Does the MINECRAFT cake recipe work in real life? | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Publisert 7. mai. 2021
I try to make a minecraft cake using only the in game ingredients?
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  • Looked at the NOlong, saw Ann Reardon, quickly ran to my wife and watched, like usual - we love this channel so much!

    • Lolololo

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    • Aw that’s so wholesome!! 💖

    • @Maria Kemmler boooooooooooooooo if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything.

    • That's cringe

  • obligatory not a baker here, just a prep cook, but when you were talking about making the cake and adding air into it I was actively playing minecraft and I wondered to myself: "Well if you make the cake out in the open like you do in the game, couldn't some yeast get into it, like a sourdough culture of sorts?" and that made me wonder: "Is it really a cake cake or maybe a kind of sweet bread cake with frosting?" Or maybe even a sweet and sour cake with the wild yeast in it?

  • Omg congratulations Ann! You deserve all the success in the world. Thank you for helping us answer all of cooking's difficult questions. Like this minecraft cake. ☺️

  • Italian bakers/confectioners never use baking powder, to make the cake base. The one we call "Pan di Spagna". With the right ingredients, measurement, and tools like electric whisk, you can get air in it, without problem. The batter will go up, and stay soft. But I think you already know that. ^-^"

  • We all need to Tweet at Minecraft to make a food update to allow for more baking options than just a cake

  • I don't understand which mysterious Minecraft / Wonderland ingredient kept making that dude change ages... but, great work Ann! 🤯

  • i was thinking of it more as a ratio, like 3 parts wheat 3 parts milk, 2 parts sugar and 1 egg

  • Just looking at that amount of frosting is gonna give me diabetes

  • The cake is a lie

  • I just received my book today 🥳🥳🥳 would the sticker be sent to US as well or within australia only?

  • This has game/food theory vibes. You should team up with them for a video. That would be very cool

  • now make bread with only the minecraft ingredients

  • This is absolutely brilliant. I need to try this.

  • Oh, your son had a Minecraft shirt on! That’s delightful!

  • This was very fun! I will be checking out your other videos! I love your energy! And incredible baking!!!

  • but what if you add minecraft education edition

  • respect, she sounds like she actually knows what minecraft is

  • Cool tip: The crafting table DOES have extra tools, if you see the block has some shears and something like a hammer on the sides, so this recipe is really truthful

  • Food science is so amazing

  • id say 1 bucket of milk is 1 cup of milk same with sugar

  • The bucket can hold one square meter of water so the same amount of mikk

  • I mean minecraft cakes are cubes and the cake is flat

  • *i dont need sleep, i need answers*

  • i havent watched your videos for a while, i used to watch you all the time in 2014 i was still a kid and now im all grown up and 16! Im glad the youtube algorithm brought me back to your videos, always a pleasure to see you still doing the things i saw you do back then :)

  • I remember trying to bake the Minecraft cake and ending up with a sweet bread roll.

  • Just preordered! Was a pleasant surprise that I was thinking of starting baking and saw your book coming out in just a few days! ❤️

  • You should do that with Minecraft biscuits as well.

  • "There's a fair few leaps of faith in this game." As a Minecraft fan, I couldn't help laughing out loud at this. This is a game where very few blocks are affected by gravity. You can - assuming you have no aesthetic sense - punch out the bottom of a tree and leave the rest of the tree just hovering in midair.

  • Technically speaking, one Minecraft bucket holds one cubic meter of water or lava. By that logic, 3 Minecraft buckets of milk would be 3000 liters of milk :3

  • I want to watch anna play Minecraft :)

  • This was cool! If you ever try this again you could try an ostrich egg. It still is technically one egg.

  • Me a mature adult: hehe.... piles.

  • Wait.... Why is this Minecraft recipe objectively better than like 80% of the scam diy cooking NOlong channels?!? An illogical, never meant to be followed, recipe works better than recipes on "how to" channels that supposedly work... Yikes. 😟

  • I never knew that bit about baking powder and glass sharing a key ingredient! That’s absolutely something that could be added to the game, maybe for making crystal clear glass or something. Also, modded MC players are no stranger to complex crafting. 😄

  • i would love 4 her to do this but with genshin recipes 😳

  • See how she made the recipe. That why I love her !

  • if only life was like minecraft 😢 not literally tho

  • You try everything with an open mind and such skill pls keep doing your amazing work!

  • I learn so much from these videos

  • This makes me so happy

  • she baked *30 batches* of different variations of just ONE cupcake recipe?!?!?!? this lady is awesome, wow you learn almost every subject just from 1 of her videos

  • The mine craft recipe might work if you used some of the flour to make some sourdough in theory

  • You know, you could've made butter from that much of milk you had.

  • Tell me that you get some action without telling me that you get some action -> 13:10

  • You could have used all that milk to make butter so that your cake has a little bit of fat

  • Just subscribed and turned on notifications! Love you Ann!

  • I have pre-ordered 8 of your cookbooks for my family and friends!!!

  • 9:43 boOk📈📈

  • I can’t believe how big James has gotten, he looks like a grown man now!

  • I always thought it was a big cake with a thin layer of icing

  • Love your manicure!

  • No refrigerators in the game

  • "There are a few leaps of faith in this game" ***me trying to figure out if i can make the jump into the water at the bottom of the ravine***

  • y'all doing too much, i just considered it as standard measuring represented in an "accurate of time" way. 3 cups of milk 3 cups of flour 2 cups of sugar 1 egg. realistically you want your flour to be slightly more than your sugar, so that would work. also, if you really wanted to be accuracte i suppose you could stick to one chicken egg, but no ones stopping you from getting a huge egg. just remember that.

  • 5:31 ou thats alot of cream 5:21 from this lart it doesint seem like theres more than what you see being scooped off

  • I like some dense cakes that dont rise to me its like a thin scone or a soft cookie

  • Lots of people dont know ann knows what minecraft even is

  • 3:20 Bonemeal: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • The lamentable encyclopedia periodically heap because shop practically train following a grandiose income. few fierce, free wednesday

  • Given that Minecraft is a game about survival and adventure, the player character probably doesn't mind food that isn't the highest quality! For real though, this was a fun video to watch

  • "There's a fair few leaps of faith in this game". LOL, that about sums up Minecraft really!

  • I personally think you didn’t needed to use so much milk. In game, you can milk a cow multiple times at once, so you could have assumed a fraction of the amount of milk one would get from milking a cow was used

  • I’m just surprised how much she knows about mine craft

  • I think the buckets are smaller but this is amazing! And i think the red bits might be apples.

  • I wasn't totally sure about the flour comments. I make carrot cake and all my quick breads with whole wheat flour, and while certainly they don't rise as much, it does produce a pleasant, yummy cake.

  • The biggest takeaway I got from this video is that I underestimated the power of the almighty crafting table

  • Unrelated to the Minecraft cake - my youngest is off to uni in a bit. I'm sending your book with them when they go :)

  • YOu could avoid the baking ppowder completely by increasing the eggs and make a genoise sponge.( though the original cake could be salvaged by turning it into "biscotti" by slicing and baking again )

  • I love the cream you get from fresh milk. In mexico you spread it on some soft bread and sprinkle sugar on top. I also really enjoy it by itself though.

  • Make a mince curry

  • You're book is the only cookbook I would buy. You do such a great job of teaching.

  • Content farmers/Bad content creators: gets millions of subscribers Actual good content creators: gets 1-4million at most with very few with high subscribers NOlong: *bAlEnCeD!*

  • When you're a gamer but you like to bake:

  • Ann's first Game Theory! Can you make a Minecraft Cake in real life?

  • The first cake reminds me of the time I forgot the yeast in a loaf of bread lol what a mess

  • If you look at the size ratios of buckets, piles and eggs - you would probably get quite a nice cake. Try using the egg as a base for measuring the other ingredients.

  • poor cows

  • Here before 1MILLON :)

  • A little Information here: A normal chicken doesn’t lay an egg per day, just about every 2-3 days. Even the most laying chickens lay every 1-2 days, but that’s just for a short time, because it gets less after one year.

  • Ann you have the sweetest kids

  • Hmm a cake like out of 15liter of milk Can we call it cake Milk? Bcs its not gonna be a cake its gonna be a Milk mixed with cake ingredients

  • Now time to bake some TNT using the minecraft recipe :3 *time to look for some RL creepers*

  • yas queen

  • You should do more recipes based on games

  • Well, minecraft's cake is ingested in layers so that flat cake can be very accurate if you stack 7.

  • You are SUCH a good sport 😂 you really do your best to stay true to the challenge and not cut corners. This is one of my favorite videos bc when you said “challenge accepted,” you REALLY meant it!

  • This is the MOST adorable.

  • Back in college, one of my friends tried to make sweet rolls using only the ingredients from Skyrim. That recipe had the opposite problem when it came to eggs, in that they made up basically the entire thing. He did not speak highly of them

  • I love how she does these videos. So many other NOlongrs would just try the recipe and say it doesn't work and be done, but not Ann. The extra effort of experimenting until she finds a doable version takes her videos to a whole new level.

  • Don't forget that the eggs in Minecraft are huge.

  • You should make Mummy Pig's Chocolate cake from Peppa Pig

  • I can’t even make a cake with a recipe to follow off 😭✋

  • I wonder if Ann can tackle the "Perfectly Preserved pie" from Fallout 4. The Vault Dwellers cookbook says its just a cheesecake but theres no way that can last 200+ years.

  • Please try doing Hay Day food!! 🙏🏻

  • Could there not be wild yeast involved somewhere 🤷‍♂️

  • Domestic cows have been selectively bred over time to produce more milk and to keep producing milk even when no calf is present to nurse. If the mine craft cows are a wild variant, or are "less domesticated" than real world domesticated cows, the amount of milk they produce would likely be considerably less. Additionally, the fat content of the milk minecraft cows produce could be wildly different as well, meaning producing less milk with a higher cream content isn't unrealistic. Just as chicken in real life have been selectively bred to produce more eggs (in the case of layers), or more meat (in the case of broilers,) minecraft chicken might have been bred or circumstantially adapted, to lay much larger eggs than IRL chickens. This is probably likely given that even though the chickens are about the same height/size as IRL chickens once you do the block conversion to IRL units, the chicks are only about 30% smaller than the adults, meaning these birds hatch damn near fully grown, which would make the eggs fucking HUGE, or grow very quickly after hatching, (which is probably an explanation a minecraft apologist would come up with, but even in that scenario, the eggs would do well to be much larger to minimize the gap between hatchling and chick. At this point i've lost the energy to continue explaining how a fictional video game world might differ from the real world. Goodnight.

  • It looks like blonde brownies.

  • Could you instead have used wild yeast as your leavening agent? It would prevent you from needing to add additional ingredients that aren't listed in the Minecraft recipe, as it only takes flour and a little bit of liquid to collect

  • I pre-ordered your book.

  • this so cool =D and vary funny i was always wounder about the minecraft cake and other resipes since i mostly mod my minecraft to be more real lol