THE FUTURE IS NOW! Raft Episode 2

Publisert 13. jan.. 2021
Continuing our RAFT adventures, my friends and I start to lose our minds. This is part 2!
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Check out my friends in this video!!
corpse husband-
disguised toast-
Edited By ➡ MasterD4M
Thumb By ➡ roboeye5
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  • John sees a rat:EEWWW EEWW Rae sees a rat:*screams*

  • OK OK 7:30 I WAS shocked by that JODI BURN🔥

  • GET ROZTED 7:29

  • The naruto BGM be vibing thruout the vid

  • Wait wait wait! Lol Rae 8:46

  • Back at it with the Naruto music

  • These animations make the video which is already great like 10x better, fully helps me to visualise it better :)

  • I have Abe placing that chest on loop because it’s so priceless

  • Omg why does she keep shouting and yelling its so annoying

  • 14:35 ITS A RAT POKE IT

  • Great vid Love the animation and background music(Naruto)

  • What soundtracks are used in the video?


  • 1:36 as a person with ocd i believe that abe shall be sacrificed to the shark

  • the amimatic bits are amazing!

  • Rae: (realizes the tree plot is crooked) oh it is off Sykkuno: what do you mean? we can't move it now the tree is already in there, if we move it we might lose the tree... John: yeah, but Rae is gonna lose her mind. (Rae and Sykkuno laughs) Abe: THIS IS TRUE

  • The game needs rat poison!! 🤣

  • this was the argument i was confused at why were they both so focused on being fashionable able where the chest is when if they get in trouble and they need to use the chest to get the equipment they need they can just get it from top floor as well 1:41-2:01

  • Oml i love how rae and jodi Get mad at imperfect stuff, They might be my long lost sisters 😯😯 I also hate imperfect stuff lmfao

  • “Somebody ate my potato”💀 THE BETRAYAL

  • The animatioonns 😂😂😂

  • Rae: THE FUTURE IS NOW Syk: I made a new technology Abe: Im farming, you actually left me? John: _Land Ho! Ready the anchor! Im paddling_ Jodi: _food agenda_

  • 1:32 she looks like she is in pain

  • word: waggu

  • **Inhale** I FOUND MY KIND. THE SYMMETRY-OBSESSED SPECIES HAS BEEN REUNITED LOL "land ho" My mind for some unknown reason: "LAND YA HO_S"

  • Wow~ Jordie REALLY kill Abe that time🤣😂

  • I love the Naruto music haha

  • The Naruto music


  • Ty

  • choke me like u hate me

  • 7:16

  • someone when they see a rat: AKDJKDKDDKKDD HELP rae: HSKS and it's dead everyone else: wow it's so dark... i wonder what this key goes to... rae: goes through the entire ship alone

  • I love how at 7:47 she throws the fish at him 😂

  • The tasteless alto tentatively wait because behavior adventitiously attract amongst a sleepy jumbo. silent, general gentle doubt

  • bruh i just got a fire ad lmfao

  • Can anyone tell me the name of that little music box soundtrack in the video please? I wanna find it but I don't know the name ;w;

  • just feel like i'm rewatching Naruto: rae and friends edition

  • Just passing by and thought everyone needed to know that she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.

  • I’m happy she uses music from naruto

  • Everyone: Ewww, poke it, ahhhh Th rat: :/

  • The animation part is the best

  • You are good

  • "Its really dark in here its really dark" 2 seconds later: "OOH You guys wanna play some pool?"

  • i recognized the music at the beginning, what is it again

  • The anime scenes 🥺

  • When sykkuno said both i thought of por queno los dos

  • fun helpful facts for your ease if you click T it will show you the questline items you have collected as a group! you can fortify the raft with metal in the building menu and that includes the nets! You make me remember the joys of looking at raft for the first time ever, we can complete all of the current chapters in about 6-8 hours of gameplay (2 of us playing- including my animal gathering side quests) I would die to play with yall one day. but I doubt it will ever happen :P Happy sailing

  • Abe: How do you raise animals on raft? Jodi: Well we are raising you on raft! Me: Best line ever!

  • I love the animations the drawing style is so good!

  • The Naruto soundtrack is getting me hype lol. Fits the moods perfectly

  • the Naruto soundtrack in the background is the best

  • I could easily get lost in the big ship lol

  • If only I had more friends :(

  • where are the full live streams of this?

  • Rae’s sense of direction amazes me lol. She had the layout of that yacht down so fast!

  • Can we have a 3 part please!! Press this button below if you agree too ⬇️

  • I wish someone would match try to match my energy like how Masayoshi is always trying to match Rae's energy

  • Abe: how do animals raise on the raft Jodi: well we raising you on the raft 💀

  • Yacht Sign: **Authorized Personnel Only** Jodi: Suddenly I'm Jared and I'm 19

  • Future is now :0

  • Love the Naruto Soundtracks

  • I now Know Rae is a Naruto fan. She used Departure to the Front Lines. My FAVORITE soundtrack piece.

  • I love how Rae puts Naruto songs in the background ✨

  • Sykkuno could voice a male anime character.

  • Is it just me or at 1:37 rae is a perfect look alike of this emoji 😩

  • Jk

  • Corpse is badd

  • This raft adventure needed Ash on it.

  • Jodi: Abe I'm sorry I made you some fish! (Throws fish on Abe's face) lol

  • The animation are soo good props to the artist

  • me once they say authorized personnel only:this sign cant stop me Couse i cant read

  • I want more of y’all playin this game. It’s so fun.

  • How else what’s to see this as an anime

  • Ahhhh ..... the Naruto morning song ...... ssooooooo relaxing Edit : and well the other Naruto calm songs....,..........

  • Is there gonna be a part 3 to this. Please make one!

  • you were playing music from Naruto and now I miss that show.

  • Make more of the raft videos please there so fun to whatch

  • Watching valkyrae videos is basically who's the biggest sykunno simp

  • Sykkuno is✨ wholesome ✨


  • theirs also a eagle

  • Cant wait for the next!!!

  • That smile on Rae's face at 1:44 looks like a mix of Aizawa's (from MHA) and Alastor's (from Hazbin Hotel) anyone else agree?

  • You won’t like the scary bears btw. They kill you in one shot

  • Listening to your chatter while playing this game is almost exactly like what I talked about with my friends

  • I’m just rocking to the music in the background then I realize that it’s from nature and me being me “YEEEEEAAAAASSSS”

  • Can you guys do more parts it’s so funny.

  • We need more RAFT AND NOW!!!

  • when is part three coming out?

  • This is not the actual future chapter 2 makes tangoroa and caravan town

  • Why does Sykunno sound like an anime character

  • 8:05 I was today's year old when I learned ptsd, I learned adhd from dream and technoblade.

  • Ray every theme songs played in this video is from naruto😂

  • “I’m padDLING!!!”


  • "Abe I'm sorry ill make you some fish" Jade

  • Sorry I unlike this one

  • She started playing naruto music

  • The future... THE FUTURE IS NOW Shaca