A Single Bretman Rock Saddles Up For A New Adventure 🐎 Episode 1 | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock

Publisert 8. feb.. 2021
In the midst of a break-up and a home remodel, Internet personality Bretman Rock retreats to a beachside rental with his friends, where the good times are interrupted by real life family challenges.
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  • As the year anniversary of Bretman’s father’s death approaches, he reveals a deeply held secret to his sister Princess Mae. Meanwhile, Bretman devises a marketing plan for his new sunglasses line: nude photos! Here's the link for next week!! nolong.info/show/Xt6hbIWtfbmXl4U/video.html

  • Im learning a lot about them in 1 video 🌻🥺

  • I'm crying

  • Miss K: Assistant is everything. Omg 😂

  • You guys say hígado the same way we do in Spanish. That’s why Filipinos are our primos.

  • “Ikaika social distancing” 😭

  • Obsessed with miss K !!!

  • This just made me feel happy at first but made me cry at the end. So much love for you and your fam

  • 13:48 lmaaaooo Bret's hat is sendiiiinnngggg meeee

  • They should at least make them an hour long 🥲

  • I need this on Netflix!!! Now😭🥺

  • Mom crying made me cry cause i know the struggle as a single mom taking care of 3 kids. 2 of which are my brothers, WHY am I crying

  • their mum is so cute omg

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  • I love the friendship

  • I fuckin stan for Bretman Rock but I love love love Miss Kay lol and Larry lol I am so hooked

  • "I don't get ready, I'm always ready"

  • People don’t know real pressure until you try to cook a family recipe for your elders to judge ;-;



  • Ahh I love Bretman!

  • I love you so much Bretman! And your sister!!!! Really hope to see you😍😍😍

  • Bret, you make the whole Asian immigrant community proud!! And your relationship with your family and friends is so precious!!

  • I love his spirit !!!

  • Princess is a whole mood lol love her


  • omg bret your mom got me im ballin

  • *I’m going to pretend Larry and Bretman didn’t make out with clowns*

  • just subscribed!

  • 17:23 bruh

  • That silver swan though....😂😂

  • The fact that they just call their bff b*tch all the time

  • the way bretman put hes hat on top of the helmet😭😭😭

  • yoooo its the babys face for me when she eat brents food


  • He is so entertaining to watch. Love him 😊.

  • 8:08 plsss

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  • I'm pilipino but I don't eat igado. 😑 Not my taste . Goodluck to your cooking episode bretman 😅

  • its so cool seeing ilocanos on the come up yoooo

  • It reminded me of my mom . Love u mom Love u bretman Love all of u.

  • Omg I love 👸 princess

  • Every Filipino loves their family especially their parents. Even if we're adults and successful, we still prioritize and never forget our parents.

  • Bret is one of the best filipino influencer. I didn't much watch other Filipino influencers vlogs here in the Philippines, but Bretmans vlogs is giving me such a good vibes. I speak IIocano, too just like Bretmans filipino dialect. I love her moms cooking coz it's more on Ilocano cuisine.

  • So constantly saying the B word and disrespecting women is entertaining oh ok😒

  • idk why they need to social distance from one another, they live together in the beach house but i get it ok u need to practice it im not against face masks and social distancing, im just saying

  • it's so much better than kuwtk

  • Bretman: being bored is a choice Me being bored af but too lazy to do anything: ok..

  • Unay to sakripisyo ni mama da ti annak na. Nasaet talaga ti ilokano. Kaasi ni Apo ket nagsuccessful ni bretman nga makatulong kenni mama na. I am proud kenka bretman ken ti family mo. Haan ka pay makalipat ken haan ibain naggapwam

  • Anyways only asians will notice that before they enter the house they remove their 👟

  • 17:22

  • Hiiiiiiiii

  • “How can you beat your face but you can’t beat an egg” WEAK

  • Nobody: Horse girl: neigheh heh heh

  • I love Bretman, saying true all the time. A real queen 👑


  • where my other Filipinos at ❤️

  • dont search mr. hands

  • When you call him your best friend but he calls you his ✨dog✨

  • Bretmans mom is so pretty 😍

  • I bursted into tears when their mom started crying.

  • I just love this!

  • OKAYYYY ROCKDASHIANS !!!! i love you guys so much !! 🤍🤍🤍

  • Princess wanting Bret spaghetti to be bad was so funny 😂😂😂 she was praying on his downfall

  • I cried when their mom started crying 🥺😭

  • Finally the best badass bij Bretman rock has his own show. So proud of youu girl! Thank you Mtv for this!!

  • Such a strong momma you deserve it

  • Honestly I have so much respect for his mom, raising kids alone is not easy.

  • How did he even get that beach house if she’s selling fruits

  • the beginning made me realize i say Hawaii wrong

  • 12:18 *"I'm kinda nervous"* Girl you ain't the only who's nervous, that horse lady sounds like she about become the horse and dip

  • Princess and Cleo are twins.

  • take a shot everytime you hear “bitch”

  • oof only 884 raised

  • 7:27 sooo.. Princess gave birth to herself? Cleo looks exactly like her as a baby

  • princess looks just like cleo when she was young omggggg

  • I haven't watched MTV in over ten years, but I guess I'll watch for Bretman.

  • Miss kaaaay💕 I think your the most beautiful person ever your amazing and a mfkn hustlaaa🥰🤩

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  • HAHAHAHAH y’all realising how they all stretch the last word of every sentence

  • Bret got dumped??? Wtfffffffffffff

  • The cooking scene had me weak af 😂😂😂 it's refreshing to see reality tv that has wholesome content. I can't wait to see more seasons !!!

  • I wonder how tired the editor to put so many censors 🤣

  • 21:50 is literally any filipino mom relationships to their child.

  • My mom would literally say my cooking is good regardless of taste just so I could keep cooking. The mental gymnastics is strong

  • the three of them are wearing powerpuff girls colors 🥺 miss k as blossom, bret as buttercup, and larry as bubbles.

  • Wish I had a beverage while watching this so I could take a shot every time they say bitch 😂

  • I hope Larry is booked for everything rn . “Mailman” uh uh you need to be a stylist, a blogger, a model, something 🥺


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  • I honestly think that Bret's squad and James' squad is the coolest of all 🧡

  • I love Bretman he’s the least problematic Influencer. He’s also funny and cute lol

  • My favorite thing about him is the way he puts his family on

  • I know bret didn’t wash the meat with water chile😭

  • Bretman is so inspiring and such a light

  • His mother really worked hard to raise them,she is a boss, I'm really glad bretman got successful,she must be so proud 😭❤️she deserves all the happiness in the world 🌎🙏

  • "do u guys like it, or are you just hungry?" AHSSJA LMFAOO

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  • Princess looks just like her daughter when she was younger

  • Literally asian mom's cook is just *chef Kiss*