G2 vs Team Spirit, Heroic vs Gambit | BLAST Spring Showdown Final Day 6

Publisert 18. april. 2021
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15:00 CEST Show Start
15:30 CEST G2 vs Team Spirit
18:30 CEST Heroic vs Gambit
BLAST Overtime
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  • 8:46:05 that was tense

  • 5:59:23 why is this announcer crying so bad for HEROIC

  • 4:45:10

  • Seems like "connection issues" conveniently happen. Need LAN tournaments in same building in person.

  • G2 is BEST team on the WORLD *WITH NIKO

  • G2 vs Spirit mirage 51:49 G2 vs Spirit dust2 2:00:12 G2 vs Spirit nuke 3:12:36 Heroic vs Gambit inferno 5:17:31 Heroic vs Gambit vertigo 6:23:04 Heroic vs Gambit train 7:35:03

  • 8:30:56 ajajajajajajjaa run hobbit run

  • 4:38:38 ????????????? HOW

  • When is The next match?

  • And, when they play g2 and gambit?

  • when is the final?

  • When we're the g2 vs gambit?

  • When they are going to stream final ?

  • 7:42:14 5 shots* :D

  • 4:46:13 What is that perfect match... Semmler: What... (Anders then: an impressive shot)

  • 7:04:25 wtf happened there?

  • gg

  • 🔥🔥

  • youtube.com/watch/JvLJMkZhkSA

  • Gambit strong team of pokemons

    • youtube.com/watch/JvLJMkZhkSA

  • 51:50 G2 vs team spirit

    • youtube.com/watch/JvLJMkZhkSA

  • Hahahhahaha noobs heroic hahahah

  • Nice☺☺☺

  • Looking back at how Team Spirit comeback from 13-8 to 13-15 i stop watching G2 and think they are gonna lose but it turns out that i was wrong GGWP G2 💥💥💥

    • youtube.com/watch/JvLJMkZhkSA

  • Moses with lightning fast reflexes

  • saj 4:52:30

  • Sadly for Spirit they deserved win more. Literally last 2 rounds won by g2 was luckiest shit ever seen in last tourneys

    • @Nikita :D i mean still spirit play worse ..

    • @Anonymous Nope this time g2 played awful they really got lucky last map overtime

    • Guys like you always feel the other side get lucky. Guess what. G2 would’ve won in regulation. The score was 11:4 ffs. If anything, Spirit got lucky there. And I’m not saying they did.

    • @Nikita :D so you telling me that a team that have more than 1clutch factor is bad?

    • @Nikita :D well.. that explain how they win ...

  • 8:45:45 is a great moment in CS

  • Amanek is one of the coolest player in G2

    • Totally agreed

    • Yes it is, on of the crucial

  • From 7:19:10 to 8:54:46 Why so quiet Cadian?

  • 7:04:18 Best moment

  • If you use "tothemoon" on CSGORoll right now they'll give you free cases because of the stock market memes lul

  • WP Gambit and G2 NT Spirit and Heroic

  • Gambit top

  • Let's go Na'Vi.