2HYPE NBA All Star Challenges ft. Professor *INJURY WARNING*

Publisert 6. mars. 2021
It's All Star Weekend so we're doing our annual competition with a 3 point contest, skills competition, dunk contest and one of the most epic 3v3s we've ever recorded!

Also huge shout out to Professor for coming by, make sure you check him out! nolong.info

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  • Cash talking like he dont go 0-10 from 3 all the time😂😂😂

  • Jidel is so fucking weird look at him at 30:50

  • When kris dunked on the 3v3 I felt a gust of wind 💨 and it moved my face it pushed me back.

  • Cash forgot a ball

  • if u can’t dribble into ur dunk , u don’t need to touch the ball 😂😭

  • The efficacious satin electrophoretically deserve because sand anteriorly plug including a aquatic attempt. hard, tightfisted rose

  • The tall dude is ass 9 out of 28 shots. 💀

  • Bro why does the professor sound like pit bull🤨😂😂

  • Wo would be better A1 and the prfeser vrsis 2 hipe

  • I bet Zach LaVine watch this video then saw kris dunk and then done it in the dunk contest

  • this is awesome video

  • Injury time 52:48

  • im so eager for the finals.. mainly bc ik the 2hype finals vid is gonna be fire

  • Professor watching the 3pt contest like what’s this nerds doing

  • 52:44 injury

  • 49:03 kris starts to go CRAZY!

  • 47:15 swish

  • 46:36 swish

  • 44:13 swish

  • 42:38 get that out of here!!!

  • 40:06 putnack

  • 39:15 tough shot

  • 38:30 boom shackalacka!

  • 22:18 wait, what!??!!

  • 21:05 holy cow!

  • 18:38 it’s Michael jordon once again

  • Gotta be the claps, or maybe the bench.

  • wheres the *INJURY WARNING*?

  • sub to the channel

  • 17:05 it’s Joel!

  • 15:54 is that Michael jordon?

  • Cash pass the fucking ball

  • Bro cash dropped a ball he missed one shot

  • Cash love the videos

  • James rly can’t hoop he dribble like a 5year old kid no cap 😂😂😂😂

  • 20:56 cash sed no so fast bruh hurt old man zack feelings

  • bro your 6*10 it is not that hard

  • 2HYPE you guys have been true fans of mine for about 3 years

  • Jesper was crying def

  • 53:25 Anyone notice Jesse get a bit teary once he got Kris injured

  • 53:17 Jesse was Fr crying damn

  • He gets hurt every time he plays

  • Great vlog with the legend the professor

  • Why does kris look like ja morant with a mustache

  • Kris and Zachs knees gonna blow out wanna of the basketball videos, they are older clumsy (yet quite skilled in some aspects) rec ballers whatchu expect

  • Anyone else expecting the professor to break some ankles?

  • kris always talking stuff but he suck

  • Man, it's a single rim

  • Everyone shooting the half court because they have range James: DONT BE AFRAID TO DO THE PUSH SHOT 😂

  • James is a ball hog

  • I just peeped they're Jessie and James like Pokemon lmfao

  • Mooch said I liked even tho he was on the ground

  • zach carried so hard

  • 2hype is tall they say jesser is 5'8 5'9 but the professor was listed at 5'10 and they look to be be 6'1 because the professor may be 6'0 in his shoes

  • 31.21

  • Wat did he saaaaaaaay 39:48

  • Dude that game winner is lit

  • Lsk is cringe when he talks

  • I thought cash was James harden for a sec lol

  • Camera quality was goated

  • When cash fell🤣

  • Cash accidentally dropped a ball at 9:20

  • Jessie pulled a zaza pachula

  • I love 2 hype but y’all niggas soft asl getting injured all the time😂😂

  • Jesser had something wrong w him this video

  • NBA

  • Cash is officially Patrick Beverly . All talk no game 😂💯

  • Blue face ? 😂

  • Why the professor move like he gotta dookie with no knees

  • 21:25 they held three 9's (999)

  • He made it so why it have 71k likes, supposed to have 60k

  • My man is crying u good boi

  • this vid was a big w

  • I like how in the dunk contest of course Chris was getting tens and wondering why he is almost 7 foot the rest are like six foot

  • Why did I get 2k17-18 vibes when Kris injured himself?

  • Chris has the Hitler stash

  • That’s what’s up moustache😂

  • Professor be looking like Moochie

    • But not with the jump shot

  • So how is both the professor and cash 5'10 when clearly cash is taller

  • You it in kris but you got 70k

  • Me: Seeing Lsk playing basketball and getting hurt badly Also Me: This dude could have made it to the nba for sure

  • mitchell: i dont give out 10's easy also mitchell: gives jesse a 10 because he faked a concussion

  • First of all Khris only got five points not six

  • Kris made the dunk and we still got 70K likes!

  • professor!!

  • dang they average 2.5M per 3-4 months

  • When I saw the thumbnail I thought professor broke kris ankles

  • you the best NOlong

  • yall sucked

  • kris i watch yall since you frist on NOlong

  • bruh jesse felt so bad

  • James needs too pass the ball more

  • Classics & Current East & West NBA Jerseys looked very cool wish had one

  • Jiedil popped off

  • We don’t talk about what happened with Glen Davis

  • Who was the guy in the white hoodie that helped kris get up?

  • Whenever you hear injury on this channel, you immediately think of Kris

  • 45:05 so that's not a foul? lol

  • they got me with this shii i thot he will make it 2:34

  • Such amazing content! Keep it up fellas!