Even Bill Barr Can’t Support Trump’s Election Ruse

Publisert 1. des.. 2020
Day 28 of #Squattergate is upon us, Trump has been making money off of post-election donations, Attorney General Bill Barr claims that there was no widespread voter fraud, the Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey and Donald Trump are at odds over election results, President-Elect Joe Biden shows off his new orthopedic boot, Rudy Giuliani is reportedly looking for a presidential pardon, and Jimmy and Guillermo dress up as elves to find out if kids have been naughty or nice.
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  • i watched this video twice before i realized the caption said Barr and not Burr..i was like "since when did Billy Rednuts start supporting Trump?!"

  • Winners forget there running a race, they just love to run. Kimmel you're trying too hard

  • Yes he is its part of the plan. Your a joke buddy thats it

  • on the 6th there will be clear confirmation who you are .

  • I am sure that Pat Robertson is an Alien also known as Greys. Look at his head closely, and no one has tried to take over crazy people's minds more than him. Like Jeff Dunham's Bubba J said, "I was abducted by Aliens,,,, and they stuck something up my Butt,,,,,, and not in the good way". Since Trump is such a strong Christian Right winger with his Bible and all, why aren't Pence's prayers and the rest of the south's saving him? It's because they stuck something up his butt!

  • Children! They are so special.

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  • ''Yeah we've got a lot of dead mail men up here'' LOL xD

  • Barr looks like Fred Flintstone in glasses

  • Acts 2:38

  • smart kids

  • All the little thieves. Lock them all up. Including the main clown.

  • Am I the only one who hit the ground laughing at the line, "Well, we have a lot of dead mailmen up here..."

  • TRUMP 2020

  • Hmmm... whatcha thinkin about Barr now?????

  • Your a activist nothing else your not funny

  • We talks a lot about trump but i still don't se any videos from start to finnish.. it is sad, how hard he tryes

  • He has been watching Trump for a long time..It will be very interesting

  • Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

  • Stopped watching Jimmy after this. Didn't think teasing these kids was funny. Sorry. Anyone else agree?

  • The Trump followers are really brain damaged. Their blindness and their fanatism deserves to be milked of their money.

  • Also jimmy kibble, if you support these democrats why are you making money while everyone else gotta close there business down. If you support them jimmy then show us by closing your doors but again your just like all the other democrats that vote Democrat but totally use republicans values. Your a disgrace jimmy.

  • Proof no proof who cares. The democrats ran trump and supporters through all the fake Russian collusion and tried to impeach him with absolute zero evidence so if baby killing democrats don’t like it, they can suck on it til they do. 😉

  • Yes trump is an idiot. But seriously, Biden was the best you people could do? I would have voted for Tulsi anyday.

  • More than likely, Barr knows what trump is doing is treasonous. Wants to get away from the situation before he also goes to prison.

  • That lil girl is sharp lol

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hey Jimmy, watch the Insta video of Ruby Freeman bragging about counting absentee ballots in her booth alone with no supervision in Fulton County! She did that until 7pm by her own words. In case you didn’t know, that is NOT LEGAL!!! Watch the other video of her passing a thumb drive to her dtr across a table. Also, NOT legal. Counting votes in the middle of the night, ALSO NOT LEGAL!!! These two women & their small team had the chance to change MORE than 13,000 votes! If Biden gets in office, Americans will be screwed. I hope it doesn’t come to that! Ya’ll will be BEGGING for “Orange Man Bad” to return!!! But, it may be too late for all of us if Biden/Harris get in there!

  • Poor, angry Jimmy Kimmel. You’ve been angry & hating this POTUS since your baby was in the hospital. You blamed him for your son’s illness which was crazy. I get it. You were hurt & scared, but Donald Trump did not cause your baby’s illness.

  • I wish Jimmy thought like his pal Carolla who is one of the few who actually thinks on both sides of the political aisle. But it is what it is though right. Trump brings the ratings with the slamming and degrading him. When Biden gets in what they won’t be able to belittle him though.

  • Benedick Arnold

  • I though the title said bill burr and I was excited, unfortunately this was just another squatter gate update 😂


  • Pat Robertson Joke really got me

  • Jimmy Fallon better

  • Love those kids 😂

  • Executive order voter fraud execution by hanging or firing squad

  • When is Grump going to leave the Whitehouse?????

  • Bill Barr is part of the conspiracy too. That's neat. Nyahahaha!

  • When will the Republicans learn to accept the results of the election? When will Trump move to Uganda? Or may be Kenya?

  • What Jimmy is saying is that "The left has a right to cheat in elections because it has done that for decades"

  • AG Barr wins the Helen Keller Award for this Century.. He has no close competition...

  • That patriotic music makes me cry. I will be supporting President Trump by NOT voting in the Georgia senate runoff. Participating in this sham fraud election would be a slap in the face to President Trump. I urge fellow Georgians to sit it out also to show respect for our wonderful president. He'll win the run off in court the same way he is going to win his 2nd term in court. The legal way! MAGA!

  • These kids are the best. THIS is childhood

  • Get over it. Biden won. Quit whining. Maybe try wining. LOL oh boy....

  • she is good at math

  • rimworld

  • I laughed so hard at everything...one thing, if you've lived in a residence for more than 2 years, you did get 60 days to find another place and getting moved. You just need to let all the property managers in to make sure you haven't messed up the carpeting or the paint, then you get your deposit back, turn the keys in or the new resident puts in a new key code. Bye bye!

  • Guillermo is a riot lol

  • I only clicked on this because I thought it said Bill Burr

  • I think all that holiday decoration spending by the city, county and non profits money could have been been put to better use by giving it directly to the residents since the fed is not helping them out. We are so wasteful. No one can go anywhere. Why have a damn parade virtually? Our priorities are in the incorrect order. Yes you Mr. Gov.

  • And where was Mr. Barr the past few years? Boo. That doesn't change what he did as Attorney General, aka Trump's personal attorney. Shame on him.

  • Well poo. I missed it. I'm watching this on Sat. No one gave my sister a new roof and back fence.

  • Trump just removed the head of the Military and put his puppet in place. What does this look like? Trump will use the Military to stay in the White House?

  • Run money

  • Here in Norway it is not common to say the gifts are from Santa. A reason is that poor kids might feel bad that Santa only give nice gifts to rich kids.

  • Hahaha..too cute!!

  • Dance Jimmy dance..the DNC says dance puppet boy

  • Aww Nicholas was so cute! What a thoughtful,nice young boy

  • The kids make smile, and trust humanity again.

  • These kids at the end are so adorable and funny :) Writing a letter to Santa to say thank you and believing the postman can't survive the cold haha Good logical skills :)

  • Last minute pardons sound so sketchy why is it even a thing

  • I want to attend His show when it’s okay to attend it in person. Jimmy kümmel is hilarious

  • Cutest kids ever 🥰

  • TRUMP still has time for a million more lies!

  • Trump 2020

  • Anyone remember when late night chat shows weren't 100% propagandistic?

  • The kids are so cute.

  • Re; Biden: "It's going to be a very boring four years." We can only hope !!

  • Donate now to the Tweety "Stop the Steal" fund! All donors pledging $250 or more will receive a MAGA cap and a blanket pardon! Act now, offer ends January 20, 2021. Void where prohibited by law - Don't worry, you'll get a pardon!

  • I so look forward to 4 boring years.

  • Let it go now!

  • Trump needed Bill Barr to announce that they did not see fraud to protect fraud in the presidential election as Trump padded the election and needs to keep that hidden. Kentucky election was also tampered with to keep Mitch McConnell in office. Election fraud issue have barely been discovered.

  • Rudy said Trump can't throw him under the bus because Guiliani knows too much, Stone said he got off because he didn't rat on Trump, Trump is openly corrupt and people still support him.

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  • They’re so cute !

  • Donald Trump wears Depends adult diapers.

  • They robbed America of our votes.. now they're on TV laghing and joking about it...

  • Yea its going to b boring..lol.. wait until u guys see what biden does

  • It's gonna be a very boring four years. Awesome, can't wait, sounds like an amazing change of pace.

  • He's collecting money to pay his due taxes

  • Give Pagans back their historic Yule, Saturnalia, and so on, and Jesus back midyear ;p

  • Trump = the biggest baby ever

  • Barr hoping he can keep the job after 45 leaves lol bye 👋

  • Okay, I am in love with the little ones. I just cannot with that cuteness and that innocence!! A thank you card to Santa?? Come on!! More of this, please!! 🖤

  • That was so adorable 🥰

  • Biden underperformed in voting percentages right across the entire USA. He only way over performed in certain cities in swing states. So Biden lost votes even in hard core Democrat states, but Biden’s only massive gains were in swing states and only in specific cities. If voter fraud was done it should have done more evenly, instead of massive spikes and only in certain cities.

  • Your f n blind or just stupid if your ignoring the facts behind the fraud in the presidential election. X democrate

  • But thousands of videos in the web can proof it. There is plenty of information online.

  • So, Trump's camp believes in 'systemic fraud' yet they deny systemic racism. But, we knew that.

  • The ignorant plain effectively fetch because crop intralysosomally grate beyond a bloody baby. spiteful, likeable division

  • U evil Kimmel Jesus will expose all u Hollywood snakes

  • Giving Tuesday was my birthday this year 😁

  • Just too cute

  • Jimmy you are no longer funny 😒

  • Donald Grump is making america great at being deceitful, lawless, immoral, condecending, please feel free to add.

  • Jimmy Kimmel is a slime bucket

  • I can’t wait for ‘boring!!’ You’re Fired Trump!!

  • 10,000 socks?😂