Publisert 7. juni. 2021
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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer


  • Hi John, how are you doing?

  • Why does he make a video every 10 months like what are you so busy doing guy

  • "Juicing" sounds like some sort of drug thing.

  • Phyto=plant in Greek. This hecker is a pseudo-intellectual genius

  • I am suspect I of this man’s claim that he drank 13 glasses of carrot juice every day for 74 years. According to Scrubs, his skin should be Simpsons yellow. And everyone knows Scrubs NEVER lies.

  • I _cannot_ look at Jay without seeing the Devil from Hello My Name Is Reaper. :|

  • To be fair... i do know someone who beat cancer by drinking tons of carrot and spinach juice every day. But they also used regular methods.

  • Now I just want carrot juice or something. Kordich didn't really sell me on the curing cancer part but he can really sell people on juice, no wonder he got 300m dollars out of this.

  • Jon gives me back pain

  • Now comes the year long haitus

  • Finally. Jontron has released a new video.


  • I miss your video game reviews, before it was idiots making games, now its idiot video games, you've got fodder

  • 15:03 - Your being scammed !......... ABORT ABORT ABORT !!!!

  • holy crap, a 715 area code, hes from northern wisconsin like me lol

  • You know what they say a man is only as worth the amount of Carrots he has consumed

  • Your videos are epic lol.

  • OJ Simpson approves this message.

  • We got 2 jokes about Jon killing himself in this video, instead of the usual 1. Are you ok Jon?

  • Father of Juicing sounds like your average gym shark athlete 😉

  • I thought that this video was about steroids lol.

  • i half expected some roided out bodybuilder. But his works too 😘

  • Roy Kordich and the Carrots Cult

  • Dear Papa Jon, please promise to never leave us again. Sincerely, the certified tough guys boating-juicing community

  • Why does he have an iv in the room-

  • John has graced us with his content YET AGAIN! May our fortune be boundless like carrot apple juice.

  • and he died THE END

  • Return of the king

  • I love how you were gone for months and then start with promoting raid shadow legends

  • My understanding of eating vegetables is you really don’t need to eat that much per day. Vegetables provide your body with important nutrients but once your body has what it needs everything after that is useless. Vegetables also provide fibre to ease digestion, which you don’t get with the juice. You want a balanced diet I’d say simple fats, protein, carbohydrates and some vegetables. Exercise will help too, particularly exercise where your body moves fast.

  • >have u been juicing, brucie? -nico bellic, gta4 (for those of u, who r stupid) >technically u shouldve been dead >cuz u had an illness Guys. U know, TECHNICALLY u all should be dead now, cuz humans r not naturally immune to smallpox. But we made a vaccine. So TECHNICALLY we cured it, BUT TECHNICALLY it wouldve killed u.

  • That's why they call him the Juice baby, that's why they call him the Juice!

  • He didn’t die, his eyebrows simply helped him ascend to god levels

  • jontron this is going to seem awkward and weird but would you like to come to our halloween party. My dad is very cool and our last one had a cool tomb i love you bye

  • I love that he consistently puts out content that have high meme potential

  • Literally a perfect video.

  • 5:10 Wait, who and where is Terri? I must needs gaze upon this "devastating ass".

  • “I can’t eat 7 or 8 carrots” *enters 6 carrots into Brian David Gilbert’s Kojima Name Generator*

  • 12:45 John had his very first vegetable in his entire life… Also I am pretty sure if this guy is the father of juicing that would make him OJ’s daddy…

  • This mans cutaways are better than family guy’s

  • Third time watching this, and I just realized Juice guy kinda looks like a great value Joe Biden.

  • JonTron is dead

  • My ad placement was 👌 "If you said yes to: _"CHEEZ IT SNAP'D!!!!!"_ PS: Never trust anyone with eyebrows like that

  • Growing up my dad bought it be of his juicers and juiced several fruits and veggies. Ever drank juices beets? I have

  • We all know Jon faking his death is Jon's way of getting out of doing a video for another year.

  • And that SM64 music at the end will probably be the last Jon has anything to do with a videogame ever.

  • Omg plz post more

  • Boy oh Boy

  • I haven’t laughed this hard in a while 😂😂😂

  • This video is great!

  • This shit is still making videos???

  • Ffs not raid AGAIN!

  • You overfilled it. Are you really that dumb, Jon?

  • supposedly a wholefoods plant-based diet can actually reverse the effects of diabetes...

  • Unwatchable, pillow flipped from 13:46 to 13:47

  • The truth no one is talking about is that the dude died because he took and hour and one minute to drink the juice

  • Getting serious Ray Wise vibes from Mr. Juice.

  • That ending tho

  • Jay's actually several thousand years old but he made a juice elixir that let him live this long.

  • That's hokey, and older JonTron was better

  • This guy looks like if the Brain from The Animaniacs was a human. Kinda sounds like him too

  • An Apple carrot juice a day keeps the cancer away


  • the thing is, you couldn't get premade novelty juices back in the day. You'd have to go to a hippy store and pay premium for carrot juice back in the day. It's only these days you can get more than apple cranberry and tang in a can.

  • I used to love watching this dudes infomercials..Rip juice bro

  • FYI, the NYT reading lists are entirely paid positions.

  • Haven't watched a significant YTer in a while. I got 7 damn adds not including Jon's Raid plug. That shit is mental.

  • Zing! *orchestral hit*

  • 13:43 Wait, WTF? Was that a skit or real? I can't tell if he's being sarcastically serious or just sarcastic.

  • Nice video Jon. Keep it up.

  • were you friends with filthyfrank

  • Stop taking sponsors for raid shadow legends

    • Jontron has no standards for sponsors and he won't do Patreon because he'd be obliged to upload regularly.

  • The feels from that outro music though ❤️

  • 9:56, careful Nintendo might file a copyright claim for using 3 seconds of the Mario Kart theme. HAHA, glad to see that you're back making videos again. Keep 'em comin'!

  • m a g n i f i c e n t

  • 10:09 best clip

  • Well OK time to wait another year until you post again

  • Father of Juicing - somehow it's not Zyzz, what the hell?

  • I know I have the humor of a 7 year old for this, but listen to 9:22 with your eyes closed.

  • 17:20 AHHH THE NOSTALGIA Seriously though this song still makes me cry

  • You should watch 1000-lb sisters.

  • Ahoy and JonTron are my favs.

  • 3 min in and ive seen 4 adds. i hate this website.

  • Even if he didn't live to be 100 according to his advertisement, 94 years still ain't bad.

  • That juice machine in the end is literally the Juice Losener from the Simpsons. Two whole ass carrots = tiny bit of juice

  • No Bull, my man looks and sounds great for being almost 90.

  • JonTron - the man, the myth, the raid shadow legend

  • Wait dude are you the meme guy? First time here and I'm subscribing

  • Is JonTron gonna be okay?

  • Jon I’ve been watching your old Goosebumps/ Are You Afraid Of The Dark series and they’re so good! This Halloween I really hope you review some more!

  • 12:59

  • He has perfect supervillain eyebrows

  • This guy is like a slightly less insane Kenneth Copeland

  • 13:00 that was so well cut! lol

  • Does anyone know where he got that shirt? It’s fucking awesome!

  • Plants do keep you from become sick, but there are definitely some jumps in logic here

  • "live food = live bodies" did he just say we should eat forms of life, while they're still alive?

  • He hath ascended to immortality.

  • 10:08 every hour on the hour