • I cant believe they brought this Monopoly Game back after the NetFlix Special exposed the gimmick and showed the people that were charged and jailed for fraud lol.

  • another fucking thing ruined by the rich

  • the outro meme was about eating friends which brings me back to my presentation about what the krusty krab secret ingredient is...

  • dancing bannana in the intro: YEAH, DO GAMBLING KIDS!

  • 0:23 Kevin from the office with is famous chili LOL

  • Anyone else hear mr beast?

  • 5:35 hashbrowns spelled wrong

  • Well done mate

  • More recognizable than JESUS!? WOW.

  • I got sick just watching this ;~;

  • ._.

  • 4:19 if your fries crunch there is something wrong with your meal

  • i dont understand 70% of what he says but i still love watching

  • G E O R G E W B U S H

  • So basically what you're saying iiiiisss..... McDonald's did 9/11 to keep they're scam from going to trial.

  • 10:55 i eat plain nuggies T^T i just think it taste better

  • 4:10 where is the uk?

  • It's been 5 months Matt, where is your sequel? I wanna know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  • Bro in my country my favorite meal was 5$ now its 23$ btw my country is Lebanon

  • I love that intro

  • Matt Pat can you do a video on why whenever you eat because when I use all the chicken nuggets are you in the face you get to give me their McDonald’s catch up I will get my jacket from home put it onto her in the door and chicken nugget but not sure on the chicken nuggets and I’ll just get them in any rush up to it so I would eat them playing but whenever I have a source for McDonald’s ketchup no can you help me with that

  • Could you also do a video for the monopoly video that Albertsons/Safeway does? My mom won a grocery gift card doing that once but I wonder if anyone ever won any of the bigger prizes

  • Before it was 1M in Canada, and each years they low the grand prize since few years.... Wich is sad....

  • lol, mcdonalds monopily was rigged.... sunk cost falacy intensifies

  • dude i am not creepy!!! i am funni mcdonal man

  • 12:03 You have to make money to lose money

  • Truth is kid, The game was rigged from the start.

  • No real people ever won the game. There was a cheating done buy the game piece distributor. The guy was stealing the million pieces and selling them

  • Can you please please do something with Canada? Your Canadian viewers will thank you 🙏!!!

  • You’re lucky Americans. We don’t even have that.

  • 5:37 >has

  • But matt pat shouldn't they have put the winning monopoly peices back in circulation by now?


  • 14:11 “eat a friend heck, eat them all” -McDonald’s 2020

  • Y'know, maybe you should go for the baltics: - Only need 2 stamps - Gets you $50 per monopoly - Are the most common pieces But that being the solution is still pretty Double Baltic

  • Even if it was not rigged there still would not be 100% chance that you would win

  • I was always always disappointed when I got properties. I wanted the coupons.

  • This intro: the Karen food theory cross over no one asked for but we all sure enjoyed it

  • Is this evidence that McDonalds caused 9/11?

  • You guys are talking about Double Baltic and Mcnopoly, but I'm still thinking how the kid knows who the name "George W. Bush" is but doesn't know who Jesus Christ is.

  • I got a free Fanta from my large fries last year. And that’s enough for me.

  • Homosapiens have arguably been around longer. Albert Perry was found to have a Y chromosome with a genetic marker that dates 340,000 years back. Look it up

  • I watched now 15 minutes to find out that winning a million dollar in a lottery cant be forced but has to be lucked. Hm, you would think i reached this conclusion years ago.

  • 0:01 Karens be like!!

  • My grandma has fry - cerotops B) XD

  • Remember that time McDonald’s did that monopoly advertisement and the fbi got involved because someone stole all the winning stickers

  • "...not dipping your McNuggets in anything...also might be a sign you're a sociopath" Me: Having never a single McDonald's fry or chicken nugget dipped in anything at all in my whole life. I feel very called out right now......

  • bro what happened to the Uk at 4:11

  • You could just give all that food to a food bank you know. 🤦‍♂️

  • This is utter bullshit. This is as bad as alot of scams like Roblox and Fortnite

  • 2021 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Conspyracy theory: 911 happened because McDonald's wanted to keep the secret of the monopoly game

  • Me: NUG! You're back Nug: nuggets! did not get the joke? 99.99% will not and that 0.01% did get it well you did not Couse its not a joke GOTCHA! now that's a joke!

  • How to stop world hunger: win McDonald’s monopoly

  • I love eating blue whales

  • I had a brain blasted watching that intro

  • yey poland

  • Now mr beast will buy all that it takes to get all colors and donate all the mcdonald meals to charity

  • 0:00 uh oh who let the Karen In

  • Dont think i dont know what that monster is well i do know and it be timewizard

  • I didn’t know I was a sociopath until I saw this video. Thank you. I don’t like sauce, and I also like hurting people

  • *shows Jesus* “Who’s this?” “George W. Bush?”

  • Mat pat: “If your were living under a rock, get out of the rock, sit on zed rock.” Me: *Pulls out ladder*

  • McDonalds caused 9/11

  • Mabey the hand handers might have caused 9/11 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • where did you find all these Heathern children raised by Atheists LoL

  • McDonald’s: truth is.... game was rigged from the start

  • A “quarter pound” burger at McDonalds is actually 1.6 oz after “cooking and for just the burger is $3.79 It would take 10, 1.6 oz burgers to equal 1 pound, meaning McDonalds sells ground beef (not premium grass-fed) at nearly $38 per pound Think about that next time your sitting at the drive thru A full pound of premium grass-fed ground beef at the grocery store goes for $10

  • 8:03 was that a zombie zuckerberg?

  • 12:27 to be honest Reggie, the game was rigged from the start.

  • * Lost $1 billion to McDonalds * * Eats 132 billion calories from the McDonalds food * *Double Baltic*

  • There is no earthly way to buy that many menu items before the time frame of the sweepstakes close.

  • McDonald's did 9/11

  • 8:05 mark Zukerburg in the background

  • 8:00 Me: Ah I see, rich humor, hahahaha

  • I really want a burger now

  • Theory : The true characteristics of MatPat is childish :D

  • J

  • happy meal / sad meal