I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)

Publisert 11. okt.. 2020
pure talent

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Music: Cooking Mama Opening Menu

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i wonder if cooking mama is single


  • This is the 99th video wow 😳

  • 9:23 She is looking like Zoro

  • Jaiden, can u play a Pokémon omega ruby nuzlocke just like the ruby one and play the postgame until zinna if u can

  • Your speedrun is even better zen mama!

  • I Beated Tour Record With 5hours and 31 minutes I want To Die its hard i feel You..

  • Videos I mean 100 vids

  • Do you think you can make 100

  • I see u play among us with flamingo

  • Bonk!

  • U should see the admin swipe at among us it helps!💓

  • Hi

  • Someone did the burn apple pie and I think he beat you

  • Pokemon green chapter

  • you are really beautiful

  • Jaiden’s whole time doing the speeding is shorter than my whole online school in 1 day because my online school is frickin 7HOURS!

  • Press F to pay respects to Jaiden for spending 6 hours on playing cooking mama 2 dinner with friends.

  • Hey i have that game

  • 0:33 SMALLANT!!!!!

  • good animation

  • do a gaming chanell

  • No some one all ready speed run this his channel is wait alot of people speed run this but you are not the first one maybe who knows

  • Is it just me or is jaden anamations slowly becoming a gameing channel?

  • Cant we just take a moment to see that mama's bodyguards are Kiryu and Majima?

  • if there was one thing you could do that would make it so someone else took the record in a couple of days is making a video about it gg tho :edit no hate

  • i tried to do cooking mama speed run too and got 4:23 hours and got all gold its very hard


  • I recommend you watch Minecraft speed runs because you need Very Precise actions

  • JAIDEN I SAW YOU ON MRBEAST CHANNEL and only skiped to see you.

  • 888.

  • Alright confession time Who looked it up, and what was your reaction

  • Hey Look , You Music is a Meme !

  • Good for you. I'm glad you were in my recommended section next to "Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)" and just before "Beau Nugget" I recommend the latter. very entertaining!

  • Hi I love your videos im9

  • Love your work jaiden I'm also starting to draw and animate.

  • **me after getting the tetris speedrun record, finishing it as fast as possible

  • Petition for Among us video from Jaiden. Like so she can see

  • Also idc if it’s a nuzzlocke just catch a mimikyu

  • P.s:make a video on how it goes and post it on yt

  • Do ym your

  • This is gonna kinda suck but Nintendo released cooking mama cookstars for the switch

  • Hello jaiden I am a humble twelve year old with a challenge,do a Pokémon sun nuzlocke using this specific Pokémon once you manage to catch it,mimikyu,take this seriously plz and thx

  • Jaden do a vr vid now for us

  • OMG i remember cooking mama we had it on the wii

  • I'm 14 and I've already watched food wars

  • our videos is,t funi

  • give me a shoutout please ?

  • cooking mama is THE BEST game EVER I had it on my ds and played it a lot

  • Im gonna be the first person to speedrun- Ad: ChEeSe caKes Oh no.

  • Idea: so, if you had a podcast that would be really cool, I think we would all support it. (if you don’t want to that’s also ok and fine by us we can’t control you) But if you do make one, what if it’s called “Jaiden Thinks” after the idea CallMeCarson had when you were playing Minecraft?

  • Fun fact, I tried to speedrun it but and I finished at 5h 30m 28sec. I forgot to record..... Ow.

  • Does anyone speedrun games in this comment section? I speedrun Mario 64 but I have delved into other games as well :)

  • Remember When you did that FLAWLESS mario odyssey speedrun with adam and james.

  • Was that 2nd speedrunner she drew... Ant???????

  • Im under 18

  • subscribe to Lovecraft

  • Amazing video and I think you are very good at drawing and if you see this what is a good drawing Tablet I’m trying to Animate.

  • Jaiden u should make a gaming channel please

  • cool jaiden

  • I would have lost so many DS' trying to speedrun this game (stupid mic). Also... Cooking mama probably single. she has to make time to teach all us fusbards how to cook. that lady probably doesn't even sleep.

  • what happened to Ari

  • Happy bday >:)


  • Can you play among us plz

  • what have you done jaiden

  • Jaiden never ever told us that she is playing virtual reality ☺ I dont have virtual reality tho ☹

  • "Me who thinking the king of speedrun is = *dream* "

  • Jaiden is about to get 100 video

  • You should make a video on undertale would be a really good video

  • cool

  • Sorry jaiden but somebody had got the cooking mama 2 speedrun in 3hours

  • jaiden make a video about you going to philippines pls im filipino and also you should visit

  • World Record

  • i wonder if she found out that she lost her crown

  • Nice

  • Do a face reviel

  • 11:24 Wait is that Henry , mario , and sans --

  • So you said MANGO I love Mango

  • I shall beat your burnt apple pie percent This I promise you!

  • i just looked it up and Jaidens been moved to 7th place. the fastest speed run of this is now 3H 29M 23s

  • Lol she’s bottom of the leaderboard now

  • I made a Pokemon Card Maker you

  • It to Gross

  • Please stop shipping jaiden and theodd1sout

  • Why does it sound like you were slightly autotuned. REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • I see u on stream. Do a sword gameplay reviewwww

  • Everybody is trying to do the burnt pie%

  • wow jaiden drew smallant

  • My sister had the same issue in the game as well

  • I just went there and saw that the record for cooking mama 2 is two hours and 33 minutes now,It's a 4 hours but your still the best(LOL

  • I am still trying to figure out what it is I'm not supposed to look up :thinking:

  • Does it really take that long tho bc there’s tutorials for everything

  • Hope everyone is doing okay! (not directed at jaiden only, hope everyone here is doing okay)

  • Hi amazing with Majid remarkable encore frou-frou home and you up the floor with his little monster hunt

  • where are you going to do a livestream in twinch

  • you should do a 100th vid special

  • Literally my name is the birds name for a second I thought she was talking to me lol

  • dream:finishes minecraft 10-20 minutes while being hunted down by 1-4 people and still wins jaiden:spends about six hours on a game that nobody talks about

  • kill me

  • and i downloaded it on the ipad

  • I downloaded cooking mama 1 but i hated it