The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time

Publisert 8. juni. 2017
Automation in the Information Age is different.
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The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different This time


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    • and they are not needed because robot are much faster smarter and cheaper than 10 years ago .

    • its not a bad thing that machines are doing tedious human work. But what to do with humans without a job ? Like attorney ? I mean machine can give a verdict just on the past cases studying millions of them so no jury or atorney needed no more.. same goes with car industry no people needed in producing cars if machine doing it 5 times faster . Creating artifical work ? its a bureaucracy level unknown in history , system no working no more . And what we are be doing when electic cars comes in .. No job for mechanics , because electric vehicle break 10 times less often than petrol engine because of 10 times less parts . I Mean we coud give those people like $200 per month for food and room not to let them die or suicide but we are lying to society giving them normal pay/month while the are not needed no more .

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    • We need democratized Robot technology so that people can be independent, grow their food, 3D print/recycle their own products, generator their own electricity at home. If not, we are going Socialism and then Communism

    • World Population is declining started in 2020. Now, how should we plan the future.

  • Now I'm depressed

  • Do one on mining fracking and undersea mining

  • no i hate thinking about this

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  • Luddites

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  • This is why basic universal income is probably going to have to become a necessity in the future

  • Abraham Lincoln once said: "2 things lead to improved life conditions: a return to spirit and the rise of AI and the internet."

  • I believe that machines will continue to take on more and more tedious jobs and leave creative, recreational or scientific jobs to humans! for example every time there are more professional gammers youtubers athletes and artists!

  • great video, but it didn't take into account the massive rise in standard of living of Asia since 1970. Since Asia was much poorer, people were willing to accept lower wages for the same jobs. Even though a lot of people think that capitalism increases inequality, it actually decreases, but you need to analise it globally.

  • We need some wealth distribution system. Currently IT professionals are trying hard to create perfect AI software which can code themselves. Those AI will not have any mercy or empathy on us and our survival so we might need to act faster before it is too late.

  • Who else thought "BOOMER!" when they saw this video

  • Its like when the steam machine replace the farm jobs ending the feudalism.

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  • What happened to part 2.

  • 교도소장귤

  • If people lose job economy will fall who will buy product if people cannot afford it this is also the reason why the rich just becoming richer and poor become poorer.

  • When we reach full automation everything should be free as we can just sit down adn the robots do it for us, even farm our foods.

  • what about making more jobs whit making the robots/AI #

  • there should be a law so that in a company not all are robots only a percentage

  • Not surprised

  • This was made 3 years ago and at least, predicted that this will happens a decade after... But really, it doesn't mean it should happen directly after a decade! Damnit 2020!!!

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  • 페스북은너만보더라공

  • What about the energy, the alimentation of the machine ?

  • I'd say kill the machine

  • Leave the pc learn!

  • Robots are coming for your livelihood... anyway buy our stuff!

  • Just give robots the hard jobs They"ll understand why

  • Hand made food and product would cost waaaaay more

  • Pretty simple. Capitalism will no longer be our society once the robots do too much.

  • "What we do at work", and you guys show solitaire.... brilliant

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  • Vendoring and trading need to be automated. No ass will have a chance to bargain with a droid. Lol

  • I AM the worst mistake, the matrix has ever suffered

  • I really hate the culture's focus on "we're losing jobs". Who cares? We can produce twice the food with half as many farmers? Good! Use that food to feed people! What's the problem? You shouldn't need a job to have the right to have food on your table. Especially not if you lost your job due to advances in food production. But somehow the system keeps things from getting better even with all those advances. It makes no sense. It's frustrating. It's inhumane. Capitalism is inhumane.

    • The only job everyone needs is the job of getting educated and learning to live in society. Then, as long as the non-automated jobs are filled, there's no need for more jobs at all. Jobs aren't life. You don't need a job to live (especially in an automated world, obviously), we should really move on from the while "But people are losing jobs" rethoric. It's not a valid argument. There's no real reason to worry about people being replaced by machines. People can start bettering themselves. We can start focusing on fixing the culture of science-denial, racism, and all the other bullshit instead of worrying about making sure everyone has a shitty artificial 9 to 5 for the sake of a system that's constantly crumbling under its own weight and crushing the people lowest in its food chain.

  • Terminator Rise of the machine

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  • i don't think robots will fully replace humans for many fields anytime soon, sure they are good at being productive, but they SUCK at identifying and fixing malfunctions, i see human workers being in factories if nothing else too identify and fix malfunctions and to manage the robots, also i see 3d printing becoming a common way of manufacturing in the near future, like i have a 3d printer in my bedroom that costs about $400 and can print like about a 12 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch area, a decade ago 3d printers were about 2 feet by 2 feet by 5-6 feet, cost tens of thousands of dollars, and took almost a week to print something that i can print on mine in a few hours. and they are only getting better.

  • robots can make robots that are programmed to create robot building robots

  • Ok but what is Birdperson doing in this video at 10:45?

  • Andrew Yang entered the chat!

  • Well time to work on NOlong (Meanwhile: Robots make vids) Me: ahhhhhh oof here we go again


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  • Love the Rick & Morty reference at 10:40 😀

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  • I love it “Ah we just got like 12 guys”

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  • We need to create more jobs bc population is growing. Solution: population control. If the planet has a small population everyone will be rich healthy and satisfied.

    • That solution is easy, just subsidize birth control and even possibly abortions and let nature take it's course (as we already know that access to those two bring down birth rates, alongside the fact that advanced/advancing societies already have decreased birth rates). This will also function to make housing cheaper since there will be less people to fill housing units thus equalizing the supply and demand curve over time.

    • @Amici Nybråten No. The problem is economical. And no there is not enough resources bc there planet does not have unlimited resources. There is already fresh water crisis for instance. If economy is not the problem then everyone would be rich living in a nice private place with enough money to afford pretty much everything he/she needs or wants. The economy is the driver of policies of countries.

    • The problem is political, not economical. It's the same with world hunger and world health crisis: the problems are always political, not economical. There's enough resources, just not enough will to do what's right.

  • Interesting how humans have valued their lives through their work and now we have a sort of identity crisis facing our selfs with the right amount of time to do it without a work roll to play. Peace!

  • Hmm its almost as if the wage labor model isn't sustainable and is failing, who could have seen that coming! D:

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  • I would rather have intelligent birds rther than robots

  • Houston,.. "We created a problem"

  • That's where UBI comes in.

  • After the robots take over there is only one thing to do, Fellow Comrade

  • This is why I think it's a good idea to learn how to live off the forest, many people in cities might lose their jobs and starve because of being poor while those smart enough to start learning how to live in the forest might flourish, im just presenting an idea!

  • 7:31 just took a piss on every college graduate 😂

  • I love all the Rick and Morty references!

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  • I really wish I could live in that age. Becazuse as machines get better, there would be no need to work anymore. If done correctly, the system will change so we all can enjoy life instead of spending majority of it at work, comming home overworked and depressed. The future I see is the future where machines take our jobs, leaving us to tend to our hobbies.

    • I imagine such a world would probably look empty comparatively, as we know that as societies advance birth rates fall so who knows where they would be when most of our work is mechanized. Furthermore access to things like birth control, and abortions would be even easier than they are currently (and birth control isn't that hard to get in the first place) and access to those have also been correlated with decreased birth rates.

  • ah yes the decade before the super AI destroys humanity

  • How did we fuck up so bad. Seriously, we built a world where *it requires less work to provide for everyone* and that is somehow... a bad thing.

  • "me laughs in game dev"

  • They've even made jar-opening robots now. *and they're pretty good at it too*

  • more machines = more repair technician/mechanic jobs to fix the machines

  • Machines: *"Hippity Hoppity, your job is now my property"*

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  • “Could” take over 50% of jobs that’s the key word. In America especially businesses all suffer from stage fright for up front automation cost. It really takes a big push in sales increase year over year to justify for them to spend tens of million to billions of dollars now for the chance to make more money every year hear on out.

  • "Unskilled workers flipping burgers" Let's see you flip burgers narrator XD

  • That's quite an interesting concept though to be honest in doing so would actually be better for our growth and species. If machines can do everything and provide our resources for us in a manner consistent with our needs and far beyond while simultaneously repairing themselves and other said machines it would then mean that human beings would not need to work in order to have the basic resources. Which would allow us to pursue other things. In short it would literally be rid of the main populace needing to struggle to do the simple survival things and be able to pursue greater goals such as the growth of our species in other more complex ways. Such is the growth that is needing to happen regardless of what hypothetical scenarios may or may not occur. There are always risks to grow just as there have been in our past as a species, but it is always well worth the outcome high-risk high-reward, In order to change the way things are we must change our way of thinking.

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  • "They will take over our jobs" **laughs in programming**

    • @Amici Nybråten Agreed, this guy is acting like he isn't helping create the things that will take his job.

    • @johnisfine You're ridiculously naïve. Programming is already heavily automated, and the future will have a lot of people doing programming without being a "programmer". An example of this is already happening in visual scripting, pick-and-mix website solutions, and the streamlining of software solutions by large corporations offering powerful tools which you simply configure to do what you want, instead of making software from scratch. Just you wait, if it isn't here already, soon there'll also be speech-to-text solutions that can translate natural language descriptions and commands into code for designing websites, apps, servers, video games etc.

    • @Abby Alphonse nope, we wont, you can't accidentally give A.I. a copy of human brain with consciousness, and this is exactly what is required for it to replace any programmer, because programmers create what they are told to do, and game-dev programmers (I'm one) require creativity to implement features in game. It is even not worth it to replace programmers with A.I., it will not be controllable enough to not be dangerous.

    • @johnisfine Chances are it we won't implement it on purpose, we'll simply run into it

    • @Abby Alphonse no, I'm programmer, my job will never be taken over by A.I., simply because A.I. isn't capable to this job without features that no one except some super villains will implement.

  • Ohhh I wrote a story about that once!

  • Jokes on you! I don't have a job!

  • How automation is a symptom of late stage capitalism

    • Fuck off tankie

  • Im fine

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (3 years later) phew

  • Thank primitive science that im a plumber. Just new regulations. I'm not going nowhere

  • Wait what happens when AI takes over robots jobs then advance AI takes over the old AI jobs, there just gonna be jobless AI trying to figuring out what the f**k just happened

  • Terminator Real life Confirmed

  • This not about 'jobs' 'money' consumptiin''. This is about efficiency and distribution. If automation can make needed things more efficiently then it's a net gain, only issue is to make sure the benefit is distributed. Example: If machines made everything and themselves there would be zero jobs left. Which is fine if produce is distributed. A lazy persons dream. Do nothing, have everything for free.

  • Love how they say "unskilled" workers flipping burgers and then they don't even flip the burgers in the animation.

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  • There’s a guy saying you are lying

  • The singularity

  • Such a great video to watch when you just graduated college and are job searching

  • wasting time at work nice

  • Machines are made of stuff that is less in environment than what humans are made of . And the stuff required to make them just goes back as e waste and not recycled so the graph for machine dominance will go up strike the heightest point and fall back aimlessly

  • Strangely, Americans in 2020 will tell you that they lost their jobs because of the Chinese.

  • Bro if this were to happen, the government will make certain regulations against automation to make sure this doesn’t happen, don’t worry you’ll have a job as long as you have experience in something and a high school diploma, a degree is only necessary if you want to start working at your dream job as soon as possible

    • Thats what weavers in Britain told to each other when loom was invented

  • Simple solution. Do what asia did and limit population by birth