Film Theory: Pixar's Up, How Many Balloons Does It Take To Lift A House?

Publisert 24. sep.. 2020
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Have you ever wondered if the house in Up could really float away on balloons? So have I but that is not the most INTERESTING question! You see, people have tried to figure that out before. What I aim to do today, Loyal Theorists, is figure out the actual COST of making a balloon powered flying house WORK! That's right, we are not stopping until this house would really fly!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editor: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • I know who that student was

  • Cleveland the Bermuda Triangle of the USA

  • I’ve watched the movie and never have cried not once

  • The real question is, would the house stay together when being lifted.

  • Nice reference to something you explain in a food theory episode without actively promoting the channel ('double Baltic'). Makes the people that already support that channel get an inside-joke-style snicker while also leaving those on the outside curious and wanting to know where that comes from, which will lead to looking it up, which will lead to the video. Clever girl, MatPat. Clever girl.

  • What about the fact that everything holding the house to the balloons would break.

  • I love how mat answered both of my questions before I could ask (money cost and time)

  • what about the structural integrity of the house itself ?

  • What I learned from this video: I am named after wind

  • Here's what I don't get about this movie why in the world is Ellie MAKING HER HOUSE IN HER WEDDING DRESS!!!!!

  • can you make a theory about my favourite anime Inazuma Eleven

  • *Mr Beast has entered the chat*

  • Carl has been robbing some banks

  • but i have one last question how strong is the rope or whatever its called that makes it able to lift a house without the rope breaking??? ???????

  • You see, every one in the comments is asking how strong the balloons are, when really that’s beside the point. The question is HOW DO YOU LAND A HOUSE

  • Matpat: double Balt Me: hey I know that one...

  • He's a grandpa, and he's flying a house with no oxygen supply, isn't he supposed to be dead

  • Yesssss Cleveland i didn't know he from here too

  • NASA uses 100 million cubic feet of helium every year. I wonder why????😂

  • Dear MatPat, could you make a Film Theory about the movie "Coco"? Question: Could you actually see dead people? It is my family's favorite movie because it reminds us of our culture.

  • I actually just thought about this. What about the inflation thing? Cause this was happening in the thirties, so wouldn’t it cost less? And if so, what would it be? I need answers! 🤨

  • Anyone else get the ‘double baltic of cites’ reference from the McDonald’s monopoly video?

  • EY!! I live in Utah and I went to see the up house before!!! I actually live really close to it!!!

  • A question I expected to come up that didn't: Would the foundation-less house suspended from all those balloons stay in one piece for such a long journey, through turbulent weather? After all, the house was designed as a stationary home, not an airship.

  • 11:06 space x team come here and help a man out

  • So we're going to just populate the place with balloon yea thanks

  • “How many balloons does it take to lift a house?” Eh at least 3

  • He prob got a good deal since he sells balloons

  • And how R u supposed to LAND the house? On the right spot? And also said that 1 ballon made it to Australia. So how many balloons are gonna pop?

  • Fan theory: he is really a god. Reasons: 1. He can make 21 million balloons appear out of nowhere 2. He can damage construction workers only using a mail box in his base form 3. He can steer the entire house only using a shower curtain 4. He can drag his entire house only use a rope when he’s in South America

  • Would've been amazing if after the house took off, the foundation erupted with empty helium canisters and empty fishing line spools

  • Question 4 can you get down

  • All you needed to do was 1. Find how many balloons you need to make a pound actually float 2. Than multiple the amount of pounds the house weighs to the amount of balloons needed for one pound 3. You got your floating house 4. Your Broke

  • I didn't cry during up. Am I the only one?

  • did the toilet empty out when the plumbing systems went broken ;-;

  • With that type of money, why doesn't he just travel to Paradise Falls and just buy some property there to build another house (if you can buy property in Paradise Falls)

  • Idea:does the chance of a cloud of meatballs the movie are cannabalism

  • Idea:who is finding dory’s family?

  • Idea:why is lighting McQueen called that when he’s a male why not king?

  • A house weigh 500,000 pounds isn’t enough for hulk to hold but enough for hulk to destroy

  • 1:16 what is that anime?

  • ...yay .........

  • 7:32 what's the music at this time stamp called?

  • Up!

  • Who remembers when film theory was new ✨😌✨

  • hey, you watch 10 hours of shreksophone? +respect

  • Make a Steven Universe theory

  • This is so nerdy, I love it

  • You are the best NOlongr and that is not an’s a fact. You teach me so much and you are so entertaining. Don’t ever stop.

  • So Carl should have bought plane tickets to go Venezuela.

  • I live in Cleveland!!!

  • But wait ,does 2 people make it 5 years non stop?and what if you add more 🤔

  • It'll take you ten years to blow up all of those balloons unless you hire 7 300 people to work twelve ours in which case you can have it done in a single day. Edit: even if you payed reach of them $15.00 an our you're only paying about 1 400k dollars which is not that much compared to the rest of the money you will be paying.

  • ive never cried to any movie :/ only when leia dad i shed 1 tear

  • Alright guys, listen up. I propose a theory that Matpat does a video on how strong Carl is. I mean, he pulled a house, kept a kid, dog, and GIGANTIC BIRD FROM FALLING OFF AN AIR SHIP!!! Please spread the word so matpat can seee this. Post this on his videos, post it on Reddit, I don’t care.

  • How fast does the pencil travel in kienjo when the teacher launches it at her student? Please I need to know this information papa MattPatt.

  • Lawnchair larry, he is risen.

  • What's the anime at 1:16?

  • You should have calculation how much more balloons you would need to inflate after the 10 years of helium leaking out of the balloons.... I like to you see suffer

  • Thank you I’ve been asking since 2014 In the film used 10 286 balloons By the way the replica added a few extra rooms so it doesn’t count Also he used a coffee grinder to steer the house which controlled the curtains And the weather gains also controlled the curtains and Carl read a lot of airships book as you see in the beginning of the film when he broke his arm he was reading one and it was next to his arm chair later in the film Also Carl saved a lot of balloons from his days in the zoo as you see when he takes his luggage out of the closet And all the other might of been in storage and the Helium too Also the Balloons were a bit bigger than you said, one balloon is the size of Russell head and Russell is giant so I mean he balloons are a bit bigger

  • A billionaire would pay people to inflate the balloons FOR them.

  • Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • amazon warehouses could have this done in a day lol

  • What do you mean Guinness refused? Not according to this:

  • What if he used Hydrogen? It has a stronger lift and is much cheaper

  • You’ll need 🎶99 red balloons🎶

  • From Cleveland too and another thing is sticking with the browns year after year after year

  • Another problem is floating balloons wouldn’t travel very fast. It would take weeks likely to travel that far. During this time you’d have leaks and the balloons would lose lift. Sure a balloon only carrying its own weight might make it, but you’d have to account for 50-60% lift loss over the course of that trip and that means the house falls.

  • Do one on if Negan's philosophy was right.

  • I think my brain grew 20x larger.

  • how many people do u need to make it a fast cheap project. lol

  • Hey the baloons cant fly a house but the old man whatever his name belived it can and the old man died before he was gonna get by 2 men and he refuses and the kid is an angel...that helped him to spread carols wings and the problem that the baloon cant fly a house it is because theres way to much furnitures and Carol belived it can because hes a dead old man

  • your intro is REALLY CATCHY

  • I want to see how MatPat’s brain works when doing the calculations for each type of these episodes. Also, as someone who is from Cleveland as well, over in Canton, Ohio we have the Football Hall of Fame. Mainly because we “created”/hosted the very first football game. Though it wasn’t televised, it’s still the first time a regulation game of football happened.

  • 11:00 he forgot where the guy worked. He worked at a zoo selling balloons. He didn't buy them. He stolen them from work. All those balloon and helium are from his work. He took the last of his money for the fishing line.

  • Where's Mr Beast when we need him?

  • I was wtching and then the intro song and I was like fgueing thumbs up boi :D

  • you are evil

  • 3:27 They... they did it.... I can't believe it... They... They spelled "doctor" wrong... How could they..

  • wouldn't the fishing line just... dunno break?

  • What’s the theory of film theory

  • The question we all wanna know How many IQ does MatPat have?

  • Ohio gang

  • Why don’t you just make Mr beast do this in irl

  • I actually used to wonder about this, I thought you already made a video about it

  • Hey Ik that coco came out a while back but can u pls do a film theory about coco cause that would be awesome

  • BEN10

  • But what about the furniture. Did you account for that? Or the two people on board?

  • Maybe Carl was saving ellie's picture for the land of the living from Disney Pixar Coco or Even Disney Pixar Soul

  • did carl just have to cut all of the plumbing and water lines from the house or were there just none?

  • Matpat, heres a interesting proposition: Do you think Mr. Fredrickson used Hydrogen in those balloons? The tanks seen in the yard could be Hydrogen tanks. Helium was rare in the 1900s to 1950s (around the time of UP) so that could be a interesting change of logic. Edit: I just have a revision that Carl did use helium. Though the 20,000,000+ Balloons Carl used could be double filled with helium or Carl had a meteorological balloon secretly snuck into the cluster. It also should be noted that the UP house in Utah is different than the layout seen in the film, so the house may weigh 1000+ lbs less than calculated. Also @Lord Alzorn had go figure a way/reason for Carl to have the balloons available for him to tether and pull the house.

    • Please comment and/or criticize with a good and constructive manner. No hate, just rhetoric.

  • So basicly you are saying use planes if you wanna fly

  • How about studying 2001 a Space Odyssey good luck

  • I think this was a suggestion with another film theory vid

  • Ah ah ah.. 5.1 million plus tax

  • I only get partial credit if I don’t show my work... lemme go back to the 4th grade

  • More Wall-E... pls

  • Give 1 balloon each to 31 million people. Make Mr. Beast handle all the funds. Get out the cameras, and now we have a live-action Up film

  • wait mat has millionaire and billionaire friends why are there not more real life experiments