Stephen A. and Max react to Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul | First Take

Publisert 7. juni. 2021
Stephen A. and Max react to Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Logan Paul lasting eight rounds against Floyd Mayweather.

0:00 Stephen A. says he is disappointed.
2:50 Max doesn’t think this fight was bad for boxing.
4:20 Max says he was entertained watching the fight.

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  • Some people will pay forever for a chance to see a of Floyd losing

  • He's retired, are you not entertained

  • 4:14 Yes that’s exactly what we wanted. Couldn’t have worded it better

  • Sas couple haters in the building

  • Kill him? That is a spirit of murder paying or not their is power in the tongue. If you are reading this Jesus loves you!

  • Give life to novices bruh i would be more inspired to see him dropped and put RESPECT back on boxings name

  • Did this skunts blast Ali who fought many exhibitions?

  • Where’s GGG?

  • If this is the height of boxing.....💤💤💤💤💤...

  • Floyd Fighting The kardashian sisters is not a fight or exhibition, it’s abuse against women. You have experience of that. You want to watch a fight, pay for pac vs Spence. Go to vegas and have fun, spend money help the people who lost income with covid

    • Ummm i deff wanted to see logan go to hosptile

  • Wait, The media said, Floyd made $30 million for a patch on his boxing shorts. Don't hate player, hate the game 😂

  • 35lb difference..... How do you not respect it

  • It was just fun. Mike Tyson talked to Logan on his talk show and ate 4 gram's on mushrooms on the show. (Tyson) Mike knew and so did Logan how it was going to go. There's a greater reason to this fight. To bring peace and not kill eachother and have a friendly fight. This was amazing. They changed history

  • How can a punk who never won a boxing match be good for boxing? Floyd 51 0. Like rocky marcaino never lost a fight.

  • Love to see when the tables turn the other way around between STEPHEN & MAX, in way they look at opposite polars that collide with the way they look at the sport.

  • I haven't watch Boxing in years, I watch a lot of old school boxing on NOlong, this is something that's good for boxing, it got me actually watching ESPN channel.

  • The superb grenade allegedly wander because switch karyologically argue toward a eminent muscle. cluttered, important wound

  • Im saving my money on Pacquiao vs Spence fight... 100% much more better fight than this and have better earnings... 19m followers is a dime compare to a boxing fan revenue. Philippines alone worth 25m that pays ppv.... not to add the american nor the whole world...

  • This is a mockery On boxing for whoever paid to see this fight shame on you who paid for a exhibition fight 🤦‍♂️

  • Boxing is finished and lost its flair. Thanks social media

  • How can anyone say it wasn't good... It brought tons of new eyes to a dead sport basically. An the whole reason it was intriguing was because Logan was so much bigger then Floyd. Most of the so called pros said Logan had no chance to survive, he did an did well... it was Floyd Mayweather an if Logan was smaller he knows he would of had no chance. That was the point.

  • People need to wake up, and realize it's about making money. Till you people understand you won't be disappointed.

  • Ummm i deff wanted to see logan go to hosptile


  • First time I think I agree with SA IN MY LIFE!

  • This commentary on the fight was not very enlightening.

  • This exhibition is another name for JOKE. No end game. No winner. No contest. Just a money graB.

  • He didn’t last 8 rounds he was actually knocked out and Floyd held him up until he woke up!!!

  • Max got it right...

  • The fault is the great boxers not fighting each other like Crawford. The only active boxer fighting ppl we want to see is Tyson Fury

  • Was this fight really about boxing? NO! It was about making money. Why are people even acting like this was about boxing.

  • That's arranged match.

  • I thought it was very entertaining. More entertainment than most fights I buy and only for $50.


  • Floyd maywheather is avoiding that 1 loss professionally he doesn’t want to fight Terence Crawford & SpenceJr is a political WBC Welterweight Champion because he hasn’t faught the best in his weight class Ugas is garbage 🗑

  • Wouldve rather seen 50 cent vs mayweather 💯💯

  • Good point Max

  • The damage shown on their faces from fighting so when I say state of their face that’s what I mean.

  • It was like the professor vs LeBron James. And that's being kind. And you had people predicting an upset?

  • Stephen A Smith is couldn’t be more wrong. You can see the discontent for the Paul brothers ever time he speaks on them. First it’s they haven’t fought a real fighter, then they haven’t fought a real boxer. Stephen A Smith said that Logan Paul didn’t have a chance against Mayweather, Yet Logan Paul went all 8 rounds. Stephen A Smith said Logan Paul wouldn’t be able to touch Mayweather, yet Logan Paul repeatedly punched Mayweather. I’m not saying Logan Paul won or lost, but Stephen A Smith was 100% wrong on his prediction. Now Stephen A Smith is just making up excuses. According to some sources the said that Mayweather scored 15 punches more than Paul. Now think about that,… that is less than 2 punches per round more. If Mayweather in fact scored those punches & “won” the fight, then He barley won that fight. Also Paul threw more than a 100 punches in total then Mayweather. Paul was more of the aggressor. For all of you people saying that Mayweather held Paul up to extend it to 8 rounds & make himself look bad. What would be the point? Simple fact is,.. Logan Paul is a good boxer & at the level of a beginning pro fighter. If he continues to box he will only get better. Oh lastly,… Professional boxers have been cherry picking easy fights for more than a hundred years. It gets them ring time & helps them pad their stats. Just look up any of the best professional boxers first dozen fights, & se the boxers they were boxing.

  • Ruining boxing for money.

  • You see , in the sport of boxing many different countries have given great fighters through history, that's why to say that x or y boxer is the best of all times is kind of tough to do. A boxers is as good as the level of competition he came against to. Take for example Rocky Marciano, a great STRONG fighter and tough cookie to crack, and yet his level of competition in the heavy weights don't stack up to the likes of Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Liston, Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis and Holmes at their respective primes. Get what I am saying?. At 135/140/147 pounds, did Floyd Mayweather in his prime ever fought the likes (at their primes) of Sugar Ray Leonard (at 147) , Duran (at 135), The hawk Prior (at 135), Arguello (at 135), The radar Benitez (at 140/147), Macho Camacho (at 135), The cobra Hearns (at 147) and Sugar Ray Robinson (at 147) ? NO, therefor we know that the level of competition that Floyd fought in his illustrious career is lower (except maybe for Pacman and an older way off his prime De La Holla + an older Miguel Cotto and Mosley ). YOU ARE AS GOOD AS THE COMPETITION YOU COME AGAINST. That is why Ali and Duran are among the top 10 in all time p4p lists. Ali fought in the heavy weight golden era and Duran career expanded over 20 years from lightweight all the way to middle weight in one of the golden ages of boxing (if not the most memorable because of the raw talent in almost every class of weight). Is not about ending your career with an undefeated record, it is about who you fought against. Marciano, Calzaghe, Lopez , ect ALL had an undefeated record also and yet they do not come even close of making top 10 P4P of all times. That is a FACT. Talent, boxing abilities and reflexes can take far but NOT far enough to guaranty a top 10 P4P because it all depends on your competition. When it comes to been considered top 10: pay per view numbers, millions earned per fight and ending undefeated (0 loss) simply does not cut it. That is why , even thou Mayweather is already retired , in the 10 P4P of all times you don't see his name mentioned above Ali, Duran and Robinson.

  • The casual fan base is the most important fan base in literally everything. If the casual scene dies then the event dies.

  • “i’m just talking about the size, the appearance”💀💀

  • S.A don’t count

  • Max is right

  • I box anybody for $1… its my choice.

  • And the fact it is staged don't think Floyd is declining

  • Myweather

  • Myweather hoo won

  • What a embarrassment for boxing 🥊 y’all making it easy for you tubers to make big money for boxing but not the boxers that’s been teaming for years since they was kids to earn the same money slap to the face

  • Max made some good points. I don’t really care about boxing, but I was interested to hear what happened in this fight.

  • Come on!!!!! This fight was rigged and still sucked - period. Oh and 20 million subscribers????

  • It was a circus. One of the weirdest things that's happened in sports in 2021

  • when out had fun, and deposited $100 million into his already bloated bank account

  • This actually happen??😣😣😣😣

  • Max speaks the facts all the time..

  • This hurted Floyd. I was really expecting him to konck Logan out. Max you’re wrong.

  • I Want WWF back now

  • The zesty oven explicitly vanish because microwave outstandingly join along a second broccoli. aboard, cheerful request

  • Kellerman kickin facts

  • "do we wanna see Logan Paul rushed to a hospital?" Well kinda, yea.

  • It's bad for boxing. Retired veteran boxer fighting a nobody in boxing then he insults everybody who's in professional boxing.

  • Nah we want to see either one of them got knocked out. We don’t pay them to watch them hugging running around act like a clown.

  • This ridiculous boxing is being laughed at

    • Steven S is actually right

  • Stephen A didn't make this racial in any way!! Its been years since he's not race baited at least once a show

  • All about money and entertainment. Not sports. I didn't watch the fight.

    • Glad you didn’t. Don’t waste your time. I believe Mayweather didn’t went all out on Logan. It’s rigged

  • Paul was trash..... sorry suckas!

  • longer talk sports with me

  • Max Kellerman has more sense than this and I know he was just handed a script just to have this debate.

    • Facts. Max def knows his boxing and its crazy for him to say this fight was good for the sport.

  • I didn't watch that bs! Those fools will never get my money. lol

  • Sorry but Stephen has no say when it comes too fighting

  • Max F'ed up SAS in this debate. Hands down

    • @bssni touir they are just getting started. It's trendy right now

    • I hope these clown fights are done


  • How could a washed up champ fighting a larger young man be good for boxing.

  • Didn't harm boxing, the fight was boring.

  • I'm with Stephen on this one. And I happened to watch a video of Floyd promising the fight won't go the distance!

  • The paul brothers made boxing entertainment for the moment with NOlongrs boxing

  • Steven S is actually right

  • Devin Haney is the future don’t worry

  • max kellerman is an idiot. I watch boxing to see the best perform at their best and see who the best are. i aint trying to watch washed up, wanna be, or once haves. i want to see the best.

  • Hey espn communists...which country is better? USA or communist China? (Its rhetorical...we already know where you stand! And you can fuq off)

  • Ive lost ALL respect for Max!! He has ZERO credibility now bcuz he actually lives this CIRCUS SHOW, this SPECTACLE. This reduces the integrity of Boxing! And I actually thought Max was a Boxing Purist. I was wrong!! This is a complete JOKE !!!!

  • When you have money 💰 in your hand, it's good coz you can help people. But if money go in your mind it's bad... well said Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • Max is ball hugging lol

  • 4:14 thats exactly what we want to see. 100%

  • I hope these clown fights are done

  • This was such a win for the simple fact that Smith wasn't yelling.Well worth it.


  • "Do we want Floyd to kill him" I think a lot of people said yes

  • Max is right ✅

  • Stop suggesting ex fighter come out of retirement

  • Easy money is more attractive than a hard earned paycheck. That might influence competitive integrity in a negative way, so I am with Stephen A.

  • boxing is LITERALLY a sideshow these days

  • Lets remember this was an exhibition that is what it was...WWE

  • I was laughing about how dumb it would be to not only watch this scripted fight, but to purchase it. My friends looked at me and said they all paid😂. I told them they could no longer talk sports with me

  • These guys just argue for no reason…

  • obnoxious yell that guy has

  • The blonde version of Michael Scott is mad!

  • glad i wasnt ever interested in this hyped fight... id rather watch Dragon Ball GT the whole day than waste my time on a staged fight like this

  • Yeah you can spin it however you want but listen to Logan Paul on his last impulsive episode he shares a voice call from a friend of Floyd's at the gym saying that Floyd was taking this fight more seriously than Connor and was training harder and was training as if he was fighting for a belt. Fax