"My Eight Year Old Could Cook Better" | Kitchen Nightmares

Publisert 8. jan.. 2021
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  • When the owner said you wanna go on with a sImPle CoOkEd rIB m like : bruh he gonna destroy your whole career just by simple water

  • a restaurant for masons

  • Dean: He is the winner. Dean: He is fake. 🙄🤔

  • Beautiful location, truly.

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  • 19:10 *stutters* “DiD i StUtTeR!?”

  • Toms a potato... or just about as useful as one

  • How they can control their temper with this chief

  • @34:34 Aren't those the same people that sent back their risotto at the indian/american place episode from a few days ago?

  • Presentate...... he presentates dishes. Oh lord.

  • imagine when your just walking in the road and Gordon Ramsay races past you in a motorbike

  • no ones gonna talk about how the place is called tuckahoe new york

  • Who else was bored and then saw this video ¿

  • "This is my house and he's embarassing me" No, mate. If you wanted to fix your house because it's falling o pieces, the builder came and said "Your floor is fucked", you wouldn't get mad would you? You muppet.

  • They blank the curse word and doesn't bleep it woowwwwww😂😂😂

  • I just love the dramatic entrance by Gordon Ramsay it gets me all the time

  • One of the adverts that popped up was a tiktok video for making a "fresh spinach" smoothie. As soon as I saw the cubes of frozen spinach go in I thought, 'That's 'Frozen-fresh', not actual fresh!'. 😂

  • tom was so over the top you only need to remember 4 meats why you stressed

  • Do y'all ever wonder if these owners watch themselves and feel utterly embarrassed ? 🤔

  • im sorry to say but tom is totally at the wrong place as a general manager. i think thats more than clear - he needs to go

  • The abject poison commercially bounce because stepmother bodily jump barring a icky polish. mellow, ruddy alligator

  • it's the third time that I've watched this episode, and still watched it till the end, love watching Gordon shit on things and make things better

  • I hate when the owners are stubborn and rude towards Gordon

  • restaurant failing.. no money coming in .. but still payed for dry cleaning? does the us not have washing machines? ...

  • Did the chef just refer to the elderly as 'blue-heads'? What a twat.

  • Walks around. Looks at some restaurants. Asks a butcher if he can supply meat. "Now armed with local knowledge...."

  • Anyone notice the “Tuck-A-Hoe” street sign.

  • That building is beautiful but it looked so dated inside. It looked like it was renovated in the 80s or 90s.

  • They Don't Call Him The Motorbike Man For Nothin

  • What is the problem with chewing gum? He wasn't exactly blowing bubbles with it. Just chewing gum, and why can't he?

  • why the fuck does the chef look like beetlejuice ?!

  • Thanks for sharing! ??????

  • Yeah who needs to turn off the electricity before doing electrical work anyways, real men take every shock they can

  • ♥️Gordan🎶🎵

  • Lol.20:5 u can see a sign tuckahoe ,if that dont make u slightly smile than im childish i guess.lol

    • was the chef a mechanic? I started to laugh so hard. Unwanted burst of fun^^

  • how dafuq is the 1 chef able to cook for the whole dining room

  • Not gonna lie I kinda find the chef funny 🤫

  • 22:55 listen to how he says "good"

  • Epic moment when Gordon rides a bike be like:

  • Gordon’s inspiring me to not open a shit restaurant Not a piece of shit

  • thought id be here for 5 ninutes,i watched the entire movie.. but honestly, the problem is that the place is understaffed..

  • anyone notice that in the description it says "OOF."

  • nolong.info/show/h7Kcfpxpp7yZoIk/video.html

  • "The dishes we have here, SUCK! " - The Manager "suck?! I can't believe you are being so fucking polite " - Gordon... Honestly damn son 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • 6:40 "he Was embarrassing me" Bitch you were embarrassing yourself.

  • Gordon be whipping that motorcycle

  • this place is still open but have very bad reviews on the service. on how long they wait, or their reservations denied, how the owner keeps on screaming at his staff,etc.etc. however, i couldnt find a single comment that complained about the food. so the food must be really good cause they are still standing

  • whats the name of the restuarant? The Soprano's?

  • is this restaurant still alive??

  • was the chef a mechanic? I started to laugh so hard. Unwanted burst of fun^^

  • Blue-heads ,, wtf ,,wanker ,,lets see what happens..

  • They sent back your favourite dish ... risotto Omg I couldn’t stop laughing at this 😂 Even Gordon’s face was like wtf how did this guy know 😱

  • How useless what’s that Tom guy smh

  • The owner is half a million in debt, i wonder the fuck why. His wife is wearing a burberry coat when they have no money

  • I dont understand why owners get so hurt when gordan ramsay critiques the restaurants when they are failing and his pointing out why, also they call him for help

  • Aight, I don't know if any Russians or Russian-speaking persons are watching this show, but did Ramsay said "Ух ты" (Oh wow) in Russian on 3:41??

  • Gold digger alert 😅🤣😅

  • Gordon eats E V E R Y T H I N G and touches E V E R Y T H I N G

  • The only comeback that the owner could give was "Did I stutter" while he is on the verge of bankruptcy and his whole world is falling apart while gordon is still roasting his ass

  • in 2009 deam sold the buisness and moved on towards a film career . search dean marrozzo he is an actor now

  • The chef is actually chef Mike 🤣 (Gordon calls microwave chef Mike in another episode)

  • Is this place still open..

  • 8.56 oh shit i found his reaction very very funny.

  • Prime rib on a brown chopping board...? You’re better than that Gordon 😂 😄

  • *Finishes watching video.* :) Oh fuck, that was an entire episode.

  • anyone notice the guy at 8:01 staring at Gordon through the door 😂

  • let the Mayor wait 45 min..gets the key to the city. man if only he would let the Mayor wait 20 min......

  • The owner doesn't listen to his staff And getting angry wtf 😒

  • Was this the only restaurant that haven't had a kitchen investigation? I also love the chef, he recognized his mistakes and grew up on them, very few do that.

  • “My eight year old could cook better than you.” Id have just said “wife?”

  • he wanted only PR for his restaurant, nothing more :D

  • Yo mike the real MvP

  • @13:38 holy fuck what year was this that’s an honest to god level 9 emo haircut, fringe and spikes with so much gel his head shines.... is this 2009???

  • I’m surprised the owner kept his cool for that long he seems like a classic Italian rage case.

  • Restaurant: we need help! *Gordon hears the raw call* *refs up the old bike*

  • One thing that tickles me, Gordon's there to help, yet when he walks in the owner thinks there's nothing wrong, why is Gordon there for then doofas

  • It’s nice how all these comments are 1 week ago

  • The cheff looks like Walmart vertion of Lin-Manuel miranda

  • "Gordon would be a plus in my life" Ha! Get in line Palmolive Anderson

  • Restaurant: Gordon come help the restaurant Gordon Comes Gordon: Your food isn’t good Restaurant:👁👄👁

  • This is what I imagine when I imagine a mayor tbf

  • pretty crazy that chef went on to be Julian on trailer park boys

  • When there's someone crying in the first 3 minutes, you know it's a good episode

  • Opening a stakehouse near a nursing home is a risky move. The meat better be tender.

  • ''he doesnt like any of the food :(... so far.''

  • Now this is the proper ep. Chief is not in denial Owners not in denial

  • What Happened Next at The Olde Stone Mill? In the weeks that followed everyone stepped up and with his passion returned, Michael's food is greatly improved. A barbecue was arranged to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the building and Dean is given the key to the city. Gordon also reveals a light up sign on the side of the restaurant. After the show aired, Dean appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Gordon revisited a year later and it looked like the restaurant was doing well with many satisfied customers. Dean reported that business was up 30%. However in 2009, The Old Stone Mill was sold to the DiNapoli family with Chef Michael remaining in the kitchen. For a while after the sale Dean listed as owner and Louis DiNapoli as general manager. Yelp reviews were mixed after filming and more recent reviews also remain mixed. Reviews were most positive on Trip Advisor but appear to have declined in more recent reviews. The Facebook page has been renamed as DiNapoli’s Stone Mill Restaurant and it was under new management in November 2018. It has since moved away from the Olde Stone Mill Steakhouse concept that Gordon instilled and has moved more towards Italian food with a few classic American dishes. Dean has also had some acting roles in some minor movies Dean was co-owner of Siena Italian Trattoria with friend John Hirschbeck, which opened in Stratford in July 2011, serving Italian food, seemingly as a result of Gordon's suggestion that Dean should go back to his Italian roots. Yelp reviewswere mostly positive but Siena Italian Trattoria closed in 2015. Dean was a co-host of a hunting show called Suburban Adventures, a show about hunting and then cooking your kills. The Olde Stone Mill aired on October 17 2007, the episode was filmed in March 2007 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode 5.

  • 18.15 what a line

  • that manager is useless... cant memorize 4 meats ffs!

  • Gordon riding be like.... Cooking Man for rescue...😎😎😎

  • The only Chef Mike that hasnt been thrown out a window.

  • Guy : The dishes suck Gordon : I can't believe you're being so polite

  • The Mushroom Rissto the rice is not cooked well thats why it sticks and I think the chef who made the rice didn't close it with a cover.

  • Why do 65 year old American women like Gordon

    • It's the Accent, American grannies dig the accent.

  • u can replace Tom with a fuckin' raw carrot and no one would notice

  • Can’t imagine the stress the sole chef takes, I would have flipped

  • Gordon Ramsay is the shit!

  • If i had to wait for 1hour for food, it would not matter how good it is, I would never return

  • the owner is just like the dad from ELF