Wolff Hits Back at "Insulting" Suggestions from Horner and Binotto

Publisert 26. jan.. 2021
Mercedes has held an undisputed performance advantage ever since the hybrid era began apart from a brief challenge from Ferrari during certain parts of a couple of seasons. This has led to what many have characterized as uninteresting racing due to Mercedes’ supremacy since 2014. Red Bull and Ferrari team principals, Christian Horner and Mattia Binotto respectively have now offered their suggestions to solve this problem and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has responded
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0:00 - Wolff Finds Horner’s And Binotto’s Suggestions An ‘Insult’
2:31 - Fast Feed
I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:
Wolff Finds Horner’s And Binotto’s Suggestions An ‘Insult’
Horner began by offering his suggestion
“There should be a mechanism so that you are not pushed into a corner where you have to drag around a performance deficit for three years”
“Maybe there should still be a mechanism between the seasons. The easiest way would be to adjust the fuel flow. They have all the information and can measure the performance output of the engines”
Binotto added to that
“The goal is not to equalize all manufacturers in their performance. That's why I would call it engine alignment, because it's the only way to help a manufacturer if he does have significantly less performance”
Wolff in response began by pointing out how there was a token system in the past aimed at achieving something similar and how it was discontinued
“If you remember. We once had a token system when the regulations came out. And because some of our colleagues wanted the tokens to be removed again so that they could catch up, we agreed to discontinue the tokens”
He then explained why balancing performance is like an insult
“And now some of our colleagues are coming around the corner with a convergence system, which, to be honest, is a small insult. Ferrari had the best engine in 2018, and by far the best in 2019. We developed our engine and went over the limit to bring something in 2020 that we wanted to catch up with”
He further pointed out the humiliation in another engine-manufacturer asking for equalizing engine performance
“And that's why I can't understand why a manufacturer who believes in their ability to develop power units and chassis would want such a mechanism that balances the power units. I don't think anyone would accept such humiliation in public”
Wolff also explained how creating a level field this way would be very difficult
“I've said it before. For me this would be the beginning of the end. It doesn't fit with Formula 1's DNA and because engines can be judged not only by power (but also weight, cooling and drivability). A simple formula that works for everyone is not possible”
Horner summed up his response to Wolff’s reluctance
“Why should Toto with the best engine in Formula 1 want to give everyone else the opportunity to catch up with them? A freeze is great from his point of view, especially without alignment”

Fast Feed
Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has suggested that former F1 driver Romain Grosjean “was for sure very fast. On a good day, Romain was one of the best ones out there”
However, “he sometimes pushed and tried too hard. Then you see those errors. He just went over the limit and then the errors come”
McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo pointed out that “this year”, they “have the Mercedes engine to get used to” and he is “getting settled into a new team with hardly any testing”
As such, they “weren't going to be anywhere near” their “best in Melbourne if it was in March, so personally” he’s “more confident” they’ll “be stronger in November”
Sergio Sette Camara, reserve driver for Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri in 2020 has revealed that Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko “is different, his driver academy is the best and you see the results”
He added that “the bottom line is that Red Bull is investing in the programme, and Marko is doing a great job”
He also suggested that maybe Marko “could be a bit less hard on the drivers, but he has a different method” and “it works”
Marko, meanwhile has pointed out that they “have a cost limit” and they “are also talking about reducing the drivers' salaries. To invest even more in the engines now makes no sense”
He reiterated that if the engine freeze did not come into effect, it “would mean that Red Bull would have to drastically reconsider its place in Formula 1”
Marko also confirmed that “everything is settled between” Red Bull and Honda to carry forward Honda’s F1 engine program after 2021
Red Bull’s Sergio Perez “was aware of the campaign by Mexican fans to keep” him “in Formula 1 and that was very special”
Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali feels that “Formula 1 needs a competitive Ferrari, but” he’s “convinced they can step up again in 2021”

Will Red Bull challenge for the title this year?


  • *Link to poll:* nolong.infoUgzQSTnIODD67peopeB4AaABCQ 0:00 - Wolff Finds Horner’s And Binotto’s Suggestions An ‘Insult’ 2:31 - Fast Feed

    • Mattia should just shut up and leave F1 all together he is worthless and offers nothing to Ferrari

    • Binotto has always been pathetic by taking the cheating route instead of focusing on improving. Horner is double-pathetic with his followup comments to Toto. They should be fined for making such off the hip comments while holding positions of responsibility. Shame on them.

    • Toto himself has level god respect Hlo binotto it is the reward of pushing into grey area

    • Since when has the text-layout changed? Weird

    • Love yo vids m8

  • Lameass two companies weak af

  • Why a competitive Ferrari? F1 needs a competitive grid otherwise you sound like favouritism and a F1 CEO shouldn't be sounding like that.

  • So. Professional basketball teams should only be allowed one seven footer (2.33m), two 6 1/2 footers (1.98m), and two players six feet tall or shorter (1.83m>). Makes lots of sense. Not. I mean, what's the point in even having a manufacturers championship competition if everybody's using the same engines. If Mercedes kept winning because it designed a superior chassis would Horner and Binotto then ask that all chassis be equalized?

  • Fuck Mercedes and toto and Hamilton, hope your engine troubles are real ,Forza Ferrari 💯🇮🇹🏁

  • Seems like some teams want some sort of equality similar to socialism only while it suits them.

  • Christian and Redbull suggested the freeze... Can Redbull stop waisting energy on complaining and continue on working to build up their car. They're not that far off from Mercedes.

  • Does anyone know how Binotto looks like without that mask xD?

  • This is not like F1 , all bitterness, when the fox can’t get the grapes he says they are bitter.

  • Horner and Binotto want the basketball rim lower so they can slam dunk like Wolff. If your limited skills fall short of your competition, perhaps you're in the wrong sport...

  • Yes, I think Red Bull will challenge for the Constructors Title this year 2021 and for the Driver Champion in 2022..

  • Red Bull and Ferrari should stop running their mouths and REALLY ATTEMPT to design superlative Formula 1 cars. Their nagging is beyond boring for this premier sporting life. Red Bull should consider asking Shelby America to design appropriate engines for 2022, going forward.

  • Mercedes should never have been allowed the DAS system. In my book that advantage is tantamount to cheating in 2020..

    • I'm sure the FIA thought of calling you for your invaluable understanding of the rules as they were written. After all it's not as if Mercedes didn't have the authorities looking over their shoulder all the way through development of DAS....... The advantage gained was legal and above board as stated by the FIA. Funnily enough, they know better than you.

  • Wolf insulted ? As far as I'm concerned Ferrari was insulted when Sumacher era ended up with FIA changing the rules , Red Bull got the same treatment in 2014 when they introduce hybrid engines. Slowly F1 became more of a technology show rather than a racing competition. For somebody watching F1 in 80's is hard to take.

  • Why I want a more equal field, that is not the way. The best builders create the best cars and that’s the way it should be.

  • I’m a Ferrari fan, my birthplace is few km from Monza racetrack, but I still think Wolff is totally correct to be against this BOP in F1. It’s supposed to be the best engineered car wins, not the table top engineering calculations determine who wins. At the same time the idea of freezing the engines development for what... 3 years, is also against this principle If Binotto and Horner want to win, they better work on the car not on regulations. If you’re concerned about cost work on regulation and stop whining after that.


  • The answer for the other teams, is "go faster".

  • Do’nt think Toto needs any advice from either of those two men - get their own house in order. Toto and Lewis are Tops , can’t wait to see them in action again in 2021.

  • Dumbing down is a woke way of dealing with things.

  • if your an engineering company and the person in charge says to be competitive we need to make sure the competition has rules placed against them to hold them back. you need a new person at the helm

  • Wolff is totally right.

  • I understand totos position but at the same tike f1 needs to suit the needs of all teams. One teams winning year after year is bad for the sport. Toto only seems to care about mercedes.

    • @xflynskywlkr27 Sorry, I didn't see your reply. Yes, the rules make it hard but, in general they are rules put there to try and limit one team gaining an advantage. Like many things F1 has tried, it hasn't worked. Can I ask, why did Mercedes manage to get the jump on the rest in the first place? Taking Red Bull and Ferrari as the main competitors, they are not short of money or skills, they know how to produce dominant teams - one even has a veto on certain rules - yet they fell behind. Why did that happen? If I was the dominant team, regardless of the team, would I want to give my advantage away? I doubt any team would. Let's be honest here, Ferrari even tried cheating and still lost out but, I suggest that's because they are a team in turmoil and cannot get their act together internally never mind take on other teams. For a team like Ferrari to be over a decade without a WDC or WCC is shocking. Red Bull have had other issues, engines in particular but, they were dominant before so they know the system. I would suggest they chose the wrong path and sometimes gambles don't work out. The things you mentioned were to try any allow "poorer teams" to compete on equal terms and remove the cost implications without installing a cost cap. Was I said, they didn't work but, that isn't the fault of the dominant team. I've watched F1 for 40 odd years, I love watching racing. I don't have a particular problem with any team becoming dominant as long as it is within the rules. Trying to alter rules to try and allow other teams to catch up is a mistake in my view as all you are saying is that if a team becomes dominant then the powers that be will alter the rules to try and slow them down and allow you to catch up, a handicap system if you like. That's not what it's all about. If a team becomes dominant within the rules then all I can say is well done, to the other teams all I would say is why didn't you think of that.

    • @Oh I don't know How do you presume teams catch up with frozen engines, limited testing and windtunnel work? The current rules make it extremely difficult for teams to make gains and mercedes wants to keep it that way. Anyone who supports the current rules has no basis to complain if we continue with the current position of one team dominating. Agreements need to be made for the betterment of f1.

    • If one team can win, repeatedly, over the course of many seasons then they have done their job properly and it is for the others to catch up. Red Bull and Ferrari are not suggesting the changes for "the good of the sport" it's to allow them to make up for their failures over many seasons. Why have they been unable to build competitive teams when they are working to the same rules and are certainly not short of cash?

  • Horner and Binotto strategy: the Trump move.

  • Easy fix! Do large scale regulation changes every 3-4 years. Not every 9...

  • Everybody missing the point. With launch control,traction control, paddle shifting, the drivers are all driving robots not cars. So the robot with the strongest engine wins every time. Doesn’t matter which driver drives Mercedes ...a Mercedes driver will be world champion. F1 has to bring back manual shifting with clutches, no traction control, no launch control just the same as F1 was in the 70’s,80’s,90’s. Then nobody will complain who has the strongest engine or best car THE BEST driver will WIN!

  • Totally agree with Wolf. However I don't agree with any sort of engine freeze or rules against development.

  • adjust the fuel flow? talk to Ferrari about that, oh that's right you can't private under the table deal w/ F1 plus some BS fine once again crybaby's crying bc they're being outsmarted

  • When Red bulls were hammering everyone Not that long ago, what was Horners Response????

  • I thought this was competition, not socialism

  • I agree with Toto Wolf. " Its F1's DNA..." All I hear is the usual crying & b*tchin from Redbull & Ferrari etc. They gotta stepUp their game & stop with the bs! As a Ferrari fan.. I expect for the Prancing horse to get back on top. But not this way. I hate politics in sports!😑

  • Super ..before starting of the season,our friend created sympathy for mercedes and for toto....already f1 viewer ship at the lowest from last 3 years due to mercs domination..

  • Personally I’m a Hamilton fan I’ve not found it boring in any way!!

  • Nothing worse than a Whiner. They both have huge amounts of money. Do your job as a team principal. Build a winning car and stop crying. Two wimps!!

  • Two clown , Binootto ( the shoes where to big ) ......Horner is good , but all three had good cars the pilot made the difference !!!!!!!

  • Horner is such a hypocrite I remember way back when Red Bull found a way to cheat the rules with a flexible floor that couldn’t be measured under load. That car won them a few championships there was no mention from Horner about levelling off advantage. The team wallowed in it and its glory. Now he moans again because he’s on the receiving end of a team that has performed better than they have within the rules. Such a small man in stature and intellect.

  • Bring back 3 litre V10s .... got to be the right thing to do ... when was the last time F1 did the right thing though?

  • This is why Toto is my favourite team leader

  • Ferrari had the fastest car in 2018 (Bottas finished down in 5th in the drivers championship) and for many races in 2017. The notion that Mercedes have always had the fastest car is bollocks

  • The team with the best driver the best design and the best engine wins it’s simple. If ferrari is ever on top again I’m sure they won’t mind winning. Until they have the best drivers and the best designs and the best engines stop crying.😂

  • Wait a minute, if Ferrari had the best engine in 18 and 19 then why didn’t they win the Chip....either chip (Constructors, Drivers)? Seems to me that RB and FER forget that while their is an M in TEAM their is also (T,A,M) Tires, Aero, and Engineers...not to mention the Drivers...the formula changes for a reason, the money in the sport is also part of the challenge. But you need balance in F1 a place where the drivers can race and the competition is tight...that is hard thing to accomplish.

  • Sour grapes ChristianYou whine and moan all the time but was happy to be Top Dog when Red Bull had a competitive car Spend some your grossly inflated salary on getting. Decent engine

  • Why don’t the rest of the incompetent engine manufacturers get off their fat backside and develop a competitive engine within the f1 guidelines to take on Mercedes instead of asking Mercedes to slow down by convergence. Once a looser always a looser Toto don’t give in to Horne et al loosers

  • "Will Red Bull challenge for the title this year"? I would say it would be great if ANY team would challenge for the title but, as long as the engines stay the way they are and the rules keep teams from developing them during the season ..... F1 will go, if not already, the way of NASCAR. They'll all be driving the same car in the same space on the track until no one can afford to rebuild them anymore or find guys that even want to drive them.

  • Horner is a bad loser !! He has an unfortunate manner that seems to be very argumentative. He certainly doesn’t like it if things are not going his way . And comes out with some outlandish statements. This is to grab headlines but he also makes himself look stupid . He’s become cynical in his old age . Not a nice man !!

  • Marco still has a crap ass phone that you can only use to call with.

  • Horner and so incredibly annoying, he’s made a team of entitled, hypocritical whiny team. Including Max who he has made into his own personal complaining mechanism. Red bull don’t understand that they need to work for the wins. They expect for Mercedes to get worse by the FIA. Instead of putting in the hard work to win

  • You want equalize performance?.. With all that budget why don't you make a car that can match Mercedes rather than trying to kerb their development.. What a stupid statement by Horner and S🅱inotto... I am not so fond of Mercedes btw, I am as tired as you are of Mercedes winning everything..

  • Can you imagine Mclaren and Ferrari 2010-13 asking for a Aero balance?! Horner would of laughed. Mans just being a sore loser.

  • Poor salty Horner and Binotto. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • This might be the last year of a competitive red bull car so make the most of it! I can’t see redbull being able to do much positive work with the power unit once Honda is gone and will stunt the car for year until they are forced to leave F1 or buy an engine (which will most likely be Renault)

  • When RedBull were dominant Horner said "it's up to the other to catch up, Not us to slow down" Ferrari caught cheating and had to remove parts from their engine, Binotto said "Mercedes have it there own way", But Ferrari were not penalized for cheating ! Funny how a team that invested well, Worked hard and came to the table with the best package is now deemed to be wrong !

  • God Horner is annoying. Soooo over him and redbull crying all the time

  • Why are people caring about what Binotto has to say? Does he have any credibility left?

  • Dude, you have to quote these guys correctly. If the quote on screen is accurate, you must read it verbatim.

  • Horner's suggestion is appalling. F1 is a fair fight. Everyone gets the same rules. He's right that the development freeze is a bad idea, but his solution is even worse.

  • If they allowed lesser-powered engines to have a higher fuel flow to "equalise" things then this would allow a manufacturer to design for reliability, knowing that the performance they sacrificed to gain that reliability would be given back to them. The team which designed the best engine would be liable to be rewarded for that effort by having the worst reliability. What a stupid idea! It would also eliminate the concept of a team's overall work contributing to the race result so all the drivers might as well just be given exactly the same car. In fact, why not go a step further and clone Lewis Hamilton so they can all have the same driver too? Neither Ferrari or Red Bull were asking for the other teams to be helped when they were the ones doing all the winning! This just sounds like Horner and Binotto believe Mercedes are going to out-engineer them again in the next set of rule changes. A fairly negative approach to the sport.

  • Ever since the FIA got into bed with Mercedes, watching a F1 race has been considerably less interesting than watching the formation lap. F1 is losing fans in droves.

  • You can see the desperation within sergio sette there, he really wants a F1 drive now

  • Driver draft system to level the playing field? Or are Mercedes so far ahead that even Toto could win the championship in that race car?

  • Horner: When you suggest extreme far out measures like what you have just suggested in the above video, whilst forming a pact with Ferrari, it just goes to show how ‘YOU’ are not and will never be good for this sport. You are not a manufacturer, nor even a formidable iconic car brand. If motorsports has taught you anything over these few years of your, I’ll sit in my chair 🪑 and add nothing to the sport, career of back stabbing, disrespectful remarks, it is that you and other teams have to fight, develop and succeed. Mercedes set the bar and ‘You’ must reach their heights, as this is competition. Naive stupidity, will get you nowhere, because, once Ferrari get it right you will be on your own. Take the silver spoon out of your mouth(or leave it in, as finally it could shut you up).and WORK! for once. Max, if you are reading this comment, if I were you, I would leave the bull and become the next hero of Mercedes...


  • Insulting? Come off it toto. They want to go? Good. It sounds like the best work around for the hybrid elephant in the room that I have heard yet. Take take lewy smugilton with you.

  • What..... the team boss of the team with big advantage don’t want to close things up.... shock horror

  • They say this about Merc, but I bet they'd change tune as soon as the FIA gives their car a handicap so HAAS can keep up... Hypocrites plain and simple.

  • Scared of loosing Max eh...

  • How about this to make it 'fair': Ban all new car development till the middle of November. Merc cannot coast into the last third of the season anymore and hopefully the rest can get their shit together sooner.

  • Toto is right in that a token system is very against F1 DNA and not a good idea. However the engine problem is still a massive issue. It stems from the desire to create eco efficient cars to such an extreme that jet technology which has no future in automobiles must be used. This means that the best engine comes from the manufacturer who is willing to waste the most money with zero benefits outside of a few F1 seasons, in the order of hundreds of millions wasted. Of course that leads to many half-good engines, and very few manufacturers outright as they know they will get beaten with a half attempt. If they were to remove all electric regeneration aside from brakes, and preferably even remove fuel flow limits entirely, there would be a massive increase in manufacturers and the technology would be similar to conventional engines. The fuel flow limits - they are already not taking the maximum fuel permitted so there is already a desire for economy and without fuel flow limits the technology could be closer to other motorsports and road cars which have no fuel flow limits (or different limits for some). Trying to eco drive is antithetical to good racing, and the ability to boost power when its needed or to force other drivers to boost power to defend increases both overtaking opportunities and tactical complexity. Plus without the MGU-H the engines are no longer ridiculously expensive, engine limits can be relaxed, engines can run a higher RPM, and fans get far better sounding engines. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with the V6, of course a V8 or V12 would be better, but the problem is with the MGU-H and RPM limits ruining the sound. Teams will have reduced cost, manufacturers will have more incentive to join, everyone wins. Its utterly ridiculous that they even took the MGU-H hybrid route to begin with, this terrible situation was an incredibly obvious outcome.

  • loooool binotto could hush ...horner STUPSE...do better..simple

  • Strange how Ferrari & Red Bull didn't complain when THEY were dominating F1... 🤔 I'm frankly bored of Horner's constant bitching.

  • slamdunk tbh. ferrari rekt on immeasurable scale

  • What’s Wolff going on about they’ve had an advantage from the start of the hybrid F1 setup ferrari have never even been close


  • No, Red Bull will not be winning any titles this year. Even with both their drivers better than Watery Bottoms.

  • Horner and Binnoto are both sore losers. RB needs to find a better power unit manufacturer. You get what you pay for! And Ferrari, maybe they need new engineers.. cause the ones they have are falling shorter and shorter each season

  • Dumb down theory like nascar? No don’t think so...

  • Boring Boring don’t watch it anymore

  • The fact that their biggest competitors are even hinting at such things is a huge compliment for Mercedes. Yes, Formula 1 is boring at the moment because Mercedes is dominating so much and the main reason why it's happening is in fact their competitors' lack of performance. RedBull with their never ending engine supplier fiasco and Ferrari more focused on finding ways outside the rules to gain performance rather than keeping their head down and act like a top tier team and beat Mercedes fair and square on the track. FYI I'm most definitely not a Mercedes fan.

  • Just allow to work out on everything but cut the overall used money.

  • They should go back to unlimited development and unlimited testing like they used to have, then other manufacturers might actually have the opportunity to catch up.

  • This is like asking a rule be made that the fastest athlete runs without his running shoes, so the rest might catch up, he he

  • Horners....Horner!!! He’s complaining now but he didnt think like this when red bull had the dominant car 4 years straight haha

  • So Ferrari was very dominant in the past and now they can't compete without cheating? Sounds like sore looser syndrome.

  • Redbull crying again and threatening to leave F1. Go on then. RB have destroyed more driver careers than their "wonderful" academy has created. Why any driver would join that outfit is beyond me. Maybe they will take Hamilton with them when they leave.

  • Did Horner feel this way when redbull dominated...

  • Bums complaining about still being bums. Binotto and Horner should take a look in the mirror, and focus more about how they can’t manage more than one driver at a time.

  • It’s true though 😂 Mercedes have dominated for such a long time, watching races now is boring because you know 99% of the time a Mercedes is going to win the race!

  • Moral of the story is do a better job than Mercedes then you'll be winning all the time like you used to a few years back 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • I don't agree. It's not the Mercedes Engineer's fault that they are better than Ferrari or Honda or Renault. They want to catch up? Raise their game. They have enough funds to do that but they clearly doubt their own ability.

  • Sure, F1 got boring but that's one of the outcomes of the top Motorsport. Not the first time, certainly not the last.

  • Red Bull will be forced to leave F1 in 2022.

  • Why would anyone listen to what Italian Harry Potter?

  • One day there will be a leak about FIA and Mercedes AMG SCAM and all of their Championships and Hamilton’s and Bottos will be get back and given to number two team.

  • One day there will be a leak about FIA and Mercedes AMG SCAM and all of their Championships and Hamilton’s and Bottos will be get back and given to number two team.

  • One day there will be a leak about FIA and Mercedes AMG SCAM and all of their Championships and Hamilton’s and Bottos will be get back and given to number two team.

  • Ferrari just confirming they cheated 2019 IMHO 'ere we go again RB, reconsidering their position in F1? Wolf just negotiate Russell out if his William's contract, you'll be quids in. LH can BEND THE KNEE ELSEWHERE.

  • Nobody was saying anything like when Red Bull was dominating, Stop whining

  • Wolff supported the Mercedes wins by composing a Ferrari that didn't work for 3 years, whats the urgency now and why argue with the drivers. He failed the Ferrari supporters - whys he still there.

  • Some kind of BOP would be nice to have.

  • Boo hoo Ferrari and RB. What about the mid level and back of the grid teams. Horner get over yourself, you dominated for 4 years with Sebastian. Binotto, youre complaining because of all of that ferrari "pride" you have.