Publisert 8. mai. 2021
Building a house with a random budget for a random number of Sims...


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This video is family friendly, but The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen and this video is intended for an audience aged 13 and up.

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  • did she post this to the gallery if so what is it called?

  • Ok random question not related to the vid but how many roommates can you have at once?


  • Omg im gonna put this down on in my world

  • "Ah we don't have enough money!" *Kayla uses the Cats and Dogs windows and the $500 dollar Parenthood table with six $150 chairs*

  • You should build a shotgun house. It’s not well it sounds like it’s basically just a straight house it’s called a shotgun house because you could shoot a bullet through it straight down.

    • haha I usually call those "living in a hallway"

  • Kayla never considers adding a pet, despite the fact that it counts as a Sim

  • the unfinished fence made me want to cry 😭😭

  • 6 sims hmmm where have I heard that before My family: Why hello there.

  • Me now ashamed of my box houses :(

  • So....Lilsimsie your probably not gonna see this but what’s your gallery name?


  • Kayla is so funny

  • Can you tell me how you can place the windows and the furniture wherever you want because when i try it my furniture doesn’t go close to the wall

  • Pls make merch that says “everything’s fine” “it’s fine” on it! Pllsss

  • Omg Rick Ashley he is my classes mascot why do you have him blurred out

  • Rick Ashley is from my town

  • Sims logic Toy: 200 sims money things Table: 100

  • Another pro tip, never forget the free craftables on debug!

  • I was playing Animal Crossing while watching and when you suddenly exclaimed "Animal Crossing!?" I was a bit startled

  • I've never seen that budget tool before! How how how do I get that!?

  • You have to turn him at night so he doesn’t scare you… you mean he doesn’t have his own bedroom? 🥺🥺

  • Lilsimlie blink twice if you need help

  • You could have saved more money by not using tiles in the backyard and just using terrain paint instead.

  • Your builds look really good! Don’t be hard on yourself

  • Hello, i tryed this challange and a got 7sim to 13k simoleon so i was so happy, my luck

  • Since you're doing things like this again idk if u already did it but can you do a build challenge with each room a different kind of sim like the occult sims and 1 regular sim

  • next time you should assign each lot size a number and randomize it! ❤️❤️

  • Kayla the penny pincher ;)

  • Oh I thought this was about my country's government

  • this is where my single mom with two kids lived. they just moved to a much bigger home and she is about to get married

  • I love how you think 1 bathroom isnt enough for 6 sims, but me irl grew up in a 7 person household with one bathroom and it was fine XD

  • I just realize i actually Play with this house in my current game before this video love it!!!! 😍😍

  • You should like add more landscape so that it looks more alive and the outside can look better

  • Can you do a challenge where you have to follow rules of/maximize feng shui? Colors, window placement, “flow”, etc.

  • I was thinking 4 kids sharing one bathroom?? Yikes. But then I remembered....I have four siblings...and we all share one bathroom 🤡 💀

  • Watching her build (2 days later) and going "Oh! That's my legacy challenge house I ended up with! Thought it was familiar!"

  • James did this too

  • It would have been better to put the fridge closer to the door (as in, rather than the last counter) and the oven on the windowless wall. It's what you're more likely to see in an actual house - in a case of a fire, you want as many routes out of the house available, and an oven (the most likely source of the fire) being by a window or door automatically reduces that. She says, as if it makes any difference in the Sims. But it's probably why you're finding it jarring with the oven under the window.


  • i really like the layout of this house actually

  • Legend says he is still waiting to find out if he won the lottery to this day....

  • What is the shortcut for putting things in the household inventory?

  • Sims gave me that same exact started sim and I kept him.

  • *high impact decorations*

  • There is no garage...beautiful house though

  • Pro tip: Download the RSVN Kitchen set. The counters are on 30 Simoleans each.

  • love kayla bringing back the *slightly* rotated look with that art station for the kids

  • For challenges like this, instead of randomizing a sim, I would love if you picked a family w the number of sims off of the gallery! It adds more of a challenge because you could get toddlers or elders plus the sims will have more personality so you can theme their rooms!

  • Her anxiety raises as her clicks fasten

  • 0:55 Now anyone could sneak in and we'd never know!

  • What is your secret that your able to move everything so fast is it just getting used to the controls or like how

  • jack and jill bathroom jack and jill bathroom jack and jill bathroom

  • hey Lilsimsie you should do a build challenge were you use the number generator to figure out how man items you can put in a room.

  • "i'm not going to put the stove next to the fridge cause that makes me feel sad"


  • I keep watching all of Kayla's videos and I keep getting inspired to play. But then I play and I get bored without Kayla's voice doing commentary.

  • I love how she bought binders for 180 simolions and didn’t buy toilet paper for 50 simolions

  • I actually love this, gonna download it from the gallery. Also I'd be definitely weirded out with Rick Astley watching you....always watching.👀

  • Challenge idea: get a set budget and a set number of sims, but you have to buy all the furniture first and then build the walls around the furniture

  • She completely forgot pets are sims technically

  • she's never gonna give us up

  • I have the sims on ps4 and i have multiple users so currently im playing the sims with no packs usually i have about 10 packs

  • Can somebody help me? I looked for cheats on the Internet but now they are enabled how can I turn them back on? ^^'

  • I love how simsie was like: hmm this should be the teenagers u know with all this black furniture Also the teens room: the most colorful and lively room of the house XD

  • ✨Stairs and second floors exist✨ Lilsimsie: No

  • Never gonna give u upppp never gon let u downnnn

  • Let’s talk about rick....... *sigh*

  • lmao this reminded me of that old commercial "I have too much stuff, and not enough space!!"

  • Maybe bild a house without children rooms. Decorate them different with another porpoise? 💞

  • kayla: we cannot spend 100$ on toilet paper!!! also kayla: spends 450$ on columns

  • 12:39 tool mod?

  • Challenge idea: use a random number generator not just for budget and sims, but number of tiles and how many floors it has to have

  • “...but I’m a little weenie” I wheezed

  • What kind of computer/PC do you use?

  • awee omg I love how colorful and cozy this house looks! You did a rly awesome job w this one! 💚

  • 6 sims and literally not one dresser in The entire house

  • When Dan moves in you should surprise us and have him stand behind you like Rick without explaining why for an entire video or stream

  • Simsie you should try a 10 minute no mistakes starter home challenge

  • Whats your zodiac sign?

  • i think you forgot an outside trashcan unless it’s just me who’s trash and i missed it 🤨

  • you should try to play Roblox Bloxburg. It's just like the Sims!

    • I actually think bloxburg is based on the sims.

  • you should make a house using every expansion/stuff/game pack!

  • Im so sad she didnt play with this family ;d

  • I think between jump cuts she should move Rick subtly around. Dan is gonna make it look like a perfectly normal video and everyone would freak out.

  • building a house using only debug items??? I wonder if that's possible. I don't use debug that much, but I'd love to see Kayak try

  • Idea random number generator Generate for the following 1. Number of sims 1-8 2. Pets 1 or 2; 1 yes 2 no 2. House budget $5000-50,000 3. Number of rooms 1-20 4. Number of objects per room 1-100 5. Outside budget $200- $20,000

  • Idea, do a build where you randomize the number of tiles in each room, it would make an interesting and a challengin build for sure

  • Kayla used Greeeen! I love it already

  • Simsie's Pro Tips 1. When placing a fence around stairs check that there is no fence under the stairs (if so, delete it) 2. When placing stairs (at least outside) delete the underside of the stairs 3. Size down doll houses (or any object if it is too big)

  • could you make another renovation build where u take ppl’s old houses on the gallery and renovate them?

  • Love you and your videos! But can u maybe try to build with a little bit less restrictions and more freedom? Like build without a budget, with as much packs as u desire, etc. I know its a little bit harder but i believe its gonna add so much to your amazing channel. Sometimes seeing the same thing over and over gets kinda boring idk. But i love you a lot and appreciate you. Im just saying my opinion but no matter what u do i enjoy your videos anyway. Thank u❤️


  • renovate this with 10000

  • not you rick rolling yourself

  • #6:28

  • Day 7 of asking Kayla to check out the Oak House cc packs


  • weenie

  • My main issue is that theirs not enough room for the whole family to sit in the living room