Do We Finally Know Why We Exist?

Publisert 22. jan.. 2021
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Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NOlongr and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
Writing: Bevan Rees
Editing: Giselle Santos
Script Development: Steven Rix


  • Ive actually managed to wrap my head around the string theory n i am extremely surprised

  • Before there was this "everything", was there ever "nothing"? No "time", no light, not even dark? What can "nothing" be? Dunno. All the UFO nutters banging away about the Americans secretly reverse engineering "zero point energy" from a captured "fing" all buy this "string theory" type "thing" but Thoughty 2 are saying it's entirely unproven. A bunch of scientists (whatever) on footballer money are talking about a load of scribble on blackboards as "science" by mathematics and it's all bullshit. There is no evidence of other dimensions, worm holes and all that kind of old tra la la, it's straight out of Alice in Wonderland but in reality, it IS WHAT WE SEE and if we were not here to look at it, it wouldn't be there at all. We're back to natural philosophy, folks! Personally, i fink it's God wot dunnit. You might as well ask an ant to write Shakespeare. I'm so pleased to hear that string theory is bullshit because I knew that. I hope Perseverance gets stuck in a hole or falls over a cliff on Mars. Waste of money.

  • I'm just drifting away.

  • Saying 'we completed physics" is preety darn cool indeed

  • We are entertainment for the cosmos.

  • I’m in seventh grade and English is my second language I don’t really understand most of what you are saying but it’s so interesting I can’t stop watching your videos


  • After watching this video ..... I stopped wasting time

  • How do we stop climate change? I don’t think we do. It’s always changing. It might be bad if we did that.

  • Not to be "that guy" but I'm pretty sure Einstein's theory of general relativity was "borrowed" from poincare without citation. But I'm sure it was just a coincidence he worked at a patent office.

  • Quite a few modern day applications came to life due to the quests, research and experiments of physicists in getting to the bottom of it all... Who's to say (yet) that there is a unified explanation/theory of it all. Maybe it is just what it is. The macro and the micro, each with it's own set of properties and rules that are not meant to be unified in the first place... but then, that's just a random thought that popped up while watching AND compared to the genius minds ( existing and past) my brain is probably just 2 iq points short of me being a rock.

  • Lol. I've unbinded plenty of knots. Even knots made of tiny gold chains. They are harder to unravel that regular rope. Worship me!!!!!!

  • Extradimensional demons. Infinite parallel universes that span across the human psyche that create the prime reality accessible in part during dreams. Destroy the potential solutions to return to the base. Pray that whoever is putting their fingers through our universe is on our side and if not, that there is still an existing yang to the yin. Probably not. I hope not.

  • 😡 Hands up philosophers 🔫👕 👖 👠👠

  • Will our lives change if we know the answer?! I guess not. That's a very sad realisation. I suppose we must truly first understand the question.

  • Our scamdemic was to rob America of there vote . Democrats

  • Why swipe at Kanye ? Climate change isn’t under our control . That’s gods job .

  • Hmmm. Well interestingly Mathematics was well advanced even before western world came to recognize .So is Astronomy .(I can see a pattern where is this all coming to)Native Indians communicated with smoke too. Just saying. I really like your Presentations. Great.

  • I wish the title wasn't misleading... Seems unlike you, dude.

  • Gravity isn’t a force. Prove me wrong.

  • I gave a theory of everything for a high-school project once: Can you see it? Something exists Touch it? Exists U think it exists? Probably does in another universe Is it super super big? Will become super super small maybe

  • How the “F” did you know I was eating a bowl a cereal 🥣..1:46 in.. OMG You Know a lot of stuff.... SCARY!! 👍💪

  • you uploaded this on my birthday... its the best gift i was given

  • Hey, is it possible that Strong and week nuclear forces are smaller version of electromagnetic and gravity? Just think about it. We (we as humans) can assume gravitational waves as polar of week nuclear force and same for others. We can connect dots between theory of relativity and quantum foundation. But I have to work to earn money. 😅😅😅

  • ahhhh string theory, yep, itll blow your mind trying to imagine it.... the whole 10 dimensions idea is abit shortsighted, since we dont even know what those are.... quantum mechanics, string theory, and all that is really fun to think of in depth, trying to imagine ways around it... but nomatter how far you dig into the rabbit hole, you always end up with a paradox. its a pandoras box. and my general conclusion by sometimes many many hours of thinking about this, even if we figure out the next dimension and how it works, and get to 10 dimensions, or less, or more, theres always more to discover.... because if thats why we exist, why does our reason for existing, or our origin exist, and if we got to that conclusion ever, why does that exist? its a neverending cycle. although a worthwhile one to pursue. but yea, dont think about it unless youre in the mood for hours of brooding and wracking your brain like youre trying to mug it. for all we know it may be beyond our capacity for understanding, as impressive as we are for a species, the neverending paradox of existence is something that doesnt even make sense in our most solid theories. there is no explaining life as we know it, or the universe. amongst all the chaos, what are we, what is time, and what is space. we know that much on our own, but explaining any of it is where things become stranger than fiction, its an existential crisis waiting to happen. as far as the universe is concerned, time and space is a fleeting illusion we observe from our own row. who knows if black holes and big bangs are related, who knows if the universe is observed like a bubble popping in the wind by an outside observer, who actually knows anything. thats what makes string theory so fascinating, we effectively know nothing about what lies beyond, and we will probably never know everything, there will always be another question, because everything has an origin right? what is the origin of all origins? the biggest question is, how did anything manifest from nothing in the beggining of everything, not the big bang, but the overshadowing question, what makes universes become, what is nothingness, and how, what force; made dimensions, existense, why is there anything at all? the even harder question is, what does nothing look like? complete nothingness, its not something you can possibly imagine, nobody can. not much different than trying to imagine what happens after death, if anything at all. im unsure if its something we can actually comprehend within the "system" itself, not saying its a machine or anything, just using it as a synonym, there lies the paradox, even if we could comprehend that, how could we explain where the "system" originated from. its as if everything is a mirror looking at itself in another mirror. keeping in mind with all of that, time does not exist in the traditional sense, its relative to the observer. its as if everything is nothing, and nothing is everything all at once, there is no start or end to anything, not truely... thats another paradox. you can see how convoluted it gets, you cant put an anchor down in a field without any solid footing, you cant ground yourself to a single fact, when there is no fact to rely on. there are many theories, none explain anything. the main thing i know is, we will never know the full extent, and even if we did, could we comprehend it? if we believe everything had to come from something, where does the first link in the chain start, if theres any chain at all. thats the paradox of existence. thanks thouthy2, told me not to think about it, i went and thought about it AGAIN!.... its just too fascinating, more unbelievable and stranger than fiction, even the stuff we already know is. the main issue with physics is that we rely on consistency, every new dimension above the fourth, or time.... isnt really something we can directly observe, just make calculations and guesses on.... each one above that adds more complexity than all the previous ones combined. understanding time is actually mind boggling, and terrifying. for example, perpetual acceleration without obstacle nearing the speed of light with a proper craft would allow you to outlive the planet in what you percieve as a few decades, and i dont mean human life, i mean the sun toasting the earth like your senile grandad trying to make a grilled cheese. or otherwise the end of the universe depending on your acceleration, or the implosion of the universe, long after you got trapped in the expansion of space time. looking for answers to questions we can barely even put into words, if at all is the essence of theory.... it took me this long to explain something so simple in my head, in words that make any sense, but its still not coming across fully. paradoxes are a tease, an unsolvable puzzle that will fascinate us till the end of the universe. or maybe further than that. tldr; if the answer is both yes and no at the same time its best not to think about it and walk away quickly if you have any self doubt. it may drive you insane.

  • “Matter” counter: 42

  • "What do we do if we run out of water" We die.

  • Gravity doesn't exist it's a fraud. We only fall down because we dont have enough buoyancy to float in the air like smoke. Gravity is only relevant to weight. Like time is only relevant to age.

  • It takes physics and quantum physics to makes reality.

  • nobody exists on purpose nobody belongs anywhere everyone is going to die - Morty

  • I may be a nobody, but that won't stop my research into my own theory, or I guess idea because of the scientific definition of theory.

  • Matrix for this simulated world we live in String theory might not be too far off but just thinking too much. Computers run on invisable strings no? Maybe string theory is one step closer to realizing we are in a simulation.

  • It seems as though the universe or multiverse is just another organism with the hardwired intent on self preservation. It’s adapted by creating tension and compression at just the right intervals to slow down its own inevitable demise. Just a theory.

  • Existence...well,seed it planetary experiment for short.

  • you promised me an answer with that title, but you left me more questions

  • your livestock... just saved you time.

  • welp he was right my brain exploded

  • he swore lol

  • I thought that the M stand for Mandelbrot, regarding The Mandelbrot set that has its origin in complex dynamics, a field first investigated by the French mathematicians Pierre Fatou and Gaston Julia at the beginning of the 20th Century but after further investigation it wasn’t named like that until the 80s. This came to mind because I really believe that the dynamic of the universe, the infinity and expansion of it, is intimately related to this kind of “infinite equations”. Huge numbers for our minds to even come close to comprehend.

  • Awful big and awfully small look very similar. Maybe, the Cosmos is just another view from the “ middle” again?

  • To love each other

  • No. Saved you 19 minutes of your life.

  • I’m growing to hate his humour in videos

  • I too struggle to keep my shit together as it is.

  • Only reason we exist so that we can turn back to monkey

  • After watching all this stuff I thought of a new theory. I call it the E.A theory. It goes like this. . . . . . To unlock this technology and theory humanity must pay 10 googol. It can also be unlocked via cosmic loot boxes for only 1 googol a box.

  • Your title bordered upon being "Click Bait." However your interesting presentation is clear and well thought ought. I especially liked the Spaghetti Monster. Where's the strainer?

  • "let there be light" (genesis 1) is the big bang but science wont tell ya that, so of course science is looking for a theory of everything that explains all, but when they do find it (God) they wont be able to recognize it. Science is no good when it comes to the things of God and His big bang.

  • Mango is made by Mango Theory

  • The more I learn, the more I realize that I don’t know shit

    • @Niclas Sjørslev I meant to say the more I learn the more I have to learn more but it came out this way 😂

    • stupidity comes with ignorence, what you said means that you are intelligent, maybe.

  • I think that there is no gravity, only magnetism.

  • Does knowing why everything exists matter 🤷‍♀️

  • Right when he said the part about cereal , I was grabbing my bag of Pokémon cereal what the f

  • I love the futurama reference u threw in near the end with the flying spaghetti monster lmao

  • Electromagnetism and gravity are the same thing, I can't believe that I, a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD, figured that out before licensed quantum physicists. Think about it, electrons basically orbit the nucleus of an atom, which is said to be because of electromagnetism, so why is gravity seen as a separate force when this planet orbits the sun the same way? Maybe gravity is just a mark on the power scale of electromagnetism.

  • I feel sorry for atomists, I used to believe that hocus. Then, experimental data has kind of disproven it all by now. Look into the Hutchison Effect and electrogravitics, the longitudinal waves that Tesla investigated, these experiments killed gravity. Yet at CERN they keep spending fortunes to find their promised graviton, repeating their experiments over and over, with no success, that's the definition of insanity btw. Gravity is not a force. There are no other forces but electromagnetism and gravity is only a modality of it, it is acceleration into counterspace. Electric universe, modalities of the Aether (not "spacetime" or "quantum" bullshit) creates matter and space. Matter is an interference pattern in perturbations in the Aether, and light energy is an induced movement in the Aether substrate, i.e. nothing is really moving, i.e. no particles. Vortex mathematics fully explains the structure of the universe, atomic insanity doesn't. The atomic cultists will never unite these two theories of theirs, because their basic premises are both wrong. And it's completely wrong to say "the Greeks believed in this" because it was just that single crackpot Democritus that talked about it basically. 10:50 Predicting what? Schrödinger's ghost cat? They literally call it Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle because they can't predict shit and they don't know wtf they're talking about. They are just doing convoluted math based on imaginary structures. The Standard Model is pure mathematical conjecture at this point. If you have the wrong basic premises to extrapolate from, you will eventually draw a map that is so way different from the terrain, it is not good for anything but to wipe asses with. And at the bleeding edge of the Standard Model, "quantum" physicists are now going back to talking about "particles" just being waves in omnipresent fields again. They don't wanna say Aether, but guess what? It's Aether. It's like how LENR is now legit and being commercialized but used to be called cold fusion and just had to rid itself of that name and not speak of it again, because it is anathema to the "scientific" community. Because the "scientific" community is a cult. Because all humans coming together to discuss the realms of ideas usually work themselves out as cults in the end I guess, and kill the prophets in the wilderness, those that has come face to face with the truth by observation, those heretics get excommunicated, or worse. Experimental data, the atomic cult don't have it. At least not data that makes their theories exclusively true. Anomalies like the reproducible Hutchison Effect, will keep defying "gravity" and simply not be explained away, and CERN will keep spending billions in taxes to chase ghosts just to shoehorn it into their erroneous theory, instead of looking at what is wrong with the theory. Einstein was a fraud and a retard that constantly had to get his math checked by actual geniuses. He compiled his "theory" from numerous sources, as he was conveniently working at the patent office.

  • Those "macedonian expletives" are completely illegible 😂

  • Science and physics would be considered religions. Researching and teaching their beliefs etc

  • Existence is very surprising. Why would there not be nothing? And where is this existence located?

  • Before electricity was discovered What were electric Eels called🤔

  • why did I just get a ad about quantum computing in this video

  • What if your existence is inextricably linked with other universes so that at certain moments in space and time you switched between these universes in what you perceived as continuity. It's something I have pondered on.

  • God is the theory of everything.

  • It’s amazing how I was watching your “you shouldn’t exist, so why do you?” video and was immediately recommended this one. I must be very lucky today!

  • 42 here

  • There is infinate things smaller than the smallest we discovered which is pure energy

  • Gravity is not a force.

  • I don’t think a NOlong video can tell me why I exist.

  • Do you think the study of consciousness might be where all theories will meet in the middle ?

  • I want a flying Unicorn made out of fire. Hop on babe.. We are going for one hellava Ride.!!

  • N o

  • Short answer: *"We Don't know why we exist"* Long answer: *"We aren't born with a purpose for life, so can need to find one"*

  • Just read the Bible and you will figure it out

  • Literally just ate my breakfast cereal right before you said that...

  • just a thought but could we exist on the other side of a black hole,. and so on, go in black hole come out with a big bang? its infinite

  • 6:53 lmao

  • Like if the big bang created everything then what created the big bang and what created the thing that made the big bang and what created the thing that created the thing that created the thing, you get what I mean everything is just so crazy, what if our minds can't know why we are here because our brains are not capable of processing such information, what if why we are here is beyond our mind beyond everything we know everything that exists, what wiped out the mammoths? It can't be humans there were so many incredibly big mammoths that existed and us tiny humans with toothpicks just couldn't possibly wipe them all out there are just too many of them and we still believe that humans hunted these huge beasts into extinction, reality is not what you think .

  • Like Indiana Jones shooting the two handed sword man .... smarter not Harder, unless harder is more fun...

  • Thoughty2: "Don't think about String Theory. Your brain will explode." My brain: "Let's look up String Theory."

  • The answer is tattooed under the moustache

  • I don't know, maybe I'm wrong about this...but Alexander the Great solved this very complexed Gordian knot problem?🤔 Whatever! I imagine 2/3ds of the people back then probably thought about cutting the thing, But Alexander..being who he was at the time would probably of been the only person who could GET AWAY with slicing it in half! Hey..I'm just sayin👍😉

  • We already know the answer to life, the universe and everything; it’s 42 !!

  • 914 angry physicists were like fuck this video 🤣

  • 6:02 sounds like the games I make

  • How the heck did I get here at 2am on a school night?


  • Yh read the koran

  • M has 5 points on it maybe M means the 5 string theories that existed at the time

  • Who cares?!? I mean, really, who cares???

  • Personally, I think of another theory i call it the G=THEORY/the Trinity theory. I would like to point out that science never officially says there is no God just there is no NEED of one to prove existence of things. Yet God if thought bout it is the pull the makes the 3 in to 1. Or rather makes each individual thing part of the one. Hope someone out there agrees even though this is only a portion of it.

  • Jesus after watching this in 4k ultra HD i now know how many ginger tash hairs u have

  • How did Newton know about the planet's when he just discovered gravity don't make sense

  • I prefer the Forrest Gump equation ! Shit Happens.

  • "Hey 42 here" what I hear everytime

    • It’s because he actually does say 42 instead of thoughty2.

  • koa kaza makedonci se zbrkav

  • The “sword that breaks the knot” is that there IS no sword that breaks the knot. 🦍💩🤡

  • The answer is no

  • Great content, but very misleading title.

  • To sum it up, we don't know sht

  • I exists to be a disappointment.