Minecraft 3rd Life: Day 1 - Massive Phantom Attack!

Publisert 20. april. 2021
Let's Play minecraft with only 3 lives before we are removed from the world! On day 1 of 3rd life, we face one of our biggest fears...the night!
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Third life is a minecraft SMP server with a bunch of friends where the goal is to stay alive. The only catch is that you only have three lives. Once your 3rd life is gone, you are removed from the server! Additionally, when you are on your 3rd life, you are allowed to hunt the other server members. The last person to survive without losing their 3rd life is the minecraft champion of the word!
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  • love this series

  • *flashbacks of discs* oh no...

  • anyone else notice that bdubs ores are upside down? why is that?

  • 14:55 who is the- aaAaaAaAaHhHhHh!

  • so x life but 3 lives

  • What was the intro music?

  • Scar when he sees a bad house: Oh it's beautiful but here you can improve :) B-dubs when he sees a bad hous: What are you? An idiot sandwich... Correct!

  • Please turn up impulse on proximity chat

  • Scar!!!!! Noooo

  • Phantom 😱

  • Hi this is funny😂😂😂

  • I just noticed that ethos skin is kakashi

  • "If you promise to give us 30% of what you find." me: that's a steep tax... almost like stealing... bdubs: that's the United States tax me: oh yeah... that is a steep tax... almost like stealing... The Founding Fathers of the United States of America: *TAXATION IS THEFT*

  • If Bdoub stay at the same spot he will also explode like scar


  • "Would everyone calm down it's just a creeper"- - Scar would go on to be killed by a creeper that same day

  • "Guys I found lapis lazushouli as well!" -Bdubs 2021 *6:48*

  • You guys freaking out when the phantoms showed up was precious!,

  • Zombie cleo vs tree would would win

  • Me watching etho and tangos videos: "wow bdubs' group are a bunch of raiders! How could they burn the tree!" Me watching bdubs video: "why didn't etho just let them chop the tree??"

  • Wow.. There's Indonesian subtitle 😊

  • Cleo: Look it’s hermit gang Grian, Etho, Ren: sad

  • Cleo and BDubs, the perfect team!

  • you are so mean to cleo

  • Im wheezing bc of bdubs scream! Im on the floor and havent recovered yet lmao

  • *ZombieCleo was choked to death by the branches of a tree.*

  • 12:26 bdub: GRAIN! neighbours: what the fock

  • Uh ohh... *SCREEECH* AHHHH!!!

  • 14:56 this is what I sound like when there's a pop quiz today

  • Bdubbs teaching the youngins that taxes suck.

  • 21:04

  • I know he typically doesn’t read comments, but I’ve been here since middle school and I love him lol.

  • This series is going to be amazing!

  • 14:55

  • love this series lol. after i watched this i had a dream that you gave me the covid vaccine tho

  • I remember watching your simcity series

  • Cool series

  • It just doesn’t matter what your content is. Your content is always so enjoyable. this is awesome. Love you dude.

  • Great project! Would be great thou if you could make the others a little louder.

  • Also, what happens when you lose your third life? I think the Grian intro said you become a Spectator. What do you do as a Spectator on the Friday recording? Do you just hop around to other players? Is there a way to get a mod into the game where the Spectators can influence the game in some way... minor summoning of mobs or changing of the land or something? Just ideas bouncing around my head. Looking forward to future episodes.

  • lol. "Bring some Redstone!" so many phantoms... Grian's age old saying: "I didn't think it would kill him!" lol. Such a great concept for a series. I can't wait to see future episodes. I suggested this on Ren's video but I thought I'd post it here too: What if every 3rd Friday was Challenge Friday... Every 3rd Friday everybody has to meet to do a challenge. The challenges are submited by all of the players and one is randomly drawn on challenge Friday. The challenge would be something that could result in a death or something else. As an entry fee or... every player would have to bring a stack of something from the world. Failure to get the stack would result in instant loss of a life, carried out by your peers. This would give future episodes some direction (if needed), "need to collect the stack before Challenge Friday". Anyways, just an idea. I love the episodes I've watched so far and am looking forward to the future episodes. You guys rock.

  • Why can they not wear helmets?

  • Moarrr!

  • “It’s the worst house I ever saw” made me laugh so hard. It makes me only imagine the house Bdubs will build

  • I'm crrryyyyingg!🤣🤣🤣

  • Scar- “I’ve extracted people from IKEA!” 😄😄

  • 14:55 earlier today my dad and I were watching this video together, and Bdubs’ scream had us laughing for a solid minute.

  • I called scar dying first

  • I keep telling you people that in season 8 of hermitcraft, sleeping through the night should not be allowed. I think it would add tremendously to the level of entertainment and maybe encourage some more collaborations which is the element that has made season 7 so special.

  • Bdubs and Scar is the best youtuber in the world and they are so Good at minecraft 😊

  • At 2:07/2:08 when Cleo said sleepers my mind thought like Sleeper Agents

  • bdubs & cleo is such a great duo I didn't know i needed

  • can you play this modpack?

  • Joel: "I have a dog named Je-" me: *JEREMY*

  • scar is the one reason why fire tick is off on hermitcraft

  • B dubs and zombie Cleo are like a married couple who fights 😂

  • I didn't even get the notification wtf

  • This is awesome Bdubs brought me back to minecraft

  • 26:52 you already saw the creeper coming 🤣

  • Can you do another Cube World Playthrough? Theres so much more to the game even tho it kinda got ruined but theres even the option of community made addons to the game like different classes

  • so much innuendo

  • Not even remotely surprised by the first death or who was responsible for it! ROFL


  • Bdubs are you going to stream again!?!? This is my fav Minecraft video EVER

  • What an absolutely wonderful new series! I am thoroughly enjoying the antics.

  • Wow, that Sracsonest is a mad lad

  • ZombieTreeo

  • Episode I The phantom menace

  • You are the 8th persons video I watched & the only one that got Cleo getting trapped in that tree. I have been wanting to see that happen. Glad you got it on video. Thank you.

  • Could watch ur Vida for days man fr lol

  • Loving the more story-focused gameplay, the alliances/factions and territories, the drift away from grind-y projects and builds... this all feels super different from Hermitcraft and I'm incredibly excited to see more of it!

  • that scream tho 14:53

  • have missed things resembling uhc and chaos :)

  • I am happy to see another amazing series; but wifey and I were sad to see still no GenerikB 😞🤩😁

  • Nice to know that scar is the resident nudist

  • This is so chaotic I love it

  • Griam missed out soo much !!!!!

  • So I've watched impulse's, Grian's, Rendog's and Tango's POVs on this. It's great... But this is definitely the best. Can't stop laughing.

  • Bdubs laugh 9:41

  • "I didn't feel like I have much of a choice" "I said should we do here and you said yes" (Laughs on the background) "So I am sorry if that was to much for you"

  • Phantoms are pure evil

  • After Cleo almost died from a tree, Bdubs says, "I planted that", like he's proud of almost killing someone.

  • 14:55 27:09 Those screams are the best thing ive heard from grian and Bdubs XDD😂😂😂😂

  • 24:02 _team finds Grian for the first time_ Scar: "Here you go. Go burn stuff."

  • Fellow me guys 😚😚

  • This People are Wholesome

  • What's the voice mod u guys using?

  • Okay so I come back to this channel after 6 years and somehow you’ve gotten more consistent viewers. Simply amazing

  • Bdubs is SO entertaining 🤣🤣🤣

  • I loved this so much I watched it again with my husband so he could enjoy it too 😂😍

  • Hey, you should create a series with a 1 to 1 scale of the ancient earth (Like ancient ancient, like ancient greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Chinese Dynasties, etc.) , and each player gets to rule their own country, in that same spot. Like bdubs could rule Rome, or whatever. And it will be a fight to the death and taking over land. But you need to develop a proper army or a capitol of your country. The builds must fit the design of the country. Like bdubs can build a parthenon if he rules said country. Also, you need to build at least one famous structure of its time. If somebody surrenders, they could put in a special command that announces it. And yeah.

  • Been thinking about this for 2 days....how did Scar get that clock so early in the game?

  • You all should record voice of other players seperat and make it louder afterwarts.. impuls is sooooo silent i cant even hear him at full volume... plus scar... make yourself more silence and game volume more load.. its terrible really

  • He’s a scarsonist

  • 18:06 *dream smp flashbacks*

  • I love how he finds grians base and just starts shouting GRIAAAAN! GRIAAAAAAAAN!!!

  • Bdubs- i did a brave thing (6:32) thats me to my friends saying i did a brave thing in minecrfet so relateble

  • Have phantoms always had buck teeth?

  • **watches as Scar steals things and sets fire to everything** um... are we the baddies?

  • So, welcome to... The Monopoly smp or The Unite States simulator 2020 smp