The Insane Plan to Build a Mountain in the Netherlands

Publisert 26. mai. 2018
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  • If anybody is curious and wants to read an absurdly detailed 22 page report on this, check out this pdf written by a bunch of people smarter than me;

    • we dutch declare anything in our country that is higher then 250m a mountain

    • 1k likers xd

    • Joe ar laaing em e nederlans hahah oke hij is aan het liegen

    • RealLifeLore we have a mountain allready it’s on the island of Saba

    • @FULL RETARD bit late, but as a fellow Dutchman I can tell you that there were several ideas floating around, including building a solid sand dune of the coast but also, as you say, a hollow structure. Alas, none of them got build.

  • i was in nederland

  • Paraguay

  • Technically the Netherlands has one mountain peak. It’s from the Alps and sits in a museum in Haarlem.

  • If Dutch want mountains they can come here in Nepal. We have enough mountains here

  • North Dakota is more flat

  • There are a bunch of mountains in Netherlands There called windmills

  • me:FINALY 4 GOODNESS SAKE RLL HAS MERCH my frikin brain: yo dont have money me:what the fu-

  • Thfcxhxcxgxcv

  • I live in the Nederlandse

  • Our highest Mountain is in the caribbean sea

  • My room’s floor is already a mountain

  • How can they change the earth so much yet still be so much more environmentally freindly than most of the world

  • The Netherlands: The War Of the Sea (1700-????)

  • I genuinely love the netherlands so much, easily my favorite place on earth

  • Me thinking that the mountain would be to have a refuge or to protect the Netherlands against rising sea levels, and learning that it is for an unnecessary sporting whim: 💀

  • My country Suriname and all other previous dutch colonies paid for it The Dutch bled us dry

  • No one: My pp in the morning: 1:59

  • Nepal : highest Netherlands : flatest

  • Build a mountain? I'm still waiting for people to replicate a pyramid..

  • MOUNT SCENERY, on the caribbean island SABA is with 887 metres above sea level. Highest point in the Netherlands Kingdom. Austria is still closer for practise :-)

  • Speaking from a country where anywhere you look there are mountains ur better as flat

  • And when will they build a nether in the rocky mountains?

  • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrr3eereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • If such an idea contributed to a better ecology and protection from going under - then great! Otherwise, it's a vain hubris waste of time and resources. Showing the idea "man" on a kid's bike is proof enough that the originator is rather silly (stupid). The guy is probably digging for media attention...

  • Eg goed huur

  • The Sea: Exists The Dutch: Mine


  • Dude... since the official definition of a mountain states its at least 300m high, the vaalserberg with 322m, IS considered a mountain.

  • Technically the island of Saba is actually part of The Netherlands, as a special municipality and NOT a country within the Kingdom of The Netherlands like some of the other islands. So we do have an actual mountain within the borders of The Netherlands. It's just located in the Caribbean. The mountain of Saba is 887m high.

  • I thought Russians were crazy. I guess not..

  • Yeh, why the hair butt is so uncomfortable?

  • when you run out of land to populate take it from the ocean

  • do it

  • "At nearby Amsterdam skiffel airport" SIR IT'S SCHIPHOL UNDERSTOOD?

  • Next episode: The plan to make a huge hole in the Sahara

  • And the you have Peru, where green on their relief map means over 1000 meters.

  • The Netherlands have Mount Scenery on Saba

  • Wouldn't they use styrofoam a lot instead of sand and rocks. We already use it when we elevate ground on soft clay to lighten the load of the 'hill' of an onramp or viaduct?

  • When you spend 7 trillion to build a mountain because you forgot that indoor ski resorts exist

  • Okay but the xc ski team from the netherlands is crazy

  • many places in the world live inside fake moutain and present outside as poor underdeveloped, backward, or desert, etc so they don't get tourists or spy come to their place


  • *I N G E P O L D E R D*

  • Can you make a lagoon into a freshwater lake? Is that what they did

    • No, they made a multiple masive lakes from a sea

  • It's cuz drugs are legal

  • Can't be the only only One who felt like they gotta take on God after the 'god May have created the world, but the Dutch created the netherlands'

  • Well, one of Spain's oldest mountains, Mount Tibidabo, or Tibidabo Mountain is 512 meters tall, only 212 meters more than 300 meters...

    • Mount Tibidabo, and also the rest of Serra De Collserola are older than Montserrat Mountain, not the volcano of Montserrat in the Carribean, and the Pyrenees!

    • The mountain's summit is Tibidabo Amusment Park with Temple Del Sagrat Cor De Jesus temple!

  • We have a volcano in The Netherlands

  • Yeah like there's any space to just create a mountain anyway😂

  • How did everyone forget about mount Scenery??!

  • actually the netherlands has a mountain in saba called mount saba in the carribean

  • Why Singapore?

    • Why not Singapore, if they chose Hongkong you would say why hongkong

  • Instead of only using rocks and sand, use worldwide landfill

  • The biggest landfill project of all time

  • UN :" alright boys, we have two mega projects to decide on. Eighter we construct 3 petmanent bases on Mars or we... " *checking the application "... Build a 2 Kilometer mountain in the Netherlands?" ... ... ... The Netherlands :" we will provide building space on top of it" Everyone :" Its free real estate"

  • I always laugh when I hear how flat The Netherlands is, because the first place I ever visited there was The Vaalsberg, which is an incredibly steep hill. What makes it even funnier is that I had come to see The Drielandenpunt (three country point) where the Dutch, German, and Belgian borders all converge, which also marks the highest point in The Netherlands, so essentially, more than half of their tallest hill is in a foreign country.

  • They better put it all in Gibraltar canal and we gonna have some more hot lands in europe

  • I'm dutch and i would say : HELL NO LET US BE FLAT And i live 5 meters underwater and that sound so fucking cool 😎😎😂😂🤣

  • The Dutch should build mountains near the sea to protect them from the sea

  • Going to Austria to train at skiing is a billion times more cheap than building a seven trillion mountain.

  • Why are you soo unlogical. 3:45 They already have a 344 m peak in south and it ' s furthest away from the sea, far away from MOST flatlands, why not build it there, and plus (+) It ' s inside their country, meaning that they won ' t need passports or visas to go there!(And also it would be kinda cheaper because they will need 350 m of LESS dirt and stone-rocks, cutting the price a little bit?!) 3:16 Austria?! I ' m sure that there are skiing centers in nextdoor Belgium they can go to Germany. (Also i didn ' t mention that the current highest peak in the Netherlands and the peaks around it the located between Belgium and Germany, also being close to Luxemburg, so that means tourisim will be booming there, ecpeseally because, east of it, there are 20 million people living in closer-to-there, major German cities wanting to visit and paying to do it, funding it for development ) . Here you are "Real Life Lore" , Problem solved! : O ! : )!

  • Dutch people: wait... are whe getting a mountain?

  • Netherlands is famous for many things that are NOT being flat.

  • The Dutch are getting their land to expand from Louisiana. Prove me wrong.

  • musk is the human version of the netherlands :D

  • The world: WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING dutch: don't worry we got this under control

  • in 2020 the netherlands will reclaim the ocean

  • You know it’s gonna be a good video when he uses this audio in the background

  • Send the welsh in. They good a making slag heaps. Heaps of slags too! 😂

  • Similar here in Bangladesh. We hardly have any mountains and the country is naturally gaining land on its south (bay of Bengal). The country is the world's largest deltaland and getting technical support from Netherlands. Cheers!

  • Hey thats 1 kilometer away from my house 0:00

  • We have the mt.everest in the Netherlands its called a "stoep"

  • The dutch- Can i have land from you Germany? Germany- NO! The dutch- Can i have land from you Belgium? Belgium- NO! The dutch- *points gun* Give me land. The ocean- OMG FINE STOP!

  • Nobody: Dutch people under videos about the Netherlands: *GEKOLONISEERD*

  • gorvernment: can we have mountains? people: no, we have mountains at home mountains at home: basalt deltas in 1.16

  • Germany declares war, steals mountain.

  • Capital weed of the world!✌️

  • Hell yes makkers we gaan een berg koloniseren

  • Lemme just get some stone dirt and other materials and I’ll make the ugliest looking mountain in Minecraft and just copy and paste it on where they want the mountain

  • Singapore: Teach me Guru

  • No wonder they want them They are used to get past the maganot

  • We gaan een berg bouwen en de Belgen gaan er voor betalen

  • Who NL?

  • 2:00 But people will think its a huge ass dildo

  • that's why you never underestimate the Dutch

  • My people do not want mountains... Destroy all the thots with these dreams on sight!

  • I live in the netherlands and im amazed our small part of the earth is even recognized

  • Im dutch XD

  • Its all true

  • In dutch

  • We have reverse mountains

  • I am dutch

  • Ohhh, I remember this plan! I was actually pretty hyped for it until yeah the calculations were made and the dream was shattered.

  • We have mountains, if its anoyying to bike against, its a mountain

  • The idea of Thijs Zonneveld was joke.

  • 2020; we still say mountain to a hill

  • Pls dutch build this Mountain we dont want you inaustria driving 30 km/h where you gold actually drive 80 and skiing so fckin badly Yours austria

  • Aw, crap, the dutch are terraforming themselves again

  • i am dutch XD