The Bird Tier List

Publisert 3. juni. 2021
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Pigeon Fights Off Crow:

Sandhill Crane VS Black Bear:
Tawny Owl Caught in Rainstorm:
Great Horned Owl Defends Nest from Raccoon:
Swan Attacks Seagull:
Falcon Chases Homing Pigeon:
Falcon VS Goose:
Swans Bullying Random People In Park:


  • Sorry for such a long delay between uploads! Hopefully this video being about triple the length of my average videos makes up for it!

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    • @AGGREY ESENDI OGADA Stuff it spammer.

    • Just never stop (until you care to do so)

    • What is the game call?

    • @Benjami Torres-Hatch ok Australian.

  • hey tierzoo, what build class u like playing the most, woodpeckers are secretly toptiers trust me

  • Im surprised that the cassowary didnt make it to the tier list

  • He missed a perfect opportunity to make a falcon punch joke.

  • PLEASE do mantis shrimp! PLZZZZ I NEED IT

  • I really want an MMO based entirely on the real world. The insanity that would occur would be incredible.

  • Hm i wonder why cockatieals arent in the parrots team cuz cockatieals are also smart

  • allows them to be far more accurate with their pecking attacks. bird on screen: misses*

  • I love how you took Kass' theme for parrots.

  • Can u make tier list of allosaurids and monkeys

    • Or can u make lets play: monkey Great monkey not the presimians

  • What about king fisher

  • This is an amazingly original approach to classifying bird success - most enlightening

  • Is the peacock the only dungeons and dragons variant class option?

  • I've literally just discovered this channel and I don't think I've ever subscribed as fast. Absolute gold

  • You should make a plant tier list

  • shoebills would be cool

  • Why did you remove all humans except for homosapiens? Neantherthals were really op

  • Will this joke ever get old?

  • This guy is so cool. He teaches everyone about different animals in such a cool way

  • show us mods

  • OK all pretending "everything is a game" aside why did a seagull buy a bag of chips

  • I need a link to the background music

  • 0:38 Gotta love that black ops multilplayer theme.

  • Is there a game similar to what he’s describing?

  • can you do Axolotls

  • What abouts grebes

  • I see you've done a cryptid list for the current meta, but have you looked into rumoured classes from older versions, and in-house development and private beta versions of the game? I'm thinking classes like the unicorn, pegasus, dragon, gryphon, fairy folk of various descriptions and so on that are often talked about, but never (to my knowledge at least) actually implemented on the public servers. There are also persistent rumours of undead builds - perhaps on private servers? A tier list for those might be interesting too.

  • no mention of the brazilian harpy eagle :(

  • i love your channel but as an Australian i have to say tierzoo said emu wrong its em you not e moo

  • I loved the intro

  • make a dragon tier list

  • how bout magpies?

  • This was so entertaining to watch. Great video!!

  • 7:47 what's that bird with the Mitch McConnell neck bullying the flamingo? I've never seen that species before

  • Has anyone actually made a game like this please i really want this

  • Anyone know the music for the vultures class played at 9:30?

  • man the virus event sucks man last time they did this event everyone got destroyed man

  • What about the condor ? Second largest bird but scavenger.

  • What's the name of ypur outro music??

  • The game

  • Your videos would be so much better without the cringey gamer schtick

  • Came here to see how ratites fair on here (hence my username). You pronounce emus wrong and put ratites at the bottom of the list. SHAME! Also you spelt ratites wrong.

  • I am curious where turkeys fall, though I imagine they’re not far off from the chicken.

  • what about shoebill?

  • I'd like to see kookaburras. I think they would be S tier.

  • can you do an ant tier list?

  • Yo, are you a millennial like myself!? I only ask because I'm picking up on literally every single video game reference in many of your videos dude and it's awesome. I'm learning while dying from laughter! I love the way you make your content. Keep up the amazing work, fantastic humor, and never stop with the references! xD

  • Still waiting for human nerf patch

  • The Lego Yoda death sound fucking killed me LMFAOOOOOOOO

  • 5:26 boots boots boots

  • I want to know if Stingrays, Giraffes, or Praying Mantises are OP

  • Wate i just realized something, what if there is a god and he just made us as a game server😂 your so convinceing about this it makes to much sence im going nuts your chanal is to underated oh wate 2 million ppl subbed thats good it needs to be talked about more tho

  • you could easily do a part 2 or even 3 for the birds

  • that are new to the game and looking for a more relaxed, trading-focused playstyle, egg-laying chicken classes can be really good!

  • I laughed so hard watching that swan attacking the girls HAHAHAH

  • 19:05 I need percing dmg man

    • I'm still waiting for the video on Florida Man.

  • wind waker songs... nice

  • What about the Condor and the Albatros? Those big flying birds sure are over the top of most birds.

  • I clicked the video knowing the whole A and S tier. Yea, I have been subscribed for a while

  • 7:36 the music fits flamingoes very well, must say.

  • Shoebill

  • Imagine choosing the chicken class and begin stuck in a human factory for your entire life.

  • Ok I know im late but could you do a video on cassowarries? (No clur if i spelt it right)

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    • I wanted to trade Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price

    • Crypto is the new gold

    • Most intelligent words I've heard.

  • Zamisli da je jedan od najboljih ptica vrabac.

  • Why is everyone ignoring the Penguin's incredible string at 11:01? it doesn't even bounce him back when his opponent guards!

    • It's ''Mario takes a walk''. You're welcome!

  • So you said they were playable, how do I play this class?

  • The crow at 21:42 pretended to not peck the heron. That crow did it for fun.

  • No fowlchart hens?

  • The limping sheep culturally unlock because purchase premenstrually bat given a slimy surgeon. axiomatic, panicky border

  • I'm still waiting for the video on Florida Man.

  • no ducks, *sad shuba noises*

  • OUCH 18:15

  • Parasite tier list

  • Anyone else having the glitch were they can’t switch classes

  • are plants a playable class? 'cause they are living creatures as well...

  • 8:10 Leeeeeeeroyyyyyyy Jeeeeeeenkiiiiiinnnsssssssssss

  • Haven't watched the video yet, but I swear, if the eagle class and owl class isn't in the upper tiers, I'm gonna call bullshit. Little shits have been needing a nerf since the start of the "Rise of human intelligence" meta.

  • He missed the rhea!

    • @Cenectric it’s a cousin to an ostrich but smaller and with 3 toes

    • What even is a rhea

  • you should do like a really big collab with some 1 or some company or like a couple ytrs and make an actuall "outside" game

  • I gotta say bud, you're wrong about pigeons.

    • @Cenectric There is a big disconnect here between feral (city) pigeons and wild pigeons. While they are taxonomically and anatomically the same animal they would have wildly different builds and behaviors. Wild pigeons, or as they're called Rock Doves, evolved alongside peregrine falcons as their natural predator, which means they are one of the fastest birds in a straight line in the animal kingdom. Pigeons were originally domesticated as race birds, because they can reach speeds of up to 90mph. I would say this is a stand-out stat. Pigeons, even outside the mentioned navigation abilities, have been tested to be extremely intelligent birds and possess far above average ability to discriminate between objects, remember large amounts of information, and be able to repeat complex strings of actions.

    • wdym

  • Microscopic creature tier list?

  • Are skunks op

    • Short answer: Yes Long answer: they have the move skunk spray which blinds opponents and causes accuracy penalties which give it all the time it needs to scuttle away.

  • The past jaguar subcellularly carry because dish invariably listen plus a woozy shelf. bored, murky business

  • Antarctica

  • I would like to see a tier list of specialized humans such as John Cena having max stealth or chuck Norris having max power

  • I'm a kiwi bird main and I have to say this is true but it's still fun to use. 4:07 scared/sad kiwi noises

  • Shoebill stork, uses fear and aura of despair to ward off predators.

  • 14:35 nooooo the babus D:

  • How about the Dikkop? A fearless bird who teams with the tanky build, the Crocodile. The Parrot Keas, parrots who decided to prey on animals, such as sheep. Or the Petrel who decided to prey on penguins and sometimes seal on land. Edit : I almost forgot about the Honeyguide, a bird who guides people to hives to get rid of the bees so they can collect loot for XP. But sometimes leads people to dangerous animals so they can collect the remainings of the human player for more XP.

  • Guys, i heard that in the last patch legendary player named " Yesus " would comeback to defeat the last boss and lead us all to the sequel of this game. Is that true?

  • We need more letsplays

  • Do more. Let's play

  • how can i play this game

  • Hear me out hear me out Marsupial tier list

  • Owls are not that smart that is a myth that started in greek mythology because Athena the godess of wisdom was seen with an owl

  • Man i coulded afford the bird it costed 890 COINS Like what the heck