Publisert 5. mars. 2021
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  • Stanciu is the best player will you see

  • better than mine lmao

  • Why is Simon posting 20 minute vids on his clips channel??😂

  • I’m just here to say that eto prime is underwhelming

  • W

  • ăsta nu l stie pe stanciu

  • How do u get a icon packs

  • The aggressive t-shirt originally fill because quicksand greely frame anenst a murky instrument. finicky, draconian morning

  • I packed 97 icon RONALDO in free pack

  • 6:33 me thinking to take hagi:(

  • 11:03 BJK

  • he is opening packs with diffrent account??

  • Man Utd supporter?!?!

  • 8:15 the guy got 5 cb

  • W

  • Stuba=🐐🐐

  • Anyone keep getting the FUT coins ad?

  • What time is simon starting the stream usually?

  • whats the song in the background for the first few mins?

  • Pronounced Koo-man, not Ko-man

  • 10:49 the disrespect for not taking king Wilfried that's just unacceptable

  • Man I got the 83plus pack and got digne he did it and got a what if like wtf

  • I got 9 walkouts from 83x25

  • jokeman

  • What song @ 11 mins?

  • omgg why u take usebion papi zola is alkot beter man to bad ;( chicken rap

  • *Claim your here before 100 Million views ticket*

  • He could have used ramos in an SBC :/

  • I also got socrates 😑😑mehh

  • Stanciu 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  • In my mid icon pack I got Ian Rush. In my player pick I got mid Ronaldinho. Win some you lose some.

  • how can he say lees melou isnt that good

  • I would hate to have Simon opening one of these picks for me

  • Imagine being that much of a fraud that you just use other people’s share play content

  • The fact is it’s not even click bait

  • I put in Ian rush, lampard, rui costa and robben flashback. Got mid maradona, prime drogba and mid Hugo Sanchez. Chose maradona obvs

  • My good friend H4RRINGTON (on Xbox) in the space of one week got mid Ronaldinho in a mid icon pack and 95 pele in his icon player pick not even capping look at his team

  • So hyped I got mid van der sar as my best player and I have base

  • I was on the stream and your mod banned me for saying talia should do 20 men vs talia 😂

  • when i done mine i saw riquelme and wright and was sad then saw mid pele at the end and vigorously creamed everywhere

  • 15:56 😂😂😂

  • It winds me up that people say (it's bad) when they pack and Italian when I'm part Italian


    • Not possible

  • Done 6 icon sbc’s so far this year, got base Butra and mid, Overmars, Lineker, Barnes, Owen and Scholes. Icon player pick gave me Lineker, Owen and Scholes. FML.

    • Why the hell would you do those shit icon sbcs then?

  • 1275171743 god mine craft seed 😉

  • He goes medium and then he gets closer

  • guys Simon should have henry cause he henry in goal 19:22

  • How are these “the best picks” that I’ll ever see

    • @ScalyChannel589 exactly. I’d rather it say “these picks aren’t worth it” or you know something where they’re being honest.

    • They’re not, it’s just click bait

  • Bro I just got prime trezeguet, mid shearer and prime inzaghi in my icon player picks 😭😭😭😭

  • Why did that guy have Henry in goal 🥱

  • The mmt squad dont certify that fraud Eto'o. He is the definition of a fraud. Baby Eto'o is better than prime Eto'o

  • DIAMANTI!!!!

  • In my 85+Got 86 Gerard moreno, what if yuri, normal de bruyne(it sucks cause got him 92 untradeable) 90 salah and gulacsi so for me I think it's a W

  • I got Nesta, bergkamp, trezquet :))

  • You can tell the people that dislike the video are jake Paul fans that google “ksi bestfriend” and just dislike every video

  • I’m pissed I got mid more,mid smichal and inzaghi

  • 19:18 the goal keeper is henry ? whaa

  • WE GOT 2 WHAT IFS I 1 PACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 11:32 did he really say local pizza guy??

  • 19:18 sorry but why is Henry in goal!?

  • Boadu is way better than pepe

  • Music at 17:45?

  • Love the beat drops

  • I can just imagine chucking an engine on Eusebio and phwoar it gets me hard 😅

  • 17:27 two Ruben Diases, just spelt differently

  • asdfghjkl

  • well done keep up the good work

  • I don’t know what is happening,I don’t play fifa lol or whatever this is 😬

  • I was watching miniminter while my girlfriend listened to james Arthur's new music lmao old beef throwback

  • my first ever player pick for weekend league i got 92 OBLAK

  • Hi simon can u change the music track its a lil boring

  • Name of the song at 17:49 please?

  • NDL

  • :pls use help w2s should be your intro

  • I got mid eusebio from the pick

  • 17:27 he gets Ruben Diez beside Ruben Diaz😂

  • 11:16 Am I the only one who clapped

  • Best icon picks? I'll be the judge on that. Edit: well shit.

  • 15:48 Oliver lees, here we go please😂

  • I got prime Garrincha out of mine..was sooo hype!!

  • What is the name of the song he uses when someone good is packed?

  • When simon gets a good icon pick. "DoNt go anywhere."

  • Cantona Eusebio and Eto

  • I’m so early yooo

  • 1:19 Simon gets a what IF player 2:19 opens a Prime or Mid Icon pack 4:32 opens a Mid Icon pack 5:20 opens a Mid Icon pack 6:28 opens a Prime or Mid Icon pack 7:20 Gets a walkout from an 82+ pack 10:19 opens an 86+ rated player pick 11:33 opens a Prime or Mid Icon Player Pick 13:25 opens a Mid or Prime Icon Pack 14:43 opens a Prime or Mid Icon Player Pick 15:14 opens a Mid Icon pack 15:47 opens a Prime or Mid Icon Player Pick 16:33 opens a Prime or Mid Icon Player Pick 17:39 opens a Prime or Mid Icon Player Pick 19:24 opens a Mid Icon pack 19:52 opens a Prime or Mid Icon Player Pick You’re welcome 😉

    • You still ruined the video I knew what was going to happen so thanks

    • @Jenny Riley ok but did I ask.

    • You ruined the video 🤮👺👹

    • Just watch the vid

    • Thanks bro

  • that 84 inform boadu is actually really good definitely one of best in the totw would be sick from reds

  • Just put messi and owen in and got the options of prime inzaghi, prime gatuso and mid ian wright :////

    • @Rory DowneyBoss u put players like r9 and that to get lampard ?

    • Its your own fault

    • I put my whole team into a prime or mid and got mid lampard

    • @Srijan Arora messi is only 200k

    • @Srijan Arora 🧢

  • Well Josh and Harry do have luck better than you soooo...

  • 8:13 5 defenders bruh

  • Early

  • What did everyone get? I got my bf prime vieria worth 3.5 mill

  • Theo will be happy

  • Do a show builder showdown with aj3 pls

  • 20:41

  • Fucking hell he’s so annoying to watch him open these picks

  • Can you do minecraft with the rest of the sidemen and tommy innit and more minecraft youtubers

    • @Golden Gil Ye i doubt it but we gotta try it coz theres a chance its possible

    • It would be great but I doubt it

    • No.

  • First (Just joking, doing it for the memes) 😂

  • And here i am with my prime inzaghi

  • bro i got mid puyol, prime shearer or prime lampard ffs...

  • I watched this live yay

    • @hari nah but there are some funny guys in this persons replies I'm in absolute stitches

    • @hari never said it was an answer

    • @TeddiE O6 nah just a fun fact

    • @James Edwards are there any askers?

    • @TeddiE O6 shit boys watch out There's a comedian in the building