Film Theory: Did Disney STEAL Finding Nemo?

Publisert 15. april. 2021
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Disney is infamous for keeping a tight hold on it's copyright, including taking it to extremes with things that TECHNICALLY fall under public domain in their original format. Well, that is not what happened with Finding Nemo. You see, the story of Finding Nemo is VERY similar to a not as well known children's story. One that is NOT in the public domain. Today, Theorists, we are going to dive deep and figure out if Disney actually STOLE the story of Finding Nemo!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Pedro Freitas, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • That's just conjecture, film conjecture

  • Its weird how we cant use the earliest version of Mickey mouse ( steamboat willie) until 2024

  • Oh my god that maniacally laugh 1:12

  • "If was a fish, I would be a bottom feeder" Oh MatPat, pure innocent baby MatPat

  • Is that foat playing Mickey?

  • Shark tale reject im ded

  • Not Suprised

  • 3:26 Stupedium

  • Thanks to matpat, Mickey mouse looks evil to me in all context now. No matter where I see him.

  • I dont think its copyrighg since you made the point that the movie was in production since 1997

  • Mickey legit scared me..

  • This entire article was probably made by someone who was pissed off after YourMovieSucks completely tore the whole “Lion King ripped off Kimba” argument to shreds

  • Shouldn’t that French guy be happy because his idea finally became a movie or does he just want the money by the company directly accepting the movie from him

  • Matt you dont have a problem i think you need to do more puns

  • Why does the person that made the book look like rick astley?

  • I mean there's a ton of clownfish species so not really

  • Let's ruin children's childhood

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  • People will still always love Disney, no matter how many people they copy

  • disney paid off the french court

  • 3:56 Ah yes, a five nights at Freddy’s reference

  • Uh whats that in the back? 3:52

  • Hehe I said "Le bark " bc my profile picture is my dog t bone

  • Le bark

  • Mickey has gotten more insane ever since he was rejected from the public domain...

  • Oh God poison clowns poison clowns

  • I swear, someday this guy is going to be sued by disney

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  • There is a new movie on the horizon. zootopia 2 watch the trailer an make a theory please

  • Mickey in the beginning was on night howlers/ animated crack

  • There's a better video about Disney's copyright:

  • This man wait for 25 years for like an extra 30 grand a year absolutely a mad lad

  • Guys I'm friends with one of Frank Le Calvez's daughters DM me if u want proof on insta : @zainudin7272

  • I have to agree with Mat here, it is important to remember that power and privilege does not equal evil, and that just because someone is weak and small doesn't mean that they are good.

  • Pierrot is gonna haunt me in my dreams

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  • Hello internet welcome to game th... I mean welcome to FILM THEORY

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  • What's next on your list of ruining dreams, "Charls mutts is an actual hero by getting a dangerous species extinct?"

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  • Kid: Mom, I want to see Nemo! Mom: We have Nemo at home. Nemo at home:

  • They stole lion king so why not nemo

  • This is why you don't just pitch ideas to anyone

  • No its finding my happiness.

  • So, was there ever a time copyrights expired 12 years after the author's death or was that just a random number used as an example?

  • AFootOfAFerret Is Mickey

  • This is actually sad...😟 Wait what is this plot twist at the end wtf

  • Do Simba vs Lion King 😊

  • Me when I hear the thunder and see the lightning at the same time in the intro: Something's wrong, I can feel it

  • 3:38-3:42 im laughed

  • 60 bucks for a children's book, I'll be taking my money to the gaming store get a new 60 dollar game instead

  • So am I the only one who was obsessed with the development of Finding Nemo? I have seen, heard, and read a ton about writer and director Andrew Stanton's creative process and how he came up with the ideas in the movie. Stuff like the aquarium he went to with his son where the first idea of the movie came to him. Talking to dentists and biologists. Figuring out how to animate water. The Walt Disney Corporation had no creative control. There was no way Finding Nemo was a stolen idea. Also according to this Pixar was thinking about clown fish in 1994.

    • ... I read it multiple times as dory stole nemo and kept waiting for it to come up.. it took me 14 minutes to realize that was in fact, not the title

  • Do you think if they only called banks... Financial institutions, that theyd call them Financial Institution robbers?

  • I knew it!

  • Can I have a poster of your face with googley eyes on your eyes

  • Copyright be like "i'm in prison for robbery, what about you?" "i put an electric yellow mouse in my video"

  • Mickey’s voice just don’t hit the same no more...

  • Tell me that @ 4:35 the cursor doesn’t look a little funny 😅🧐

  • Me: So le calvez how’s your day Le calvez: so I made a book that nobody liked then Disney stole my book idea then people thought I copied Disney and lost a lot of money Then went I went to sue Disney I lost and had to pay Disney. Me: but you did copy Disney Le calvez: *throws virtually chair at me*

  • What a wild twist!!!

  • Shouldave just had mickey mouse go ha hoo.

  • Thanks

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  • 3:39 Posion clown lol

  • hey you should cover "It's such a beautiful day"

  • Why was Nemo and who ever the other one was in a bullring

  • ... I read it multiple times as dory stole nemo and kept waiting for it to come up.. it took me 14 minutes to realize that was in fact, not the title

  • Disney usually takes a lot of the stories from other sources instead of their own imaginations very sadly

  • lol

  • This fuy ruins the moment by saying its just a theory

  • that moment when it takes 7 minutes to explain your thesis

  • Disney steals ALL their story ideas.

  • I scroll down and I see the oreo

  • I hate Disney

  • If he plagiarized Nemo and Nemo means nothing in Latin.... that means he plagiarized nothing he did nothing wrong.

  • That intro killed me

  • 14:05 was that a reference to blender 3D, the 3D modeling program,because the French clown fish was in 3d

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  • Mickey was right. Matpat later found himself being beaten in a Uyghur Concentration Camp in Western China for his troubles. He was there as a 'guest' of Mickey's good friends, the Chinese Communist Party.

  • Bro I wanna know who voices that Mickey it soo good .

  • 1. MattPatt is batman 2. What's the whole Mickey mouse thing, where they have to make sure he can stay on screen?

  • Nothing new under the sun. Fish aren’t new. Orphans and losing one parent isn’t new. Kids as protagonists isn’t new. Nothing new here.

  • French people wants really that money but it was obvious he stole the idea

  • This was the most ridiculous Danganronpa episode I've ever watched I love it

  • The intro scares me...

  • He is american doing fake accents is always funny when an american does one idk

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  • its sooo clean that they stole the ideaaa come oon man you lost my respect u are scared to get sueee by disney .its 100% clear that they stole the ideaa...its sad to see that u wont fight for the litle people shame on you..

  • sad to see that this channel backs up disney cus they are scared to get sueeee...

  • sorry no heart

  • f.......nemo then.I cant belive Disney would do this ..i guess they have no brain

  • One of his best intros to a theory, Mickey is losing their sanity

  • The french clown fish looks more like a dim red, not quite orange, because I have colour blindness

  • Rider voices Mickey Mouse I think I spelled his name wrong