White House Holds Press Briefing: January 27 | NBC News

Publisert 27. jan.. 2021
Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing with Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy.
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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


  • Worst ever

  • Press: When will the fences and National Guard be removed from DC??? Janet: Which Part?

    • 39:17 Schools: 45:07 GameStop & More: 48:19 When will DC return to “Normal?” Half the US Populace doesn’t trust the Vaccine; What do you intend to do, to Meet herd Immunity? 49:24

  • She sucks and can’t speak english.

  • I would rather watch the ads.

  • Why does North-America worry about climate change when no other country could care???

  • Tell J Kerry, the horse face to install batteries that are charged by solar panels and wind turbines onto his aircraft, and do not use any source of energy that is generated by fossil fuel. Bs.

  • 1 "circle back" = multiple symptoms and side effects Including high fever, nausea, dizziness, head ache, body ache, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, rash, sore throat, dehydration, depression, anxiety.... you name it.

  • Your 1 good day = or > 4 years of suffering for the American people.

  • I would like to invite all Americans to join me in an act of civil disobedience and defiance. Send a message to this fascist resident of our White House . We all know that masks are available everywhere. So this uninvited mailing of masks to everyone that mr Biden plans is an insult to your intelligence. Let’s return the favor . If you receive a mask in your mail box please reseal the package . And drop it into your mailbox addressed to mr Biden. At 1600 Pennsylvania ave. Northwest Washington DC. 20500. I know I will , thanks and pass it on

  • President Biden stated himself that signing orders without going thru congress is tantamount to being a dictoator he said this. NOW LOOK AT WHAT HE DOES NOT WHAT HE SAYS. DICTOATOR bIDEN IS BESIDE HIMSELF IN POWER. Black history month is now on and what Maritn Luther King say"s is true today as he said years ago. Judge a man not by the colar of his skin but the CHARATOR OF HIS ACTIONS. Charator, I dont see any area of comprimise, spending like it not tax payers money , forgiveing student Loans at taxpayers expense ( I recieved a Gov. Loan and paid it back, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Going form inependence to dependence on Oil From those who hate us and will make those who sell us oil much richer and U.S. more dependent and at a disadvantage. If the president had said we are going to intergrate solar power istead of shutting down the xl pipeline wold have made more sense. How this administration cutting thousands of jobs at the stroke of a pen, with no regard on the live turning upside down meaning they lose the ability to provide for their families. ADDRES WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO FOR THE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDE OF PEOPLE OUT OF WORK N O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Watching with confidence of truth, Jen Psaki, Biden's Press Secretary, is like watching Saved by the Bell and believing it is in fact Educational and Informative.

  • ⭕👈👈👈👈

  • All bs and lying.these people are the problem with the world.trying to get this nwo going.all scripted, created lies for the gullible American public.

  • I am here for the comments😉😂

  • The UN. CFR and CIA must be taken apart as fast as possible! or we will all be Slaves to the New World Order!

  • These People are Corporate UN Deepstate Shills, the CFR messed up the Balanced Cycle in the 1930's when they outlawed Hemp before the Decorticating Machine hit the Market. They made the Mistake not us! we live in a Created Balanced Echo system with plants and Animals, these crooks simply want total control!

  • It start to be scary with biden

  • "why the resistance in laying in on the issue?" Because it's not an issue. The capitol riots were not Trump's problem. And only one person died anyway. Get over it.

  • Joe Biden will go down as the most hated president of all timd

  • climate change does not exist you lying pieces of trash

  • NO Globalism. NO excuse. "Circle back" to "America First."

  • Watching as the USA gets destroyed by these fools.

  • Raggedy Ann the circle back girl..

  • 🗑️👎 Joe Biden

  • When was the last time joe was physically seen ?

  • Little orange girl mad

  • Garbage speech

  • Sounds like this administration has unlimited time in their plans, the Presidency is only 4 years. Two more Presidential elections prior to UN2030.

  • Climate change is purposely melting ice in the Arctic by China & Russia for the new Northern Shipping Passage, no? Climate manipulation with geoengineering & spraying Alumina, Barium, etc. into the atmosphere. Including X-raying from space. The immense wireless electromagnetic systemic energy transmissions from space & through cell towers, etc. China was hoarding water in three gorge dam, no? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Gorges_Dam

  • HA, NOlong is at it again. Removing the overwhelming amount of "dislikes", from anything and everything Biden. They can manipulate what we see here but, the majority of Americans will let them know how they feel and already are doing so. What a devious and spineless group of people liberals/democrats are.


  • Oh sure, Karachi is west of Boogiestan and sits east of Hibachi.

  • Trash

  • Only one face mask on? She must want us all to die!

  • What a joke.

  • You two have quite the fairy tale.

  • \\\\ YOUR LIFE DILEMMA TODAY? #2//// May escape corona-variants, say, by Simple-Diet-in-Stand-Alone-House-Garden, or by Health-Tourism/Immigration to a Simple-Diet-GROUP-A-Nation characterized by drastically low CORONA-PANDEMIC, some are grand islands or places: \\\\ 2 scientific methods, reported from 2 groups of nations listed below, indicate high CORONA-CONTROL in GROUP A, which, unlike Group B, is characterized by simple diet: ///// Method (1): % Fatalities of diagnosed in GROUP A reported on Feb2/2021 by: \\\\ Sngpr0.05 FaroId.15 Qatr.16 StVnc.22 Dubai.28 Mldvs.32 Mlas.35 Bhrn.36 Syscl.41 Tlnd.43 Curc.46 Iclnd.48 CayId.50 Kwt.58 Cyp.65 Mrtnq.70 Bora-Bora/FrPl.73 Isr.74 Npl.75 Cub.78 Arba.84 Twn.87 Brt-Il.88 brb.90 Vnz.94 Mzmbq.96 StMrt.97 //// GROUP B: Grmn2.62 NL1.43 U.S.1.69 Brz2.44 Fr2.39 Sp2.06 AU3.15 Cnd2.57 UK2.77 Swd2.04 Sws1.80 Fin1.49 Grc3.70 Chn5.17 Irn4.07 Itl3.47 Mxc8.51 \\\\ US EARLIER Oct 22 2.75; Feb 2 1.69 //// Method (2): COVID Deaths/1M JAN 26 v Feb 2 Blg 1,822-1,849 UK 1570-1,603 Itl 1,421-1,470 Hng 1,231-1,288 SP 1,2O3-1,264 Fr 1,097-1,142 Sws 1,097-1,110 Prtg 1,043-1,241; We r what we eat, differing by DNA-DIET \\\\ daily reported from listed nations to JHU, WHO, etc. ['in', U-Tube, 10M-PLUS REFERENCES, Google].///

  • They been fiddling with the likes again?🤣

  • The United Communist States of America

  • Biden’s corona death number 39,740

  • No mask ha

  • Climate change is about making a profit for the elite

  • Climate climate climate climate climate Winter spring summer and fall Climate lesson over

  • That woman's got to be really dizzy she circles a lot

  • She will just circle back around to it

  • Impeach the thief Biden

  • Sounds like the " New World Order" is coming into effect.

  • USA should militarily involve itself in "Human Rights violations in Baluchistan" and help it get independence ! 1 It will get them openhearted support of the Baluchis. 2 Get easy and free access to Afghanistan to fight terrorist. 3. Get a foothold on firm ground against Iran 4. Get China out of Gwadar ,stop looting of resources. They too support Taliban. 5. Maintain an unhindered vigil on the Persian gulf 6. Keep the terrorist safe-heaven (Pakistan) under pressure. This is the head of the 🐍 ...and it's tail is in Afghanistan.

  • "CIRCLE BACK" now has a new meaning: White House communications staff have recently requested questions be given to Psaki BEFORE a press briefing takes place. While we already know that MSM is biased toward a democratic Biden WH, this really takes the term 'collusion' (oh sorry, should it be 'collaboration') to a whole new, unprecedented level

  • Your money is going to all these "special" task forces. Who was it running Game Stop corruption? Hmmmm, same ones

  • You people believing these fools? Really?!

  • Yeah right - waste of a President

  • Its been under control of the military on January 25 2020 i saw the papper on telegram lin wood and the other people have it

  • You mean an unequivocal success not an unqualified success sir...

  • meanless press briefing.

  • B s. Lady. They are bad evil and short timers.

  • lol "last few years" hahahaha it's been decades that scientists are saying "EMERGENCY, THE REACTOR IS MELTING"

  • Where is the installed puppet? Still hiding out? You nut jobs should fix global warming by stopping the sun from rising. I'm just kidding. I don't want to give you the idea it is possible. I know you will all will try.

  • What will the disposal of electric vehicle batteries do to the environment when gasoline or diesel powered vehicles are discontinued?

  • I'm being denied testing because I have no phone service.

  • Send me your background information and all verifiable information about your user fees being paid for using my property.

  • Your credit is below zero.

  • So that's why my property and money was stolen?

  • Can they smell what they are shoveling, The troubles have not just came from the last 4 years trump already said that America first.

  • Invest in Americans.

  • Driving fuel prices up isn't helping matters.

  • Trump the 19th president

  • Will you like me to make you a made in the USA rocking chair? Will you like it solar powered?

  • I look forward to the day when these idiots are removed from any political situation

  • Your background check comes with an f+++ grade.

  • You're unelected.

  • Carousel Jen circling back. That's what people call a walking meme.

  • When do you plan to quit obstructing and defrauding me and utilizing my property without permission or compensation?

  • When will you be doing something productive?

  • Godly conduct on this planet is everyone's responsibility. The weather is God's job.

  • Tell him that Unauthorized use of my property is unacceptable.

  • nolong.info/show/aKuCjoKGhauta5s/video.html

  • No wonder they are wearing masks, they don’t want us to see their faces when they turn into Pinocchio 🤣

    • @EarthStar 777 The joke is the Pinocchio part I think - make no sense as a mask won't hide a growing nose buddy lol :)

    • @jenia mtl I wasn’t joking at all 🙏

    • Even the joke aspect of what you're saying does not make any sense.

  • The world is watching in fear of these tyrants and dictators. The fake news is gaslighting everyone into thinking they have support, the only reason the other world leaders bow to them is that they're scared of the deep state.

  • "Whole of government approach." Translation, "We are going to really F this up!"

  • #Save #Myanmar 🇲🇲 #Save #Burma 🇲🇲 #Reject #the #Military #We #need #democracy #Help #us #and #support #our #Leader, #Aung #San #Suu #Kyi #government

  • I love her Boston accent

  • So they have no real plan for green energy yet, but closing down pipe lines and gas is already going up? Seems smart

  • When is the service ? Not looking like climate change is going to affect him ....at all .....soon lol


    • @ theresa cooper - Seriously, only if you do not LOOK for jobs or get needed skills or stay home do nothing.

    • @Theresa Cooper wise up! Trump does not follow God. A Fake. God bless those who let him into their souls. Not liers, Not criminals. Not Self serving social path narcissist killers.

    • @StillSaber1790 To convince Trumpsters is useless. They do not know facts but were misled and lied to by the fake news, advertisements-donations campaigns. The Trump campaign bombarded my emails with bs advertisements, polls and news. They used many media to convince people. Not everybody know fox news & selective medias are not factual, or sincere.

    • @Theresa Cooper From who, a former Crack Head who now sells Pillows, a President who led an Insurrection on our Capital that's been telling lies for 4 years and downplays the Corona Virus, Sorry but if their was evidence the Judges in all of the Courts that Trump's Team went to should have shown the evidence like they were ordered to, but they didn't because their is NO EVIDENCE to be shown.

    • @StillSaber1790 and i also wanna say that it is so unlike me to say stuff like that but ther is evidence of fraud that’s not rite you can look at biden and just see how evil he is and i’ve never felt that way about any president actually i never gave a crap about politics but knowing what he and his team did and what’s about to happen to all of us if we don’t stop him is gonna be pretty bad but i’m confident that things our gonna go the way magen n mr anthony our saying GOD BLESS ALL WHO ARE IN THE LIGHT AND GOD BLESS ALL WHO ARE STILL SEEKING THE REAL TRUTH


  • There's no jobs in Illinois as bad as it is, plus the colleges r still closed, churches still closed the abortion clinics are still open, and yet he wants to get rid of the right to bar arms, and he wants to break get rid of the bill of rights plus not let induvial' s go hunting for the sport and for food to eat... several more companies have gone out of business, yet several jobs have been lost due to this and the unemployment has sky rocketed this month of 2021 more then it has in 12 yrs. it was getting a little bit better until all of this stuff happened. It's scary that several people have to leave there homes due to not be able to pay bills and lose there jobs and become homeless plus wind up having a court case and then hopping that the court judge will give you a benefit of a doubt but not likely but wind up living in fear of the law enforcement and then bringing locked up when some individuals who have no criminal record who now have a pending case and live in fear with law enforcement plus being homeless plus after if the judge gives a benefit of a doubt they are leaving the country of The United States Of America either with other love ones or to find a new way of life. its sad.

  • Impeach Biden and Pelosi

  • Get our fake president out of office, this man is trash

  • Why haven’t Dejoy been fired very important why ,they can put in an acting post master till one is confirmed fire Dejoy.

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️

  • I love how people think the government is meant to create jobs lol They should make shovels illegal, then hire people to build highways with spoons

  • Climate is tool of marxists and corporations to control the mass population. DEMOCRATS = WEALTHY MARXISTS

  • She does not answer anything of value. Shame on reporters for asking stupid questions.

    • What reporters ? I see a room full of enablers and partisans pumping the narrative .

  • استغفرالله العضيم حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  • "*WE* are not taking away jobs... It's the jobs that are already in play that are *around* us that are creating an issue..." Translation: yes, we are ending thousands of coal jobs - but you're gonna like it and you're gonna shut up and be a good little kid in a corner! News flash Sec. Carey! NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER! 😠

  • Um, uh, um, I’ll circle back. Fake fraud president. Shame. Welcome communism.

    • She didn't say "circle back" once. What are you talking about?

  • F--- this B.S.!!

  • I am sorry but i do not trust john Kerry

  • That's all bs garbage you ppl just spat out taking advantage of ppl with this false narrative of climate change!! By stopping our energy sources and our production companies not only will MILLIONS. MILLIONS OF AMERICANS will lose their jobs, but getting the very core of our important most items that keep us safe,once again from other countries...90% of them are not our allies their production systems are no where close to the safety of this planet and the environment! They dont have waste safety regulations, they dump waste in the ground ,in the waters ,pumps out into the atmosphere...and does 3x more damage to our planet and then we have to buy it back 3x the price??? ITS NOT ABOUT SAVING THE PLANET!!! ITS ABOUT CRUSHING THE ECONOMY SO THEY GET MORE AND MORE CONTROL AND HEADS FOR WORLD DOMINATION!! ADGENDA 21/30!! LOOK IT UP!! THE UN PLANNED THIS 30 YEARS AGO!!!