I tried to speedrun killing my entire neighborhood in Sims 4

Publisert 7. mai. 2021
I tried to speedrun killing my entire neighborhood in Sims 4. I've been training for this my whole career.
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  • This is a failed dexter

  • I like how Kevin used the classic speedrun timer design in the thumbnail even though he actually used a different timer.

  • Bruh just make Jim a immortality potion, and he won't die from old age

  • I'm a little sad now. It has been a month since this challenge started and not only has Jim not gotten any follow ups, but DHD flew under the radar. I wasn't really excited for that pack, but I was really looking forward to Jim Pickens, Nightmare Home Designer. I hope Cottage Living doesn't get the cold shoulder. I am really looking forward to that one.

  • Call me a late bloomer but is that a call of duty black ops 1 reference in your thumbnail

  • My adult simself burned to death and my kid brothers simself got taken away by sim social services. He was PISSED at me for my sim dying and him having to be taken away. I laughed the entire time my simself burned and my brother was in shock.

  • What happened to urp

  • Man I wanted to hear Kevin's knock knock joke

  • just started watching last week on this channel and it sucks i just came to the final jim pickens video lol. loved all of those

  • how she died XD horrible XD looked scary XD

  • Now that likes and dislikes have been added to the game, you can torture your sims even more. Why kill when you can torture and cause endless suffering?

  • The Sims 4 but Jim Pickens turns into Agent 47

  • this is SCP material tbh, a nice old man who keeps saying he wants to move in with you and once you accept a series of strange accidents start to happen until everyone in the household dies except the old man

  • did kevin explain who jim is what is this

  • Jim takes Housewarmings to the next level

  • For some reason I seem to shake my head (not on purpose) when I find something really funny, and your channel always seems to make me shake my head a lot more so... Great content I guess 👍

  • See Kevin? This is why you need to take care of Jim so he's already ready to kill at a moments notice!

  • I miss Jim so much please do more Sims gameplays :D

  • This video will be edited and someday presented at court somehow. Kevin will go down to jail if used properly lol

  • I’ve seen u kill much faster than this disgrace

  • 4:33 Umm... why did being frozen change his skin colour?

  • i hope kev is clearing out the neighborhood to move in past characters like shrek or grim :)

  • Reminder that this is Kevin's speedrun not Jim

  • Local murderer finding it hard to murder after it becomes a job and not a hobby

  • How the hell did I miss our dear leaders video?!?!

  • kevin the famous slow speedrunner

  • I get super bad panic attack and watching your videos helps me get through them:)

  • 9:53 Me trying to get a TSA agent to fist my dumparump

  • 0:16 Why is the timing so accurate lmaooo

  • "What am I good at? Killing" Jeez xD

  • At this point, Kevin should rebrand from 'Call Me Kevin' to 'Kill Me Kevin'.

  • Not sure how funny this joke is to people who don't understand engineering but here goes. Three men, a statistician, a scientist, and an engineer, are asked to complete a test to see who is the smartest, the last question is "what is 1+1?" the statistician fills the paper up with math, and answers that it is a number between 1 and 3 with 95% chance of correctness. The scientist fills up the paper with graphs and writes that it is a number between 1.99999 and 2.00001 with 99% chance of correctness. The engineer looks at the question in disbelief. "It's so easy! the answer is obviously 2!" He goes to right it down but then stops. "Wait a minute.....better make it 3, just to be safe..."

  • 5:35 We just gonna ignore the fact you lit Captain N the game master on fire?

  • every sims 4 video reminds me that kevin is hilarious no matter what, because this game is too broken to be fun 🤣

  • Can we have the uncut version?

  • Roses are red Violets are blue Kevin is trying To kill you

  • That was so satisfying. Thank you🙂👍

  • Is it just me or does Kevin look different in this video


  • Kevin I just want you to know that I got an ad for the church of latter day saints on this video so even NOlong thinks people who like your content need Jesus

  • Someone needs to tell Kevin that just because you put a timer in corner doesn't mean it's a speed run.

  • Oh i remember you. Jim Pickens owner :D

  • Kevin, upload your save file and this can be an official Sims speedrunning category.

  • One if the things that makes sims 4 more boring is that sims dont die as randomly, like getting hit by an asteroid! And fire is no way near as effective!

  • Trying to kill people without mods is challenging, but I prefer mods to kill people in The Sims 4 :P

  • Deff wanna see more of this! Soooo funny!

  • Day 37 of asking Kevin to play Friday Night Funkin’.

  • 1:50 who’s there?

  • I was expecting a 5 minute video

  • Why does Jim look so good and attractive in The Grim Reaper’s robes?!

  • Who's Ethan and where's the fire?

  • I don't think I've ever seen Kevin so stressed!

  • That was actually the cutest Sims toddler I've ever seen.

  • So,,, Jim went insane and got away with murder...

  • 13:47 of evidence against him should Kevin ever be framed for a crime.

  • Kill everyone but the kids I wanna see what happens if there's only kids left alive

  • there was still more people at the end that was still alive

  • people can’t have puffer fish though

  • 1:50 that was a funny joke if you were Insinuating that the person on the other side of the door wasn’t there because they were dead

  • Victims are slim pickins for Jim Pickens

  • Kevin i wont judge you for cheating the needs when you start an episode thats timed

  • "Oh, Happy music! I love when I light a child on fire and the happy music starts to play. It encourages me to do it again"

  • That's a genius idea

  • Eradicate the Maxis-Match!

  • I love it when you play sims, that's how I found you!


  • Fire and pufferfish. Kevin classics.

  • "What am I good at... Killing" this is the best quote in the video.

  • I hope that this was the first video someone watched of yours. They'd be so feckin confused

  • Now you have something where you can make a part 2 and look how u can improve

  • Day 57 of telling Kevin “I love and understand this content”-a real human person And also asking for a twitch emote of Jesus doing yoga

  • Id love to see way more sims, it feels like you never play it anymore

  • Who's there?

  • I quadruple cat dog dare Kevin to replay Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

  • Kevin knows that there are literal murder and violence mods that save time yet he just takes the extra effort to do it in vanilla. What a chad.

    • That’s not as fun, wayyyy too easy

  • Yay Jim!

  • I've missed your Sims 4 videos! Cannot wait for more :)

  • No, Kevin, the magic one works very well, you just have to lock the sim up in a 1x1 room, and light the floor on fire. If the room is any bigger the sim will extuingish the fire, and if you light the sim on fire it will most likely extuingish itself. But if its the floor, sim won't be able to extuingish the fire, and it will spread from the floor to the sim. This worked for me for the majority of the time. If you do another one of these videos I hope this will be helpful!

  • "It's 5pm and the guy's having breakfast." I feel called out.

  • Lol takes 10 minutes if I push it

  • Kevin we always want to see more

  • More

  • I need a collab with fakegamergirl pls the chaotic energy is too much

  • I guess I missed something important. Jim was canonically dead like 6 months ago.

  • how do i deal with being ugly

    • Plastic surgery

    • like not just "oh i think im ugly". Like even ugly people don't want me

  • day 4 of asking kevin to play gmod rp again

  • kevin... you gotta get the violence mod

    • Boring! Way too easy

  • Surely I wasn't the only one who just expected a HUGE swimming pool with no ladder

  • Is no one going to mention that Ethan Dolan found the fire

  • 4:17 the child is a Targaryen lol

  • as an architect I can tell you there are a lot of jokes about engineers. they will say the same about us too.


  • “It was all worth it for the lawn decor”

  • Grim back please

  • Once again we are reminded that Kevin does, in fact, commit arson on a regular basis.

  • You can say it wasn't very "Efishent"

  • Hey Kevin, you can get friendship rise faster if you take several photos of a sim.

  • Day 256 of asking Kevin to watch the amazing bulk

  • Yes, more death please :)

  • more houses for the cult!!