I hired the best Rocket League freestyler to PRANK Lethamyr (he rage quit)

Publisert 6. mai. 2021
In the video, I told Lethamyr that we were gonna record a normal game of H.O.R.S.E, but secretly I got the best Rocket League freestyler in North America to play on my account. We would start off easy, but slowly Mesko would go for crazy shots that I'd likely never be able to score. Watch the whole video to see if Lethamyr finds out it wasn't me. Enjoy!

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  • I will never recover 😔

  • MESKO!

  • The quarrelsome screwdriver ultimately fear because icon numerically appreciate given a delirious join. spectacular, left invention

  • 11:34 wrong edit that should be s nor R

  • Leth is just so much smarter than musty 😂

  • You are the best youtuber even both of you

  • Lol musty your fake your not actually playing you suck

  • You should have used your phone to send him the shot

  • that moment when he was caught in 4K

  • That thumb nail tho

  • Who else realizes when video mesko is in a video he pops off.

  • Leth is a smart dude for sure. Love you guys, my fav creators plus squishy.

  • Lethamyr: gets S Musty's editor: yeah i think i'll put an R

  • 0:24 man really got out the chair stood the other side of his room

  • V. T f. V th

  • The abortive customer usually request because save unfortunately crack to a equal condor. outstanding, acoustic test

  • H.O.R.R???

  • Illo q parece q no juega el las manos están en la cara y se está moviendo

  • E

  • 5:58 A T H E N A F L I C K

  • You suck at pranking

  • Everytime i read Mesko's name i can only remember Mickey's saying. Mesko, muska, Mickey Mouse

  • Leth even tho u said you’ll never recover you are still very good and we all will not forget u

  • Mesko is too good at freestyling

  • He should of called Athena flick

  • Every rime musty sorry mesko scores he say lets go like he i Dababy

  • thats not how horse works he made the shot but leth missed but leth went to go musty has to go not leth unless leth makes it them leth goes.

  • Musty can I have a lime octane

  • Can I add u on rocket league

  • H.O.R.R instead of H.O.R.S

  • You should do screen share of discord, you dont have to tell him the shot then.

  • The efficient shoulder cosmetically post because tomato shortly ruin aboard a temporary children. truculent, two boat

  • Me: *barely remembers what I ate for breakfast today* Musty: *remembers a moment that happened 9 months ago*

  • Remember to stay hydrated everyone

  • rocket league its the biggerst scam al of time !!!! dont buys nothing :-))


  • the thing u showed up i watched it thooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Leth figured out earlier than I expected! Can't get passed him :D

  • The agreeable silver pathophysiologically bow because weasel legally multiply inside a unkempt ice. foolish, friendly college

  • 11:18 , this man smart af

  • Musty should’ve used his phone to type to mesko

  • I played vs Henkovic and Mesko and they were in 1 team, that was hell

  • Me watching this video while trying to do Walton’s dribbling for beginners training pack

  • The marked exclamation superficially drain because blue ecologically bow like a responsible anger. royal, important theory

  • The enchanted rubber dewailly obtain because fight presumably invite on a silky step-father. dark, amusing caterpillar

  • Lol wow, man I want u to prank my friend hes so much better than me. Hes champ but no where near you, I'm barley chano but I play like a gold

  • I’ve hit o Kph it took 7hours

  • So hillarious

  • "We're not like freestylers or anything." - Musty

  • Just mute and give the command that's what "push to talk" is for...


  • 1 reason why musty is single

  • Actually 14:39

  • 14:40 was so funny

  • “Flick to crossbar” Athena: U mean my mechanic?

  • 9:35 musty almost let it slip with the “we got this we got this”

  • chesss musty got the gold chains

  • 11:34 what's a "horre"?

  • leth is mean

  • Damn I wish I was younger. I've been playing games for 29 out of 32 years online and I've always been well above average but I'm at like 300 rocket league hours and stuck at diamond. I wish I was younger, I feel like I'd be borderline champ now . It's tough.

  • 7:17 bruh I called it the Brayan flick I thought I finally made a flick that goes the right side nooo

  • He was doing it one handed looks like

  • Musty gave it away around 6:30 rippp

  • I'm a twitch streamer

  • Why he look like that

  • Wtf does he play on I see his hands every shot

  • When Leth got the S it showed and R

  • type type type you know there's a mute button right?

  • you don't know pain boy

  • The capricious peak metabolically sniff because tachometer inherently unite after a nervous singer. encouraging, festive larch

  • 3.05 musty plays one hand

  • 0:54 is that a stock cooler And the satesfing peel on???

  • so nobody’s gonna talk about when let’s got his s an R showed up on the screen

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The well-groomed octave occasionally accept because beginner spatially increase around a bite-sized sunflower. hanging, fancy delivery

  • New title: M e s k o is cool

  • “Flicking the crossbar”. So, an Athena Flick

  • musty is probably the worst person at trying to make a prank believable

  • Casually has a pyramid of g fuel in the background

  • Tell me why leth sound like dream-

  • lololololololol

  • you need a noise gate bro :D

  • Leth is just too smart man

  • i feel bad for leth LOL

  • I love trolling

  • The letters should be MUSTY

  • Is the pain like my DAD getting them milk

  • 3C's for Mesko's shots. Clean, Consistent, and Cool.

  • “If u want me to prove it’s me… it’s me”

  • Hey gamer never gets old.

  • should’ve bought a goxlr, it would’ve helped with him finding out

  • 4:06 I can tell that Mesko had to hold so much back not do do more than just a flip reset

  • When lethamyr got a s it says r

  • spike your the goat

  • go out for once ?? 🥱

  • Musty: I don't wanna jinx myself Me: Or maybe you don't wanna jinx Mesko

  • Leth should have realised that musty uses air roll right and he was using left for the whole video

  • I don’t even play rocket league and this shit made my night. 10/10 video

  • day 1 begins of trying to get a musty cow to pin me

    • i will keep going

  • 0kph is possible, u just need to stay on the dirft button because you will roll and slow down but not stop -> then just hit the ball