Publisert 2. mai. 2021
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In this video I confronted an old clown...
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  • I just don't understand why he has to bring Austin's kids and family. He is such a BRAT

  • Bryce is gonna lose 😂💀

  • You gotta bring the kids up and you start talking smack about him he didnt even do anything to make you pissed you just made yourself pissed you gotta put all the anger on someone else

  • Bryce will knock him out

  • Cuts out the part where Bryce threw bottles first 🤣

  • I’m only interested for vinnie 🙄

  • The fact that he put Mexican music too look like he was so CoOl it actually really cringe

  • Bryce there you go talking about his kids again you're so disrespectful you totally gonna lose do not talk about the mans kids and why should he talk with you you and him won't be talking in the ring

  • by the boat that was so mean

  • Whys he keep saying what jake paul said

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  • I want team NOlong to win overall but I really want Bryce to spark Austin out clean

  • Don't get to cocky there Bryce

  • I am tired of Bryce Hall F U Bro seriously

  • 0:34-0:38 relatable at my friend's house

  • Austin fans bye bye tiktok gang is winning this tf

  • Lmao, ain’t no way he’s knocking Austin out💀💀

  • We all know Austin‘s gonna lose are you I don’t like either of them but this is about to be funny🤣

  • i think addison rae is mad

  • Pretty sure we all know Bryce is gonna get his ass beat

  • L

  • Bryce, Austin hits way harder than you and there is proof. You will be knocked out by a dad and when you get knocked out, your going to lose fans and will be ashamed. Bryce reminds me of Jake Paul, I wouldn’t be so straight forward if Bryce wasn’t an ass.

  • bryce bout to get bitched fr😭 this not his sport he has bad form.

  • I honestly hope all the you tubers win not the TikTokers

  • Addison watching the boat part be like....: so-

  • Bro this kid mad annoying

  • why tf would you bring his kids up LMFAOO CHILDISH AF 😭💀

  • Bryce so disrespectful

  • Austin Mcpu*** 🤣🤣 Austin McBum

  • Talking shit is cheap lol

  • Bryce leave the kids out of this ur shit u and Austin no kids it's bull

  • This is so Pathetic, why are we giving a platform to this talentless average looking white dude?

  • I put 500$ on Bryce hall

  • Lol if addison sees this

  • If being honest you’re gonna lose and Austin to win

  • I have been waiting for this one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Bryce is going to win!!!

  • To be honest I am am on the tik tok side but the only thing I am mad about is when Bryce started to talk bad about Austin kids like now that I didn’t really like just because there kids and they have nothing to do with it

  • Hi Bryce

  • He will smack u

  • This guy bringing his Kids into this? by saying stupid shit.. Pure loser right here. He is the one that will regret these actions. Grow up Bryce!

  • Bryce Is talking shit that Tiktok will win when his is posting it on youtube.He is gonna beat yo ass.

  • Austin is gonna knock Out Bryce

  • These are all fights and make no sense

  • By far the most fruitiest thing I’ve seen.

  • the fact that he put brazilian music in ths video just makes me so happy:)

  • Its so mess up that you put the song and your not even hispanic

  • Ugh I wanted to see the face off 😭😭

  • Do nada um pagodinho no meio do vídeo akkakkakakkakakkakakaka

  • And you have little fans to so be quite

  • Astin is gunna win so stfu and dont be saying shit of other followers and you get nothing so keep watching

  • Ok, Bryce playing Reggaeton music makes me automatically like him now 😆 Saludos desde PR 🇵🇷

  • I’m cheering for Bryce hall lol haha I’m not cheering for Austin Mcbroom I’m loving every single second of this

  • Facts

  • Cant wait for Bryce to fuckin loose

  • Bryce Hall is actually just a huge embarrassment, and when I see him acting like a joke I feel physically ill.

  • Why is this Bryce guy so angry

  • fucking sid the sloth lookin guy thinking he can fight

  • I don’t really know Bryce but I hope he does knock Austin tf out 😂

  • Bryce Hall I hope you lose. Team Ace fam all day every day. I hope you loses all your fans Bryce nawwl

  • Bryce knock him out already

  • You trash Lmao

  • he literally starts sht for no reason. so embarassing.

  • Another Jake Paul smh childish


  • so this is why we still have to wear masks😐😐

  • Leave Austin alone he didn't do you anything I never know you was so rude like....and he way cuter than you by wayyyyyzyzyzyzyz far so don't feel your bad bc you not


  • I bet my dad can knock his shit out

  • bro he is talking to much

  • So... I just want to know if Chris Brown and Tyga will be guests.🥴

  • You are goin to het nock aute hahahha

  • Your not a NELK Boy💀

  • bro his kids don't got nothing to do with it tf

  • We know Bryce is going to beat his a*s

    • Wrong

    • who fights in a nightclub 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This guy just bugs who tf brings up someone’s kids so childish smh

  • People are only going down there to see Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul

  • Ok Bryce I that’s kinda much he did not do anything to u chill

  • your getting clapped bryce

  • Bryce don’t talk about the kids 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • team Austin McBroom

  • It’s so funny the way Bryce always says Austinmacbum😹. Stan you Bryce Hall❤️

  • I just can’t wait till you knock him out🙌🏻

  • Who this white boy feel he is wannabe logan paul

  • Bryce always have the vibezzzz 😩😩

  • for sure Austin’s trash

  • who fights in a nightclub 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Do nada a música Br kkkkk

  • Ohhh hi Gay Hall You say I'm gonna get knocked out to AustinMcGod Oh sht sorry For Subscriber different

  • I know Bryce will fack he’s shit out off here

  • Anyone that’s watched Austin’s content kinda knows how he is and all this shit is doing is fueling his fire x100 bro like seriously.. idk who will win but mentioning his kids is gonna amp him up so much

  • every body unsub

  • Bryce is a cool dude but he’s so weird respectfully

  • Austin mcPOOSY 💀

  • We all know Bryce can knock Austin out 100%!!

  • He's trying so hard to act and be like Jake paul 😂

  • Austin Mcpussy!!! GO BRYCEEEEEE!!!!

  • After seeing you spar, you’re going to get your ass beat. You can’t fight