Hockey Players BEEFING California Locals!






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  • Love how Nelk still represents Canada even living down in the States. Keep up.the good work boys!

    • @DaSpinachSmokinRasCLAATxCYKAxo the pranks are shit

    • Thanks for selling out to the Canadians. Y'all are Canadian yourselves, should feel ashamed boys. You can see it on their faces. They definitely thought about it 🙂 Anyways here's the comment y'all were looking for nelk! Have a good day 🤙🏽 been here since the start. But I don't support this anymore only the pranks.

    • This video is shit i didnt even laugh one time

    • @king bash cacti is a seller

    • it makes me sad

  • Steve looks ripped

  • Having Lucas back it terrific!

  • Wait did the disabled lady say she’s been with all of her sons😂

  • Kyle: “Have you ever been with a hockey player?” Woman: “Well all of my sons…” Kyle: “😳”

  • Yo we can we get it in Raleigh, NC all we got is PBR and we are One of the first states in USA let’s go

  • nelk needs to come to michigan😂

  • Salon so lame g 😂

  • I got like 10 of happy dads drink

  • Hey bud do you think I can be a part of nelk??

  • I like how nelk doesnt have subtitles for the deaf

  • Where is Jesse at lately?

  • Bring some cases to Vegas , everything’s open again full capacity .

  • Es Padre Feliz, la Nueva Seltser Canadiense. Esto no es un chiste.

  • “I need a table for seven beauties and four nail guns” 😂😂😂

    • Let’s call I mont lost agent Winn

  • Cash bowls in dip

  • Wired out "sulfursober" flee market

  • Vinager cocaine/meth coffe pot dryersmall cup

  • Yo where Jesse at tho

  • Lucas hasn’t missed a fuckin beat since he’s been back. This and real estate prank he hilled that shit

  • Damn y’all went to Huntington beachhhh I went twice this month and didn’t see y’all😕

  • The amount of money he’s going to make from Happy Dad is kinda wild

  • 175 per spin no wonder you win so big! we cant afford that

  • when in holland?

  • Wow, I love the blurring! Good job!

  • If you guys make a ipa I’ll buy it seltzer tho I mean it’s coo for girls

  • true

  • Happy Dad in Georgia next week according to the liquor store ?!

  • yo boys will this be in New York Buffalo?

  • Let’s call I mont lost agent Winn

  • If you sent it to Australia I could keep you in business myself

  • Need Happy Dad in Australia!

  • Thanks for selling out to the Canadians. Y'all are Canadian yourselves, should feel ashamed boys. You can see it on their faces. They definitely thought about it 🙂 Anyways here's the comment y'all were looking for nelk! Have a good day 🤙🏽 been here since the start. But I don't support this anymore only the pranks.

  • Best video in a while. Thank god Lucas is back.

  • You don’t know Matthews?

  • You need more sunscreen? 😂

  • Bring happy dad in Greece 🇬🇷

  • lucas best on nelk now💪

  • 0:33

  • 2:32

  • Hey I Own 11 gas stations in the GA area. I am interested, and have not seen happy dad pop up. Please contact me.

  • boys i love these hockey videos. prob my favorite prank. do more of these in the future please!!

  • Two heroes meet , SteveO and stevewilldoit

  • "Daddy drinks" (HappyDad) compares to Tyson saying "cold stone" (StoneCold) hilarious 😆

  • Happy dad needs to come to the east coast smh

  • Yessir

  • 9:59 TORILLE

  • Come party in Fayetteville

  • pump it up

  • When you think about it there’s no freedom if you can randomly play hokey ahaha

  • People in this area seem to have such better energy

  • "Do you need more sunscreen or?" Is the greatest chirp I think I have ever seen. That dude had no idea what he was walking into or who they were.. that was pure fucking comedy.

  • I love you guys

  • "We eat nails for Breakfast" LMAOOO

  • WTF are any of these Apps you mentioned your cheap Seltzer will be sold the packaging is shit and cheap you worked on this for a year bro this packaging is DUST YOUR DUST

  • Two months ago everyone was chirping gambles in the comments. Idk about anyone else but gambles has grown on me

  • No cap that look like the softest fire department ever

  • Damn tell Jess to come on back already.

  • “Alright child” 13:25 lol

  • Cousin Jay design Happy Dad...

  • “Chest lettuce” 💀😂

  • Come to Portugal...

  • HAPPY DAD Australia!!


  • Shipping containers from where

  • Bike lady def wanted to play D

  • “Wanna see real magic? Bring your girl to my fucking game and I’ll leave with her 😭😭😭😭”

  • Amatts watching this like ….

  • Kyle ! You the best wingman dog

  • "Alright Mama, Love You Mama" thats something I would say

  • Easy coach 💀

  • I love the hockey vids

  • Damn i was happy to see jessey n kyle together but it was lucas not jessey

  • Haven't heard Money and the power in a few years. Safe to say the songs revived after this intro

  • John 3:16-21.

  • That’s fucked like wtf

  • @12:30 I lost it😭🤣

  • Man i’ve missed Lucas lol

  • Not even that great beer could of done better

  • What happened to the new video Boyz

  • Kyle lowkey has handles

  • Ya’ll gotta come kick it Tahoe!

  • who else is here from nelks removed real estate video

    • Supposed to premiere in 2 mins but got removed

  • 905 is in LA waiting 4 happy dad

  • Kyle said "do you need more sun screen" lol

  • First 4 minutes just advertising their overpriced seltzer, nelk fell off hard

  • Bring Steve and the guys to bc you don't know how many fans are in Canada

  • What song is at 2:35?

  • Send that shit to Saskatchewan. People here will gobble that shit up haha

  • Bruh Saleem looks like baljeet from phinease and ferb

  • 5:50 Beauitful

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  • This is hb

  • Wjeres the zapp wagon

  • But cuts

  • 14:09 stick ass

  • 14:08

  • 13:57 stick but

  • Why is jimmy still here. He sucks

  • Heroin from maymarr pestacides or dont usepills