Publisert 2. mai. 2021
Man United vs Liverpool! Join Craig for our Premier League watchalong as the Reds travel to Old Trafford
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  • have the club an embarrassment so i support the glazer out . I hear there is some cheese and onion crisps being hand out I’ll get one to cheer me up

  • Clown your club has done a lot worse you clown out an out clown

  • When's the match on craig

  • have the club an embarrassment so i support the glazer out . I hear there is some cheese and onion crisps being hand out I’ll get one to cheer me up

  • The real protesters stick to rules and laws the others (the scum) don't stick to the rules and start vandalizing this isn't targeted at United but in general pathetic 🤡s

  • Ngl the most surprising thing is that United scored we all expected the scorpion kick from the 6 yard box

    • As a utd fan..u got to respect this guy

  • You'll rise up about football and create havoc that creates change... Yet couch potato yourself through your rights being eroded day after day

    • @Anfield Agenda u didn’t see the message when a fan said livpool should get points so I was talking to him sry bout that

    • @Anfield Agenda Yesterday, around 100 Man Utd fans storm the pitch at Old Trafford and the press give it massive coverage April 24th, around 1 million people take to the streets of London to peacefully unite in fighting for our future and our freedoms and the media choose to ignore it Why the silence Are you questioning it yet You should be!! Wakey wakey!!!

    • So you decided you’d make some blanket statement about me when you know absolutely nothing about my life. There’s always someone like you that just wants to feel morally superior to others. I speak up & take action against anything I believe unjust & that goes for all aspects of my life

  • Full time:man Utd 1-8liverpool. scorers:Nat phillips (x4). alisson (x2) salah and jota rashford Motm Nat phillips speaking to sky sports: that was the easiest games of my career literally every time I kicked the ball it went into the net. Geoff shreeves (sky sports reporter) and what about the bicycle kick you scored that was amazing: Nat: well the game was too easy so I thought why not do something amazing and score a bicycle kick from my own half also i heard some rumours of cheese and onion crisps being hand out I hope I get one. geoff: thank you you are the man of the match Nat:cheers geoff Klopp: well that was amazing literally amazing nat phillips oh my what a goal a superstar and Alisson amazing goal united had no chance so we just let them score 1. also there are rumours of cheese and onion crisps being hand out I want to get one Solksjaer : that was embarrassing no aggression no passion what was bruno doing with his pen it could’ve gone into space with his penalty also glazer out i blame glazers for this about the match was pogba and cavani sleeping. Gary Neville embarrassing i am disgusted by that performance no passion no hunger to win and to the glazer: look have what you done you have the club an embarrassment so i support the glazer out . I hear there is some cheese and onion crisps being hand out I’ll get one to cheer me up

  • This stream was so funny😂

  • England needs a new Margaret Thacher. You've got to put a stop to all this socialist bullshit. Did we watch on TV when they got into the stadium and started freaking out? The owners of Manchester U. should call the police and make peace immediately. The match should not be postponed. According to the rules, it's a walkover - Liverpool has three points - because Manchester didn't prepare for the game. What's the matter with you people? Do you want communism at home?

  • If the game postponed because of Manchester fans making the trouble.. Liverpool can claimed the victory for the match

    • As a utd fan..u got to respect this guy

  • Top liver

  • Hi bradley

  • Ferguson went into business with IRA funding racehorse owners?

  • Craig, The Magnificent, is one of the best (if not the best). I like his objective analysis of neatly all the matches (and football events). Kudos to you Craig.

  • How did they get in

  • What's the time now

  • I thought that if you fail to secure your ground then the match is awarded to the away side 0-3?

  • Hi ya craig Brendan

  • 1-0 22:46 1-1 59:26 2-1 1:43:17 There's nothing else to do, might as well shitpost.

    • Legend! Thanks.

  • As a utd fan..u got to respect this guy

  • Will we be playing wfm

  • wow this couldn't look any more like United stand if he tried I reckon haha

  • When's the match on craig

  • A lot of Respect for this guy 🙌🏿 F*ck the plastic fans chatting about points and taking digs at this guy

  • Ironically, by the time this game is played, fans might be allowed back in the ground.

  • Craig is a wonderful man. Even though this game was postponed he got on and did a live stream Good onya Craig WFM

    • @nieooj gotoy oh yeah I love that picture next to your name

    • Bro I'm going to support you the hole step of the way love you so much mate ❤

  • 🐐

  • Breaking news manchester united owners will be hit with a severe penalty & bruno fernandes will take it.

  • lol...rioting spectators it proclaimed on Sky( bullshit media) News..more like little bits of kids running around the pitch🤔

  • Why so negative about protest? Yeah when you protest few things get broken. So what If Super League succeeded there would be about 3 million lives in Europe broken. Lives not property. That's how many people make living of football in Europe. Also this is not just football. It goes deeper then that I think

    • @Hisham Ahmed I know his stance that's why I check out his videos and subscribed. I watch my football here in Canada at pub full of Liverpoolians. My comment wasn't directed to him anyway. I've already explained that. Zivio 🍺

    • @Anfield Agenda I wasn't talking about you specifically buddy. I was referring to few comments down below & on another platforms. I guess I didn't word it right.

    • @Anfield Agenda I didn’t watch this stream but once I read that person’s comment I knew he didn’t know what ur stance on this was ur a proper football fan and a classy person

    • Who’s negative? I said I supported the protest!

  • Wonderful work Craig! I've been following since you had 30k,best Liverpool podcast mate..keep up the good work

  • This guy is really a rare personality for football. Cheers!

    • @Chance Abram Yup, I have been using flixzone for years myself =)

    • a tip: you can watch series on flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies these days.


  • Bro I'm going to support you the hole step of the way love you so much mate ❤

  • Whodve knew, football wouldve been better with super league, at least the games wouldve been played... we were supposed to be quiet and accept it, now we dont get any football 👍

  • Shut up Man utd support base were very civil in their protest. U guys have gone step further loserpoop fc

  • this shows that the converation needs to be had!! this is just not about manu!! hopefully fsg are also watching and taking notes!!! and learning!! i have no idea whats going on or how serious! but the glazers think theyre are getting away with it!!! hopefully the glazers are watching and do something???!! neville is the one inciting this sooooo.....

  • Miss the comments a fan said that liv should get points

  • Great job bro, shame about the game

  • Man United should not go to pitch and protest

    • @Micheal McGee trying to delay games make our point heard clearly

    • Clown

    • @JACINTA MARY JC No it’s just people showing what they want for their club I’m sure liverpool fans would do the same if they were in this situation

    • I know all the protesting and shite but jesus I dont see the point going on the pitch

    • They're dumb

  • Ok

  • O comentário Brasileiro que vc estava procurando