Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight goes the distance [Highlights, recap] | CBS Sports HQ

Publisert 6. juni. 2021
Watch the highlight from the Mayweather-Paul bout, plus get the full reaction from the Morning Kombat team on the action.

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  • Floyd if he fought jake instead: nolong.info/show/lc6bqJZ9adSZdok/video.html

  • Logan Paul go for Mike Tyson next🔥

  • I can see Kanye trying to set up a fight against someone.

  • They doing boxing but not ufc 🤔

  • these analysts are messed up, they spent like 5 minutes rephrasing their logan paul hate versus what they consider 'real' boxing. they insist he wont even be boxing again. like, are these guys secretly promoter geniuses hired by logan paul, or are they just that cringe?

  • Hilarious. Can't believe old money mayweather didn't knock him out. This can only mean one thing... 💩show part deuh.

  • I watch a circus, two clowns makes me laugh 😆😆😆

    • People shitting on Logan but Floyd also played like a boring fucker

  • If for Logan's next fight even half the crowd shows up...I'll take this world as full of fools....

  • Floyd do what Roy Jones did up the weight class

  • Floyd mayweather is going to be king in America

  • lol

  • I'm proud of Logan Paul 👍

  • I know this is just a show, they're doing it for $$$ and all but it's still an insult to this great, legendary sport. They shouldn't call it boxing, they should call it "greedy, arrogant m'fers gonna hug for 8 rds"

  • I remember boxing in the nineties....and then there is....that 😭

  • Mayweather was not in top condition

  • I didn't watch this match and I still want my money back...

  • The Ino vs. Sakura fight in Naruto was better than this.

  • Let's go Logan let's go

  • Canelo alvarez would kick Paul out of the ring in 3 minutes

  • People shitting on Logan but Floyd also played like a boring fucker

  • He held him the whole fight

  • Logan fighting for survival and Mayweather just thinking about what he’s gonna eat for lunch after😂

  • This fight getting announced inspired me to box 😂

  • 👎

  • What are these trash highlights

  • Why would people think Logan was the proxy "winner" in this snoozefest? So a kid who is half a foot taller, 45lbs heavier, 18 years younger, with a 4 inch reach advantage survived (but got out punched 7of 8 rounds) to a 44 y.o. retired boxer....I'd actually be embarrassed. And that 13% land ratio...bruh. Flailing wildly isn't synonymous with the sweet science. Your brother knocks out a non striking washed up mma grappler who may or may not have taken a dive, you lose to another NOlongr/rapper, and suddenly these two jabronies think they're gonna go on some Klitchko-esque reign thru the world of spectacle crossover bull***t...err, I mean boxing? Stop wasting your money folks.

  • mayweather is too weak by not beating a non boxer opponent what a shame for him and for boxing as well

  • RIP boxing :(

  • y not fight many pacqiuao?

  • I lost interest when they announced there was not going to be a winner.

  • Floyd is 51-0 if you count the time he beat his wife.

  • Logan fights like me when i was five.

  • Are you serious Ctfu this bullshit you can tell Floyd was holding back

  • 2:14 he punched 2x amount Tèr he landed half of the punches that Floyd did Dude how is this not one handed 13% punches landed and you say this is not one sided are y’all blind ???

  • Seems like middle school fight to me

  • Two professional huggers

    • 2:01 nobody gonna talk about that head sweat to the eye

  • Came here from a video of a crab hugging a hand to see the hugging


  • He wasted all his chi with barrage of fists

  • Training match for Paul .. Mayweather was the coach

  • Floyd was playing with him. He humbled Logan paul

  • I'm so glad Mayweather lost the respect of his legacy from so many fans. Undefeated just to be disgraced by a NOlongr 😅 y'all keep coping no one respects him now and for good reason.

  • The European (WHITE RECESSIVE GENE) LOGAN Paul LOSS ! 190 LBS. to 155 Dominant BLACK MAN ( FLOYD ( MONEY) MAYWEATHER! It's only right! You already know!

  • Claims to be the greatest ever. Cant knockout a NOlong who has never on a fight in his life

  • It’s all fun and games until mayweather throws a punch

  • Ik this would be a fantasy dream but the only fight I would actually pay for is prime mike Tyson and prime Floyd Mayweather

  • 2:01 nobody gonna talk about that head sweat to the eye

  • Jake WON just by getting the fight

  • they made Paul's face looks like it was bleeding in the beginning 😂😂😂 second fight in a lifetime... dude schooled him for his age starting idgaf what anyone says

  • Imagine KSI vs Mayweather

  • For the first time I sided to Mayweather 😀

  • Instead 3months normal traning preparation for the fight it takes only couple hrs to wear thier jersey and safety gear.

  • Worst fight again just like mcgregor.

  • Rather watch gay porn

  • Paul vs Pacquiao? :P

  • Ive seen drunk people windmilling throwb better punches

  • I feel bad for that dude Logan hugged imagine all the sweat that got on him

  • Bro those punches 😂

  • Also notice how Floyd Mayweather was not sweating at all after or during the fight

  • Floyd wasn't a KO artist when he was pro. Why would he be that against someone who has 40-50 pounds on him? Who happens to have SOME skill 🤔. Just be lucky people are paying attention to boxing at all because UFC is locking it down

  • Ngl is fight was a big waste of money and time

  • Wtf.

  • I feel like I seen this kind of match up in a game before

  • Floyd is 44years old

  • You want to beat mayweather at 44 is done.i have been watching boxing my whole life and at 55 i could.not fight him.but be the turtle against the rabbit take your time due a george formen and wait it will be boring but mayweather will beat himself. When he is confused hit him with your best punch and god night little fellow

  • #OzzyManReviews

  • Hahahaha theres no winner? This is so stupid. Logan is the moral winner? oh shut up snowflakes. If anything i respect both of them less.

  • Comment who u we’re going for

  • This shit looks like wwe wtf

  • Floyd could have knocked him out round one...but knows this is just a stunt...a show...nothing more than fan service to fill his wallet some more. Let's be real, the fight, although not staged...was not a real fight either.

  • Floyd “had fun” 🤣

  • This is sad.

  • guys don't waste your time watching this shit.

  • BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!👎👎👎

  • why the chickenshit ogre, div1 wrestler not wanting to mix it up in the cage?

  • he literally said i’m done before connor then fought connor then after connor he said he was done then fought logan who knows if he’s done maybe 🤔

  • "youre trash kid"

  • When ever Logan got hit he either instantly hugged or backed himself up against the ring and THEN hugged

  • I took your hat was more exciting

  • nolong.info/show/lcqEZ7GDZNSYgmg/video.html

  • I’m just gunna say it, the fight wasn’t terrible and I liked it.

  • A bunch of white guys are going to get their azz kicked after watching this fight. They are going to run up on the wrong brother.

  • This is embarresing for the box scene.

  • Logan only paid $25lk is a fool

  • I wish Manny Paqiuo fights with you. Just get ready to be drive on your grave Logan.

  • #IdioticMarketingStunt


  • The winners are both fighters and the losers are the people that paid money to watch this joke

  • fight in mma bro..

  • White boy fought better than Canelo when he fought Mayweather, not bad for an amateur.

  • Is no one gonna talk about the fact that MattPat was pretty much right about his theory

  • The only reason Logan Paul didn't die is because he's so fuckin big

  • This is so funny....

  • 1:41 oh yes money 🤑