Friendship Begins | Full Episode 1 | Langit Lupa

Publisert 28. nov.. 2016
Despite the difference on their status in life, Dey and Lala instantly click and promise to be best friends forever. As the two friends journey through adolescence and adulthood, Dey and Lala face bumps in the road that involve matters of the heart, but manage to stay by each other's side.
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Episode Cast:
Jason Abalos (Joey Garcia) / Yam Concepcion (Lala, Priscilla Gutierrez) / Patrick Garcia (Ian, Christian Chavez) / Alessandra De Rossi (Dey, Daisylyn Garcia) / Boboy Garovillo (Tatay Pogi / Lyndon Marasigan Sr.) / Cheska Iñigo (Margaret) / Trisha Redd Yosa (young Dey, Daisylyn Garcia) / Faye Alhambra (young Lala) / Lance Lucido (young Joey) / Nafa Hilario-Cruz (teenage Dey) / Avery Balasbas (teenage Lala) / Franchesca Floirendo (Daphne)